Alice Harris [Catastrophe]

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Alice Harris [Catastrophe]

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Alice Harris

Wrestler Name: Alice Harris
Nicknames: Dirty Little Thing, DLT, The Valkyrie,
D.O.B: 24th March, 1992 (current age: 23)
Billed From: "The darkness reaches of your mind and imagination." (real location undisclosed)
Billed Height & Weight: 5 foot 7, 131lbs
Picture Base/Poser: Sienna Guillory (in her Resident Evil Nemesis get up)

Backstory(Short bio for your character goes here):
Alice is not just your typical girl as such. Pretty but not stunning, talented but not talented enough as of yet, driven and determined but searching for that big break, she's a wrestler with the future ahead of her.

Making her debut in PRW in August 2014, Alice initially came out as the bright and bubbly babyface sidekick to Reese Lynch and played ringside accompaniment for him until she decided to step into the ring herself. Managing to win the Cyanide title (24/7 defended title in its 'season'), Alice thought she was going places, but a sadistic attack on her by one Augustin Gates, the black sheep of the Advincola family left her injured, right in the middle of what was considered to be a blood feud between herself, a promising upstart, and Sherri Taylor, the veteran and 'First lady' of PRW.

The desire to surpass Taylor combined with the attack by Gates and trying to help Reese progress brought out the shorter side of Alice's temper, worn at her patience and made many consider her to be a bitch. Maybe she is... Or maybe she is just misunderstood. Driven, Determined and crazy as fuck, Alice found three like minded people in the form of Vrag, Venym and Nemisys. All equally as disturbed as each other, they formed Catastrophe, the all heel group hell bent on destruction.

Personality wise, Alice is impulsive at times. Not exactly the best decision making sometimes hinders her, but at the same time, gambling has paid off in the past for her. Her single minded focus on becoming the best athlete she can be often makes people perceive her to be a bitch due to her no filter and tell it how it is approach, but you can also see that she is capable of caring for other people, she just can't quite find the right words to put her message across. She also harbors a deep rooted hatred of people who are more image and prestige orientated as opposed to those who put their ability and quality of performances first, sparking up some confrontations with the likes of Jason Price and Erin.

Alice is also somewhat unhinged at times. Her determination and fierce fighting spirit and resilience sometimes give her a reckless edge which has led to her capturing the Legacy Title in NAW and PRW's Internet title. As one of the smallest people physically on the roster, she is always the underdog and relishes this. She yearns to be treated the same as the male wrestlers and will often comment about this desire. Having been the subject of a gamble by Alice White upon hiring her, Alice Harris has made it her mission to impress the woman who placed so much faith in her by proving that women in the ring are just as capable of performing at the level most male superstars are expected to.

Alice is bisexual too. Male or Female, it doesn't matter to her. She enjoys the thrill of the chase and if she takes an interest in someone, she will pursue them, sometimes aggressively if drunk enough.

XWA Achievements:
>Spokeswoman and leader of "Catastrophe"

Previous Achievements:
NAW Accomplishments:
Winner of the 2015 Briefcase of Choice match at 'Hall Of Fame'
Legacy Champion (current as of 15/12/15) *first female to hold the Legacy Championship

Other Accomplishments:
1x PRW Cyanide champion
1x PRW Internet Champion (17th July 2015 - 11th October 2015)

Wrestling gear: Most of the time, Alice wears a similar get up to that in the picture of her Pic Base - the Jill Valentine look from the Resident Evil films/Resident Evil 3 game.
Rundown - Black boots, mid-calf height, black miniskirt with black hotpants underneath, Blue strapless vest/boob tube styled top.
For bigger matches/more dangerous ones (cages or any where you could liken it as 'going into war') Alice skips the sex appeal look and opts for a more dangerous look - black ankle boots, black combat/cargo pants, full skin tight black vest top and her hair braided into cornrows and secured so it's not loose and eliminates any potential for being grabbed at.

Gimmick/Character (basic outline): Alice is a promising young star with big hopes and bucketloads of determination. Growing more refined in her style and abilities as her confidence and performances continue to grow and impress, Alice tries to be more than just the token eye candy, though she is proud to use her looks to her advantage as and when she can. Considered by some to be a 'bitch' given her determination and blunt nature when talking about things or sharing her opinion, the outspoken at times brunette wants to be taken seriously as a competitor and not looked at like she is just another 'diva'. She's also a little unhinged at times and this often manifests itself through her playing around with guns, further adding a link to her hero worship of Jill Valentine.

Wrestling Style: Alice mixes some elements of cruiserweight and high-fly into her style. She's quick and agile and likes to utilise some submission holds when needed but prefers striking and impact moves as her usual go to approach.

Wrestler Stats

(Each Wrestler begins with 46 points to spend on their "stats". These scores are for roleplaying purposes only and are meant to be used to give other players and the Admins a way of gauging how fast/strong/quick each wrestler is compared to other wrestlers. These scores have NO affect on voting or booking decisions..)

Agility: (The Ability to leap, duck, dodge, climb, flip and dive well) - 8

Brawling: (Punching, Kicking, in-your-face melle skills) - 5

Durability: (The ability to take damage and keep going) - 8

Intelligence: (In ring savvy, the ability to outwit your opponent) - 7

Speed: (How quickly you move, climb and in some cases attack) - 8

Strength: (How much can you lift? How hard do you hit? Raw Power) - 3

Technical Skill: (How proficient are you in the execution of wrestling moves? How well do you counter?) - 7

1 - physically handicapped.
2 - childlike development
3 - preteen development
4 - couch potato
5 - average person
6 - above average ability
7 - incredible ability
8 - amazing ability
9 - olympic ability
10 - superstar


Entrance Music. Megadeth - She-Wolf (Acoustic)

Entrance Text:

Code: Select all

The venue's lights take a crimson shade as static flashes across the big screen. It then cuts to stock footage of a news reporter at their desk rustling their papers and speaking but you cannot hear their words. The picture in the backdrop behind them is one of Planet Earth as taken from the ISS and a big red word 'stamped' across it - "Catastrophe". On the bottom of the screen, the rolling news ticker reads:

"It was right all along, four of them came from nowhere, sowing the seeds of discord and harvesting the misery which grew from them... The Catastrophe has happened!"

Suddenly a low register acoustic guitar riff comes in with a rather creepy and haunting tone, joined by Dave Mustaine's gravelly vocals.

[b][center][color=#FF00BF]The mother of all that is evil
Her lips are poisonous venom
Wicked temptress knows how to please
The priestess roars, "Get down on your knees"[/color][/center][/b]

The 'video' of the news footage is quickly replaced with the word "CATASTROPHE" in big red letters before we get stock footage of disasters happening and a translucent, superimposed image of Alice, Vrag, Venym and Nemisys over it.

[b][center][color=#FF00BF]The rite of the praying mantis
Kiss the bones of the enchantress
Spellbound searching through the night
A howling man surrenders the fight[/color][/center][/b]

The jeers from the crowd are Phenomenal as the red and white pyro explodes and Alice appears on stage. Her white zip up hooded sweater is on, the hood pulled up over her head as she stands there in the smoke before slowly lowering the hood and looking round, smiling at the misery her presence has caused. Confidently walking forwards, Alice heads to the ring

Ramierez: "Standing at 5 foot 7, weighing 131 lbs, Coming from the darkest reaches of your mind and imagination... Alice Harris!!"
[color=#FF00BF]One look in her lusting eyes
Savage fear in you will rise
Teeth of terror sinking in
The bite of the she-wolf[/color][/center][/b]

As the chorus kicks in, Alice makes it to the ring. Climbing up the steps, she ducks under the top rope and removes her jumper before casting it aside. Turning round, she spots Hana Ramierez and blows her a kiss as the fans jeer her.
One look in her lusting eyes
Savage fear in you will rise
Teeth of terror sinking in
The bite of the she-wolf[/color][/b][/center]



Basic Move Set:
chain-holds (rear waist lock, hammerlock, armlock, wristlock etc)
Reverse STO
Snap Suplex
Handspring Back Elbow

Signature Moves:(Up to 3)

"S.T.A.R.S Special" - Bridging Scoop Suplex. Used as a finisher in other feds, this is usually enough to get the job done if her primary or secondary finisher fails to do the job. Primarily used as an "out of nowhere" counter to attempt a match win, or to break the opponent's momentum.

"AliceCarana" - Hurricanrana. The standard go to for many high flyers. Alice uses this move in any situation she can and sometimes transitions it into an armbar hold if needed. Springboard and top rope/off the apron variants are also applicable here.

"Dirty Kick" - roundhouse kick to the head/neck. Can be performed with either leg, has no preference as such. The Dirty Kick is often used as a set up for her main finisher or as a last ditch attempt to win a match when all other options have been exhausted

Primary Finisher: "White Girl Wasted"
Description: Jumping Neckbreaker. Set up with the Dirty Kick in the idea that the kick hits with enough force/impact to stun the opponent enough to make them turn their back, allowing Alice to burst forwards, jump and nail the move.

Secondary Finisher (optional): "Down 'N Dirty"
Description: Russian Legsweep into Octopus Hold. A more complex move, Alice goes for the stun and submit approach here - dropping them with the leg sweep and then transitioning into the hold.

Match History
(Wrestler) vs. (Wrestler)
Winner: (Wrestler)
(Update with this pattern after every match you participate in.)

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