XWA Handbook: The Championships

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XWA Handbook: The Championships

Postby DJS » Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:57 am

The Xtreme Wrestling Alliance, like every other promotion, would be a very dull place without championships. Our wrestlers can duke it out for multiple different titles across the entire board, all within the same world of the XWA.

Below, you will find all the titles that we play host to, where you can contend for them and any other information pertaining to them.

Supreme XWA Championship
Defended: Supershows, occasionally Massacre
The Supreme XWA Championship was created in mid 2015 after the World, Hardcore and Gladitorial Championships were unified in a Winner Takes All match. It is the premier title in XWA, and its biggest accolade. Rules dictate the title MUST be defended at least once every Supershow and it is occasionally defended on Massacre. To earn a rematch clause, the Supreme Champion must have successfully defended the title at least twice, and the rematch clause is valid for two cycles. Either way, Supreme XWA Championship holders and defenders are generally main-event calibre stars.
XWA World Television Championship
Defended: Exclusive to XWA Massacre
Held by many legends in the past, the XWA World Television Championship has made Massacre it's new and exclusive home. This title must be defended every single week, as is TV Title rules, and is seen as the top championship of XWA Massacre when the Supreme XWA Championship is being fought for elsewhere.
XWA World Tag Team Championships
Defended: Supershows and/or Massacre
Resurrected in 2016, the Tag Team Championships have been held by such teams as Rated X but now it's time for new legendary teams to be made. The titles can be defended on either Massacre or Supershows.
XWA Omega Championship
Defended: Supershows and/or Massacre!
The newest member of the XWA Championship family. Usually defended on Supershows and occasionally on Massacre, the rules dictate that the challenger must choose their own unique stipulation when challenging for this title.

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