The Coven

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The Coven

Postby RevolutionJones » Fri Dec 28, 2018 4:03 am

Tag Team Name:
The Coven

One Player or Two Player:
One Player

Team Style:
Technical? (Elektra)
High-Flying/Cheating (Auberon)

Stupid Heels

Elektra Ravenhunter (PB: Priscilla Kelly)
Auberon Ravenhunter (PB: Taichi Ishikari)

Team Accolades:
Banned from every Hot Topic in the world (no real reason, the stores just felt like it)

Bio and Comments:
Once upon a time, a group of vampires dominated the landscape of XWA. Yes, really. The early 2000's were weird. To this day, it's not clear if they were actual vampires or just very convincing and spooky, but one thing is clear: the Coven aren't nearly as good at it as those guys were.

Elektra and Auberon Ravenhunter (yes, they picked their own names) are 100% convinced that they are un-living, non-breathing vampires who've been that way since the Middle Ages, and no amount of evidence to the contrary will break the spell. They come to XWA in search of humankind's strongest warriors, intent on besting them all and proving vampires' superiority, but only time will tell if they can follow through on that promise.


"Going Under" by Evanescence hits the PA, and the crowd reacts with a mix of booing and laughter as a pair of hooded figures roll out the Coven's identical coffins. After a few seconds, we hear a thumping noise from inside the coffins, which gets the servants to stop, before the Coven punch their way out of the coffins and start hissing at the nearest camera, baring their pointy canine teeth.

At a combined weight of 360 pounds...from Beyond the Grave...Elektra and Auberon Ravenhunter...THEEEEE COVEEEEEEEEEN!

The Coven walk down the ramp arm in arm, hissing at anyone who dares to not cower in worship. This takes them a while, because nobody's actually cowering and they insist on individually hissing at every single person, but in due time, they make it to the ring, walk to the center of it, and dramatically throw their cloaks out to ringside before sharing an obnoxiously long kiss--so long, in fact, that the referee has to head over and forcibly push them apart. They turn and hiss at him, then sullenly walk over to their corner, where they decide on who's starting the match.
Team Spots:
Biting. Lots and lots of biting. They're always surprised when it doesn't actually draw blood.

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