XWA Handbook: Welcome to the XWA!

Helpful information on how to get started with your career in the XWA!
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XWA Handbook: Welcome to the XWA!

Postby Tempest » Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:06 pm

[center]Player's Handbook
The Step-By-Step approach to joining the XWA.[/center]

Step 1
An Introduction to the XWA
If you're reading this, it must mean you are interested in joining the XWA, the internet's #1 Match-Writing E-Fed. The door here is always open and we welcome anyone who wishes to participate. Of course, there are several steps you must take before being booked in the XWA but before we get to that, here are a few things you should know.

The XWA is an E-Fed in which two or more Roleplayers are placed in a competition where, essentially, each Roleplayer will post their version of the wrestling match that takes place. You will be given a space of time of around 10 days to write said match and after the deadline, members will be allowed to vote on which matches to choose the one they prefer. After the three day window in which members will vote the staff will tally the votes, and the winning matches will be considered canon and be posted in the event results. Now whether you want to write your match with you winning or losing, co-write the match with a partner or opponent, or any number of possibilities is entirely up to you. All we ask is that you keep your matches reasonably realistic and keep your matches in character.

Ok, now that that's over, lets go over the rules and get into the fun of creating your very own Wrestler.
Good Luck,
XWA Staff

Step 2
The Rules of the XWA
Below are the rules of the XWA with a brief description of the topic they entail. This is by far the most extensive section and the most important to read so please go over this part carefully so you fully understand our rules and policies.

Section 01: General Forum Rules
At the XWA we encourage members to take an active part in OOC (Out of Character) discussion. There are several topic related forums where you can start and respond to discussions. Also, in the event that the staff chooses to make a poll allowing the members to vote and decide on XWA related issues, we encourage members to take an active part in that process as well. Below are the rules that you must follow when it comes to OOC Discussion as well as a couple relating to the e-fed itself.
  • The XWA is an original character E-Fed only. Do not use any pre-existing characters whether it be from wrestling, film, television, or literature. You are allowed to use characters that you have come up with and used in other E-Feds, however do not use another handler's character from another E-Fed here. If we discover you to be doing this, you risk permanent banishment from the XWA.
  • Members of the XWA are allowed to hold multiple accounts if they choose to handle more than one character. It should be noted this is not a requirement, so if you want to handle multiple characters under one account, that's perfectly alright with us. However if you do choose to handle multiple accounts, you must make the staff aware of all the accounts you do handle. Just out of common courtesy, really.
  • In the event that a poll is made by the staff regarding anything in XWA, members who vote on the poll are required to either, members who hold duplicate accounts are only allowed one vote. If we discover a member using a duplicate account to vote multiple times, that member will have their duplicate account deleted, they will lose the right to hold multiple accounts in the XWA.
  • General, out of character discussion is encouraged. However while there are no specific rules for this area, ultimately, try and keep discussions civil and respectful. Treat others how you would like to be treated. If you do find yourself having a personal or e-fed related problem with a specific member, direct your complaints either through Instant or Private Messaging. It should also be noted that while there is no specific policy, the staff reserves the right to suspend and ban members if they show themselves to cause unnecessary trouble.
  • Any members who make an attempt to sign back up to the XWA during their account suspension risk permanent banishment from the XWA.

Section 02: Match/Competition RolePlaying Rules
As stated before, the XWA is an E-Fed in which two or more RolePlayers post their version of the match that is set to take place. Whether you wish to write yourself as winning or losing that given match, choose to co-write that match with a partner or opponent, or any one of multiple possibilities is entirely at you and the other competitor(s) in the match's discretion.

Below are the rules to follow when writing a match:
  • With the exception of your opponent(s) in the match, do not use anyone else's character in your match without permission from the person you wish to use.
  • If you need time off from RPing, please inform any of the Booking Team before the next card is scheduled to go up.
  • In the event that you no-show your first match being booked, we give you the benefit of the doubt but if you no-show a second time, you will be required to post a reasonably sized promo for your character. If you no-show three times in a row we will just stop booking you until you indicate you're ready to come back and it appears you're actually serious about it. We'll have moved you to the Alumni section and you'll need to sign the "Reactivated Thread" in the Roster section.
  • You are allowed to RolePlay for as many characters as you wish to have. However the aforementioned no-show policy applies to the RolePlayer, not the individual characters. This means that if, in a row, you no-show for three different characters, it will be counted the same as no-showing for one and Rule 03 will apply.

Section 03: Promo/Segment RolePlaying Rules
As well as being able to write their own matches, RolePlayers in the XWA are also encouraged to write their own promos to further their own character's storylines. Below are the rules to follow when posting a promo in the XWA.
  • Do not use anyone else's character at the start of a promo without the permission of the handler first.
  • Promos are required to conclude with one of a series of tags. If you do not provide a tag, your promo will be considered "[Open]" with the rules for that tag specified below applying. The tags are as follows;
    [Closed] which indicates that your promo is closed, meaning that nobody can respond to continue the segment.
    [Open] which indicates that your promo is open, meaning members can respond and continue the segment in any way they see fit.
    [Tag To: Someone] which indicates that you are tagging the promo off to a specific individual or group of individuals.
  • All promo responses are subject to the same rules regarding tags with only two exceptions; A. If a RolePlayer responds to a promo and tags it as "[Closed]", the RolePlayer who started the segment is reserved the right to continue the segment; B. If a RolePlayer responds to a promo and tags it as "[Tag To: Someone]" and tags it to another RolePlayer, the RolePlayer who started the segment is reserved the right to continue the segment but must wait at least 24 hours for the third party to have a chance to respond.
  • Try and be realistic when it comes to attacks. If you decide to respond to a promo and attack someone, you may not write that you have seriously injured (i.e. Death, Mutilation) another character without their consent. Only basic ambushes are allowed...and yes, you can write in that you have knocked your victim out. Simultaneously, if you leave your promo open, are attacked, and are laid out, don't respond continuing the promo hulking up and laying out everyone who just attacked you.
  • A cardinal rule of promos: If you absolutely don't want to be attacked, end your promo with a [Closed] tag. If you leave it open, then you deserve what you get. This IS a Wrestling simulation, right?

Section 04: Voting Rules
This is the last section of the rules portion of the Guidebook but arguably the single most important. In the XWA, rather than the bookers deciding who wins, it's the members that vote on matches and thus render a decision. Below are the rules regarding voting in the XWA.
  • Voters are required to use the Voting Template located HERE to cast votes. This is mandatory and any vote not using it will not count.
  • While Handlers are allowed to handle multiple characters and accounts, they will only be afforded one vote per match. If a handler attempts to break this rule, they will lose the right to use multiple accounts.
  • You should give detailed reasons as to why you liked one match over the other. Give both handlers things to take away for next time. We are all trying to get better at this, we all want to be the best writer we can be so lets help each other along the way. I would say treat it less like a vote and more like a review, almost.
  • You may NOT vote on your own match.
  • We do expect you to give real, proper feedback and if we as staff honestly feel that you've not really given the handlers any real feedback, we will get you to come back and elaborate on your vote. If you don't do this before voting deadline hits, we will not count your vote. If you are the only vote on the match and the same issue has occurred, a member of staff will place the vote as if it were breaking a tie and the staff vote will overrule it.
  • In the event that no members have voted on a match, a member of staff will vote and render a decision on the match.
  • No-Showing for a match is an automatic forfeit, and votes are not required, nor binding.
  • Votes placed AFTER voting deadline do NOT count and will not affect the match result in any way.
Step 3
Get Signed!
Now that you're acquainted with our rules, it's time to really get started. The next step in this process is posting your character's profile. We have a general template in the "Sign Your Contract" section, but feel free go into more detail, especially if you have a more heavy-duty one you use in another fed. Honestly, so long as we can get a feel for your character and know their move-sets, we're all good.

For Pic Bases, we have one loose guideline when picking one; If you can't find a good, high quality picture of your Pic Base, chances are the guy who's making graphics for the E-Fed can't either and will tear his hair out in trying. So try and pick someone who you not only would like to use as a Pic Base, but also can find a good picture of. Finally, it's important when picking someone as your pic base to specify what look (hair, clothes, facial hair, etc..) you're using. Say for example you were picking Brad Pitt. Well, Brad Pitt from Fight Club isn't really the same as Brad Pitt from Meet Joe Black. There's a "Taken Pic-Bases thread" in the Roster section though, so if you're stuck just hop onto that and do a CTRL-F search for who you want to use.

With that all said, please fill out your Bio and post it in the Sign Your Contract section here. When a staff member sees it, we'll move it to the Roster section.

Step 4
Get Booked!
Now that you've read the rules and created your profile, it's time to sign up for active competition. This brings us to the three XWA Roster threads, each covering different aspects of your status as a RolePlayer in the XWA. Below will be a description for the purpose of each as well as instructions on how to complete them. The next section is worth reading, however if you feel like you have a good enough handle on them and don't wish to continue reading, you can find the threads here.
Section 01: Official "Pic Base" Thread
We continue with the Official "Pic-Base" Thread". This thread is to be used to define what your characters' picture bases are. Simply reply to the thread providing the necessary information and a staff member will add it. This thread can be located here.

Section 02: Official "Music" Thread
This thread is to be used to define what your characters' entrance theme is. Simply reply to the thread providing the necessary information and a staff member will add it. This thread can be located here. If you change your theme, make sure to reply to this one, too.

Section 03: The "Opt-In" Thread
These threads are simplest of the three but arguably the most important. All you have to do is reply to the thread stating your character's name and that you are active if you wish to be booked as a competitor. A staff member will then see that you have replied and add your name to the list of the original post. Furthermore, if you are an active competitor and wish to be removed from this thread and subsequently no longer be booked, all you have to do is reply to the thread stating your character's name and that you are no longer active. This thread for the current month can be found in the XWA Zone here but the threads are always set up as Global announcements, so they're dead easy to get to.
Step 5
Have Fun!
We know, that may sound lame, but we really mean it! While there may be rules and policies to adhere to and uphold, our primary concern is that you, the Handler, has fun. So with all that, on behalf of the XWA and it's staff, welcome to the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance!

XWA Handbook originally designed by Alex Sean, last modified in July 2018 by DJS
The Original XWA Grandslam Champion!

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