Massacre: Year of the XWA (Cold Open)

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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Massacre: Year of the XWA (Cold Open)

Postby DJS » Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:51 pm

Blinding light from the XWA logo flashes past the screen as the first Massacre of 2015 begins.

We open backstage at the 3Arena for what appears to be a cold open. We can hear screaming Irish fans in the background, obviously able to see this on their very own tron to watch such things. We pan up slowly, a man very clearly stood there waiting for us to reach him. We're hit in the face with the lunatic's grin from our very own General Manager stood in front of a black-curtain.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the first XWA Massacre of the new year, the first time we're gracing free TV in the year of 2015 and I am the General Manager, the Innovator and God of All Anarchy, Diamond Jack Sabbath."

Thunderous booing. He tilts his head slightly, obviously able to hear them. But then he continues on...

"I expect there will be a few NEW eyes on us, as is usual every year. I get it. I understand. So I'm taking this opportunity to tell you that we do not usually open our show like this. However, I feel I need to. I wanna address a few things. Because it's a new start for the XWA. And at the end of the day, it's mine. This is MY XWA. So I want to make this clear. However, following the events of Lord of the Ring, you'd think that wasn't the case.

Smith Jones is the Lord of the Ring,"

Now, huge appraisal from our capacity crowd. Jack's eye twitches slightly, listening to this response.

"Well, someone had to be, didn't they? In my absence I mean. Cause it would've been me, Smitty. You know that. The world knows that. It's only my influence that's allowed you to be there. And then, why be a Lord when you can be a God?

And then we have Tempest who thinks he's so much bigger than the company that he doesn't even show on an appearance I book him in? Who thinks he's better than me. Let me ask you, Dublin- do YOU think he's better than me?"


"Typical Irish. Always getting it wrong.

I think this year, as we all start our stories again, this one has to start with everyone knowing where they stand. Tempest can wait, and WILL wait. Your hero seems to be Smith Jones right now, and I need to establish to you all where you stand. With a little show called Legends looming over us all ominously, I need to show you all the level of match you can expect from such a show like that. And that's why I'm booking this match.

That's why tonight, in Dublin, Ireland, Smith Jones will go one on one with..."

He leaves a very, very long pause. It's like he's deliberately trying to be dramatic. Finally he takes a deep breath and exhales the one sylable word-


Leading to a massive ovation from the 3Arena. Jack smiles. Even with their hatred of him, the Innovator of Anarchy knows what these people want to see.

"Just Run, Smith. Your year of hell"

And finally he leaves the scene. Year of hell? Perhaps. But this year is so much for than that.

Today, we begin, the Year of the XWA.

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