BREAKING: Tag Team Lumberjack Match set for XWA On a Pole 2021

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BREAKING: Tag Team Lumberjack Match set for XWA On a Pole 2021

Postby TJtheShizz » Sun Mar 14, 2021 5:03 am

CHICAGO - March 13, 2021

After the 3 challengers for the No Man's Land match were determined at Massacre 63, a second match has been signed for XWA On a Pole.

D-Chainz, after debuting in a valiant - yet losing - effort against former Supreme Champion Frank Lawson, will be teaming with Frank's cousin Tyler to take on a team that also made their XWA debuts at this past Massacre: The Guys with Masks (Black Dragon and Giselle von Wolf), who picked up an impressive victory over Gentlemen's Rebellion. While the long-running team will be challenging The Hierarchy for their XWA World Tag Team Titles at Massacre 64, the decision was made to also give them a showcase-style exhibition match at the Supershow. However, if The Guys with Masks win the Tag Team Championships at Massacre 64, the belts will be on the line at On a Pole.

Furthermore, keeping with the stipulation-based theme of On a Pole, this match will be a Tag Team Lumberjack Match, with several of XWA's lower-card wrestlers surrounding the ring.

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