XWA Omega Championship History

Full title histories of the championships being defended in the XWA, as well as Lord of the Ring tournament records and histories of gone-but not forgotten- classic XWA Championships.
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XWA Omega Championship History

Postby Gopher » Sat Jul 11, 2020 1:16 am

XWA Omega Championship
The Omega Championship was brought in to replace the 24/7 Championship. With this title, the stipulation is chosen by the challenger, forcing the champion to have to adapt if they wish to keep a hold of it.

01 - Mark Storey
Won 09/07/20 - Became the inaugural champion after the 24/7 Hardcore Championship was terminated and replaced
21 Days - 0 Successful Defenses

02 - Caleb Spires
Won 30/07/20 - def. Mark Storey
14 Days - 0 Successful Defenses

03 - Troy Spencer
Won 13/08/20 - def. Caleb Spires
77 Days - 0 Successful Defenses

04 - Kaida Kagome
Won 29/10/20 - def. Troy Spencer
120 Days - 1 Successful Defense
def. Joey Miles

05 - Minkaro
Won 25/02/21 - def. Kaida Kagome
57 Days - 0 Successful Defenses

00 - Vacated by XWA owner Dean Richardson after Minkaro was forced to take time off due to personal problems

Dates are in DD/MM/YY format.

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