XWA On a Pole 2021: The Guys With Masks vs. Tyler Lawson & D-Chainz

The gimmicks return for a night of non-standard fun, but more importantly, No Man's Land returns, as Caleb Spires defends the Supreme Championship against Minkaro, Razor Xtreme and Joey Miles.
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XWA On a Pole 2021: The Guys With Masks vs. Tyler Lawson & D-Chainz

Postby Gopher » Fri Mar 26, 2021 12:04 am

No Man's Land returns.

Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience; April 22nd, 2021
LIVE! From the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (20,400 Capacity)

Theme Song: "No Man's Land" by AC/DC

Referee: Greg Cooper

The Guys With Masks debuted in convincing fashion, alongside a former Hall of Famer, but their momentum slowed down with a defeat at the hands of Caleb Spires and Ace Acid, for the latter's Tag Team Championships. Still, they're just getting started here in the XWA and, up next, they have a very interesting task at hand. Tyler Lawson hasn't stepped in the ring much since showing up alongside his cousin, but tonight he'll be stepping in to team with one of XWA's newest in-ring talents (who also happens to have several backstage jobs), D-Chainz. The strangely wholesome friendship these two have begun to share now leads to them working together in the ring. However, friends or not, they're not experienced in teaming up with one another; D-Chainz is hardly even experienced in the ring at all. It'll be difficult for them to overcome a veteran team like The Guys With Masks. And to make matters even more interesting, the ring will be surrounded with some of XWA's ... lesser-praised competitors, to make this a tag team lumberjack match.
Deadline for matches is April 16th, 2021 at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.
Results will then go up for the show on April 22nd, 2021.
[EST is three hours later. GMT is seven hours later.]
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Re: XWA On a Pole 2021: The Guys With Masks vs. Tyler Lawson & D-Chainz

Postby StraightEdge Rurouni » Fri Apr 23, 2021 8:37 pm

Hana Ramierez: “The following contest is a tag team match set for one fall!”

The crowd roars as the ring is surrounded by every lesser known name in XWA, from Joey Jobberton to Levi Hallows. The mob of wrestlers are here to ensure the two teams currently in the ring stay inside the ring.

Hana Ramierez: “Introducing first, at a combined weight of 248 pounds… the Instant Classic, Tyler Lawson… and D-Chainz!”

The two men raise their arms into the air, the crowd roars with happy approval, many of the fans having grown fond of D-Chainz recent attempts to work his way onto the roster and excited to see him take yet another step forward towards that dream.

Hana Ramierez: “And their opponents… at a combined weight of 408 pounds… The Bard, Giselle von Wolf, and the King of Darkness, Black Dragon! …. The Guys With Masks!”

The crowd roars yet again as the two masked men climb up onto opposite corners of the ring, playing everything up to the crowd. The duo may be new, but its clear that their valiant effort against the Hierarchy for the tag title belts has earned the crowd’s admiration and love.

Sanction: “This match is sure to be an interesting one as we see D-Chainz continue his journey to become a pro wrestler, but this time he’s got the help of his friend Tyler Lawson. They’ve got quite the challenge ahead of them as they face the Guys With Masks who very nearly became the new tag team champions on the last Massacre.”

Steel: “What a load of, how did this match get on the show? Who are all these people even? WHAT IS HAPPENING”

Sanction: “Well Giselle almost made a certain world champion lose by sub-“

Steel: “Lalalalala, I’m not listening.”

With the introductions out of the way, the two teams begin to determine who will be starting this match out. Dragon, seemingly disinterested with the entire event steps out into his corner and grabs the tag rope. Meanwhile on the opposite end, Tyler is giving his partner encouragement as the prematch jitters seem to be setting in. Giselle joins in randomly, happily encouraging the XWA staffer to stick to the match. With both Lawson and Wolf acknowledgement, D-Chainz agrees to begin the contest with the masked German. With this out of the way the match’s official, Greg Cooper, signals for this match to begin.
Almost as if possessed by an entirely different being, the Wolf of Germany lunges across the ring at his foe. D-Chainz is caught completely off guard by the sudden change in demeaner and is effortlessly knocked down from a brutal forearm smash to the face. The member of XWA’s Security detail swiftly returns to his feet, only to be met with another elbow to the face sending him stumbling back into a turnbuckle. His partner looks on concerned as D immediately takes a ramming headbutt causing him to slump down into the corner. A bloodthirsty grin is on the face of the Bard removes Chainz’s arms from his chest prior to delivering a brutal chop to the aforementioned area.

Sanction: “D-Chainz appears to have been taken completely off-guard, as he’s now struggling to stay on his feet!”

Steel: “Well what does he expect? Dude thought this whole thing was going to be sunshines and rainbows? The one thing this German dude does right is that he’s absolutely brutal the moment that bell goes off.”

As the impact echoes around the arena, the Bard doesn’t stop with just one as he unleashes another chop, and another. The chest of XWA’s Security’s finest member burning bright red from the impact. Chainz clearly sees that he needs to do something here attempts to throw a quick right at his foe. Wolf sees it coming and ducks under to ram his shoulders into the abdomen of the man whose name starts with D. The Missourian gasps for air, as his face looks like a man regretting his life choices. Giselle grabs his foe by the head and tosses him to the outside to the waiting arms of the lumberjacks. The 245 pounder drops with a thud knocking down 3 of the lesser known XWA talents. Much to his surprise and everyone around him though, he receives a helping hand back to his feet. Its noneother than Joey Jobberton! “You go this man!” The man whose very namesake fits his role in the company shows his support as he tries to get D-Chainz’s head back in the game. Before he can be fully reassured however, both men are knocked down to the ground, alongside the three others I’m not going to bother naming as Giselle flies through the middle rope and knocks them down with a Tope Suicida!

Steel: “What does that idiot Joey think he’s doing! He’s supposed to beat the other idiot down and throw them back in worse than they were when they left the ring! Its easy! This is why he’s still a jobber damn it.”

Sanction: “A touching sense of solidarity from Jobberton there, but it wasn’t much good as Giselle has decided to break it up!”

Steel: “See that’s what he gets for not being a normal lumberjack!”

He may have taken his opponent back down, but unlike D-Chainz, there are no friends for Wolf amongst the lumberjacks. As the entirety of the enhancement talent sans the four taken out by the German already swarms him and Chainz for the beat down. The most brutal and passionate of the assailants being that of Levi Danielson and Jasin Smith, the Gentlemen’s Rebellion! The men that the GWM beat on their debut are out for blood right now. So are the raven hunters, but we’ll ignore that gimmick for now as its not relevant to this match. With their partners in trouble, both Tyler and Dragon move to assist. In Giselle’s case it may not have been necessary as the King of Violence begins headbutting his adversaries left and right as he returns to his feet. Despite this fact, Dragon goes flying over the top rope with a Tope Con Hilo, knocking out the side with the Gentlemen’s Rebellion! On the opposite side, Lawson begins to send bodies flying as the ‘Instant Classic’ throws men off of his friend.

Sanction: “This has become a complete brawl and I’m not sure that our official has any way to regain control at this juncture.”

Steel: “What do we even pay him for then? Damn it Greg you have one job. Wait no, I like seeing all these people get beat up, scratch that, you’re doing great!”

The swarm isn’t easy to overcome but now there’s a brawl, with every member of the enhancement roster doing what they can to show they deserve to not be called a jobber. Except Joey, whom seems content with his career he shies away from Giselle who has begun laughing maniacally. Wolf has grabbed the Rebellion by the heads, their names being of no consequence and rams them together to headbutt one another before throwing one towards Dragon who nails a super kick to Jasin Smith who is officially knocked out cold. Meanwhile Giselle tosses Levi over the guard rail, and the man doesn’t seem keen on getting back into the fray either. Meanwhile as one of the Ravenhunters is looking to resume his assault on D-Chainz who is still attempting to recover, they’re met with a Spear from Tyler Lawson into the barricade!

Sanction: “Who would have guessed that this would turn into four men fighting the entirety of your future prospects!”

Steel: “You can call them jobbers Mark, if they were going to get a W, they would have done so by now.”

Sanction: “Well partner, Joey actually HAS won a match, if you’d done your ho-“

Steel: “Don’t care!”

With just about every lumberjack laid out on the outside. Likely wondering why they even bothered, the Guys With Masks move to the injured D-Chainz. Valiantly, the XWA staff member has begun to rise to his feet with no assistance required. However Lawson is recovering from what can only be described as an ill-timed spear to the barricade where he appears to have gotten just as much impact as the jobber in question. As such, there’s no one to help the poor Devon Charles as his masked foes toss him into the ring. Both members of the GWM enter the ring after him as Dragon lifts their foe back up to a vertical base. Up onto the Virginian’s shoulders he goes as Giselle climbs up to the top rope. With very little resistance D-Chainz is dropped to the canvas with a To Hell You Go, before having whatever fight he had left in him knocked out of him with a 630 senton, dubbed Fahrtwind, from Giselle who goes for the pin!


Just as the count of three is made, Lawson dives and breaks up the pin, just a moment too soon.

Hana Ramierez: “Here are your winners… The Guys With Masks!”

Sanction: “Well this certainly turned into more a brawl than anyone likely predicted, but the Guys continue to make their presence known. Even if its at the unfortunate cost of D-Chainz’s career prospects.”

Steel: “You see, this is what happens when you get in over your head. He’s not a winner. Go back to doing security and let the real wrestlers take the stage. That doesn’t include those masked freaks tho.”

As the victorious masked duo exits the ring, Lawson can be seen attempting to reassure his friend that its not his fault as the scene fades out to whatever segment is next or a hype package for the next match, whatever floats your boat really.
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