About us

About Us
Madness. Revolution. Niche. Innovative. These are some of the words that have been used to describe the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance and it's entire run to date.

In a world dominated by "RP" and "angle" based feds, XWA is a match-writing fed, making us one of the most wrestling-focused E-Feds in the entire game today.

Founded in 1999 and once boasting one of the biggest rosters in e-fedding, the XWA was brought to an unceremonious halt when it closed down in 2005. For the years following its hiatus the XWA was nothing more than a memory, something referred to in past tense at all times.

In 2009, like the phoenix the XWA returned, bringing with it many of the veterans that occupied it once upon a time while recruiting and bringing a new crop of awesome stars to the XWA ring.

The current incarnation of the XWA has been active for eleven years now, and in that time we've seen some of the best matches ever written, new rivalries started and old ones continued, and indisputable proof that the younger, less experienced guys can hang with and guide our ever-thriving main event scene.

XWA prides itself on the fact it is mainly, if not all driven exclusively by the members themselves. Quite simply, you tell your own story and we go along with the ride you create. All things considered, the XWA experience is brought together completely by a unique, collective effort by the entire board itself.

The main focus of XWA programming can completely change depending on what you bring us. You want to be in the main event? Grab the bull by the horns and show us why.

We offer the chance to become something more. The XWA offers you the chance to Wrestle Your Way.

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