XWA Once Upon a Time in Mexico: Chris Knight/Kahlan/Jerod Barnez- NO.1 CONTENDER TRIPLE THREAT!

Matches that occurred on our 2016 event XWA: Once Upon a Time in Mexico!
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XWA Once Upon a Time in Mexico: Chris Knight/Kahlan/Jerod Barnez- NO.1 CONTENDER TRIPLE THREAT!

Postby DJS » Sun Apr 03, 2016 3:09 pm

Darkness looms as Catastrophe crosses the boarder, it's...

Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience
LIVE! From the Mexico City Arena in Mexico City (22,300 Capacity),
Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience

Theme Song: "Mucha Lucha" by Los Chicas De Barrio

Number One Contender for the Supreme XWA Championship!


Chris Knight vs. Kahlan vs. Jerod Barnez

Ever since winning the Supreme XWA Championship, Razer has been preoccupied with Catastrophe, but all of that may be about to change. The Mysterious Owner has decreed that tonight, on this show, we will crown a Number One Contender for the title, who will face off against Razer next month at XWA On A Pole! Three of XWA's brightest new stars have been picked to face off.

Who will become the new Number One Contender- Jerod Barnez, Chris Knight or Kahlan?

Deadline for matches is 16th April 2016 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 30th April 2016 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Once Upon a Time in Mexico: Chris Knight/Kahlan/Jerod Barnez- NO.1 CONTENDER TRIPLE THREAT!

Postby Slut (✿ ◕‿◕) » Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:48 pm

As soon as the signal is given, Kahlan sinks down in a meander scooting away to the outside. No one else had time to even blink, never mind making a move as of yet. So Jerod, his opponent “the bat” and the entire audience turn in unison on the blue haired lass. Outside of everyone’s reach, right in front of a collection of hands stretched out over the railings, she starts the sexual gyration of her hips to a beat inside her own head. The crowd burst in appreciation and laughter.

Matt Steel:“She is back at it with the antics. Doesn’t she know she has to be inside the ring to win the match? The winner becomes the number one contender for the XWA Supreme Championship!”
Mark Sanction: “The tease is back on, I love it! Anyhow, weren’t you the one who always harped about how clever it is to stay out of a match like this as much as possible? Tactics and that?”
“How can you win when you’re not in the match?”

Chris and Jerod lock their eyes on each other, ignoring the attention seeker. They both make the first move together and cover the distance separating them with big steps. Expecting a traditional lock up, the former police officer eats a surprise in the jaw. A second fist knocks him back into the ropes, rebounding to duck under an incoming swing on course towards the other end of the ring. Knight readies himself approaching the triplet of cables to double his momentum, but as he turns his back the top rope is yanked low in the last moment. With nothing to support his weight the man topples head over heels out of the squared circle.

Jerod whirls around prepared for a charge only to come chest to face with Kahlan. Stretching up on the tip of her toes, the Geordie flexes and fumes trying to look mean in the face of the man easily twice her size. The comedy of it isn’t lost on anyone, even bringing the ghost of a smile on Jerod’s lips. He raises both arms high up above his head looking down, takes a step back in mock fear. That’s when the “WOOOOOOING” sting, slaps the mood straight out of his emotions.

“What?! Is she crazy?! She can’t slap a 6’6 two-hundred-and-seventy-nine-pounds man in the face!”
“Oh but she can! She just did!”

Head cocked and chest puffed Kahlan stares up as Jerod’s eyebrows slowly draw down into a severe knot, his features simmer in rising rage. Suddenly she realises where she is and what she has done! She brings both hands up in front shacking her head in denial and apology trying to create more distance. As soon as Jerod makes a move to chase she darts right back out of the ring with Barnez junior hot on her heels. The cat and mouse race takes place around the ring until Jerod’s pursuit is cut short when Chris Knight levels him flat with a head chopping wallop of this stretched out right arm into his neck and chest.

Kahlan realises the opportunity and returns to pounce up on the back of the unsuspecting former cop. She wraps his head and chin with a snaking arm and tries to position the crook of her elbow above his windpipe. Knight struggles to keep himself from being choked, fails at trying to reach at the girl backpacking behind him and instead runs back to drive his package into an exposed steel post. The first time loosens her grip, the second time she falls off moaning. Chris isn’t given time to do anything else. Jerod is already up and grabbing at the scruff of his neck. He slams Knight’s head into the side apron and plunges him back into the ring.

“Uh-oh. Jerod is angry!”
“He has the right to be angry, he was humiliated! By a hundred-and-twenty-pounds woman!’

Inside, the second generation wrestler forces his heavy frame over his opponent and presses the hard length of his forearm in the side of his head, looking for an early pin attempt. Predictably, Knight is quick to kick out. That doesn’t stop Jerod to try the same trick again, mauling Chris’s head and face in the process. The second time Chris convulses out at the count of one he skids away to his feet and lands a kick into Jerod’s mid. The move helps Jerod low enough for Chris to encircle his head into a side headlock, further bending him down to the side of the waist. Chris uses his free hand and digs his digits into Jerod’s flaring nostrils.

The son of Thomas Barnez fights back. He overpowers the hold open and twists Knight’s arm behind his back. As soon as Chris is subdued with his back to Jared, he gets his head locked in a turn of tables. Considerably taller and packed with a few more pounds of muscle, the hold remains in place and less blood flows to Chris’s head with each flex of the bicep. Relief comes in the form of a flying girl gliding down from a blind spot. She drops down sitting on Jared’s shoulders all the while she falls. Using her momentum, she scissor-crosses her legs tight around the bull necked American and throws him off balance a few feet away.

“Hurricanrana off the top rope!”
“She needs a lot more that that to have a hope in coming out of this match with a win.”

“The bat” once free, attacks Kahlan. He grasps a couple of fists full of blue locks and roughly pulls her head down and tucked between his legs. Poised to go low and wrap her waist from above, his plans are thwarted when Kahlan yanks both of his legs out from under him and plants him on his back. Still holding the back of each thigh, the Geordie somersaults over still holding each of Chris’s legs behind a thigh, arching her back trying to steal a pinfall. Chris knocks Kahlan behind her ankles and drops her from her arch breaking the count at one. In retaliation he widens his legs a good 100 degrees open and free and brings them back to use them as hooks, trapping each of Kahlan’s arms flat on the canvas. He sits up, holding Kahlan piledriven on her shoulders. Kahlan manages to rap the heel of her boot on the crown of Knight’s head to break the count against her at a two and roll back. Her roll lands her on her feet and she takes a snappy step forward and springs up to double kick Knight on his chest and flatten him down.

Kahlan hurries up and is about to throw herself over Knight when a strong hand clasps the waistband of her tights and tugs her into the open embrace of one Jerod Barnez. Kahlan’s jaw drops in shock and her eyes pop open wide when a hand grabs a boob and another pythons its way between her legs, feeling and probing. “The descendant of a God” kneads the breast and rubs in between the parted legs all the while pistoning his own crotch into Kahlan’s posterior.

“Wait a minute, I thought this was a PG show!”
“Yea, teach that slut who she is messing with! Show her who the boss is!”
“This is disgraceful!”
“It’s the correct order of nature!”

Kahlan recovers from her initial shock of being molested by a hulking man live in the middle of a ring surrounded by thousands of hooting people. She stomps the heel of her boot on Jerod’s right foot pulling free, pirouettes around to land a boot on the outside of his ripped thigh. Using that as an anchor she steps up clattering the top of her other boot into the side of Jerod’s temple. Barnez junior staggers for a split second but otherwise refuses to sell the kick further. Instead, he throws out a hand and clasps it around Kahlan’s neck as soon as she gets vertical again. He raises and brings down his gigantic paw smacking it on the middle of Kahlan’s chest right over the cleavage line. Kahlan’s guttural scream scares Jared to release his hold and let the Ladder Queen stumble about a few steps and fall crying on her nose.

Chris Knight is right back at it however, punching Jared into a corner. He tries to stomp and claw the big man down but receives a big elbow for his trouble. Jared grabs him around the neck and switches places by picking and dropping Chris stiffly over onto the turnbuckles. Grabbing the middle ropes on each side of the post, Jerod doubles over and ramps his shoulder straight through Knight’s midriff. The force folds Knight over, making him grunt. He gets his wrist snatched up and pulled out from between the buckles and sent on the longest trip possible inside a wrestling ring. He is only stopped when he crashes into the opposite buckles. A straight stretch of path behind him Jerod crouches low in wait.

“Don’t turn Chris!”
“Chris Knight is about to experience the pain!”

He is slow to recover, but steadily Knight begins to turn around and away from the corner. The fans come up to their feet ready to watch Jerod Spear the living shit out of the rogue cop. Knight’s rotation is about to complete and Jerod stands up out of his crouch ready to charge but is beaten by Kahlan. She runs straight into Jerod and jumps up holding the cap of her knee up like an arrow as she flies into the big man. Knee and forehead connect and Jerod goes down. But he goes down only momentarily. He pushes back up as Kahlan recovers her footing. Knight reads the situation clearly and goes straight after the bigger threat. He rushes over and leaps up off the canvas to fall chest to chest onto the big man in the corner. The force of the body press slams Jerod down on his backside sat down against the buckles and Knight rolls away.

As soon as Knight stops rolling on his feet, Kahlan is there to tackle him in the crook of his right knee. She knocks him down to one knee, bounces up to swing a vicious round house kick into his head and drops him on his back. She runs wide and hops on the second rope to recoil into a crescent in mid air which ends with her landing on top of Chris Knight. She hooks his leg for a pin attempt but only gets a two count before he kicks out. She never gets a chance to try again because Jerod is clambering to his feet. She meets him as soon as he steps out of the corner. He puts a hand on her chest and another between her legs and easily picks her up and pushes out into an easy press. Marching over to the other side he unceremoniously dumbs Kahlan out of the ring.

“That landing was brutal! Thrown from that height she could have her bones broken!”
“Jerod Barnez is here to prove that he is better than his father and what better way than to become the number one contender for the Supreme XWA Championship!”

While Jerod screams profanities at the entanglement of hair and limbs that is Kahlan down below and any of the fans in the vicinity, Knight comes up behind him. He lurches Jerod around by grabbing his shoulder. As soon as Jerod is facing him, Knight steps forward beside him and hug his arms across his chest and neck only to fall back and drive Jerod’s face into the mat. As soon as impact is made, Knight brings and hooks his far leg across Jerod’s neck and envelope him trying to submit him. Jerod’s expression turns sour and contorts, pain visible. The referee drops down asking Jerod the questions he really doesn’t want to hear. Struggling to pull himself to the edge of the ring proves futile, they are simply too far away. Instead, the big man digs his palms into the canvas and rolls over, taking Chris with him. Knight watches the referee slap the mat twice before he breaks up and lifts his shoulders off the ground.

Holding his neck in one hand Jerod gets up, but Knight is faster than him. He reaches out to the big man and wraps him in a side head lock only to be pushed off into the ropes. Coming back Jerod dips a shoulder low and encircles Knight around the waist as he gets in range, picks him up and slams him down on his spine. He covers Knight and gets very close to a third count before being denied. He responds by getting up and pulling Knight up with him, only to send him out of the ring. The 6’6 man takes a look at Knight trying to stumble his way back to his feet and that’s all he needs before making a dash to the opposite side. He rebounds with the aggressive charge only a man his size can manage and on reaching the ropes he takes a leap flying clean over the top rope only to flip over and land pelvis first on top of Knight, taking them both down.

“Oh my GOD!”
“I do not believe that! Jerod Barnez just went daredevil! Suicidal!”
“He is willing to put his body on the line to win the number one contender spot!”

Knight seems to be left in a heap of destroyed body parts. However, Jerod regains his composure and pulls himself up. He bends to pick Knight up, presumably to roll him back into the ring and end the match but as soon as he goes down, his skull rings against the flat of a steel chair. The shot delivered with such savage intent that the big man wavers. He manages to straighten up slightly, but a second insane hit into his head knocks him clean out. His dead fall is broken short by the commentary table directly behind him. Kahlan drops the mangled chaired down and steps over Knight’s body to where Jared is laid out. She clears most of the contents covering the table including the tiny monitors and picks the lower half of Jerod off the tiled floor and lays the man flat out across the length of the table. Jared tries to get back up, so he receives a flurry of elbows into his face. Not one, not two, but a lot! Still, Kahlan stumbles over to where Hana Ramierez is lounging and ferociously shoves her off her seat. That gets a crazy reaction from the crowd!

Folding the now empty chair she returns to the scene of action and lands a third ruthless blow to Jerod’s unprotected apex. The bump splits his forehead open as a gush of blood spills. Satisfied with her handy work, Kahlan places the chair snuggly over Jerod’s torso and wickedly eyes the ring. The fans seem to read her mind and start to make a lot of noise. She makes a move to the apron and as soon as her feet touch the apron the last of the two commentators clear themselves from their own table.

“What the heck is she up to now?”
“That was uncalled for the way she treated Hana, can she even do that? Isn’t there rules and regulations in place for the exact same conduct we just witnessed?”
“Uh-oh. This doesn’t look good. Not there!”

Kahlan gets to the second buckle and pauses. She takes a look down and shakes her head in dissatisfaction. She takes another step up. The fans now all on their feet start to chant and shout bloody things. Once on the very top of the second nearest set of turnbuckles to the table where Jerod is strategically positioned she turns her back to it all. Abruptly she leaps off, surging into no man’s land. The distance from the point of elevation to where the table is placed seems ambitious at the very best! Kahlan having placed her faith and livelihood in the hands of faith completes her first revolution of backflips, the second one is done on the beginning of her descent. The crash, happens with a unanimous gasp from the entire arena. The people around the table, on the other side of the barricades all jump up in disbelief. The girl, the chair, the man and the table they all break in half tearing into the tiles and only come to a halt when the concrete gets to have its say.

“Oh my God!”
“Oh my God!”
“Supernova through the table! Kahlan just killed herself! She killed Jerod! We need medics out here right now!”
“This match is over, it can’t continue! There is no one left!”
“What happens to the number one contender? Who is Razer going to face if no on wins?”

A stretcher is brought out with a bunch of medical staff running along with it as referees and some agents and some back stage crew members funnel out. The medics reach the scene and start to gingerly lift Kahlan off Jerod, both are completely blacked out. Underneath it all is Jerod, and he looks the worst off. In the midst of all of this Chris Knight is somehow on his feet looking at the carnage about him. He realises what is at stake here, the opportunity available and starts pushing people out of the way. He gets to Kahlan supported up by a couple of men under each of her arms and he shoulders the men off grabbing Kahlan by the scruff of the neck. He hustles past the protesters and shoves her into the ring. Hooking a leg, he looks up searching for the ref. The man who’d gone out takes a look inside and shrugs. He slides in hand ready to count. “ONE! TWO!”

“OH MY GOD SHE KICKED OUT! The number on contender spot is too big to lay down for!”
“She should’ve stayed down! Live to fight another day!”

Stunned, Chris hooks the same leg and again Kahlan lifts a shoulder up just mere moments before a count of three. Not one to be influenced by frustration, the former cop pulls Kahlan up on her feet and bends her over. Pushing her closest arm under and in between her own legs, he reaches down and over to grab the same arm from above by the wrist and hooks her other arm at the crook of her elbow under his armpit. Lifting Kahlan up through the pumphandle he transitions it by bringing K draped over onto one shoulder, ready to slam her down. Kahlan slips off to her feet right behind him. He turns immediately to respond only to find two knees placed neatly under his jaw and fingers of two opposite hands intertwined behind his head. Kahlan falls on her back, the motion spiking the knees deep under Knight’s chin. He shots up and falls back knocked out.

Kahlan hastily scampers to the corner, loosing her footing once but recovering quickly. Agony is clear on her face and demeanour. The way she favours the right side of her midriff. Her climb to the top is laborious and not as nimbly as it always is. She straightens ready to K stomp, but Knight isn’t quite ready to go down just as of yet. He rolls up and runs over to push Kahlan off her perch. As soon as she lands awkwardly on the floor outside he turns into a car wreck. Jerod charges into him like a crazed bull, shoulder low driving through him. The force picks him clear off his feet and drops him down and out.

“GORE! GORE! That was the most brutal Gore I’ve ever seen! He emptied his entire frustration and pain into that one Gore to end it all!”
“How did he come back? He was out! How is he walking? His ribs must be shattered! His brain scrambled!”
“He can’t get up, too much has been taken out of him, he seems like he is struggling to breath!”

Indeed, Jerod is taking arduous breaths seriously drained of energy and in too much pain. There is blood covering most of his upper face and he has his arm wrapped around himself trying to cover his bruised ribs. He makes it to his feet by pulling down on the ropes in agonising stages. He spits a red stained goblet of phlegm out and straightens only to walk into yet another chair shot. This one delivered with twice as much force as any of the previous ones. As soon as Jared is back down, Kahlan drops herself back first on top of Chris Knight. She doesn’t have the energy to even hook a leg. The ref drops with her. “ONE! TWO! THREE!” and the crowd jumps up in cheers!

“Kahlan wins it with a steel chair! God Damn it with a steel chair! Jerod got robbed in the middle of day light!”
“I’m speechless! What a contest! That was an impeccable fight! And we have a new number one contender to face Razer at XWA on a pole!”
“I can’t believe Kahlan won! How? How?!”
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Re: XWA Once Upon a Time in Mexico: Chris Knight/Kahlan/Jerod Barnez- NO.1 CONTENDER TRIPLE THREAT!

Postby Gopher » Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:53 pm

Hana Ramierez: "This following contest is a triple threat match and it is to decide who will face Razer for the XWA Supreme Championship, next month at XWA On a Pole!"

The fans all throughout the Mexico City Arena cheer as the bell tolls thrice signaling the beginning of the entrances for our number one contendership match. The lights die down, as rhythmic stomping, clapping and guitars blast through the PA System. "God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash plays, Cash's voice soon being heard, while Chris Knight emerges from behind the curtain, sporting his usual in-ring attire and black trench coat. His appearance evokes a mixed reaction from the Mexican fans, though the majority respond favorably.

Mark Sanction: "It's time to decide who will be the next challenger for the XWA Supreme Championship. Whoever wins this match will be the first person to challenge Razer, following his victory over Laurel Anne Hardy back in January."

Matt Steel: "And who do we start this match off with? Some guy who lost in his XWA debut. Fucking excellent."

Mark Sanction: "He had a hell of a showing against a wrestling veteran in Vladimir Strife, Matt. Not to mention, that was Vladimir's turf, hardcore wrestling. Losing a match like that, with the effort he put in, is nothing to be ashamed of."

Matt Steel: "It's also nothing to be rewarded with a shot at the biggest prize in this company."

Chris makes his way down the entrance ramp, stretching his neck and arms as he does so to loosen up for the upcoming opportunity.

Hana Ramierez: "Introducing first, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and weighing in tonight at two hundred pounds, 'The Bat', Chris Knight!"

Knight runs up the steel steps and reaches the apron, proceeding to slowly walk across it until he reaches the corner of the ring furthest away from the entrance ramp. He perches himself atop the turnbuckle there, grinning as he looks down the entrance ramp, ready for the challenge ahead.

Mark Sanction: "I know Chris can't be happy after suffering a loss in his XWA debut, but he's been given a huge opportunity here and he seems ready to take it."

Matt Steel: "All he's gonna take is an ass whooping, Mark - again."

"The Bat" stretches once more while still on the top rope, before hopping down to the canvas below him, proceeding to stand in the corner whilst glaring at the stage. As his music slowly dies down, so does the audience, until Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name" hits and the fans boo heavily.

Matt Steel: "And here's the guy who's gonna give him that ass whooping."

At the seventeen second mark of the song, Jerod makes his way onto the stage, bobbing his head along to the music. He grins ever-so-slightly out at the booing fans, accepting his reaction happily.

Mark Sanction: "Fresh off of his successful return last month, where he defeated Kaylee Mills following a rather disrespectful speech, Jerod enters the ring again tonight in an attempt to earn a chance to become the Supreme Champion. As always, he looks confident enough."

Matt Steel: "Why shouldn't he be confident? The guy's got everything it takes to be the Supreme Champion. He's got the look, the power, the speed, the technical ability - everything!"

Mark Sanction: "Does he have the heart?"

Matt Steel: "If not, he can just tear someone else's out."

While he continues to bob his head along with the music, Jerod begins his walk to the ring. He takes a few moments to stop on the way, just so he can tell various fans to go fuck themselves.

Hana Ramierez: "Introducing second, hailing from Detroit, Michigan and weighing in tonight at two hundred and seventy-nine pounds, 'The Descendant of a God', Jerod Barnez!"

Jerod reaches the ring, where he walks up the steel steps to enter through the ropes. Once inside the ring, the big man looks over at Chris, whom stares back with cold eyes. Barnez simply grins once more before turning his attention to the nearest corner of the ring, ascending onto the middle rope and bobbing his head some more whilst his music slowly dies down. Jerod drops back down to the ring and the fans quiet down briefly once more. Skew Sisken's "All Fired Up" begins to play, as the fans cheer lightly. Once the beat kicks in, Kahlan pops through the curtain energetically, garnering a bigger pop from the fans.

Mark Sanction: "Here comes Kahlan, who had a very impressive debut last month when she defeated Michael Swift with the Geordie Town Special, also known as the Super K Stomp."

Matt Steel: "Luck is a bitch, isn't it?"

Mark Sanction: "You can't seriously think that win was luck, Matt."

Matt Steel: "I can think whatever the hell I want. For example, I think it's bullshit that I have to share my initials with you."

Kahlan smiles out at the crowd as she makes her way to the ring, ready and excited for the upcoming battle.

Hana Ramierez: "And finally, hailing from Newcastle, England and weighing in tonight at one hundred and twenty-two pounds, 'The Ladder Queen', Kahlan!"

Mark Sanction: "Say what you will about Kahlan, but she's a very talented athlete with a very bright future ahead in this company. She's accomplished a lot already."

Matt Steel: "You know, I think it upsets me less that my initials are shared with Multiple Sclerosis than with you."

Kahlan slaps hands with various fans on the way down the ramp, going from the right side to the left side, before reaching the ring and jogging up the steel steps. She vaults over the top rope, into the ring, landing on her feet inside. Chris and Jerod look at the excited, young superstar as she plays to the crowd a bit with some posing, garnering pops in response. Her music slowly fades away.

Mark Sanction: "This is going to be a good one, folks. With three incredibly talents in one ring at the same time, not to mention the stakes being high, we'll see who's going to sink and who's going to swim."

Matt Steel: "And the winner gets to face Razer. Poor bastards."

XWA official Tommy Tickles calls the three wrestlers towards the center of the ring to go over the rules of the match. Being a standard triple threat contest, there's no disqualifications or count-outs, but pinfalls and submissions must occur inside the ring. The winner will face Razer for the XWA Supreme Championship next month at XWA On a Pole. Tommy asks if everyone understands and all three competitors nod. The official calls for the bell to be rung again and the match is officially underway.

As soon as the referee backs out of the way, Jerod steps into the center of the ring with his arrogant grin still plastered on his face.
"I'm the next Supreme Champion!" he yells at his two oppositions, "I'm the only supreme wrestler in this company - grade fucking A!" Kahlan and Chris look on as Jerod continues blabbering on and on. "Do you two honestly think you have what it takes to beat me? Keep dreaming, chumps," he says, before finally finishing with one last question, "Now, who wants to get hit first?" Barnez smirks at the other two, ready to demolish both of them in what should be an easy victory for the chance to battle Razer. Knight and Kahlan look at each other and nod in silent agreement, before darting towards Jerod and attacking him with strikes! The audience cheers as Jerod gets the beating he deserves from his two smaller opponent, whom back him up towards the ropes with their elbow shots and kicks. Once Jerod's back is metaphorically to the wall, and literally to the ropes, Chris and Kahlan both grab a wrist and they pull the big man into an Irish Whip, sending him jolting across the ring. He rebounds off of the opposing set of ropes and begins running back in their direction, but he's met shortly after with two knees slamming him in the lower portion of his face at the same time; twin Busaiku Knee Kicks from the other wrestlers! Jerod hits the canvas with a thud and quickly rolls out of the ring, plopping onto the floor outside to recuperate. The fans applaud as Barnez is temporarily taken out of this matchup.

Matt Steel: "The hell is this? It's called a triple threat, not a handicap match."

Mark Sanction: "Jerod was obviously asking for it. Besides, it's got to be pretty good strategy to take out the biggest competitor, on a literal scale, early on. Kahlan and Chris are both very talented individuals, but there is a clear power advantage for Jerod."

Matt Steel: "All they did was piss him off. Once he can feel his face again, he'll get them."

With the biggest participant taken out of the equation for the time being, Kahlan and Chris turn their attention towards each other, slowly circling one another as they try to figure out what their opponent will do. Eventually, they lunge forward simultaneously into a traditional Collar-and-Elbow Tie-Up, but Chris quickly drops to his knees and takes Kahlan over his shoulders with a low Fireman's Carry, continuing to hold onto her as he rolls with her and transitions into a unique pin! Tommy drops to the canvas to make the first count of the match.



The two quickly shoot back to their feet following this kick out and Kahlan, in an attempt to swiftly get things into her favor, lands a low Dropkick to Chris' right knee, causing him to fall down. She hurriedly pulls him back to a vertical base whilst applying a Front Facelock, getting ready to attempt a DDT to the fellow XWA rookie. Kahlan raises her free hand into the air to pose before going for the maneuver, but Knight once again showcases his technical ability by sweeping her leg and rolling forward, keeping his leg pressed against hers in a modified Gannosuke Clutch pin attempt, that's just missing the arm trap!




Following the very close pin that caught Kahlan off guard, the two shoot back up to their feet again, but this time don't go lunging back in immediately. The audience applauds Chris for his technical style as Kahlan joins them in clapping, half seriously and half sarcastically.

Mark Sanction: "Chris is already showing off his technical prowess early on in this match, utilizing those unique pinning styles for an attempt at an early victory. With an almost Somersault Cradle, it looked like he caught Kahlan off guard, but she was able to get out of the predicament in time."

Matt Steel: "Yeah, because everybody wants to see people getting pinned a hundred different ways. SOMEBODY PUNCH SOMEBODY!"

The two wrestlers get ready for round two as they leap into another Collar-and-Elbow Tie-Up. Chris, again, drops to his knees and attempts a Fireman's Carry, but this time Kahlan was ready for it as she uses the momentum to flip forward and land on her feet. She instantly swings back her foot into the still-kneeling Chris' face, knocking him down to a prone position. Acting with agility, Kahlan speedily back flips into a Standing Moonsault, connecting perfectly and hooking the leg for a pin attempt right away!



Wasting absolutely no time, Kahlan jumps back up to her feet and runs towards the ropes while Chris is picking himself back up. Once he's standing, he has no time to react before Kahlan, following a rebound off of the ropes, leaps into a No-Handed Hurricanrana, flipping Chris onto his back. She continues to showcase her speed as she transitions seamlessly into a Standing Shooting Star Press onto her opposition, hooking the leg once more and going for another pin!




Kahlan is again quick to get back to her feet, but she doesn't attack instantly again as Chris gets back up to a knee. Instead, she opts to grin at her adversary and bows to the crowd, receiving cheers and applause in return.

Mark Sanction: "While Chris confirmed his spot as the technician of this match, Kahlan just came right back by showcasing her speed and athleticism."

Matt Steel: "How about you take that speed, add that technical ability and also throw in some massive fucking strength, or have you already forgotten that Jerod Barnez is in this match?"

With both wrestlers trying to one up the other, utilizing their own respective style, Kahlan surprises Chris with an offer for something a bit different. She extends her hands out, calling for a Test of Strength. At first, Knight is wary of Kahlan's intentions, unsure of whether to trust this as an actual challenge or not. The fans cheer on the idea of the Test of Strength and Chris reluctantly decides to accept it, slowly putting his hands out. Kahlan and Chris make sure to keep a close look on each other as their fingers soon intertwine, their hands gradually becoming clasped. As soon as they're ready to begin, however, Jerod makes his presence known in this match, sliding back into the ring and spinning into a Discus Elbow Smash, nailing Chris in the back of the head and forcing him to butt heads with Kahlan, knocking the two down! The audience boo Jerod's attack from behind, but the son of Thomas Barnez doesn't seem to care too much what they think, responding nonchalantly with, "Yeah, fuck you too."

Matt Steel: "There we go! Nothing beats a good, old fashion elbow to the back of the head!"

Mark Sanction: "Oh come on, Matt! Chris and Kahlan were about to do a test of strength and Jerod attacked from behind!"

Matt Steel: "No one cares about weak people doing tests of strength. Let Kahlan try that shit with Jerod and she'd end up knocked out anyway."

"The Descendant of a God" picks up the female competitor of this match and tosses her out of the ring with ease, wanting to make this one on one for the time being. Plus, she's a woman so he doesn't respect her as a wrestler, nor does he want to share a ring with her any longer than he has to. Turning his attention to Chris, Jerod notices him slowly getting back to a vertical base. He grabs him by the head and then begins bashing his knees, back and forth, into the technician's face! Each shot specifically targets the nose of his adversary and, following seven knee strikes directly to the nose, Barnez applies a Front Facelock to Knight, whom now has a few trickles of blood working its way out of his nostrils. He hooks Chris' arm around his shoulder and then lifts the former cop into the air, holding him upside down as he waits, showcasing his strength with a Stalling Vertical Suplex set-up.

Mark Sanction: "This is where Jerod's strength advantage really comes into play. He's just holding Chris up like it's nothing, right now."

Matt Steel: "Because it is nothing, Mark. At least, it's nothing to Jerod."

Jerod continues to stall on the Vertical Suplex, but he decides to up the ante a little bit. The muscular wrestler bends his knees, lowering Chris, only to raise him back up again with a squat! He follows this up with a second squat and then, before doing the third squat, he lets go of Knight with one of his hands, proceeding to bend his knees again whilst holding "The Bat" with just one hand! The audience actually applauds Jerod for this showing of strength, despite him not being the most liked guy in the locker room, and he finally puts Chris down, after the blood had rushed to his head, slamming him with the Suplex. Of course, all of the cheers Jerod just got are instantly wiped away with the sound of boos once he puts his boot right onto Chris' face in the most arrogant possible pin attempt. Tommy refuses to count the pin due to the way it's executed, but Jerod simply laughs it off.

Mark Sanction: "The level of disrespect this guy shows is horrendous. I will give him his much-deserved props, he's talented. He held Chris up for that Suplex, doing squats, one with just one hand. That takes a lot of strength, but that doesn't excuse the way this guy acts. You don't try to pin someone by putting your foot on his face, you just don't!"

Matt Steel: "You do if your Jerod Barnez. When you have that much pure, raw power, you can disrespect whoever the hell you want and there's nothing anyone can do about it."

Jerod looks over at a corner of the thing and points to the very top of it, proceeding to ask the crowd, "You wanna see some flight?" The idea of a man Jerod's size going aerial makes the crowd pop, so the big guy grabs the downed Chris and drags him towards the corner of the ring, leaving him laid out in front of it. He then begins to ascend the ropes from inside the ring, stopping at the middle rope. Readying himself for a Double Jump Moonsault, Barnez quickly looks back to make sure Knight is still in place. Once he has confirmation of this, he leaps into the air, only to drop backwards to the canvas, on his feet, instead of doing an actual aerial move. The audience boos Jerod for the fake out, as he simply replies with more laughter. Putting his focus back on the actual match, Jerod grabs a hold of Chris by his head and begins yanking him back up to a vertical base, but the smaller wrestler catches Barnez off guard by pulling him into a Small Package pin attempt!




As Jerod was just barely able to kick out of the Small Package in time, the two shoot back up to their feet quickly, but "The Descendent of a God" takes quick advantage again by nearly decapitating his opponent with a vicious Lariat that knocks him through a loop!

Mark Sanction: "Jerod nearly gave the win to Chris right there, because he was too busy messing with the crowd to focus on actually wrestling the damn match!"

Matt Steel: "It was funny, though. Besides, Chris didn't win and he's not gonna win. See, Mark, that was what we call a 'Lariat' and, if used correctly, as such, it murders bitches."

Barnez, no longer sporting a grin, looks at the downed Knight with anger on his face. It was all fun and games until he almost lost a shot at the Supreme Championship. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots Kahlan getting onto the apron, so he lunges in her direction, looking to knock her back down. Hurriedly, Kahlan drops down willingly to avoid being attacked by Jerod. "The Ladder Queen" notices two things right now. The first thing she notices is the amount of rage seen in Barnez's face at the moment. The second thing she notices is Chris getting up behind him. Kahlan begins taunting Jerod from the outside, motioning for him to come after her. Before the distracted Jerod has a chance to go after his female opponent, Chris wraps his arms around the big man from behind, pulling him backwards with surprising strength for a man of his size and releasing him, letting Barnez drop on the back of his head and neck onto the canvas with a big time German Suplex! Knight gets back to his feet in a hurry, perhaps running on a little bit of adrenaline at this point. He lets out a loud, almost warrior-like scream, as he fights through the pain he's endured thus far and has just taken down the most powerful competitor in this match. The audience cheers him on, although not too many of them, and certainly not Chris, notice Kahlan pulling herself onto the apron.

Matt Steel: "For fuck's sake! If they're not attacking him at the same time, it's one distracting him. This teamwork bullshit is, well, just that - bullshit!"

Mark Sanction: "I think it's great strategy, Matt. Besides, if Jerod wants to go far here in the XWA, he's going to need to learn how to use his anger instead of letting his anger use him."

Matt Steel: "What the hell does that even mea--You know what? I don't care."

Kahlan stalks Chris from the apron, waiting for the most opportune moment to strike. Once she sees her opening, she vaults over the top rope, spinning as she does so, and lands on the middle rope from inside the ring, allowing her to springboard backwards into a beautifully executed Moonsault that takes Chris down just as he was turning in her direction! The fans cheer for the very athletic move as Kahlan notices her bigger opposition on a single knee. She rushes at him, stepping off of his knee and drilling him in the face with hers to land a very stiff Shining Wizard that could have dislocated Jerod's jaw! The fans cheer some more as Kahlan goes for the cover.




Kahlan doesn't have too much time to react to the kick out, however, as Chris had just gotten back up and he grabs her by the head, yanking her into a Front Facelock, hooking her arm around his shoulder directly afterwards. He raises her upside-down into the air and then drops, pulling "The Rated R Super Slut" head-first into the canvas with a Brainbuster! Chris goes for the lateral press, hooking the leg as he does so.




The Spanish audience cheers for the series of moves that just happened and the overall pace of the match speeding up.

Mark Sanction: "Kick out after kick out. All three of these competitors are thirsty for the opportunity of a lifetime."

Matt Steel: "If you're given a chance to fight for the Goddamn Supreme Championship, you better be thirsty for it."

Knight looks around the ring at the two downed bodies, debating what he wants to do next. His mind is made up quickly and he decides to focus on Kahlan for the time being. "The Bat" lifts her to her feet by her head and pulls her over to the nearest corner of the ring. He then pushes her up to a seated position atop the turnbuckles. The justice-seeking man climbs up to the middle rope and applies a Front Facelock, once more hooking Kahlan's arm around his neck with it, appearing to be setting up for a Superplex! Realizing the danger she's in, Kahlan begins to fight back with punches to the side of Chris' ribcage. Three shots are enough to force Chris to release his grip on her and she then nails him in the face with five consecutive elbow strikes, looking to knock him off of the ropes. She attempts a sixth one, but Chris comes back to life by swatting her arm away and then violently slamming his head into hers, following this up with three more Headbutts, each equally as powerful as the last. With Kahlan severely dazed now, Chris grabs her in position for the Superplex once more, but he has an even better idea now. Chris pulls himself onto the top rope and brings Kahlan up with him, looking to Superplex her from the very top! Suddenly, with the agility of a cheetah, Jerod runs up the ropes directly behind them, getting to the very top rope with his legs spread enough so that his feet can reach the rope on both sides. He speedily wraps his arms around Chris' waist and pulls him backwards with an Avalanche German Suplex, whilst Kahlan is dragged into a humungous Superplex, with Chris losing his grip on her half way through and the former EVPW wrestler getting launched across the ring! The audience erupts into loud cheers at the huge move, with the ring bouncing and all three wrestlers left laid out from the carnage.

Mark Sanction: "Woah! The whole damn ring just shook with the impact from that huge combination! That had to hurt all three competitors, but Jerod may be the one who can capitalize now!"

Matt Steel: "That fucking speed, Goddamn! He ran up those ropes like a cat! As much as that hurt everyone, Kahlan definitely got the worst of it. She went absolutely flying!"

Jerod looks around, whilst still lying on the canvas, noticing Chris as the one who landed the closest to him. He quickly scurries on top of him and hooks the leg for a pin attempt.




Jerod angrily slams his hand off of the canvas after the kick out, but he tries to get his head back in the game and he rolls over to Kahlan, now trying to pin her for the victory.




Following the second kick out in a row, Barnez slams his hands into the mat multiple times, letting out his frustrations for this match not ending yet. He gets back to a vertical base, using the nearby ropes to help him. "The Descendent of a God" glares at Tommy, the official shrugging as if to say there was nothing he could do there. Looking to do some more damage, Jerod targets the wrestler closest to the center of the ring, Chris. He yanks Knight back up to his feet and grabs a hold of his wrist, pulling him into an Irish Whip that sends "The Bat" rushing towards the ropes. He rebounds off of the ropes and comes running back in Jerod's direction. Barnez ducks down, picking Chris up with both hands and spinning around with him before planting him into the canvas with a ring shaking Double A-style Spinebuster!

Instead of going for the cover now, however, Barnez turns his attention to Kahlan, who is still hurting a lot from the big fall she just took. Despite this, she's trying to pull herself back to a vertical base with help from the ropes, much-like Jerod did. Being the gentleman that he is, Jerod kindly helps Kahlan back up, albeit by yanking on her hair. He scoops her up and slams her down right on top of Chris with the aptly named Scoop Slam, forcing her to land in the same position as the man she's on top of. Barnez loosens up his arm muscles a bit by shaking them, before looking out at the crowd and shouting,
"This is called power!" Jerod positions himself at the four feet of his oppositions, reaching down and placing all four legs on his shoulders. Showcasing the incredible strength he's been come to be known for, Jerod dead lifts both opponents at the same time, up onto his shoulders, only to plant them back down into the canvas with an absolutely incredible simultaneous Powerbomb! Even the many fans who dislike him can't help but cheer and applaud the strength shown right there by the son of Thomas Barnez.

Mark Sanction: "The sheer strength being shown by this man right now is amazing!"

Matt Steel: "Anyone can hate on Jerod for his arrogance and lack of respect, but you can't deny that power. This guy is a beast, all the way through."

With both opponents down, one on top of the other, Jerod presses his hands against Kahlan's torso, almost in a push up style, in a strange attempt at a pin. He looks up at the confused Tommy and yells out, "What?!" He looks back down at the two competitors being pinned by him and realizes the problem, but doesn't care at all. "One of them has their shoulders on the mat!" he shouts, "Just fucking count!" Seeing as though Jerod is technically correct, Tommy obliges and goes for the count.




Both Kahlan and Chris managed to get a shoulder up at the same time, despite Kahlan's not being necessary. This infuriates Jerod, whom shoots back up to his feet and gets into Tommy's face, angrily yelling at the referee,
"If you would've counted sooner, I'd be on my way to the Supreme Championship right now!" Tommy tries to calm Jerod down, but it's to no avail. Barnez pushes the official with force, knocking him down, but Tickles shows no fear as he gets back to his feet and pushes Jerod back! Although the shove did very little to actually move the brick house of a man, it did upset him even more. Jerod cocks back his feet, ready to punch Tommy into oblivion, knowing that there's no disqualifications in this match. Before he can fire a strike, Jerod's wrist is grabbed from by Chris, who quickly spins the big man around and kicks him in the gut. He applies a Front Facelock, grabbing a hold of Jerod's trunks immediately afterwards, and he lifts him as high as he can lift a man that size, proceeding to plant him head-first into the canvas with an Impaler DDT! Jerod doesn't even roll over following the move, simply lying on his stomach as Kahlan decides it's her turn to teach the disrespectful man a lesson. She runs to the ropes and leaps into the air, springboarding off of the middle rope with her second Moonsault of the match, this one landing on Barnez's back! Fans all throughout the Mexico City Arena cheer for Jerod being put in his place in such a spectacular way.

Mark Sanction: "You don't ever put your hands on an XWA official and Jerod just learned that lesson the hard way."

Matt Steel: "He didn't count quick enough, though. This match should already be over!"

Looking to recuperate, Jerod rolls towards the ropes as Chris turns his attention to Kahlan. He sneaks up behind her, grabbing her by the waist with both hands and rolling backwards, O'Connor-style, for a pin attempt.




The kick out sends Chris towards the ropes, due to the nature of an O'Connor Roll. As he turns around to try to regain the advantage, all Chris sees is Kahlan somersaulting towards him before taking a Koppu Kick to the head, knocking him straight down. The energetic woman pulls the downed Chris towards the corner, leaving him laid out before pointing to the skies to signify that a dive is coming. The fans pop for this as Kahlan begins ascending the ropes from inside the ring. With each step, she takes a slight break for just a second, trying to maintain her composure despite fighting through a lot of pain right now. Once she finally makes it to the top rope, she stands upright, looking for her third, albeit first non-springboard, Moonsault of the match, but she can't leap before Jerod makes his presence felt once more by grabbing onto her ankle and yanking her off of the top rope, causing Kahlan's face to have an impactful meeting with the top turnbuckle! Quickly, Jerod spins Kahlan around and places one hand under her armpit and the other on the back of her head, tossing her three quarters of the way across the ring with a Biel Throw.

Looking to turn his aggression to the third participant of this battle, Jerod spins around to find Chris, but instead he finds Chris' elbow being spun backwards into his face! As Knight's elbow damn near shatters some of Jerod's teeth, the big man drops to the canvas. It's now Chris' turn to ascend the ropes. He drags Jerod over to the corner, putting him in place, and then he steps out onto the apron. From outside the ring, Chris slowly, but steadily, ascends the ropes to the very top. At the top, nobody is quite sure what he has in mind, but it appears we may never know what it was as Kahlan suddenly runs to towards the ropes, leaping into the air and landing a Single Leg Dropkick to the top rope, that sends a vibration all the way through, knocking Chris down and causing him to land very uncomfortably on the top turnbuckle! Kahlan rushes back to the corner directly opposing where Chris and Jerod are. She points to the skies again. This time, she rushes forward, darting into her opponents' direction, and she hops over Jerod and runs up to the middle rope, leaping from there and extending her legs out, smacking them against the top rope, which causes her to back flip Arabian-style, whilst she wraps her arm around Chris' head. Kahlan flips backwards, whilst holding onto the former cop, with both of them landing directly onto Jerod in a very unique variation of the top rope Uranage Back Flip, otherwise known as a Spanish Fly! The fans cheer loudly for the very athletic and innovative move from Kahlan, as all three competitors lie in the ring, exhausted and hurt from the battle thus far.

Mark Sanction: "The action just keeps coming in this match as Kahlan proves her athleticism again with that very unique … What would you even call that, Matt?"

Matt Steel: "Awesome. I'd call it awesome, Mark. Not Kahlan, just the move."

Mark Sanction: "But she did the move."

Matt Steel: "Even Pauly Shore made a good movie every now and then."

All three warriors are down on the canvas, taking in everything that's happened to them thus far in this match. With no count outs in a triple threat, the referee can't do anything but wait, along with the crowd. Each wrestler has felt tremendous pain that's only been built on further and further in this match, with Kahlan arguably taking the worst of it following the earlier Avalanche German Suplex and Superplex combination. Nevertheless, Kahlan is the one who begins getting back to her feet first, almost directly followed by Jerod. Both wrestlers use the ropes to their advantage, albeit from different sides of the ring. Once standing, Kahlan stumbles in Jerod's direction and notices him reaching a vertical base. Thinking quickly, she gets ready to take him down as she somersaults into another Koppu Kick attempt, similar to the one that landed on Chris earlier in the contest. Unlike the attempt with Chris, this one was just an attempt, as Jerod managed to catch her leg by the ankle before he could be kicked. Whilst holding onto her ankle, Barnez tries to transition into the Ankle Lock that he's famously dubbed the Detroit Lock!

In a panic, Kahlan does the only thing she can think to do before the Detroit Lock can be fully locked in - she kicks Jerod in the face over and over with her free foot. One of the kicks manages to drill Jerod in the nose, forcing him to let go. Much-like a cat, Kahlan manages to land on her feet and she quickly darts towards the ropes, having been spared the ankle torment of a Detroit Lock. As she ricochets back off of the ropes, she returns towards Barnez and leaps into a huge jumping Knee Strike that lands flush on Jerod's jaw, forcing him to stumble backwards into the ropes. "The Ladder Queen" follows this up with a picture perfect Dropsault, kicking Jerod in the face before back flipping to land on her feet. The impact of the Dropsault forces Jerod over the top rope, although he manages to land on the ring apron. Kahlan looks to turn her attention to Chris, but he's already turned his attention to her, nailing her with an out-of-nowhere Yakuza Kick to the face once she turned around! As the former cop was about to go for a cover, he notices Jerod trying to pull himself back up on the apron. Chris exits the ring, stepping onto the apron directly behind Barnez and looking back, taking notice of what's behind them. He surprises Jerod by hooking his arms from behind, almost similar to how he used to handcuff criminals in his cop days. Showcasing some more surprising strength for a man fairly smaller than Barnez, Knight sends Jerod flying backwards, leaping off of the apron with him and releasing Jerod with a Tiger Suplex, that forces the back of Jerod's head to crash into the steel steps! The fans, again, cheer wildly, although some closer to the action actually cringe at the possibly concussion-inducing move that Chris just landed.

Mark Sanction: "Oh my God! Ladies and gentlemen, I think we've just witnessed murder!"

Matt Steel: "Fucking hell, I think I've got a concussion just from watching that!"

Chris uses the ring apron to help himself back to a standing base. He groggily stumbles for a bit, having endured so much in this match thus far. Getting back into it, Knight pulls himself onto the ring apron and latches onto the top rope, waiting for Kahlan to reach her feet inside the ring. Kahlan, whom was already beginning the climb back to being vertical, stands up, but her back is to "The Bat". Chris leaps into the air, springboarding off of the top rope and slamming his feet into the back of her head with a Missile Dropkick that forces her to slam forward, crashing face-first into the canvas! Chris is quick to roll her onto her back and hook the leg with the lateral press.




Looking absolutely exhausted and desperate at this point, Chris slowly picks himself back up and then tries to raise Kahlan as well. Once she's on a knee, Kahlan puts an end to this with an elbow to the face, forcing Knight to stumble backwards. The English woman stands and rushes towards Chris, but he ducks down, tossing her into the air in a slightly modified Flapjack style, looking to send her head-first into the turnbuckle. Showcasing the agility she's put on display for the entire match, Kahlan instead lands on the middle rope. As Chris turns towards her to see what happened, she back flips into yet another Moonsault attempt, but this time she's actually caught on the right shoulder of her opponent! Chris carries her away from the corner of the ring, but this gives her a chance to spin, swinging her body around and applying a Front Facelock whilst swinging, before bringing Chris down with a gorgeously-performed Satellite DDT! The audience cheers and applauds even more for the match and, even more-so, the participants that are putting on a hell of a show.

Mark Sanction: "This match is absolutely deserving of the prize that's on the line. Everyone's giving it their all and I have no clue who's going to walk out of this match as the winner!"

Matt Steel: "I'll admit, it's been a hell of a match and this isn't even our main event!"

Outside of the ring, Jerod is still laid out by the steel steps that may have concussed him. Inside of the ring, Kahlan and Chris are laid out side-by-side each other. Once more, it's a battle to get up first. It's both the Canadian-born Chris and the English-born Kahlan that stir first, as the two wrestlers slowly, and I do mean slowly, begin getting back to their feet. Kahlan even has to use the referee to help pull herself up, grabbing onto his shirt for leverage as Chris uses the nearby ropes. Finally, the two wrestlers make it to their feet almost simultaneously. Kahlan stumbles towards Chris and takes a very stiff Elbow Strike to the cheek that nearly knocks her down, but she stays standing groggily. A loud pop is heard from the crowd following this. Once Kahlan manages to shake off the cobwebs, she responds with an equally stiff Roundhouse Kick to the back, almost side of Knight's head! As Chris stumbles about, trying to remain on his feet, the audience again cheers. "The Bat" grits his teeth, ignoring the tremendous pain in his body and, especially, his head. He spins into yet another stiff strike, this time in the form of a Discus Elbow Smash to the side of Kahlan's eye! That shot comes even closer to making the English woman drop, but she stays up, despite stumbling backwards a few feet. After shaking her head, Kahlan rushes forward and leaps into a big rising Knee Strike to the face of her opposition, similar in style to the one she used against Jerod earlier.

Chris stands almost completely still, following the strike. It's as if his entire body just shut down on him briefly, nothing but darkness being seen. He eventually snaps back into it, thinking to himself that he can't afford another big strike like that, so it's time to finish this. He lands a hard slap to the face of his adversary, followed by several more, beginning his signature KNIGHT Rush combination! Following a few powerful slaps, Chris spins around and lands a Reverse Backhand to Kahlan's beautiful, albeit less beautiful right now, face. She stumbles, but stays standing, as Chris looks to continue the combination with a Roundhouse Kick of his own. He nearly takes her head completely off of her shoulders with the seriously fast Roundhouse Kick attempt, but Kahlan manages to duck under it just in time to avoid it, responding with a Superkick to the jaw of the former cop! The fans pop big time for this huge reversal, which forces Chris backwards into the ropes, those being the only things keeping him standing right now. As Kahlan is too tired and groggy to capitalize right now, Chris takes in a few deep breaths, letting out a loud yell before rushing forward and ducking down, crashing hard into Kahlan's mid-section with a Gore that hits her so powerfully that it forces her to land on the back of her head and flip onto her stomach afterwards! The fans cheer wildly at the big signature move of Chris, but he doesn't get an opportunity to capitalize on it as Jerod slides back into the ring and rushes full speed at Chris, drilling into him with his own Gore, practically tearing the Canadian in half! Jerod rampages around the ring, shouting,
"That's how you fucking Gore!" before dropping down and pinning Chris.




The fans let out a loud, mixed reaction as Jerod is officially the winner - cheers for the amazing match, but boos for the outcome.

Mark Sanction: "It's over! Jerod is the victor!"

Matt Steel: "You know, for a split second after that Tiger Suplex off of the apron, I thought Jerod may not win this match. What a beast."

"Killing In The Name" hits once more. Jerod pulls himself back to his feet, whilst clutching at the back of his head, now that the adrenaline is starting to wear off. Tommy goes to grab his free hand to raise in victory, but Barnez pulls it away from the official.

Hana Ramierez: "Here is your winner, by pinfall, and the number one contender for the XWA Supreme Championship, Jerod Barnez!"

"I told you! I told all of you! I'm supreme!" Jerod yells, arrogantly, following the huge victory, shuddering afterwards as the pain in the back of his head is still tremendous. The audience continues to boo the conceited superstar, as he takes it all in with a smile. Meanwhile, Tommy checks on Kahlan and Chris, making sure the two of them are alright after a hell of a match.

Mark Sanction: "Well, he's certainly not humble, but Jerod's earned himself the right to be arrogant, at least for right now. Next month, he faces Razer. Will he still be this arrogant once that match is over?"

Matt Steel: "Not to mention, that's at XWA On a Pole. We don't know what stipulation they'll be given, but hell, two big, powerful badasses fighting it out in ANY match will be great to see."

As Kahlan and Chris begin standing, Jerod looks over at them with the grin still planted firmly on his face. He steps over to the two gladiators he just went to war with, looking at both of them and nodding. He extends his hands out, crisscrossing them so that one hand is aimed towards Kahlan and the other to Chris, showing surprising respect by asking for a handshake from his now-former opponents. The audience applauds this act from Jerod.

Mark Sanction: "Huh, I guess there is some good in this guy, after all. We can always use sportsmanship."

Kahlan and Knight seem unsure at first, but they look at each other and nod, going to accept the handshakes before turns his still-crisscrossed hands up, extending a middle finger to both wrestlers as he laughs. Fans all throughout the arena immediately go back to booing Jerod, who exits the ring whilst continuing to laugh.

Mark Sanction: "Goddamnit."

Matt Steel: "Love it. Love everything about it."

Jerod backs up the ramp, still smiling blissfully, whilst he waves at the two losers of the contest. "Have fun fighting losers!" he disrespectfully says, before turning his back and walking away. Kahlan and Chris stand, together, in the center of the ring, staring out at Jerod as he walks away, both disappointed in themselves for losing the match. Jerod's music fades out, but the two remain there. The audience begins to cheer again, showing the respect that Jerod didn't show to those two after a very hard fought match. They look out at the crowd, Kahlan smiling and Chris nodding in appreciation. The two wrestlers turn towards each other and Kahlan offers her hand out for a handshake. Chris accepts it and the two shake each other's hands, with the Spanish fans in attendance applauding the sportsmanship shown between the two who came out on the losing end tonight.

Mark Sanction: "At least there was some respect in this match. It's just a shame it didn't come from the winner. These two have nothing to be ashamed of, though. They fought like hell in there and the fans are letting them know it."

Matt Steel: "Too bad fighting like hell won't get them a shot at the Supreme Championship."

Mark Sanction: "For these two, Matt, it will one day. Mark my words, it will one day."

After shaking hands, the two competitors exit the ring and head to the back as the show fades away to an advertisement for next month's XWA On a Pole spectacle.
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Re: XWA Once Upon a Time in Mexico: Chris Knight/Kahlan/Jerod Barnez- NO.1 CONTENDER TRIPLE THREAT!

Postby DJS » Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:09 pm

Both of these look like class acts, I'll give them a read later in the week. The rest of you, get VOTING guys!
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Re: [VOTE] XWA Once Upon a Time in Mexico: Chris Knight/Kahlan/Jerod Barnez- NO.1 CONTENDER TRIPLE THREAT!

Postby Michael Swift » Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:41 pm

Kahlan: There were some really good lines in here that gave me a huge chuckle. Further the double rotation moonsault spot was well executed, and given the attention it deserved. However, I had some issues with the characterization of Chris Knight(with his whole former cop, punish the villains thing, seems odd to me that he would grab Kahlan at the end, especially after the big heel spot out of Barnez, which should have had their own stand off right there). There were some points in the match I wasn't completely able to mentally put together. It also went by really fast.
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Barnez: The pacing and descriptions here were solid. It did lack a truly huge spot that I feel would be fitting for a number one contender's match. My big issue with the match was Barnez mid match playing to the crowd. In a triple threat match with two faces, this match did not need a heel trying to impress the crowd. It felt really out of place, and in my opinion, hurt the match more than it helped. If there were some bigger heel spots to follow that up I might have felt better about it, but that was the part that stuck with me, and it left a sour taste in my mouth. I did like the ending, and how vocal Barnez was. I did feel Kahlan and Chris were portrayed a little cookie cutter however.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Winner: Barnez
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Re: [VOTE] XWA Once Upon a Time in Mexico: Chris Knight/Kahlan/Jerod Barnez- NO.1 CONTENDER TRIPLE THREAT!

Postby DJS » Sun May 01, 2016 11:02 am

First thing to address- XWA is, and has never been, a PG show. What kind of company puts on a PG show and then hires someone called the "Rated R Superslut"? Next, was this half a match? Like, it just sort of started with Kahlan gyrating and there was a match going on in the background. Also, I do feel tha if this was the start of the match and I'm seeing these three for the first time, I'd think Kahlan was the biggest heel in it because as soon as the bell rings she just drops out. That would get major, major heat. Description is very good, though, and I do think the story is good, I just feel like the manner in which Kahlan wins is again, quite heelish. She blasts the guy who took out Knight with a chair, and then pins Knight anyway. It's like she's going "pfft, sod off, he's mine now, thanks". Had she been a heel, this would've been great but being that she's supposed to be a face I don't think any fans would've cheered the finish because it just kind of came to a halt after a big potentially match ending finish with an epic gore.

I can tell the level of effort that went into this. Pacing was great, I honestly felt like this thing had the space to breathe and I really like the commentary on it, too. Portraying Barnez as this moody, petulent, shouting heel really lended it's self well to this match as well. But he's still threatening. It would've been cool if you'd have fleshed out the other two just as much. If this match had been on television, I'd have been excited watching it, but I'd still kind of know Barnez was the guy winning by how much emphasis was put on it. Maybe that was because it was a triple threat, though.

My vote:
Snoooooopz Barnez for me.

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