Doomsday: Chris Novak vs. Gain Dermal- HARDCORE TITLE!

Matches that occurred on our 2013 Doomsday Pay Per View!
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Doomsday: Chris Novak vs. Gain Dermal- HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby DJS » Sat Sep 14, 2013 11:23 am


LIVE! From the Allstate Arena in CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (18,500 Capacity)

XWA Hardcore Championship Match!


Chris Novak vs. Gain Dermal

For the past few weeks, Gain Dermal has had his sights set on becoming the Hardcore Champion and has targeted Chris Novak as a result. After winning his match against the "Mad Man from Manchester" last week, Gain Dermal has finally earned his shot and will now challenge Novak in a straight-up Hardcore match with the title on the line!

Will Novak be successful once again in defending the title? Or will the mysterious and unhinged Gain Dermal get people really talking?

Deadline for matches is 23rd September 2013 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 27th September 2013 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: Doomsday: Chris Novak vs. Gain Dermal- HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby Gain Dermal » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:18 pm

Immediately following Chris Novak’s words with Holly Hunt backstage we cut to ringside ready for the Hardcore Champion to go into action.

Mark Sanction: Well they were some strong words from the Hardcore Champion, what do you think it all means Rose?

Rose: Well from the conversations I’ve been having with Novak this week I’d say there is every possibility this could be the last we see of the Hardcore Champion, if he can’t overcome what he feels is his biggest challenge to date. That being said I think, as long as he sticks to what he knows, Novak will have his way with Dermal here …

Mark Sanction: And that brings us to the XWA Hardcore Championship, and this all started back after Lord Of The Ring …

That sets up the guys in the truck to roll footage from a few weeks ago on Massacre when Chris Novak was working on commentary.
Novak’s attention is off the action for a moment as Dermal has finally gotten himself back to his feet, we hear another loud rustling noise as the cameras come to rest and we see that Gain has grabbed the Hardcore Championship from off the announce table. He stands with it in his hands and waits until Lights turns around before creating a skull, steel and leather sandwich as he connects with Dwights forehead.

Rose: Chris isn’t that your …

Before he can finish Dermal throws the Hardcore title on the floor next to him before dragging Lights to his feet and hooking him in, and then quickly plants him with the Dermal Abrasions. Gain couldn’t be happier with himself as he sits next to Lights and simply rests back across him for the pin.

Chris Novak: Wait that was my … the fucker just threw MY CHAMPIONSHIP ON THE FLOOR!

Mark Sanction: And it looks like he’s used it to win himself this match.
Chris Novak: Has he fuck!

There is another crackle of the headset.

THR ….
Before Tickles can call this match Novak leaps from the announce table and begins to reign down right after right into the head of Gain Dermal. The Masked Superstar is at a loss to get himself covered up but eventually manages to push Novak away but only long enough to get to a knee before the tenacious Hardcore champion is right back in his face.
Rose: You know Sanction, as far as I’m concerned Dermal bought that attack on himself, I mean you don’t just reach out and take liberties with someone’s championship belt. On top of that, of all the people to do it to, Chris Novak has broken bones, shed blood, sweat and tears for that title. Hell even I wouldn’t just grab hold of that belt for fear of getting knocked on my arse.

Mark Sanction: You’re 100% right Rose, but Dermal obviously isn’t all the way there when we’re talking about making logical decisions.

Rose: You say that Sanction but over the past few weeks it has seemed to me more and more that this ‘look how mad I am’ thing is just an act. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Mark Sanction: Well after that attack, Dermal decided to challenge the champion to a match the next week on Massacre.

Rose: But, as Novak said at the time Mark, he hadn’t done a thing to earn that title opportunity …

Mark Sanction: Well that was until …

Again the two men at ringside tag up perfectly to show more footage this time from two weeks ago on Massacre.
Mark Sanction: Dermal sounds pretty ready for this match.

Sanction’s statement is pretty bang on as Dermal throws down the mic and stands waiting in the corner of the ring for the Hardcore Champion. Everyone’s attention in the Tokyo Dome turns to the stage as Wayne Rooney’s Nike Advert finishes up and the crowd is soon hearing the opening to ‘Check Out The Crazy’ by Exit State. They then hear the first verse, first chorus, second verse, second chorus and soon the entire song has played without the Hardcore Champion showing up. Gain picks the mic up to let off again.

Gain Dermal: Maybe I was wrong? Maybe Novak hasn’t got a screw loose since he so clearly realises that he doesn’t want this match. Well it’s too bad Chris this is happening, play that runt’s music again.
---CUT TO---
As the cameras rush in we find Chris Novak trying to push himself to his feet in a heap of broken wood, all this while the brutish Sen Gaul is simply watching him.

Rose: What the fuck, can we not have one fucking show where this giant freak doesn’t interject himself in the action.

Mark Sanction: This isn’t even a match yet.

As Novak manages to push himself to a vertical base he tries to lunge at Gaul but catches an elbow for his trouble causing him to be swatted into the wooden surroundings of the locker room.
---CUT TO---
The cameras cut back to the arena as we watch Gaul carry the lifeless body of the Hardcore Champion to the ring. Sen stops at the ring apron and rolls Novak into the ring then simply turns around and leaves the arena.

Rose: This is disgusting!

Novak is motionless as Gain Dermal takes his time walking over and grabbing him by the wrist to drag him into the middle of the ring.
Rose: We don’t need to see any more of that, we all know it led to Gain getting himself a bullshit victory that has set up tonight’s match.

Mark Sanction: But that isn’t everything, after Sen Gaul interjecting himself in another match last week on Massacre Hector Alonzo Perez has declared that IF Gaul gets involved in this match at all he will be out on his arse.

Rose: On top of all of that, we all know Dermal was responsible for what we saw earlier with J. Pain and Kimi Novak being attacked, from what I’m being told they are both still in the back being looked over.

Mark Sanction: Speaking of that we have Dermal backstage at the moment to address what happened earlier tonight.

The cameras cut straight backstage where we find Gain Dermal stood with Sen Gaul menacingly over his right shoulder with XWA interviewers Holly Hunt.

Holly Hunt: Gain, thank you for taking the time with us before your Hardcore Championship match. I only have one question for you. Where you responsible for what happened to J. Pain and Kimi Novak earlier on this evening?

Holly holds out the microphone and Gain takes a moments silence before answering.

Gain Dermal: You know something love, people in this company have a pretty low opinion of me. So, to get this straight, what you are asking me is IF ‘I’ attacked a defenceless woman? Now, I tell you what, I’m not going to even dignify that with a response. What I will say is this … last week on Massacre Hector Alonzo Perez decided to make a BULLSHIT ruling that means that tonight I would have been at the mercy of not only Chris Novak but ALSO a former World Champion, how that would have been fair I do not know. So the way I see it ‘someone’ Dermal knowingly glances over his should at Gaul has just maybe taken it upon themselves to ‘level the playing field’ so to speak. Now I can’t tell you …

Mid-sentence Dermal finds himself falling face first into the concrete of the arena floor, as the camera manages to zoom back to see what is happening we see Chris Novak still in his ‘civies’ (a pair of blue jeans and the Man Utd shirt that you can imagine he wears everywhere he goes) so to speak with the XWA Hardcore Championship in hand. Gaul goes to take a swing for the Hardcore Champion who manages to duck the impact and then lay the plates of his title into the temple of the Giant Masked Freak. Before Sen can do anything else Kirk Samson comes into shot with a ring bell and hammer in hand and sounds it off.
Gaul gets in Novak’s face but the Hardcore Champion stands tall.

Chris Novak: Did you hear that? That was the bell!!! That means if you so much as touch me you’re out on your arse.

Gaul stares into Novak’s eyes with a look of pure rage as the Hardcore Champion simply laughs and steps past him. Dermal by this point is climbing back to his feet. Just from watching him you can see he has been caught completely off guard. The Hardcore Champion quickly chases after the Masked Menace.

Rose: This is brilliant work by Novak!

Mark Sanction: What a great idea to just start this match in the back … it’s a Hardcore match after all, I’d be surprised to see them get as far as the ring tonight.

Novak lets Dermal run a little before finally catching up with him and driving a clubbing forearm smash across his back, sending the Masked Superstar clattering into the hard concrete floor that surrounds the men. Gain tries to pull himself back up to his feet but catches a stiff kick for his troubles. The weight of the world seems to have been lifted from Novak’s shoulders as even this early on in the match he sees that he has the advantage in a one-on-one fair fight. It’s because of this he almost gloats and clearly relishes the moment as he lets Dermal to his hands and knees one more time before driving the point of his knee into the side of Gain’s mask.

Rose: That’s it NOVAK! Make sure you get all your licks in.

Again Novak lets Dermal go for a little run through the arena, as the Masked Superstar reaches the XWA Merch stall. Unfortunately he finds himself closed off by a huge crowd of fans waiting to make a purchase (the wench behind the desk has a trainee badge, never a good sign). Like a caged rat Dermal scurries from left to right for a moment before Novak comes charging into him at full force taking the Masked Menace down with a huge clothesline.

Mark Sanction: Those fans are getting a nice treat, they get to get a little up close and personal with an XWA match.

Rose: What are they even doing back there in the middle of the show? These are the kind of people who sicken me … they pay to see some good old fashion live rassalin, then fuck off half way through the show to buy a t-shirt and a Big Mac … fuckers.

Novak reaches down and pulls the Masked Menace to his feet only to toss him at speed into the Merch desk, Dermal scurries to grab anything near to hand, but throwing Rated X wrist bands and souvenir cups at Novak does nothing to stop him advancing and then drilling him in the chops with a stiff elbow. Dermal continues to flail his arms trying to grab anything he can, he eventually grabs hold of something and takes a swing driving it into Novak’s head … then looks only to see he’s just tried to lay out the Hardcore Champion with a pack of XWA stuffed toys.

Rose: WOW!

Chris Novak: Really?

Mark Sanction: This is already starting to look like the last acts of a desperate man.

Dermal drops the bag full of toys, but then notices the look of utter disbelief in Novak’s eyes and so takes a moment to rake his fingers into those very eyes before high tailing it one more time. This time Gain breaks through the crowd of people closely followed by the Hardcore Champion. Novak follows quickly behind and manages to catch a grip of his challenger just outside the Allstate arenas built in burger joint. The Hardcore Champion crashes both men through a set of table and chairs before quickly going back on the attack, he rags Dermal to his feet before grabbing him by the neck and tossing him up and over the counter, taking out the cash register on the way.

Mark Sanction: ORDER UP!

Rose: Don’t … just don’t.

Novak climbs over the counter as well and grabs and tosses a few burgers at the Masked Freak, just to add to his embarrassment. Dermal pushes himself to a knee then manages to throw a boot behind himself, catching the Hardcore Champion in the gut. After a few hard forearms and elbows Dermal manages to grab hold of Novak by the neck and then tries to dunk the Hardcore Champion’s head into the deep fat fryer. With all of his might Novak holds his head out of the oil, but as Dermal pushes down you can hear a sizzle as the tips of Novak’s ginger locks fry. Fearing for his health Novak reaches out and slaps at something on the side that flicks a little oil up onto Gain’s mask, which does enough to break Dermal’s grip.

Mark Sanction: This is a god damn wrestling match … Dermal was taking it a little far.

Rose: This freak has no care for anyone …

Grasping to get back into the driver’s seat Novak grabs hold of his masked challenger and tosses him with an Irish whip that sends the Masked Freak crashing into a stock cage. Fuckloads of frozen fries fly from the cage as Dermal makes contact and Novak is quick to follow over and slam the front of the cage shut. Chris looks around for a second then grabs the cage and begins to wheel it around the corridors of the Allstate arena. Gain rocks back and forth inside the cage screaming and trying to fight out until Novak wheels the cage through a curtain that leads to the top of the seating arena. The fans in the arena explode with excitement at the site of the two superstars.

Rose: Come on Chris give ‘em a show.

Mark Sanction: After everything that has happened between these two it’s great to see Novak back to his roots.

Rose: I told you Mark, there is nothing Gain can do to overcome the Hardcore Champion. Novak has worked for years for this title and he’ll be damned if some moronic masked freak is just going to waltz in here and take it from him.

From the top of the arena stairs Novak takes a run up and then lets the stock cage take a tumble bouncing and crashing down the stairs. The crowd part as they see the cage coming towards them and it bounces and crashes a little more before coming to a stop rested against a handrail. Dermal climbs out through the wreckage of the cage, still covered in the half thawed fries. He falls down a few more stairs and finds himself now on the lowest level of the arena. The Masked Menace manages to clamber to his feet but then looks around with no idea where the Hardcore Champion is.

Rose: Incoming!

Rose spots it before everyone else as Novak is stood atop one of the arenas advertising boards. He leaps through the air with a modified version of the MU Splash that leaves both men laid out for a moment. The crowd around the two men are all on their feet, loving every second of this good old fashioned Hardcore action. Chris is again the first of the two men to get to his feet, he looks on and watches as Dermal crawls through the crowd towards the barricade. The MU Punk even lets him to his feet but obviously does so only so he can throw a foot into his jaw knocking him over the barricade with the Manchester Kiss.

Mark Sanction: And they are finally here at ringside, looks like it’s just in time for Novak to wrap this one up nicely.

Rose: Personally I’d have a little more fun beating this prick from pillar to post but the smart thing to do now would be to pin him.

While he may not have the reputation of a ‘ring general’ he’s learnt enough from the likes of Rose and Pain to climb up over the barricade and try and put this one to bed as he hooks the leg. Samson (who has been following the action, obviously) leaps over the barricade after him and makes the count.


There has been just enough time for Dermal to kick free from the pin and with both men now at ringside Novak wastes no time in getting to his feet and going on a little ‘hunt’ under the ring.

Rose: Time for the big guns!

Mark Sanction: I still don’t get why we keep such odd things under the ring.

Rose: For the moments that are about to come Mark.

Novak pulls out a Singapore cane (because they’ve had lots of play in the WWE at the moment) he rolls his wrist with it in hand for a moment as he waits. As soon as Dermal plants his feet he receives a swift baseball like swing to the gut. Dermal drops straight back to his knees then catches a second shot this one to the shoulder, then a third to the other shoulder, a fourth to the chest, fifth to the back, sixth to the neck and finally to the back of the Masked Superstars neck. Novak slams down the cane before rolling Dermal over again and hooking the leg.

Rose: That’s it Chris don’t let up on the prick …


Still not enough, as the Masked Menace is able to shoot a shoulder free. Almost as if he can hear the words from Rose, Novak refuses to let up on his attack as he drags Dermal by the neck to his feet and drives his shoulder almost through Dermal’s gut and into the barricade. Novak follows with a stiff elbow before turning around and heading under the ring again, he pulls out a heap of ‘toys’ (like trash cans and steel chairs not my little ponies and MegaZord (shame)). He takes a moment to decide before pulling up a steel chair. Novak turns just in time to see that Dermal is trying to attack, in a split second Chris drops the chair and hits a dropkick that takes Dermal’s legs from under him.

Rose: This is really the best I have seen Novak in a long time … good to see my tutelage is paying off.

Mark Sanction: He just seems to be 110% focused on the task at hand.

Novak grabs hold of the chair and tosses it into the ring, he again drags Dermal to his feet and lifts him in an atomic drop position only to fall back and drop the Masked Menace face first onto the ring apron. Completely rocked Gain is then thrown into the ring as Novak looks to grab another weapon. With the lid of a trash can in hand Novak climbs onto the ring apron as the crowd let out a mighty scream/cheer/boo. Chris turns to look at the ramp only to see the looming frame of Sen Gaul making his way to ringside.

Rose: What the fuck! I’m so tired of this guy …

Mark Sanction: He knows he can’t get involved though.

Novak screams out at Gaul.

Chris Novak: Come on you fucking oversized Umpa Lumpa, I’ll give you a free SWING!

Novak stands waiting on the ring apron calling for Gaul and still screaming at the Masked Giant.

Chris Novak: Take your balls out of your handbag and get down here … COME ON! BE A …


Rose: NO!!!!!!

From behind Gain Dermal drives the COLD steel of a chair between the shoulder blades of the Hardcore Champion.

Rose: This prick has cost Novak AGAIN!

Mark Sanction: And he hasn’t even gotten involved in the match.

Dermal climbs out of the ring still with the chair in hand. Chris pushes himself to his hands and knees before getting smashed across the back again with the chair. Novak drops to the arena floor then catches a second shot this one to the back of his skull, then a third to the skull, a fourth to the skull, fifth to the skull, sixth to the skull and finally right there one more time to the skull leaving the crowd silent and the chair in his hand a mangled wreck. Novak is limp from the chair shots and it’s hard to watch as Dermal flips him over and crouches over him. Then with a grip around his shirt pulls his head from the floor and starts screaming.


Dermal drops Novak and reaches up to his own mask, his anger suddenly snaps away as he says calmly.

Gain Dermal: Because I’m better than you!

Dermal pulls away his own mask as the XWA crowd look on in shock at the sight off …


Mark Sanction: WHAT!

Rose: How … why, what is this …

Mark Sanction: Oh my god how can this …

Rose: Why has he done …

Mark Sanction: How has he …
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Re: Doomsday: Chris Novak vs. Gain Dermal- HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby Danger Liam » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:25 pm


The camera crash zooms in to see the look of pride that Danger Liam is taking on pulling the proverbial wool over the eyes of every single member of the XWA Universe. He stands there for a moment as he lets it sink in with every member of the audience what is happening before looking down at the still limp body of the Hardcore Champion.

Rose: I can’t believe this is happening, we haven’t seen Liam for over two years and you’re telling me he has been Gain Dermal this whole time?

Mark Sanction: It looks like it I guess Rose … I don’t even know what to say.

On the arena floor Novak’s eyes finally open and he catches sight of the man stood over him, you can see the heartbreak in his eyes as it all clicks into place that the man who has tormented him over the last month is none other than the man he has the most history with in the XWA. Liam reaches down and drags Novak to his feet before rolling him into the ring and quickly following. Chris starts to push himself up as The Purple Menace takes the time to take off the black shirt and purple gauntlets to reveal the common attire we all got used to seeing the Human Rubik’s Cube in.

Rose: I’m still speechless … I just don’t understand what is happening here.

Chris pushes himself up, it looks like he is ready for the fight of his life, but Liam doesn’t let him so much as ‘gain’ his footing before planting a stinging kick to the calf. He hits a second and a third, that manages to take Novak back to the canvas, before mounting the Hardcore Champion and unloading with his tapped fist over and over and over.

Danger Liam: In this ring Chris I’m your master! I’m your Reaper! I decide your fate! I’M YOUR SURGEON!!!

Liam stops with the right hands to see the blood that now stains the tape on his wrist.

Danger Liam: And that … that little cut is just the right kind of cut … a CUT THAT BLEEDS!!!

Rose: This is worrying, I can’t say I remember this side of Liam but what he is doing in that ring looks almost clinic in precision.

The Purple Wonder wipes the blood from his wrist before turning his attention back to the leg of the Hardcore Champion. He stands up and lifts Novak’s leg hooking his heel and stepping over Novak to really synch in the hold.

Danger Liam: You know you should just take this opportunity to quit now …

Samson is on hand to see if Novak want to continue but we all know that Novak isn’t going to just give away his Hardcore Championship because of a little heel hook. Even Liam knows it as he continues …

Danger Liam: … what’s up Chris? Do you not want ME to be a champion again? Do you not want ME to beat you?

Novak finally manages to break from Liam’s grip for long enough to get to his feet, he tries to wipe the blood from his eyes as he fights off Liam, who is trying to grab hold of his leg again. The Hardcore Champion does enough to get free and hits the ropes but on a rebound Cubes hooks him in then throws him over head with his trademark Vertical Exploder Suplex the Ego Dent.

Rose: You know those chair shots a few moments ago have really put Novak in a bad way.

Mark Sanction: Yeah and that cut over his eye isn’t helping anything either.

Samson rushes over to check on the Hardcore Champion again.

Kirk Samson: Chris are you alright to continue?

Danger Liam: Don’t worry Kirk there is no way he’s going to just give this one up to me, of all people.

Novak shakes his head so that Samson is forced to let the match continue.

Danger Liam: This isn’t smart though Chris!

Liam slams another stinging kick to the leg of the Hardcore Champion before climbing from the ring. The Human Rubik’s Cube reaches in and drags Novak’s leg to the ring apron, smashing his knee up then down into it a few times for good luck before dragging him to the corner of the ring. Liam pulls Chris’s legs either side of the ring post but before he can do anything Novak takes his only chance to pull Liam in and drive his head into the ring post.

Rose: YES! Come on Novak!

Mark Sanction: Those are the kind of little openings that change the complexion of a match.

Trying to capitalize Novak rolls straight out of the ring then tosses Liam into the steel steps. Cubes stands prone against the ring post for long enough for Novak to hit him with a running clothesline. The Mad Man keeps hold of his neck and then drives Cubes into the arena floor with a running bulldog. Chris wipes more blood from his face before standing ready by the announce table. After giving Rose a knowing nod Chris leaps up onto the announce table before flipping back hitting a make shift Lionsault on the prone Purple Menace. Trying to claw this match to a close Novak hooks the leg.

Rose: Come on that’s got to be it!!!!


Novak just doesn’t have the strength to hold Liam down as XWA’s FIRST Hardcore Champion kicks free. Chris gets back up and grabs hold of Liam but this time the blood in his eyes stops him from seeing the elbow incoming to the side of his head. Cubes plants Novak with a second shot before tossing him into the ring and following him in. Liam grabs Novak by the ankle to the ropes then rests his foot across the bottom of the three. He stands over Novak’s leg then leaps up driving his tailbone into Novak’s knee not once or twice but three times.

Mark Sanction: This is an old staple of Liam’s, shades of the Hitman himself.

Rose: Were not on this pricks side remember Mark.

Mark Sanction: We have to do our jobs Rose.

Novak pushes himself away from Liam and crawls back across the ring but the Purple Wonder won’t let up as he is straight over on the attack and again steps through Novak’s legs this time lacing him in a Figure 4.

Danger Liam: Go on Chris … feel free … I’ll take good care of that strap of yours.

Novak writes in pain as he is checked over, there is no way he is giving up this match but as he tries to fight it he falls back onto his shoulder forcing Kirk to count.


Rose: I’ve always thought this would be a pretty fucking dire way to lose a match.

Novak falls back again.


Novak, finally manages to roll to his side, but just before he can turn over the hold Liam releases the Mad Man’s legs and quickly gets back to his feet.

Mark Sanction: Novak is full of heart … is that enough to keep hold of that title?

Rose: You know Mark for any other man I would probably say no but I really think that the desire to win can take Chris further than anyone else in that locker room.

Mark Sanction: We can only hope I guess Rose.

The Human Rubik’s Cube rolls to his feet and there is part of him that is a little shocked that Novak is still in this fight. He doesn’t let that stop him though as he drags the Hardcore Champion to his feet and tosses him into the corner of the ring. Liam follows him in looking for the Danger Paver, but at the last moment Novak manages to slip out through the ropes to the arena floor. Cubes is left tangled in the ropes for a moment as Chris has a second to catch his breath, again he has to wipe blood from his face but this time he does it with enough time to see that Liam is leaping through the ropes. The MU Punk sidesteps the impact leaving the Purple Menace to crash and burn out on the arena floor.

Rose: Perfect! Now just finish it Chris.

Novak scurries to get the best of Cubes by lifting him to his feet, the MU Punk flips off his long time ‘rival’ before planting the tip of his boot in the Dangerous One’s gut. Novak grabs hold of Liam’s neck and then drops him with the ONE MORE THING!!!

Mark Sanction: YES!!!

Rose: He’s done it!

Before he can cover Liam, Novak catches sight of Sen Gaul getting close to the action again. Chris wipes the blood from his eyes but as he does he can’t see Gaul, he turns and looks around before seeing that he is dragging Liam away from Chris.

Rose: Well surely that’s interference?

Mark Sanction: Not sure it really counts.

Novak charges over and knocks Gaul down then unleashes his frustration with punches and kicks because he knows Sen can’t attack back. After getting his ‘licks’ in Novak turns back and rolls atop Liam looking to end the match.



Rose: DAMMIT! Again Gaul has saved Liam, I’m so sick and tired of this guy.

Chris gets up and again boots Gaul, this time square in the jaw before turning back to Liam, the MU Punk rolls the Purple Wonder into the ring then goes hunting under the ring again. In the ring Liam gets to his feet and hits the ropes and just as Novak stands up with another chair in hand the Dangerous One slides kicking it into the face of the Hardcore Champion.

Mark Sanction: That focus we talked about seems to have gone …

Rose: Novak didn’t prepare for Liam, that’s why this entire thing has completely ruined any game plan he could have possibly had.

Liam slowly rolls out of the ring and then tosses Novak back in. The Dangerous One slithers in after the Hardcore Champion and waits as he slowly starts back up to his feet, as Novak plants one foot though Liam charges over, he plants a foot on Novak’s knee before leaping and flailing his other leg full force driving the point of his knee into the skull of the Champion with his patented finisher the DanJa Vu. There is no waiting around as he falls atop Novak and waits as Kirk counts.




There is a look of shock on Liam’s face, he really didn’t expect Novak to get free. He pushes himself to his knees then to his feet looking down at Chris before screaming.


Liam’s last ditch effort is to reach down and lace Novak’s legs before turning him over into the Two Turn Solution, Liam’s own version of the Sharpshooter. The pain is more than evident on Novak’s face as he screams and reaches out for any kind of salvation. The Hardcore Champion does all he can to crawl towards the ropes.


Novak refuses to give up and reaches out and finally manages to grab hold of the ropes. In this situation though, a rope means nothing as there is no rules to break in a Hardcore Match. Samson explains to Novak and continues to ask if he will give it in.


Rose: Come on Chris, this might have to be it.

Novak still refuses to give up and now claws and pulls himself under the ropes and out of the ring but Liam refuses to release the hold. With his free arm the Purple Wonder grabs hold of the second rope so that Novak can’t possibly force him off balance before telling Kirk to go check if he quits.

Mark Sanction: This is crazy Novak is now hanging out of the ring!

Rose: Novak just let it end.

Hanging upside down means the blood is rushing to Novak’s head and out through the cut over (well now under) his eye. The blood from Novak’s skull is now pooling under him as he hangs but he still refuses to give the match up. He continues to fight and claw pushing himself up as Kirk keeps asking him if he wants to continue. Novak continues to scream ‘NO’ even though he is clearly fading out of consciousness, then out of nowhere the huge size 13 boot of Sen Gaul flies into frame and collides with the temple of the Hardcore Champion perfectly.


Security rush from the backstage area, and learning from their mistakes last time there is easily twenty plus men, they drag Sen Gaul out of the arena, with the giant fighting the entire way.

Mark Sanction: Well it looks like that’s the last we will see of Gaul.

Rose: Good riddance.

In all the commotion Novak is still hanging from ringside in the grip of the Dangerous One, but he is completely motionless. Samson decides to check on him one more time as the pool of blood under his head is growing by the second. Under his breath Samson apologises to Novak before calling for the bell and ending the match.
Rose: No!

Liam finally lets go of Novak, and the now former Hardcore Champion’s limp body falls out of the ring to the arena floor as ‘A Box Full Of Sharp Object’s plays for the XWA Universe for the first time in a long old time. Samson calls for assistance for Novak as Liam screams to be given ‘HIS’ title.

Hana Ramierez: Ladies and gents, here is your winner and the new XWA Hardcore Champion … DANGER LIAM!!!

Mark Sanction: I can’t believe this has happened like this.

Samson finally climbs into the ring and hands Liam the belt before holding his arm in the air victorious.

Rose: I can’t believe Liam is taking so much pride in the way he has won this match. It’s disgusting.

Liam rolls out of the ring with his newly won title, not even looking at Novak who is now receiving medical attention at ringside as XWA Doomsday cuts to the next segment.
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Re: Doomsday: Chris Novak vs. Gain Dermal- HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby Novak84 » Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:24 am

Rose: Well here we go, The greatest Hardcore champion for a long time faces someone who does not deserve to face him. And the match has come way to early. Chris has lost his backup and does not look happy as he was coming out.

Sanction: Well the fans have already said that this match should be the 2nd main event, and should have been more entertaining than just this normal hardcore match.

Rose: Chris has earned his title. And when he sat here with us in Columbus, he talked about his love for the fans. But when we had to do what he was told to or lose his job, he looked not just in pain, from the attack by his stalker, who no one has done anything about, but like he did not want to be there.

Sanction: I know you and Novak are good friends, and it shows, but you have to try and not rock the boat.

Rose: I’m just being honest.

The Dope Show erupts to a chorus of boos and you’re not worthy chants. Gain ignores the chants as he marches towards the ring. He slides under the rope and stands by the far left turnbuckle waiting for the champion to enter. But Gain’s face is drawn to the tron as a video begins to play.

The video shows Gain’s path to the match he is about to have. From the attack on Novak’s title which lead to the attack during the match, thought Sen’s attack on Novak which gave him his shot at the belt. A slight smile can be seen under the mask of Gain. He seems ready for the the impending match more now.

The lights shut off and another song begins.

A video showing Novak’s path from keeping his title at lord of the Ring, the assault of his stalker after that match, which left him injured and on commentary for a week. The attack from Sen and his match against rated X with Trace. Towards the end the words, ‘I came for the fans, I fight for the Fans, I die for the fans’. These words make the fans stand up and start shouting ‘Please don’t go, Please don’t go.’

The fans await for the lights of the arena to come on again and Hall of Fame to start playing. But instead a single light comes on and a man with long hair stands on the stage.

Rose: Holy shit, is that, it can’t be, but it looks like, it is. It’s Bruce Dickinson.

Another song erupts out of the speakers.

As Iron Maiden performs Can I Play with Madness live, The Crowd of Chicago scream in delight as Novak enters the arena. He walks down the ramp, looking far from happy. He holds his title with pride. He walks round the ring and towards Rose, he hands his pride and joy to him, Rose stands up and puts his arm around his friend. He says to him not to leave. But Novak says back towards him, that he feels he doesn’t have a choice. He takes his Manchester United shirt off, folding it he places it on the empty chair next to Rose. He looks out to the crowd, mouthing ‘Thank You’ as he walks round the ring, climbing the ring stairs and climbing into the ring.

Sanction: This does not look good for the fans of Novak, His body language is just saying that this will be his last XWA match.

Rose: But if Gain thinks he will get it easy he is wrong. Chris will go out fighting.

The ref calls for the bell, and Novak, Just lies down. The whole arena, including Gain himself is in shock. Is Novak just giving up?

Rose: Chris no, not like this, please, Stand up.

Gain moves slowly towards Novak, Who has not moved from his position. The mysterious superstar cracks a smile as he thinks he will be champion without breaking a sweat. He goes down to make the pin, but Novak shocks him and makes a quick roll up pin. The ref doesn’t even hits the mat before Gain kicks out, but Novak was not going for the pin, He was just trying to take Gain off his game plan. And it worked. Gain makes a determined charge, but in his eagerness he doesn’t notice till too late that Novak has dropped the top rope and the masked superstar falls into the trap. Landing on his feet he steadies himself before turning round and seeing Novak’s feet fly towards his chest from a well thought out baseball slide. Novak’s momentum makes him slide out of the ring but he doesn’t stop and goes for another assault on his foe.

Sanction: Novak is really going for it here. All that aggression of being ‘ignored’ by the bosses of XWA is being let out.

Rose: But that could also be a downside. Chris is better placed when he has his sister or Manager at ringside. Without them, he loses a touch of control over his actions.

Sanction: Novak has started well, he has to keep it up and not let Gain get back into the match.

The action continues on the outside as the leader of Hardcore Madness Irish whips his victim into the barricade to the joy of the XWA universe. He screams that this is what Gain wanted. He even calls for some of his fans to attack Gain.

Sanction: I think Novak is trying to ignite a riot. He is really showing the bosses what he thinks of their product. He is literally giving the match to the fans.

Rose: This is exactly what I meant before. With Pain and Kimi, Chris has no controlling aspect. But maybe Gain should have accepted the match Novak proposed, rather than moaning like a little girl.

Some of the XWA fans that have packed the arena are attempting to throw punches at Dermal. The masked one can do nothing but dodge the assault from the fans. Chris gets a fan to give him his chair, and unblinking he watches his pray. Slowly he stalks holding his weapon and goes for the swing. But Dermal in a final ditch move dropkicks the chair into Novak’s own face. He crawls on the floor towards the ramp, creating the distance between him and his attacker, as well keeping distance from fans. He looks up at the stage, screaming into the thin air, about how the bosses are letting this happen. The fans don’t help with a ‘you’re not worthy’ chant.

Rose: What has Chris done? I know it’s about making the fans feel a part of this, but some are even throwing their Slurpee cups at Gain.

Sanction: I think this is finally Novak as a broken man. Gain has taken his controlling aspect, like you said yourself, and he is now finding out what happens when you make him angry.

Rose: Gain is also without his back up. Chris is loved by the fans; they don’t want him to leave. And it seems that they will fight for him like he has for them.

Gain only sees one way out, he starts to move up the ramp. The fans start screaming at him to run away. Novak has got to his feet and drags himself to the side of the ring. Gain looks over his shoulder; he sees a chance to get the match on his terms at last. He charges at full speed, grabbing the champion he slams him into the side of the ring. The fans reel back in shock. Gain smiles, mouthing towards the crowd how their hero is down. He picks up the chair that Novak had tried to use on him, and slams it down onto Novak’s back. Novak winches in pain, as finally Gain is in the match.

Rose: Chris has lost his way a little now. Pain would be screaming at him to get his head in the game.

Sanction: Novak is angry at how things have gone recently. But he has to think about winning the match, not just taking his frustration out on his opponent. Gain is not a jobber here, he is a valid challenger.

Rose: Even though he cheated week in and week out to get where he is now.

Gain drags Novak to his feet, just after he has slide the chair into the ring. Novak looks a little dizzy as the masked challenger rolls him into the ring. Gain follows Novak in to the canvas square. Placing the chair in the centre of the ring, he drags Novak up, and with a falling action he drives the English superstar’s head into the steal, performing DDT to the chair. Gain goes for the cover.



The ref only just hits the 2 count as Novak’s shoulder shoots up.

Rose: Woo, Chris was nearly out and a former champion there.

Sanction: Novak is lucky but if Gain continues his assault, can he really keep his hands on his title.

Gain starts an assault on the head and chest of Novak, while the screen splits.

Rose: Look at how Chris started this match, he tricked Gain and took him off his game plan.

The scene shows Novak’s fake out and the baseball slide.

Sanction: But after a failed attempt chair shot, Gain got the upper hand.

The scene this time shows Gain dropping kicking the chair into Novak, the slam into the side of the ring and the Chair DDT.

Rose: Chris needs to get back into this match, and fast.

Gain gets off Novak, and spreading his arms out, he shouts with joy as he seems to be going on and getting the win. He drags his pray back to his feet, applying a sort of lock while he is doing this, forcing more pain onto his Manchester born opponent. With an evil smile he slams Novak once again into the mat with his double undercut and body scissors combination. He looks out at the crowd, laughing at them and the fallen Novak.

Gain: Look at your Hero, Look at him. He is nothing, he is beaten. No friends, No success.

Gain picks up the chair he used before and slams it into Novak, over and over again. He eyes nearly popping out of his head in determination. After the steal chair is bent beyond use he throws it away, like discarded rubbish.

Rose: It looks like Chris is out of this, he is being assaulted here.

Sanction: I can see your itching to get in there, to help your friend out.

Rose: I can’t give that piece of shit any excuses. I just have to pray that Chris can get back into this.

Gain goes for the pin again.




Not quite. Novak gets his shoulder up, breaking Gain’s pin attempt. The masked challenger to Novak’s prized belt is in shock.

Rose: Come on. Chris still has fight in him. It will take a lot to get rid of it. He is a champion for a reason.

Sanction: Your prayers were answered partner.

Rose: Chris might have escaped the loss just now. But can he survive much longer.

Sanction: Only one way to find out, we are staying all the way though this match, no interruptions.

Gain looks pissed off. Screaming at the Madman from Manchester to just stay down. The fans start a ‘Manchester, Manchester, Manchester’ chant. This just seems to anger Gain more. He gets out of the ring, and grabs 2 kendo sticks out from under the ring. Throwing one in the ring, he keeps hold of one of his weapons as he gets back in the ring. He lifts the stick high above his head. He grinds his teeth as he swings the stick towards Novak.

Sanction: Holy shit. Did you just see that?

Rose: I saw it, but I can’t believe it.

The screen once again goes to split screen as it shows that at the very last second of gain’s swing with the stick. Novak’s hand shoots up, and grabs the swing. His other hand clenches into a fist and powers into the crotch of dermal in slow motion.

Rose: Chris is back.

The insane army grand marshal sits up. He kept hold of the weapon that Gain tried to use on himself. Gain is on his knees nearly in tears as he holds his nuts, after Novak’s fist blasted into them. Novak does not let him get back into this match. Standing up, still a little shaky, he swings the stick, smashing the wood into Gain’s face. Novak breathes heavy, the attack before definitely took its toll. He leans against the ring ropes, using the break to catch his breath.

Sanction: Novak might have got a nice break there, but he is still suffering.

Rose: I feel Chris knows that he is in for a long one here. He has to keep going.

Sanction: He also needs to keep the oxygen in his lungs.

Rose: I know that. But Chris has always been the guy to run on adrenaline alone. Maybe all of this stress he has suffered has caught up with him.

Chris shakes his head, he grabs the legs of Gain, showing signs as he crosses the legs that he going for a straight jacket attempt. Novak drags Gain into position. But his eyes look a little dazed. The fatigue can be seen as grimaces to get himself in the comfortable position he has for the hold. His right shoulder twinges. Being the first time he has attempted the move since his stalker assaulted him, dislocating his shoulder, a sign of weakness has made itself clear.

Rose: Chris is fighting not just Gain, but his old injuries.

Sanction: He needs to hide these weaknesses. He can’t let Gain have an advantage.

Rose: Chris knows how to control a match; he has won matches with injuries a million times before.

Sanction: He is going to need to control this one.

The submission move, while not perfectly locked in, is making its impact. Gain scrambles for a rope, even though grabbing it would not force the hold to break, it might relive the pressure Novak is inflicting. Novak takes a deep breath and really forces the application of the move. Gain’s hands start scratching at the canvas, the desperation of wanting out of the move shines like a beacon. He masked menace reaches out for a rope, but Novak, with a little stumble on his left leg, pulls Dermal away from the rope, situating him in dead centre.

Sanction: Look at Novak fighting now, but the assault has took his toll. He needs this match over with sooner rather than later.

Rose: I don’t think Gain can hold on too much longer. But Chris is looking a little shaky here. He is blinking a lot.

Sanction: Novak is showing signs that he might be struggling to keep the hold locked.

The commenter’s words couldn’t be truer. Novak’s right shoulder drops a little, and his grip slightly loosens. Gain sees a gap, and manages to get his left foot free, and makes a quick stabbing kick to Novak’s chin. Novak is rocked and drops Gain. The masked one scrambles away like a rat. Making the distance he so desperately needs. The champion holds his jaw, seething that he let his hold slip. Gain drags himself to his feet, but Novak charges and clothesline Gain over the top rope. Following him over the top, Novak positions himself to land with a punch to gain’s head.

Rose: Novak is still on the upper hand, even after his move failed to end the match, he went straight back into the action.

Novak hobbles and leans against the barrier. He clutches his left ankle.

Sanction: Looks like Novak is suffering. That bad left ankle of his is showing its face.

The madman from Manchester puts weight on his ankle. A split screen shows that as he went over the rope, his ankle hit the side of the ring.

Rose: That does not look good. Chris has twisted, broken and torn that ankle a lot. Too much impact on it could leave him on the permanent injury list. It’s also his standing leg for the Manchester kiss.

Sanction: Novak is a fighter. But if that ankle gets any worse, his fight will be short lived.

The Judy Dench of XWA stands looking at his foe on the floor, he looks with distain. He looks like he does not care about coming out as hardcore champion, he just wants to end not just the carer, but the life of Gain Dermal. He runs his hands though his hair and with a limp he goes under the ring, routeing for the way to end things, once and for all. He drags out a sledgehammer. He looks dazed by the weapon, stroking the head. He looks down towards Gain, and while mouthing not yet, he places the hammer in the ring. He drags out 2 chairs. He places one on the floor, near his prays head. He drags Gain onto the chair. He holds the other chair above his head, he screams at the crowd, ‘should I do it, should I cave in his skull’. The crowd scream back yes, if there were any against the assault, they could not be heard. He screams out his catchphrase as he swings the chair he is holding, towards the skull of gain Dermal, which is placed on top of a another chair, making all the signs needed for the execution of a one man con-chair-to.

Rose: This match is insane, it’s really heating up now.

Sanction: Both men will just not give up.

The sound of metal on metal is only drowned out by the sound of anger coming out of Novak’s mouth. Gain was able to move his head out of the way at the last second, meaning Novak’s assault was never finished. The masked one slides like a snake away from the angry Mancunican. In his anger Novak kicks the chair on the floor away with his bad ankle, making him fall to the floor in pain.

Rose: Shit, Chris looks angry and in pain. A very dangerous mix. The distance Gain has made might be an advantage to him, for now.

Sanction: The advantage can also be given to Novak here. It gives that injured ankle of his a short time to heal. For the pain to subside.

Rose: If Gain really does know how to face Chris, like he acts like he does, he wouldn’t be giving him this much space.

The masked warrior known as Gain Dermal, drags himself to his feet. Leaning on the barricade he looks at a kid wearing the Hardcore Madness boddingtons shirt. He swears at the child, making the farther get into Gain’s face. The pair start to argue, letting Novak attempt a sneak attack. But gain expected the attack. With a dive to the side, he force’s Novak to go full force into the barricade himself.

Sanction: these two have gone from one side of the ring to the other.

Rose: Chris just wants to kill Gain here. He is not thinking about his own safety. Get your head into the fucking game.

As Rose stands up to scream his instruction towards his friend. Gain smiles, using the ring steps to get to his feet, he reaches onto the canvas and retrieves the other kendo stick. He looks at Novak, still on the ground, clutching his left ankle again. Dermal starts to tap the stick against the ring. Calling Novak’s name, he waits, wanting to smash the teeth out of his foe’s mouth. Novak drags himself to his feet, using the barricade to steady himself. He does nothing to hide his anger and distain towards Gain. He holds his middle finger up towards Gain. This just pisses the masked challenger off. He shouts that Novak should learn some respect. He goes on the assault, swinging the stick at Novak, he misses after Novak manages to duck out of the way. Gain goes again, slicing downwards, but again he misses as Novak, leaps the barrier, only using his right leg to spring himself. The stick Gain used splinters and cracks from the impact on the barricade. Novak grabs the masked head of Dermal and drives it with force hard onto the barricade. Gain slumps backwards, grabbing his face, screaming in agony. Novak smiles, he slicks his lips in pride while his people pat him on the back.

Sanction: Looks like the fans are loving Novak here.

Rose: He needs to get back into Gain’s face, he needs to finish this.

Novak climbs back over the barricade. His eyes fixed on his masked opponent. But before he can attack Gain, his attention is took away towards the stage. Sen Gaul has appeared.

Rose: Does he not care about his job?

Novak smiles, sticking his right hand out he makes a gesture not dis similar to the Rock’s just bring it one. The monster doesn’t move. Novak hollers at him, asking him why he does not care about his boss. Novak kicks gain in the chest with his bad leg. Gaul makes a small movement, only putting one foot forward. Novak smiles, making it clear that unless he can stop him, unless he is willing to lose his job, his boss, his friend, Gain Dermal will lose his life. Sen again only moves one foot forward. Novak looks pissed.

Rose: Forget him Chris, Focus on Gain. Finish the dam match.

Novak does not hear his friend’s pleadings. He moves towards the monster. Calling him a coward. The crowd start to make chicken sounds. The monster just surveys the crowd, before returning his glare towards the champion. Novak shows his anger, calling him out, pointing out his injuries. Saying what’s the point of his job here if Gain is unable to ever wrestle again.

Sanction: Without getting involved in this match, Sen is taking Novak out of this match.

Rose: Chris has lost his focus. He sees the thing that took his family out.

Sanction: Now we don’t know that.

Rose: Fuck me, don’t be naive. Who else was it?

Novak starts beating his chest. Shouting come on, come on. Finish the job. He finally starts to lose it. He has forgotten about Gain. The masked challenger to the hardcore title slowly rises to his feet. He sees Novak baying for an attack from his bodyguard. He moves slowly. Seeing his boss move towards Novak, Sen Takes two more steps towards Novak. The packed arena starts screaming for Novak to turn round, but their request falls on death ears.

Rose: Chris, turn the fuck round.

Novak does not hear. The distraction that Gaul tried to create worked, and a revived Gain Irish whips the madman from Manchester into the turnbuckle, the sound of Novak’s skull bouncing off the metal pole seems to echo around the arena, as the impact, for what feels like minutes but was most probably seconds, silences the crowd. The force of the impact also splits Novak’s head open. Gain grabs Novak, before he hits the floor, he just laughs in his face, asking where his precious family are now. Dermal uppercuts Novak. The manc just slumps to the ground, almost motionless.

Sanction: Let’s see that again.

A split screen shows the Irish whip. The impact of Novak’s skull into the turnbuckle and the upper cut.

Rose: I hope Chris is ok. That impact has took out bigger men.

He drags Novak around the ring, towards the chair that is lying on the ground. He drops the body of his foe onto the steal weapon; he smiles as he picks up the second chair. With a look in his eyes that only says that he is going to do to Novak what he wanted to do to him. He lifts the chair over his head. His eyes near pop out of his head as the chair flies over his own head and connects with Novak’s. Gain does what Novak couldn’t. He performed a one man Con-chair-to. He looks out at the crowd, smiling as he does. He seems to ask them all, who is not worthy now. He slams the chair again. Gain smiles as Novak, like his sister earlier, is motionless.

Rose: This is sick. He is just punishing Chris here.

Sanction: Well can you blame him? Novak was doing the same to him.

Gain picks up the copse like Novak. He lifts him up and drops him onto the barrier. Before Novak can hit the floor Gain grabs him. He whips him into the ring side. The masked menace grabs Novak by the hair, throwing him into the ring. Gain has a swagger in his step as he walks up the ring steps.

Sanction: Gain knows this match is his to win. But he wants to embarrass Novak here.

Rose: It’s not right. He never earned this shot, he used his monster to beat Chris up.

Gain climbs back in the ring. He walks around the fallen body of Novak. The blood from the leader of hardcore madness’ cut forehead has left a trail. The masked one kneels down towards Chris, he pushes him over and covers him.




Novak’s shoulder gets up.

Rose: Chris has a little fight left.

Sanction: How much can he have left?

Rose: I hope he just has enough.

Gain smiles. Tutting he starts to smirk. He runs towards the rope, bouncing off it he performs a lionsault. The impact makes all four of Novak’s limbs jolt up. Gain seems to like the way it looked so he does it again.

Rose: I wish someone would just stop this.

Sanction: Gain is like a cat with a mouse. He is just playing with Novak now.

Rose: I hate to say this but soon we might have call this animal our hardcore champion.

The crimson on Novak hides his face, he begins to not look like himself. Gain stands looking down on the blood he has forced from Novak’s head. He drags him to his feet , calling him worthless, gain plants Novak to the mat with a dragon whip. He looks to his left and sees the sledge hammer on the floor. He picks it up.

Gain: were you going to use this on me?

He leans against the turnbuckle to his left.

Gain: Were you going to hit me with this hammer? Stand up you worthless shit.

Novak doesn’t move.

Gain: Come on Novak, come on champ. Stand up, take your punishment.

Novak still does not move.

Gain: Hey madman, get on your fucking feet.

Novak twitches.

Gain: that’s it, come on. Come on. You wanted this Novak, you wanted me. You wanted me to say those words, those words that haunt you every day.

Novak’s left arm seems to reach up into the sky, as he rolls onto his side. He looks at Gain waiting in the corner. He moves his head round and sees Gaul, at the top of the ramp. Just waiting. He seems to mouth fuck it as he rolls onto his stomach.

Gain: Hey Christopher, guess what…..

Novak gets onto his feet.

Gain:…..Christopher, I’m better than you.

Gain moves. But his words seem to make Rose stand up.

Rose: No fucking way. It can’t be.

Gain goes into the swing, trying to force the head of the hammer into Novak's ribs. But The Madman from Manchester dodges the move last minute. He now stands behind Gain. Novak does let the chance slip. He grabs hold of Gain from behind bringing his knees into Gain’s back. The Backstabber style move makes it mark. Novak stands up, breathing heavy he turns towards Rose and sanction.

Novak: That’s what you call the City Killer.

Novak turns back towards Gain, but instead finds himself in Gaul’s hands. The monster does not waste his chance. He fallaway slams Novak into the mat. An army of security march their way towards Sen. The monster looks set to fight the team off, but after one more look at Novak, he leaves the ring, a smile on his face. His job is done tonight.

Rose: Not like this, not like this.

Gain slides on his belly, looking to make the pin.




Novak gets his shoulder up. Gain rolls off. He struggles to breathe. Or even believe that even after all that has happened to his enemy, he still can’t get the 3 count. Novak lies on his back. Mouthing something, at first his lips seem unreadable. Then a few words can be picked up. Then clear as anything, Novak seems to be saying a mantra. When all seems lost, always keep the faith, 26 05 99. Over and over again he says it. He then sits up.

Rose: Come on Chris, come on.

Sanction: How is he still fighting?

Rose: He just won’t quit. That’s why the universe loves him.

Chris can’t sit up for too long, but he drags himself on his back towards a turnbuckle. Using the ropes he drags himself onto his feet. He climbs the turnbuckle. Smiling as the crowd scream out ‘GLORY, GLORY, MAN UTD’ he launches into the MU splash. Novak, using his momentum gets back on his feet. He smiles as he launches that index finger in the air.

Rose: He’s gonna do it. He is gonna do it. You cannot, you will not kill Novak.

Sanction: Tonight, I have to admit, you are right.

Novak drags gain to his feet and plants his foot into Gain’s chest. After he drags Gain’s chin onto His own shoulder, Novak expertly take’s Gain out with the 1 more thing.




Rose: He has done it. Chris is still the XWA Hardcore Champion.

Sanction: No one can doubt his sprit tonight.

The ref retrieves the belt from Rose, who is more than happy to hand it over so Novak can lift it again. Novak takes his title back holding it aloft. He mouths to crowd, one last thing to do. He grabs hold of the fabric that makes up Gain’s mask. Dragging it off, Novak stumbles back in shock.

Sanction: Holy shit, is that…..

Rose:…Danger Liam.

Novak can’t believe it. He drops his title and the mask. Picking up the hammer he turns back to his old enemy. He mouths who’s better now. He holds the hammer high above him, ready to slam it into Liam’s skull, a crackle of headphones lets the world know that Rose has left his desk. The former XWA Champion stops Novak from causing permanent damage to Liam. He hands Novak back his title, and tells him to check on Pain and Kimi and to leave Liam for another day. Novak walks back up the ramp, holding his belt, knowing that all the pain, all the mental trauma, was caused by the only man to ever get into Novak’s mind. The Old enemy himself. Danger Liam.

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Re: Doomsday: Chris Novak vs. Gain Dermal- HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby Dysfunctional » Wed Sep 25, 2013 8:24 pm

Both matches seem to be doing kinda the same thing...going the same angle with the reveal and the Sen Gaul appearance and whatnot, but I must say that I liked Gain's/Liam's version better. Here's why:

For starters, it started it off with the BANG! Like, right off the back with the pre-match attack from Novak, showing us how pissed off he was that this could very-well be his last match, and he ain't waiting til entrances are made. Another similarity I saw was the fan interaction. In Novak's post, he had fans attacking Gain/Liam while in Gain/Liam's post, we had fans shopping for merch get a up-and-close view of the action. I also liked how they didn't really lay hands on either man as they know better than that. Personally, I liked the fight being taken into the kitchen in Gain/Liam's match -- another "taking it outside of the ring"-style match because it's hardcore and anything goes (that's how WWE did it, and that's what I liked about it. 'Takes me back....). It gave me a nostalgic feel, like I was watching Rock vs. Mankind on Heat, battling it out in kitchens and hospitality areas, where Mick was busy being thrown onto fully-heated ovens and getting a bag of french fries tossed into his face and shit. Anything goes in these types of matches, and I felt that Gain/Liam showed that in his post.

The part where Gain gets trapped in a cage and gets sent down the flight of stairs in the aisles of the arena was pretty comical to me aside from Gain pretty much chucking action figures at Novak to keep him at bay back when they were at the area where merchandise was being sold. Still, it's a hardcore match and ANYTHING can happen. The actual ring action was pretty decent on both parts. I felt like Gain/Liam's match had better pace and a better flow than Novak's. I could see what Novak was trying to do with his match, but it needed to be paced a little bit more as it felt kinda rushed for me (like, a lot was going on at once.). Also, I felt that the transition from Gain to Liam was brilliantly done by Gain/Liam and, for me, it served as an excellent turning point. Novak did the same thing, but that was after the match was finished and Gain was laid out. I felt like Gain/Liam did the reveal a lot better.

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Re: Doomsday: Chris Novak vs. Gain Dermal- HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby AlexSean » Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:23 pm

Good stuff mang. As per usual the formatting, overall presentation, grammar/spelling stuff was on point and if there were any formatting glitches or spelling errors, my dumb ass didn't catch 'em. As far as the match itself, the first half of this thing was just awesome. The pre-match video footage, announcers recap, and Dermal interview were not only entertaining but served to, if someone were reading this without having seen any of ya'll's storyline this far, completely set the stage and establish the villain and the hero of the piece. Once the action got started, it was both appropriate for the personal nature of their rivalry as well as being super duper fun stuff. The reveal of Liam was really well executed and once again through the announcers and your description, even someone who didn't know who Danger Liam was going in would have a clear picture of who he is, a brief rundown of his history, and some insight on the history between Novak and Liam in particular. I do feel that the second half felt a little rushed at parts where you could have gone in to a little more depth on the selling. I did feel though you did a great job of keeping the element of Novak bleeding alive and really characterizing how that would effect him which with the finish, was so essential to do. My personal favorite little thing in there was Liam mounting Novak and having a Batman/Mutant Leader moment which, as a total Batman mark and comic-reader, I got a big kick out of. Overall just a really fun match, super easy to read and entertaining the whole way through. Again, I did feel the latter portion could have been given some more depth in terms of selling but it would have only served to make an already very good match even better.

Not bad. The formatting was all spot-on and the match as a whole was very well presented. There were a couple of spelling errors which, hey, we're all guilty of and without the extension I'd have not had the chance to correct those myself on my match. My one major nit-pick though would be the constant use of "he" as a means of referring to the competitors with paragraphs that were literally like "he did this. He did that. He did this then he did that." which hurt the flow a bit. I felt you did a pretty good job setting the stage with the pre-match stuff establishing the feud as well as Novak's mindset coming in. I also thought the use of Iron Maiden playing Novak out was cool and added a bit of fun to the proceedings. Though kind of stilted at times, the commentary definitely served it's purpose for the most part in really crystalizing the tone of the action as well as fleshing out the psychology. The story of the match itself was pretty well-realized with my only real gripes having to do with the actual offense, specifically things like guys taking multiple conchairtos and not only kicking out but it not really being played up by the announcers as a big deal. I also think having Sen Gaul just randomly fallaway slam Novak with no consequence when the stipulation of the match is explicitly if he did so it'd result in Dermal being fired. Liam did also have Sen Gaul get involved which I thought was somewhat of a stretch but at least it was in the context of the official focusing on the submission hold applied to Novak whereas in your match he pretty much just interfered right in front of everyone. Overall I'd say as far as I've read this was one of your stronger efforts. It told an easy-to-follow, pretty good story that was more about characters than this move or that move. Not a flawless effort but I don't think I've seen the flawless match yet so I guess you're off the hook. I am voting for Liam's match as I was overall more entertained by it but don't be bummed; This match would get my vote against the majority of efforts.

VOTE: Gain Dermal/Danger Liam. Welcome back Mr. Cubes.

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Re: Doomsday: Chris Novak vs. Gain Dermal- HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby DJS » Sat Sep 28, 2013 12:12 pm

I wish more people had voted on this, honestly.

Anyroad, winner and NEW Hardcore Champion, it's Gain, Danger Liam.
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Re: Doomsday: Chris Novak vs. Gain Dermal- HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby Novak84 » Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:50 pm

Diamond Jack Sabbath wrote:I wish more people had voted on this, honestly.
It's a Novak match. No one cares.

Things that I learnt from this match.

1. No matter how hard I work on a character. It's ok for it to be ignored, and lose the fact that my char has to have his entrance. To feed off the fans. Oh well.

2. No matter how hard you try your best to overcome, my dyslexia will always hold me back. My spelling/grammar mistakes and the over use of words is cause I can't do it any other way.

Guess I got some hard decisions to make.
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Re: Doomsday: Chris Novak vs. Gain Dermal- HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby Dysfunctional » Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:54 pm

Dude, you're being much too hard on yourself. :|
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Re: Doomsday: Chris Novak vs. Gain Dermal- HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby AlexSean » Sat Sep 28, 2013 7:39 pm

Novak84 wrote:1. No matter how hard I work on a character. It's ok for it to be ignored, and lose the fact that my char has to have his entrance. To feed off the fans. Oh well.

2. No matter how hard you try your best to overcome, my dyslexia will always hold me back. My spelling/grammar mistakes and the over use of words is cause I can't do it any other way.

3. Take advice off Dan, you might lose. The use of Sen Gaul, the city killer and the idea that no matter what was inflicted on him Novak will kick out.

Guess I got some hard decisions to make.
Hey mang I think you're taking losing this match far too personally. Like I said in my review, your match was a very solid post and would have beaten most matches. Liam happened to post something that was very fun and had the advantage of the big reveal of his true identity. Your assertion that Novak's character was being ignored by him opting to jump Dermal before the match is understandable but ultimately man rules are made to be eventually broken. When you firmly establish something of a character, when that character deviates from that it creates an interesting dynamic of the situation causing a shift in said character's mindset which makes the match and the rivalry unique.

As far as the dyslexia, I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that it doesn't contribute because it's not something I have to deal with every day so I think it'd be arrogant to presume it wouldn't. I would also say reading your work and the sort of grammatical and wording issues present, it's certainly plausible that it does. Unfortunately holmie you have to recognize that people aren't going to rate your work on a different scale from anyone else's which maybe in the purest sense is unfair, but life isn't really fair so the notion of fairness in general is a false premise. That puts you in the unenviable position of having to be proactive about it and that likely requires more time devoted to proofreading. Most of those hiccups in your match could have easily been solved by a spellcheck/grammar-check run through on MS Word where it'll literally tell you every grammatical error in the body of writing and offer a suitable correction. You do that and then read over your work looking for those paragraphs that are "he did this then he did that then he did this" replacing the he's with names, nicknames, etc... And what you've done is through the editing process rendered that disability null. I don't mean to come off unsympathetic cos I feel for you on it but you seem to have a defeatist mentality when looking at the issue rather than taking the mindset of "how can I improve this?"

And finally I dunno if you're legitimately trying to like, vilify Dan for the match you wrote but that's a real cop-out and unfair to the dude. Maybe he gave you poor advice, maybe he didn't, but at the end of the day it's your work and you have to take other's opinions and filter them through your own personal instincts of what feels right. More importantly sometimes when writing a match you decide to go in a direction and to people it'll be seen as a misstep. It happens to everyone. The key is in objectively analyzing why people see it that way and deciding if you personally agree with their premise. Legendary said he thought my match against Trace had a weak finish. This viewpoint is based on his perspective of wrestling and he's entirely entitled to both have that opinion and, had he voted against me, vote against me because of it. Now personally, I don't agree with his premise as to both why it's a weak finish or that it's even a weak finish to begin with and rather I thought my finish was almost perfect (I coulda executed it better IMO). So I both understand and respect his opinion, I'm glad he gave it and I would want anyone who felt something was a misstep in my matches to point it out so I can decide for myself if I agree with the premise of their critique or not.

And just to touch on what you said specifically, the Sen Gaul interference was an issue for two reasons; One, the explicit stipulation of the match prevented him from getting involved in any way. If this were a real wrestling company, this match would have been sold to the viewers based on that premise and in theory those people would have bought this PPV because they knew when they paid their money they'd get a chance to see Gain Dermal have to reap what he's sewn without the big man's help. When you have that character get involved anyway, that's a slap in the face to the consumer because you sold them something on false pretenses. Now had you done this either when the referee was put out of position or knocked down, something of that nature, despite the fact that I would still say "well but everyone else in the world watching, including the powers that be, saw that happen so they should be able to honor the stip right then and there", I can at least suspend my disbelief enough to figure the ref is given full administrative control over the ring and thus if he personally does not see it, it doesn't count. You however had the interference happen literally right in front of the official which should have by the terms of the stip resulted in Gain being gone from the XWA immediately, so it's even more profound a slap to the face of the viewer. I should note too I criticized Liam for doing almost the same thing but at least he tried to cover it with the official being out of position. It wasn't a flawless explanation and the concept was still problematic but at least he tried to make it make sense.

Also, I can understand the idea of Novak being so driven that he just can't be put down no matter what Dermal does. It's a good foundation for a story of a wrestling match. The key to telling that story though is not jumping the shark on it and have him take so much offense that should literally result in being a hospital in-patient that it's devoid of logic. Now I can still even kind of give you a bit of a pass because you can always sort-of justify somebody getting their shoulder up at just the last second despite all odds. But here's the real kicker of the problem; When you drop a nuclear bomb on a guy and he kicks out, sure he kicked out but he still just got nuked. How can you then explain him not being completely unable to defend himself thereafter? Using my Trace match once again as an example, Sean hit Trace with the BOBG and Trace kicked out being the first man ever to do so. If I then just had Sean go right back on Trace and Trace not only continue to survive but rally back, THAT kills the move and makes absolutely zero sense. Instead, I had Sean first be so stunned and disheartened that he took at least a minute if not longer to even come back to reality. Then he gets on Trace on the ropes and gets pulled back creating more time. Then Trace hits him with the mist and there's the whole segment of Sean being blinded and in incredible pain followed by Bullseye washing his face and eyes which bought even more time. By the time Trace Demon actually managed to even stand, in real time it probably would have been like, five minutes from the point of Sean hitting the move to Trace being back to his feet and at that point Sean is both mostly blind and out of his mental zone. Ultimately, I would say the rule of thumb is this; Never pull out the "babyface kicks out of nuclear bomb" high spot unless you have a damn good way of justifying him not just getting killed right away thereafter.

And just one last note would be you're seemingly mad people didn't vote on your match when you didn't vote on a single other match this week. If there's anything I've learned about the XWA is a lot of it comes down to you get what you give. If you're not putting in your own time to read and vote on matches, don't you think it's kind of selfish to expect everyone else to vote on yours? I'm not saying you never vote and again I'm not posting this to be mean or diminutive, but you're taking things very personally and succumbing to some really negative thought patterns. That negativity only serves to diminish you as a person and as a writer, it contributes absolutely nothing. Life is not all a bouquet of roses and sometimes things don't go your way regardless of even your best efforts. If you allow this to overwhelm you then you're the one who's creating those problems, not the people who voted against you or the person who posted against you. Free your mind of petty gripes and consciously discipline yourself to have an objective and mindful view of things. I believe if you do this you will not only better as an e-fedder but also as a person.

Like I said dude, no beef and I'm posting this not to bring you down but to hopefully offer some perspective. I hope your spirits are lifted and I genuinely wish the best for you cos you seem like a nice enough guy as a whole.


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