ANNOUNCEMENT: XWA Omega Championship Replacing XWA Hardcore Championship

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ANNOUNCEMENT: XWA Omega Championship Replacing XWA Hardcore Championship

Postby Gopher » Sat Jul 11, 2020 12:52 am

Report: XWA Omega Championship Replacing XWA Hardcore Championship
Report by Jeffrey Grey

Per XWA owner Bella Quinn, Mark Storey's actions and behavior are unfitting a champion of XWA. While he did technically win the Hardcore Championship fair and square, his antics before the match and his out-right refusal to defend the title afterwards, in the Lord of the Ring tournament, is not what the company is about. There will be a few changes brought to the Hardcore Championship, changes that have been in place for a while now, just ready for the trigger to be pulled, and Bella feels this is a fine time to pull it. The 24/7 aspect of the championship will no longer be in play. However, a new rule is being put in play that challengers of the championship will be able to choose whatever stipulation they so please when challenging. And to test out this new rule, the title will be defended for the remainder of this year’s Lord of the Ring tournament, up until the finals, which will not have any title on the line. One side of the tournament will defend this title, while the other will continue to defend the Television Championship, until the finals, when it’s about nothing more than the Lord of the Ring itself. Moving forward, the championship will be defended on supershows (and maybe even a Massacre here and there) with the new challenger-chooses-the-stip rule in play. As such, the championship will be getting renamed and a new design to go with that new name will debut at Massacre #56. Caleb Spires will be the first to challenge inaugural champion Mark Storey for the newly named XWA Omega Championship.

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