XWA Doomsday - Straws and Camel backs

Matches that occurred on our 2013 Doomsday Pay Per View!
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XWA Doomsday - Straws and Camel backs

Postby Novak84 » Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:14 pm

Holy hunt runs down the corridors.

Holly: Novak, Novak, please wait.

The hardcore champion stops.

Novak: Holly, for fuck sake, stop. just stop. You are better than this. You should be getting the guys to come to you, not chase us down. I'm going to fight possibly my last match for XWA. Win or lose, This could be the last time you see me here. I tired of facing people I don't want to face, tired of feeling like and being treated like shit and tired of all the promises I was given when I resigned being ignored. I did not take the pay rise they offered, all I asked is that my sister and manager would be safe from harm. I asked that I get to pick the rules for my defences. Can anyone here say that has been honoured? No they can't. Instead someone who I have no respect for professionally or socially, in a match I didn't have a say in. And how did it all start? With me with a dislocated shoulder being told to attack him during his match or I would be fired. I have always gone out there to fight for and entertain the real people who run this company and make it great. Not the board, not the superstars. The fans. They are my bosses. So Holy, What do you want to ask, cause that little script they gave you to ask me the questions they want asking is not the script I'm going off.

Holy seems lost for words. She then smiles.

Holy: Go out on top.

Novak walks towards the stage, ready to walk out for what might be the last time as not just Hardcore champion, a title he has fought all his carrer to lift high above him with pride, but as a XWA superstar all together.

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