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XWA Handbook: The Story So Far...

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:47 am
by DJS
The Story So Far...
The Tempest-Booked Era
The XWA (Xtreme Wrestling Alliance) had spent many years on hiatus. In 2005, it's doors shut rather unexpectedly and the company was no more. The title was taken to PRW and unified with their belt, various stars would go on to join the WFWF and the XWA would be nothing more than a distant memory.

That was until the XWA was ressurected in 2009 by a group of it's alumni. Reborn during a WFWF event, the new XWA boasted of new stars and old stars alike. When it first opened it's doors at Genesis in 2009, Alex Sean was CEO, Rose became the unofficial World Heavyweight Champion due to a conspiracy with the MadDog in their main event and PRW's JR Judy came back to claim what he thought was his- the world title. And more would show up- PRW's Hutton Brown would make his XWA debut at Christmas Kaos 2009, Dan Bennett would return to the promotion and at Final Countdown 2009, a relative unknown called Diamond Jack Sabbath would pair up with a man from the original XWA called Ciaren Donegan and literally declare war on the XWA. It would all grow as the new year loomed...

In February of 2010, the flagship show "Massacre" would make it's return to network television, and many changes would occur. Original female competitor Carmen King revealed she had now bought the XWA, and while she controlled things from behind the scenes, Lucifer "The MadDog" McMahon would become the General Manager. During this time, Alex Sean would walk out on the company and go to WFWF, leaving DGX to fend for himself in this conspiracy-ridden new XWA.

Troubles and Faction Wars (2010)
MadDog would not exactly waste any time in getting his hands dirty, though. In the first two weeks of his reign as GM, he would work on yet another conspiracy with Rose to make him the world champion AND he would strike up a dastardly truce of sorts with Sabbath and his activist group, now calling themselves the Legion, "for we are many". As the weeks passed, it came to Legends- the biggest show on the XWA's calendar- where MadDog would declare Legion member Ciaren Donegan as the first World Heavyweight Champion, a title he would defend successfully against Hutton Brown that night. However, that very night would be the last time we would see MadDog for a while, as on that very night his limo would explode to close out the show. The Legion would temporarily take control of the show for a week until Tempest kidnapped Sabbath restore control to Carmen once again. She would keep the company as her own for a few more weeks until it was revealed Tempest had now bought the company.

The original Legion had already fallen but then after Jack Hazard's alliance with Sabbath, the group was rebooted and Drake Dysfunction, Raine and Jack Mercy would all join over time. Some time later, PRW's Vincenzo Savonarola and WFWF's Trace Demon would join as co-leaders of the group and they would terrorise the entire company. Meanwhile, WFWF World Champion Alex Sean made a shocking return, declaring himself bigger than the XWA much to everyone's disgust. He would ally himself with fan favourites DGX and Hutton Brown to form a new version of the classic group Rated X. Dan Bennett would join as manager some time later. Three corners were established in the XWA, all opposing one another- the Legion, looking to take over the company and colonise it, Rated X, the veterans and fan favourites screwing the rules all over again and in the third corner- the Loyalists, consisting of Rose, Angelus, Tempest and various different XWA mainstays looking to defend the company. The XWA would bring back the Lord of the Ring tournament, which after much battling and fighting would be won by DGX.

Rose would lose his World Heavyweight Championship to Hutton Brown, the Legion would completely destroy Massacre during the night of November 17th, there were double-agents, double-crosses and double-turns and the fights would continue. Tempest had given up his reign to a private buyer and all of this was now being overseen by new Commissioner Richard J Maxwell, an arrogant former reality TV producer who was interested in making money and getting ratings and nothing more. At 2010's Xmas Kaos, everything would change in the favour of one particular faction. There was a three-way Legion/Rated X/Loyalist tag match for complete control of the company AND the new Tag Team titles, which would be won by the Loyalists. However, the next night on Massacre it was revealed that by way of a loophole, Rated X had actually won and were now not only the Tag Team Champions, but also ran the show. On the night of Xmas Kaos, Hutton Brown and Rose would face off for the World title once more, only this time things would be different. Though Rose had won that night, thanks to his Lord of the Ring opportunity, DGX was the man who walked away as champion. Rated X had done it- they were now in control...

Rated XWA and Commissioner Maxwell (2011)
Rated X had begun to do things the fans were not particularly fond of. With Hutton Brown as the only member really on the fan's side, the group became very controversial in their decisions, which included the likes of making Tempest a referee out of spite, but with Richard J Maxwell in their back pocket they could do pretty much whatever they wanted. It was a dark time, and only the likes of Rose, Angelus and the remaining Loyalists were brave and couragious enough to fight the new system.

Meanwhile the Legion was going through troubles. Having lost at Xmas Kaos and many members turning on them or going AWOL, the group was crumbling at the centre. It was quickly becoming clear that DJS was just using the faction for his own twisted ends, amplified by the violent excommunication from the group of Jack Mercy, which left him horribly disfigured. Everything would come to ahead at Legends 2011, where Sabbath would lose to long-time nemesis Hutton Brown via shady tactics, thus destroying the Legion once and for all and turning the last good man of Rated X against the entire fanbase. DGX would also be victorious in his match against Rose, retaining the title. Though power had now completely reverted to Richard J Maxwell, Rated X was still very much on top.

Rated X would continue to dominate as champions and battle with Tempest and Rose, who had united as "Harts & Roses", while Derrick Jedi would make waves and become one of the fastest rising stars of the XWA. Over time, Rated X's members would deplete and leave slowly while Richard J Maxwell had his own plans for the XWA. Quietly, he began to build his own little monopoly. Bringing in the likes of Lucas Talbot and Angelus and inventing the Premier Talent contract for Diamond Jack Sabbath and Amy Taylor, he began to antagonise the wrestlers in the company of whom he didn't like, such as Rose and Dan Bennett. Bennett would actually be fired because of a "failed drug test", although the legitimacy is arguable. Angelus became World Champion and went on a winning streak, right under the direction of the now tyrannical Maxwell.

Eventually, DJS and Amy would turn on the commissioner and rebel against him, on a journey for a world title match. Due to popular demand from the internet and those inside the company, Dan Bennett would also be given a new contract, but would almost immediately enter a feud with a bitter Rose. Trace Demon would create a new group of his own called the "Cult of Tomorrow", promising that he would dominate in times to come. It wouldn't be as apparent at the time as it would in the next year...

The DJS-Booked Era
Passing the Torch... (2012)
The year started off rather bleakly with the Angelus and Maxwell running roughshot over the XWA like a monopoly. Rose was the XWA's good man gone bad and it seemed things were off to a bad start. However, it would all change at the aptly named Evolution PPV, where Diamond Jack Sabbath would capture the XWA World Heavyweight Championship for his first and last time, and Dan Bennett would defeat Rose and prove he was a top contender. So top, in fact, it caught the Innovator of Anarchy's eye and the Legends 2012 main event was decided. Meanwhile, Angelus and Rose came off the heels of two losses and it seemed their days were done, but in response to this they would lash out and show the world they could still go as they went one on one for the last time.

Behind the scenes, things were not so peaky. Previously unseen XWA owner Dominique would silently fire Richard J Maxwell and put it down to a "deathly illness" (a decision that would come back to haunt the XWA later on. More on that later). At Legends, Dominique announced she was getting rid of the XWA once and for all, but not until Hutton Brown would come out and announce he was the NEW owner of the XWA. At the event, Dan Bennett would capture the XWA World Heavyweight Championship for the only time in his entire career. Sabbath would go on to announce his retirement in one year, but Trace Demon was on the prowl...

The rest of the year would be dominated by the Diamond Jack Sabbath/Trace Demon feud and the title reign of new World Heavyweight Champion Dan Bennett. While Sabbath/Demon would continue for the entire year, Bennett's reign was cut short when owner of the XWA Hutton Brown abused his power by putting himself into a title match, which he won. Several weeks later, it became apparent that Brown had no desire to defend the title, and the belt was forcefully vacated in Winter. Meanwhile Demon had manipulated Sabbath to the point of getting his old trainer Skip Sanders to turn on him and forcing the company to fire Amy Taylor. Demon had also managed to get himself a title match whenever he wanted by way of a stipulation during a violent match with the Innovator of Anarchy.

With Sabbath and Demon at each other's throats and NO world champion, the final show of the year- Kaos- revolved around a match for the vacated World Heavyweight Championship. Trace Demon would shock the world as in one night, he vanquished Sabbath once and for all, and then cashed-in his opportunity at the world title when he turned the match between Dan Bennett and Drake Dysfunction into a triple threat and walked out the ultimate star in the company. He would cut a scathing, controversial promo on the entire company on the very next Massacre, professing how unsurprised he was that he won, how bittersweet the victory was and how no one in the company today could even touch him. But while his reign was to last long, the next year would not prove as easy as he'd expected...

Whisper's War and the Return of Rated X (2013)
At Legends, Trace Demon defended the world title against Rose, who had returned after slugging away on the independent circuit for a year and a half. A long match ensued, but Trace Demon would ultimately come out on top. Elsewhere, Dan Bennett faced and defeated loud-mouth upstart Austin Rentz, Chris Novak won the Hardcore Championship after three years of climbing, Sabbath took part in the final match of his career as an active wrestler after he finally defeated arch-nemesis Hazard. Legends also heralded the return of Rated X, who were inducted into the Hall of Fame. This was not to be their last appearance, however. Alex Sean, EBR and DGX would invade XWA shows week in and week out, still seeing themselves as draws and wanting to milk it for all it was worth. Soon, Dan Bennett would join the group himself in one of the most shocking heel turns in XWA history.

The XWA also brought back the Lord of the Ring, desperately trying to find someone to finally trump Trace Demon's title reign. During the LOTR tournament, we would see the returns of old favourites like Satine X and Derrick Jedi, the debuts of mysterious newcomers like Gain Dermal (later revealed to be former Hardcore Champion Danger Liam incognito) and another masked individual known as Jack Jackson Jr. No one knew very much about him apart from the fact he was quirky, awkward and had a wicked sense of humor. Jackson would amaze and capture the hearts of the XWA audience in a way not seen before, showing himself to be a talented high-flyer and eventually becoming the Lord of the Ring. He would eventually pick up a career-threatening injury, though, and was shelved for several months. It was unclear whether our new hero would

Meanwhile, a new threat was looming on the horizon. A monster had arrived in the XWA with a prophecy "we've come to reclaim what once was ours." Whisper, a tall, violent athlete from Switzerland who spoke only in plurals, arrived in the company. However, he was not alone. Soon, others joined him to help form "Whisper's War" a faction who fashioned themselves after a terrorist cell, proclaiming they did not want to take over the XWA, rather to completely destroy it. Wrestlers known from other feds would make their debut over the coming weeks, and slowly revealed themselves to be members of the group. Ace Andrews, T.K, Rob Chapman, Danny Diamond, Lya Sanchez and Mark Storey would all become part of the faction. It became clear they were following orders from someone else. XWA Chief Operating Officer Hector Alonzo Perez was almost completely unwilling to stop the group, however, seeing Rated X as a much bigger threat and deciding to focus on them instead. The group would take out legends and veterans such as DJS, the MadDog and Tempest, solidifying themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

In October, at the aptly-named XWA Doomsday Pay Per View, Trace Demon would finally lose the World Heavyweight title to Alex Sean of Rated X, who finally won the title after nearly ten years. Meanwhile, after a roster-wide battle, the leader and creator of Whisper's War would reveal himself to be former commissioner Richard J Maxwell. However, Maxwell was a changed man. No longer was he the suave businessman we once knew, he was now a raving lunatic, obsessed with destroying the XWA and wrestling as a whole. He would kidnap and torture Hector Alonzo Perez, leaving the XWA with no authority figures apart from the EVP of Talent Relations, Amy Taylor, to pick up the pieces as the carnage of both Rated X and Whisper's War running rough-shot over the company began to make the XWA a much more dangerous place to be.

Before the year was out, Angelus had returned and won the title from Alex Sean. Rated X seemed to finally be deassembling. But the threat of Maxwell and Whisper's War still stayed strong. However, Amy had a plan...

...And You Don't Know Jack (2014)
As the year began, the ultimate goal of the XWA was one thing- destroy Whisper's War. After a few weeks of moving the pieces together like a chessboard, Diamond Jack Sabbath would return and with him would come a new, repurposed version of the Legion with one idea in mind to defeat Whisper's War. A massive WarGames match was to take place between the Legion and Whisper's War, however was unable to occur for a multitude of reasons. Sabbath and Ace Andrews would collide at Legends in London, and Maxwell would eventually flee the company. When he returned several months later, Whisper would turn on him and join Amy Taylor, who was now only a manager. She teamed him with former Legion member Raine, and the two would become the tag team known as "War Enforcement". DJS would make a short-lived return to action, but his purpose for the rest of the year would prove it's self to be much different.

Elsewhere, Angelus was fighting strong as world champion. The final remnant of Rated X- DGX- would challenge Angelus at Legends in London for his title. Their match was a violent main event that left fans breathless, but no one could've predicted what would happen next. Thought to be down and out, with only a month left of his Lord of the Ring privilages, Jack Jackson Jr. would return during the Legends main event and cash-in his LOTR ring, making the match a triple threat. People were initially ecstatic that Jackson was back. But these people were wrong. Jackson was a lie all along. There was no Jack Jackson Jr. As the masked high-flyer destroyed the champion and challenger, he would take the World Heavyweight Championship for himself in historic fashion. Jack Jackson Jr. was no more. "The Jackal" Jericho Shaw was born, and his Reign of Terror had just begun.

Over the next few months, many things would change within the XWA. Trace Demon would buy the company and run it himself, but then in Autumn, he would appoint a new General Manager- Diamond Jack Sabbath. Sabbath brought an entourage of Amy Taylor, Whisper and Raine to act as his "Sabbath Regime" and their first act was to remove disqualification and count-out rules from ALL future XWA matches. This proved to be a polarising decision, but was backed by Trace 100%. Sabbath would also reinstate the Gladitorial Championship, a title from the original incarnation of the company. Dan Bennett would make a return with one goal in mind- to defeat Jericho Shaw. Shaw had still been champion this entire time, and none had managed to actually defeat him yet and people had began calling him the Dreaded Champion. Bennett won the television championship, but was unhappy with this and immediately vacated it, feeling insulted and decreeing he would not stop until he had Shaw in the ring.

It was all change for the company and Smith Jones, a newer star to the XWA, was the first to challenge Jericho Shaw in a Match of the Year candidate at Hardcore Renaissance. Behind the scenes, Sabbath was growing increasingly more benevolent. After Bennett "throwing the TV title back at him" and his polarising decisions, it became clear Jack was losing his mind even more and soon, the Innovator of Anarchy went from courageous leader of the XWA to a self-absorbed, insecure megalomaniac heel, calling himself the "God of All Anarchy".

As the year ended, the Sabbath Regime was out in force, Jericho Shaw remained champion...but hope was on the way.

The Three-Headed Dragon and the Hiatus (2015)
Jericho Shaw was on top of the entire world. It was announced that Shaw would finally defend his championship against Dan Bennett at Legends '15. In their battle, he would face Bennett in what would become the former Rated X member's final match and would be successful after a run-in from DGX, who helped him. His Reign of Terror had come full circle, as the man who was there at the very beginning helped him carry on. Shaw had now been champion for one full calendar year.

Elsewhere, 2015 heralded the debuts of Razer and Bella Quinn. A different kind of threat to the XWA, Razer was a brawler who took no prisoners and his manager, Bella, was a sharp-toothed yet attractive Scottish woman with the kind of temper your mother warned you women had. Razer would become the Gladitorial Champion in February and keep it until July. At the same time, the long-awaited signing of Laurel Anne Hardy- a known figure in the industry- got the world talking. Quirky, strange and yet endearing, Laurel would become one of the most popular stars in the company and would become the first woman to capture the Hardcore Championship. She was a history-maker, and she was to make even more history fairly soon.

After Legends had passed, the next PPV was one called as "Winner Takes All" in Tokyo, Japan. The Board of Directors, namely Julie Suede, Matt Gough and Jonathan Gilbert (aka. the Three-Headed Dragon), had now grown tired of the XWA. They thought having three champions was a bit old hat and now wanted to have one, pure Supreme XWA Champion, so the decision was made the unify all the titles in a big triple threat match that will go down in history as one of the best of all time. Everyone took the side of a competitor- The Board liked Shaw, the Sabbath Regime liked Razer but the fans loved Laurel Anne Hardy. In the end, Jericho Shaw's Reign of Terror would end and Razer would not fulfil the Sabbath Regime's hopes and instead Laurel Anne Hardy would become the first ever Supreme XWA Champion, an outcome that did not impress the Sabbath Regime OR the Three-Headed Dragon.

It also grew apparent that, despite Sabbath's surly remarks and awkwardness with them, the Board knew the Network were not renewing the television contract for Massacre after the landmark 100th episode, instead thinking that the XWA should be allowed to end slowly- a sentiment they were now starting to agree with, expecting Sabbath to do the same. The General Manager protested this, and the Sabbath Regime formed plans of it's own. While Razer had been unsuccessful in becoming Supreme XWA Champion, Sabbath still saw Razer and Bella as his secret weapon. Earlier in the year, Smith Jones had become the year's Lord of the Ring, but had now long-since gone. The Innovator of Anarchy, in spite of what the Board wanted him to do, made Razer the SECOND Lord of the Ring, allowing him to wear the old ring that Jericho Shaw had initially cashed in two years earlier and use that, unable to get the old one back from Jones due to his departure to EWC. In a moment of irony, Razer and Shaw were beginning to feud at this time, so the fact Razer had Shaw's old ring only added fuel to the fire.

With Sabbath now openly decrying the Board of Directors, he booked himself in a match against Laurel Anne Hardy as the main event of Massacre, but it would end up being the last main event for a while. This lead to a chain of events that would be catastrophic for the XWA. First, the Board fired Jack as General Manager. Then, without any General Manager to control the environment, the network prematurely cancelled Massacre due to a danger of the show getting even more toxic. To cap it all off, the Three Headed Dragon announced that XWA had ceased operations for the time being and that the company was being sold. A two month hiatus of hearing nothing began. Rumours circled and campaigns screamed "Save the XWA". Despite this, Laurel Anne Hardy would continue to defend her Supreme XWA Championship in other promotions.

In November it was announced the XWA, under new ownership would return in 2016 under a model of twelve monthly specials. With no network and the Pay Per View business dying, The Xperience launched, an on-demand service created by the new regime full of exclusive content and an archive of every show ever being built into it. The Xperience would now house all new shows, the future of the company was certain. For the second time, the promotion would be relaunched. But by whom...?

The XWA Lives in Catastrophe (2016)
A new year began, but during the first monthly special entitled The XWA Lives, it became quickly apparent that the more things changed, the more they stayed the same. Alice Harris, a female wrestler known for her sociopathic tendencies, lead a new group known as Catastrophe into the XWA's first new show with the express intent of making a name for the faction. Throughout the night they would attack jobbers in a dark match, a returning Diamond Jack Sabbath and even interfere in the main event between Supreme XWA Champion Laurel Anne Hardy and Razer, who was cashing in his Lord of the Ring opportunity. Razer would be victorious, but it wouldn't be the last time he would be main eventing around Hardy as the two would briefly team to battle Catastrophe. A month later, it transpired that Catastrophe were in league with another group calling themselves The Survivors, a superfaction of left-overs from previous factions such as Whisper's War, the Legion and others- some forgotten, some quite well known- brought together by the now jobless Three Headed Dragon. While Whisper and Richard J Maxwell would take a particular dislike to Laurel Anne Hardy, Catastrophe were ultimately selected by the Survivors for the task of completely annihilating the XWA and all it stood for.

As Winter turned to Spring, many new things had been established. Razer was champion, Laurel Anne Hardy had started a personal war with Alice Harris and even Diamond Jack Sabbath was back in the ring with his monthly "DJS Open Challenge", in which he continued on his quest to become the greatest of all time and the Beating Heart of the XWA. But newer stars waited in the shadows. People such as the tough second-generation star Jerod Barnez, the submission machine Michael Swift, the inexperienced but creepy Adam Fenric with his terrifying family and the ferocious Tarmogoyf among many others. A new generation was beginning to emerge, a concept solidified at XWA On A Pole in May, as Rob Chapman took DJS to the absolute limit and Jerod Barnez dethroned Razer to become the Supreme XWA Champion. It was all change for the XWA heading into Summer, but the Lord of the Ring was back again, and maybe more change was afoot. At Lord of the Ring Part II: The Final in July, the world would be shocked and appalled as Rob Chapman, challenging Jerod Barnez for the Supreme XWA Championship, would lead what looked like a 2WWF invasion, destroying the show after capturing the title for himself. This new group would identify themselves as ELITE.

In the summer of 2016, XWA Massacre was reinstated to run alongside the Supershows as a companion show. While smaller in scale, the show boasted some big stars like a returning DGX, LJ Summers and even Mark Storey, some newer faces like Austin Carter and Brian Hearthstone, while the Television Championship sat as the centerpiece of the whole thing. But what was distressing was who managed to bag the role of Massacre General Manager...none other than Richard J Maxwell! Much controversy arose following his appointment, but all would be revealed soon. At XWA Face-Off, it was revealed that the XWA had been run throughout the year by not one, but TWO new owners, apparently at each other's throats and countermanding the other's decisions. It all seemed hopeless when the first was revealed to be none other than Ace Andrews, member of the Survivors, but the other owner was revealed to be Bella Quinn. Two opposing owners on either side of an endless, bitter war.

This would all lead into XWA Legends, the final chapter of a storied year. T.K would make a return and go on to defeat The Tarmagoyf. Michael Swift would have a run-in with the surprise reappearance of Smith Jones. Adam Fenric's family would abandon him for a spot in the Survivors, leaving him to fend for himself. The eccentric traveller Emery Layton would make her debut, ending the Legends winning streak of Chris Novak. Laurel Anne Hardy and Trace Demon would take each other to the limit. Diamond Jack Sabbath, in an Era vs. Era contest, defeated DGX, but with the aid of career-rivals Ace Andrews and Trace Demon, joining the Survivors in the process. And finally, Jerod Barnez, in a gruelling contest, would finally reclaim the Supreme XWA Championship after months of torment from Rob Chapman and all of ELITE.

Many things had changed over the last year, and now they were going to take centre stage...

The Booking Team Era

Battle for the XWA (2017)
The new year began and very quickly, the plan became certain- defeat the Survivors. But this was no longer the gathering of XWA's abandoned adversaries any more. Under the leadership of Trace Demon and with Ace Andrews and Richard J Maxwell running half of the show, the struggle for control would not be any easy one. Smith Jones made his motives clear- he wanted to face Diamond Jack Sabbath. However his rematch with the Innovator of Anarchy would be delayed until April, as Sabbath served a suspension as the result of Crown Kicking Amy Taylor in response to her opposing his alliance with the Survivors. Following a gruelling Three Stages of Hell match, Sabbath managed to pull out a win by the skin of his teeth. Not deterred, Smith continued to stand against the Survivors long after. And he wouldn't be alone, Laurel Anne Hardy declared herself the Scourge of the Survivors, announcing her intention to finally defeat them for good. As a direct result of run-ins with the Survivors, a slowly-reforming Adam Fenric and a fast-rising Emery Layton were forced into an initially uneasy partnership, later going on to win the XWA Tag Team titles. New-comer AJ Morales directly challenged Sabbath and War Enforcement multiple times, making him a continued target of Sabbath's plans, and even prompting Amy Taylor to enlist him as part of her new Taylor Promotions banner. A clear battle-line had been drawn, and soon it was obvious- stand with Ace Andrews and the Survivors or fight with Bella Quinn and the XWA.

Meanwhile, Jerod Barnez- who had won the Piledriver Award for 'Wrestler of the Year' for 2016- was frustrated, a frustration that he would blame on Bella Quinn and the lack of competition he was being offered. Battling his way through Drake Dysfunction and the Taramogoyf, the end of his reign would come at the hands of Lx-Tim. While ELITE was no more, Tim had remained within the promotion and forged his own path and becoming the longest reigning Television Champion in XWA history, a two-time Hardcore Champion and the Supreme XWA Champion all within the same month, also sidelining Barnez when he captured the Supreme crown. However, karma came to collect only two months later, as Tim lost the Supreme XWA title to Michael Swift, who cashed in his Lord of the Ring opportunity from the previous year at June Supershow "XWA BAKA GAIJIN". At the same event, Emery Layton defeated Laurel Anne Hardy in a show-stopping match that cemented that the clownish Emery could wrestle as well as entertain, but not only was her celebration cut short by an attack by Minka Carter- an embittered rookie who was injured by the monstrous Lynx and came back with a murderous obsession with the Lethal Lackeen- Sabbath and the Survivors also came out to address Laurel and make it official, Jack and Laurel would face one-on-one at XWA Fool's Gold in Manchester, England during the month of August. Emery and Minka continued to feud while Laurel- becoming increasingly fatigued due to the amount of work she was doing in and out of the XWA- continued to taunt the Innovator of Anarchy up until their match.

Much the same as the previous year, June, July and August heralded not only further additions to the roster like Kryptops, Danny Hall, Jeannie Rose and Jake Rogers, the Lord of the Ring Summer Tournaments (pluralised this year due to the three-group split), which boasted the biggest line-up ever seen for the LOTR. Current stars such as Smith Jones, OOKAMI No Chi and Trevor Miller would take on returning stars like Tempest, Rose and Jester, but even outside guests we'd never seen in an XWA ring like El Conejo a Dos and Cassius Reed took part. Even Trace Demon made an appearance, declaring he would win the tournament without any interference from the Survivors or shady tactics. The tournament concluded at XWA Fool's Gold with a triple-threat elimination final between Emery Layton, Smith Jones and The Jester, which was won by the Worst of the Pavees herself. At the same event, Minka Carter confirmed and revealed she was the newest member of the Survivors, Diamond Jack Sabbath collided with and defeated Laurel Anne Hardy, and Trevor Miller turned his back on Austin Carter, forming an alliance with Danny Hall to take out his former friend.

Summer became Fall and Fall became Winter, and even through that, we saw even more changes. Layton & Fenric were not only banned from Massacre after Adam Fenric finally got his hands on Richard J Maxwell, but also lost their Tag Team titles to the team of veteran wrestler Amy Jo Smyth and Jake Rogers, who was also making waves on his own. Michael Swift continued to fight off all challengers to his Supreme XWA Championship, A.J. Morales captured the XWA Hardcore Championship from Kryptops and battled Minka Carter, working his way up the ranks of the Survivors to get to Diamond Jack Sabbath. Finally, the two would clash at XWA With A Vengeance, where Jack pinned Morales to win the XWA Hardcore title...for ten seconds. Due to the 24/7 nature of the title, Jack immediately lost it back to A.J, causing a huge brawl.

The month before XWA Legends, three major matches were decided. Minka Carter and Smith Jones would face off to crown a new XWA Television Champion to reign over Massacre, Lx-Tim, having just returned from injury, elected to invoke his rematch clause against Michael Swift for the Supreme XWA title and finally, Bella Quinn selected A.J Morales, Emery Layton and Adam Fenric (reprising his 'Plague Doctor' persona) to face off against the Survivors- Trace Demon, Diamond Jack Sabbath and Ace Andrews. If Bella's team won, she assumed full control of the XWA and Diamond Jack Sabbath would be forced to leave the company. However, if the Survivors won, A.J would lose the Hardcore Championship and Ace Andrews/The Survivors would rule the entire company, 100%. Stakes were at their highest, and the biggest event of the year beckoned.

November came and XWA Legends commenced. At the event, Amy Jo Smyth and Jake Rogers battled The Rulers Don't Fall, retaining their Tag Team Championships and Smith Jones defeated Minka Carter to become the Television Champion and rule over Massacre, however the Winter Warrior had all but turned his back on the fans that had cheered him since his return. Laurel Anne Hardy made a return after an in-depth interview on the first episode of XWA Unbound, but it would be short-lived after Catastrophe returned for one last battle, one that ended in Hardy taking our Alice Harris once and for all, but at the cost of her XWA career.

Morales, Layton & Fenric faced Andrews, Sabbath and Demon, and though it came close to not happening, A.J Morales stood as sole survivor for Team XWA, winning Bella Quinn full ownership of the XWA, keeping his Hardcore title and banishing the Survivors- most notably Diamond Jack Sabbath, who it was stipulated would have to leave the company if pinned- forever. But the night was not over yet. Main event time came, Lx-Tim and Michael Swift stood waiting for their Supreme XWA Championship match to begin, when all of a sudden, Emery Layton came down to the ring, using her Lord of the Ring opportunity won back in the summer to cash-in and join the match, making it a triple threat. After the three competitors battled away, in the end, Emery hit both competitors with the Wuthering Heights, pinning Tim to become the new Supreme XWA Champion in front of a sea of cheering fans.

And thus 2017 became 2018. The Survivors were no more. Bella Quinn was sole owner and we had brand new champions. We had entered into a brave new XWA World...

Its YOUR World (2018)
To be continued...

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