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Ace Sky

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Basic Info[/b][/color]
Real Name: Ace Ian Rabinovitch/b] Age :36( birthday: 3/16/1983 Alignment. Billed From. Houston, Texas Nicknames Astro Hero, Sky-Soldier, Shaman of Space Weight. 185 lbs Height. 5'8 Biography. Born in Houston Texas, Ace has always wanted to be either an astronaut or pro wrestler , the later worked out well, he has a high IQ and an athletic acumen with a background in martial arts, gymnastics and amateur wrestling he was able to impress the stringent officials of the state athletic commission to be licensed as a pro wrestler 3 years underage at 15 . He has gone from prodigy to young veteran known for his eclectic and dynamic in ring style. He views himself like a super hero, a protector of the universe but encourages civil disobedience and fighting for the disenfranchised. Championships and Accomplishments. 8th Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate
Black Belt in Wado-ryu Karate
Black Belt in Taekwondo
Black Belt in Judo
Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Ajarn Degree in Muay Thai
Contra-Mestre/Professor rank level in Capoeria

Pic Base [ img ] [ /img ] Matt Sydal Ring gear: tights with emblems of stars, space crafts and atom emblem
Entrance Gear: aviator jacket with several patches of emblems
Street/Backstage Gear: pop punk band t shirts, NSA T shirts, denim jacket with patches of emblems.
Insert Entrance
Entrance Theme: [ "Ready To Roll " by Jet Black Stare[/url] Entrance Text: Ring Annoucer: From Houston Texas, weighing 185 pounds Ace . . . Sky! /b]
A space craft drops from the top of the titan tron to the stage , the pod door opens and Ace walks out, he salutes a peace sign and makes his way down the aisle high-fiving as many fans as possible on both sides until he reaches the end of the ramp then he dashes forward and jumps upon the apron flinging himself into the ring with three front handsprings and executes a rolling savate kick [
In Ring
Wrestling Style. He has a dynamic style, he is an anomaly of most high-fliers in that he is very calculated and precise in his aerials, he has a dynamic super junior style mixing pro wrestling styles of American, Japanese, Mexican, British-European. This style was popularized by Ultimo Dragon and is used by wrestlers such as: Matt Sydal, Johnny Gargano, TJ Perkins, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Ricochet) Finisher Main- "Galaxy Leap (impeccable diving shooting star press with a tuck in mid-air , able to execute single legged and able to land on feet if opponent evades) Image Secondary (optional)- "Return To Earth" (Super Belly to Belly Moonsault slam ) Image

move set:
* chain/catch wrestling
* educated feet
* vertical leap

standing strike:
forearm strike
chest chop-
knife edge/ traditional
double handed
single hand

spinning back fist

roaring( rolling) lariat

various enzugiri variations
various gamengiri variations
flying calf kick
axe kick
various round and roundhouse kick variations

front grapple:
snap mare driver
+ enzu soccer kick
+ enzu repeated knee lift strikes
+ enzu dropkick

hurricanrana, headcissors take down and frankensteiner variations
martial arts take downs- arm wringer, STO and hip toss/judo throws variations
amateur wrestling take downs

dragon screw
various knee and leg breakers

northern lights
double wrist lock-northern lights

enzu grapple( behind):
tiger suplex
Japanese clutch
Regal( William Regal style)

alley-oop drop

double chickenwing-double knee gutbuster or lung blower( double knees to sternum)

head scissors, hurricanrana and frankensteiner variations
tilt a whirl DDT variations
standing sea fire take down
single arm bulldog(sometimes preceded by chop block )
Russian leg sweep
hammerlock Russian leg sweep

turnbuckle corner running attack:
monkey flip
shining wizard
flying yakazu boot
double knee strike to chest( twice, executing a forward roll between them)

opponent seated in turnbuckle corner-
slingshot dropkick
rolling/somersault senton

turnbuckle corner:
hurricanrana, headscissors takedown and frankensteiner variations
arm drag variations

bridging leg lock/Indian deathlock
double knee pendulum backbreaker
Romero Surfboard Stretch
single knee grinding back breaker STF
russian legsweep-high angle modified Boston Crab
various knee and leg breakers
ring apron rope Tarantula( Tajiri style)
seated abdominal and octopus stretch variations
Half Boston Crab
Boston Crab
single knee pendulum backbreaker-modified half boston crab-camel clutch combo submission
slay o-mission((sunset flip -Headscissors crucifix choke hold)
Gory Special-Canadian Back breaker
figure four
figure 8
moonsault variations

Houston Hangover( diving 450-leg drop)
Star Dust- inverted phoenix splash

diving middle turnbuckle - moonsault tornado DDT ... sydal-ddt/
crossbody( to standing opponent both to front and enzu version)
tornado DDT
spinning heel kick

Trademark moves:
Meteora( innovated by KUDO) variations

rolling savate- version 1
version 2

jumping knee strike

turnbuckle running strike- flying swinging lariat( innovated by Matt Sydal, adopted by The Miz)

enzu face lock + split leg drop( innovated by Matt Sydal as The Slice, adopted by Melina as the Primal Scream/Sunset Split)

Double Helix( corkscrew Lionsault, corkscrew lionsault-senton bomb variation, innovated by Matt Sydal)

Chemical Imbalance( innovated by Delirious)-enzu kneeling double pumphandle wheelbarrow driver)

Cradle Back To Belly Pile Driver

Gory Neck breaker

modified single arm bridging schoolboy

drop toe hold + running baseball slide low dropkick

feint swinging lariat + buzzsaw kick to kneeling opponent

running busaiku( Daniel Bryan, KENTA single leg knee) to corner seated opponent

modified swinging fisherman

kneeling German suplex

Namaste Muta Lock- Muta Lock shouting Namaste while bridging with hands in praying gesture)

Pumphandle half nelson driver

standing to prone opponent combo-cannonball leg drop( cannonball jump theatric in mid-air) + Houston hangover( 450-leg drop) + standing / running shooting star press

standing shooting star press on opponent's from standing on kneeling opponent's back

standing tuck pop moonsault - often preceded by kick caught on shoulder + legsweep ... sydal5.gif

Front Flip Pile Driver

Signature( Finisher set up):
EOL( END OF LIFE)- Veterbreaker ( back to back sit out double underhook pile driver)
Spider German Suplex-
Skin The Cat-dropkick/kick
Sunset Flip power bomb
back toss
jumping super frankensteiner( innovated by Matt Sydal)
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