Xmas Kaos: Taylor Shaw vs. C5 Ion- GENESIS TITLE!

Matches that occurred on our 2013 Xmas Kaos Pay Per View!
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Xmas Kaos: Taylor Shaw vs. C5 Ion- GENESIS TITLE!

Postby DJS » Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:51 am


LIVE! From Arena Ciudad de México, Mexico City (22,300 Capacity)


C5 Ion vs. Taylor Shaw

Coming in with little to no hype, Taylor Shaw's climb to the Genesis Heavyweight Championship has been notable to say the least, with many not expecting him to get to the top so quickly. But now his first defense is here against C5 Ion, who won the opportunity in a triple threat match.

Will Taylor triumph and prove the doubters wrong, or is the Age of Ion upon us?

Deadline for matches is 16th December 2013 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 20th December 2013 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: Xmas Kaos: Taylor Shaw vs. C5 Ion- GENESIS TITLE!

Postby C5 Ion » Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:15 pm

Joey Miles: "Wow...How the fuck did C5 get a fucking title shot against Taylor Shaw?!?"

Dan Bennett: "We witnessed him when a Triple Threat Match to become the #1 Contender for the title a couple of weeks ago...remember?"

Joey Miles: "No the fuck I don't remember!"

Dan Bennett: "Just calm down..."

Joey Miles: "Don't tell me what to do..."

"Fear Nothing" by Jim Johnston hits, and the
crowd starts to buzz. From backstage, C5 Ion
emerges, and walks out to the ramp,
bouncing slightly. He looks around and let's out
a bloodcurdling howl before racing down to the
ring and sliding in.

Laura Stark: "The following contest is et for One Fall and it is for...the Genesis World Championship! Introducing first...From Cape Town, South Africa, weighing in at 213 pounds...The challenger...C5 Ion!"

He scrambles up a turnbuckle and howls again, and this time the fans respond with their own howls. Ion hops off the turnbuckle and heads to his corner,
where he awaits his opponent.

The opening barres of Lit's summertime classic
hits the PA. As "My Own Worst Enemy" plays, Taylor makes his way to the ring with a warm reception from the crowd.

Laura Stark: "And his opponent, from Bayside Califronia, weighing in at 180 pounds...He is the Genesis World Champion...Taylor Shaw!"

Dan Bennett: "This is the guy that everyone believes in as champion..."

Joey Miles: "I don't give a damn on who the fuck people think about him...He shoild kick Ion's ass and that's it."

The simple, straightforward introduction follows
Taylor down to the ring. Despite the affection of
the crowd, Shaw is focused on the ring, rolling in and pulling himself up in the corner. Taylor hops on the middle rope to pump up the crowd.
Jumping off with a spin and landing on his feet.

The referee motions for the bell to ring and Shaw backs Ion into the corner and the ref breaks them up. They exchange chops back and forth.

Dan Bennett: "Shaw hits a kick to the gut, followed by a pair of shoulder knockdowns."

Ion lands an arm drag takedown and keeps Shaw’s arm locked in. Shaw gets to his feet but Ion whips him back to the mat and goes back to work on his arm.

Joey Miles: "Shaw backs him into the corner and then hits a spine buster. That's the fucking right way Shaw, don't let off any pressure on Ion!"

He kicks Ion in the back of the neck and then elbows his chest repeatedly. Ion counters with a monkey flip. Ion lands a series of kicks. He lands a clothesline, followed by another kick.

He tries to hit a springboard moonsault, but Shaw hits the ropes and Ion falls to the mat.

Dan Bennett: "That was a sneaky move by Taylor Shaw...That was uncalled for."

Joey Miles: "Leave the man alone."

Shaw hits a huge clothesline for a pin fall attempt.



Dan Bennett: "Ion kicks out reluctlantly. He tries to lock in a submission, but Ion kicks him in the face and locks in a Fujiwara arm bar."

Shaw makes it to the ropes. Ion whips Shaw into the corner and kicks him off the middle rope in the chin. He goes up top and Shaw stops him.

Joey Miles: "Shaw climbs up, but Ion hits him off. Shaw headbutts Ion and then tries for a superplex, but Ion delivers forearms to the back."

Shaw knocks Ion off the turnbuckle and lands a diving leg drop. Shaw picks up the lifeless body of Ion and they lock up, with Ion being taken down by Shaw. Shaw puts Ion's arm in the rope and breaks the hold until 4.

Dan Bennett: "If Shaw held on for a second longer, he could've been disqualified..."

Ion and Shaw lock up in the middle of the ring again, until Shaw begins to lay in some offense, hitting a couple of arm drags, followed by a headlock.

Joey Miles: "...Shaw hits a hurricanrana to the outside, taking both guys out! Shaw make him see what it's like being champion!"

Shaw gets Irish Whipped to the
the ring steps but Shaw jumps over. Ion follows and uses the steps to catapult himself
into a huricanrana on Shaw.

Dan Bennett: "What an innovative move by Ion."

Ion brings Shaw into the ring and hits a springboard cross body and hooks the leg.



Shaw kicks out and fights back and hits a kick to the head on Ion anf he hooks the leg for a pin attempt.



Joey Miles: "Ion barely gets the shoulder up...That meand he's to weak for this..."

Shaw goes for a suplex
but Ion lands on his feet. Ion takes down Shaw and goes for another cover.



Shaw Kicks out barely.
Ion hits 3 kicks on Shaw and throws him into the corner. Ion goes for a cross body in the corner but it is reversed by Shaw into a second rope Russian Leg Sweep.

Shaw goes for the cover.



Ion kicks out and as Shaw was distracted by the crowd amd taunting, Ion takes him down again and goes up top for the 450, but Shaw grabs the ropes to make Ion lose his balance.

Dan Bennett: "That shpws how desperate Shaw is to win this match..."

Shaw goes up top and hits a hurricanrana but Ion rolls through into a Sunset pin.




Lauara Stark: "Here is your winner and New...Genesis World Champion...C5 Ion!"

Dan Bennett: "Would ypu look at that! We have a new champion!!

Joey Miles: "That was bullshit...Sttaight up bullshit..."

Dan Bennett: "That wasn't no bullshit...That was the true meaning of a champion..."

C5 Ion celebrates as Shaw looks on frustrated, knowing he made a mustake by going up top with Ion, as the fans see highlights of the match, as the scene fades to commercial.
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Re: Xmas Kaos: Taylor Shaw vs. C5 Ion- GENESIS TITLE!

Postby DJS » Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:40 pm

Winner: and NEW Genesis Heavyweight Champion- C5 Ion.

While I am slightly disappointed Legendary couldn't post for this, it's nice that Ion has come out of the woodwork slowly and quietly and taken this title so shockingly. A new champ for a new year, well done on a good match.

In future, I would think about some better formatting. Reading this was a bit...bizarre. Especially how sometimes it would jump from one line to the next. It needs some bolding and coloring in some areas.

Still a lot of work to do, but the spots in this were pretty good. The flow needs some work, too. Otherwise, its an improvement from previous work so well done on this indeed.

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