BREAKING: Minka Carter to return at XWA On a Pole

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BREAKING: Minka Carter to return at XWA On a Pole

Postby Minka Carter » Mon May 25, 2020 5:19 pm

XWA Insider can exclusively confirm that Minka Carter, the 2019 XWA Lord of the Ring, will be making her return to the company at the XWA On a Pole event.

It's not expected that she's going to compete in a match, but she is expected to speak out. There has been some speculation in recent weeks and months about her whereabouts, when she'd return to the company and why she's been away up to this point in XWA's reboot, but these questions and perhaps more are expected to be answered once she does appear on the show. There's much speculation regarding whether or not she'll be cashing in her title shot as well... as the 2020 Lord of the Ring is looming, which means time is running out for her to cash in.

What will the 2019 Lord of the Ring have to say? You'll have to tune in to XWA on a Pole to find out.

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