XWA Genesis: Strange Bedfellows Tag Match

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Genesis developmental show!
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XWA Genesis: Strange Bedfellows Tag Match

Postby Trace » Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:31 am


XWA Genesis is taped in front of a live studio audience at the Genesis Studios in Chicago, Illinois

Strange Bedfellows Tag Team Match
Amethyst & Maxi Milan vs. Taylor Shaw & Creed
Word Limit: 4500

Deadline for matches is Wednesday November 13th at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.
Mentor's Voting will start at this time and conclude on Saturday, November 16th at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Genesis: Strange Bedfellows Tag Match

Postby Legendary » Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:05 pm

OOC: Putting something up. I'll be better prepared next week. Work's been hectic.

Maxi and Taylor stand across the ring from one another as Creed and Amethyst hang back in their respective corners. Maxi cuts to the middle while Shaw edges along the ropes, circling Milan. The blonde keeps in step with Shaw, never breaking his gaze until he finally shoots in for the clinch. Taylor ducks through into the waistlock before pulling back on the arm and switching into a side headlock. Maxi quickly drives the smaller man into the ropes before firing him off into the opposite set. Despite the size discrepancy, Maxi still utilizes his speed as he drops down. When Shaw rebounds again he posts up, hooking the arm and flipping him over with a hip toss. Taylor hits the canvas with thunderous authority but still bounces right back up, only to be taken over from the side headlock.

Maxi holds onto Shaw, laying across his chest to keep him riding between pinfall and wear-down submission. All Shaw can do is resist with a crossface, laying his forearm into the nose and eyes of Milan. The counter isn’t terribly effective but it does prompt The Prince of Perfection to switch up his holds, shifting his attention to Taylor’s offending left arm with an armbar as he leads him back to his feet. He drags him forward by the wrist, turning out with an arm wringer as he leads back into his corner. Amethyst tags himself in.

The XWA Genesis Champion steps through the ropes and with pin-point accuracy kicks Taylor right in his brachial plexus (under the armpit). Taylor falls against the ropes and the ninja takes advantage of the arm, pulling it behind Shaw’s back with a hammerlock. He leads him back to the center of the ring, riding the shoulder until Shaw reverses with one of his own; quickly transitioning into a headlock.

Like his partner, he easily backs The IED into the ropes and sends him packing. Unlike his partner, Taylor easily drops Amethyst with a shoulder tackle off the rebound. He hangs back, waiting for Ame to rise only to take him over with a headlock hip throw; mirroring Maxi’s technique from earlier. He hangs onto the neck but Amethyst counters, wrapping his seasoned and powerful legs around Shaw’s head and pulling him back into a headscissors. The number one contender feels the powerful legs of the champion cut off the supply of blood to his head and adjusts his position; turning over onto his head. He kicks his legs up, holding himself vertically in the headstand while Amethyst props himself up to block the jackknife. Expecting the pin reversal, The Master of Shadows is taken off guard as Taylor pushes off his thighs; prying his head free and popping up with a low dropkick to the chest.

Amethyst rolls away to a neutral corner, getting his first taste of the number one contender. Shaw on the other hand walks over and tags him Creed. As the Monster steps into the ring, Amethyst sprints to his corner and tags in Maxi Milan. Maxi stalls as he watches the champ cower to the floor, inviting Maxi into the ring, and Creed who looks at him like fresh meat.

Maxi enters the ring sly and cool as he confidently skips towards Creed. They lock up, jockeying for leverage as they circle around the ring. The two men, so close in height and weight, trade off the advantage until Maxi gets Creed into the corner. Marty steps in to administer the count, Milan breaking at three only to lunge in with an ill-fated haymaker that hits nothing and leaves him cornered as Creed ducks out of the way. He turns and Creed unleashes a brutal series of shoulder thrusts to the midsection; gutting him so deep Sara Jay would feel it. He pulls him out of the corner, setting up the Irish whip only to lay him out with a short-arm clothesline. Creed pulls The Prince up and sends him into the ropes, ducking forward as he comes in and puts him into the lights with a back body drop.

Maxi descends to the canvas with a loud crash before rolling to a neutral corner. He pulls himself up to a knee, appropriate considering he would start to beg as The Gatekeeper of Hell started to approach him. The unfeeling monster closes in on Maxi, the young man from Miami with nowhere to go. He grabs him by the hair and Maxi quickly counters with a carefully placed jab with his thumb right into the left eye.

Stopping dead in his tracks, Creed falls back; making it apparent to Marty what had happened. Even with the official admonishment, Maxi presses his ill-gained advantage by stomping on the back of Creed’s leg; dropping the powerhouse’s vertical base. He lays in with precise, balled fists to the lesser-protected parts of Creed’s head and face before locking in the front facelock and pulling him up to his feet. He pays special attention to his chin as he tows him to the middle of the ring. He wrenches Creed’s neck, turning with him into a hangman’s noose and falling back with a neckbreaker. He floats over for a cover, Marty getting into position but Creed gets the shoulder up. Maxi sits The Killer up and secures the reverse chinlock while Amethyst begs for the tag.

Maxi takes control of Creed’s arm, barring it as he pulls him up and walks back to his corner for the tag. Amethyst comes in and goes after the leg of Creed with a powerful kick; sending two more after the first to keep the big man at bay. Amethyst keeps on Creed, using his quick jabs and low kicks to keep the big guy on defense and eventually backing him into the ropes. He takes hold of the wrist and attempts an Irish whip but Creed holds his ground. He tries again with the same result. He tries a third and Creed pulls him in with one arm, ducking down to dump him over the ropes. The nimble champion lands on the apron however and quickly tags The Freddy Krueger of XWA with a rope-hold enzuigiri.

The shot makes Creed’s ears ring a little as he stumbles out to the center of the ring and Amethyst slips back in. He times his approach, waiting until the Monster is facing at just the right angle before crossing his feet and spinning through with the Buzzsaw Shadow Strike. He whips his leg around like a tornado, using his whole body to whip into Creed but the big man catches him like a small child.

Creed holds him in a scoop before heaving him up into a fireman’s carry but even that doesn’t last long as he clutches the throat and grabs the back of Amethyst’s pants through his legs. He presses him over his head, parading him around before dumping him over head-over-heels and letting him splat to the canvas.

With gravity doing all the work, Creed is still fresh while Ame feels like he just went through a car-wreck. There’s no rest for the wicked or the XWA Genesis champion for that matter though and Creed pulls him up to his feet. He backs him into the ropes and sends him across the ring, ducking down early. As Amethyst hits the ropes on the rebound, Maxi tags himself in. The Master of Shadows keeps on in, jumping into Creed with a Bicycle Kick to the jaw of his doubled over opponent. The shot sends Creed upright but angry, facing down the champ who just met him with a kick to the face; Maxi slips in behind The Abysmal Monster. Creed swings with a wild clothesline and Amethyst ducks; scurrying out of the ring as fast as he can while Creed turns and just gets floored with the Thousand Mile Kick. Maxi goes for the cover.



Creed gets the shoulder up!

Maxi protests the call but it stands. Milan looks back at Creed as he tries to stand and he stomps over to him. He stands over him and stomps on his shoulder and his ribs before flipping him over onto his stomach. He plops down on Creeds lower back and grabs his arms, pulling them back over his knees before lacing his fingers over his chin and pulling back with the Camel Clutch.

Shaw holds his hand out for his partner, begging for him to get to the ropes or better yet get the tag. The cheering section from both the Genesis Arena and his corner sees Creed start to ignore the backbreaking submission and fight his way out. He gets his arms back over from over Maxi’s legs and starts to push up under him; forcing Milan to transition into a sleeper hold. Even with both men so close in size, Creed’s power is still a feat. He gets a foot under himself before standing with Milan hanging onto his back like a baby spider monkey. Creed reaches back and grabs a handful of hair before pulling Maxi over his shoulder. Milan tries to resist but before he knows it he’s set up for a running powerslam. Creed takes a few steps back towards a neutral corner before stampeding out to the center of the ring and planting Maxi into the canvas.

The two lay on the ground looking up at the lights while Marty starts the count. Maxi, winded from having the air taken out of him on the powerslam and Creed from a combination of the Camel Clutch and having Maxi piggy back on him. In either corner, the champion and the number one contender are ecstatic; calling for their respective partners to make the tag. Marty starts the count.


Creed rolls onto his side and starts to inch towards Taylor while Maxi does the same. Both Amethyst and Shaw anxious to get into the ring while their respective partners agonizingly inch towards them.


Creed moves a little slower having had his lower back worked over but Maxi is rattled. They’re both within reach, fingertips away from their partners. Maxi gives a final lunge, tagging in Amethyst but Creed tags in Shaw. Both men rush into the ring.

Taylor ducks Amethyst’s clothesline attempt, hitting the ropes and flooring him with a forearm off the rebound. As Maxi struggles to pull himself up in the corner, Taylor nails him with a right hand to the jaw and knocks him back down. Amethyst pops back up following the knockdown, turning right towards Shaw as he nails the step-up enzuigiri. Ame rolls away from Shaw, allowing him to focus back on Milan as he rises in the corner. Shaw sprints in, diving at him with a knee and nailing him under the chin. The IED shoves Maxi out and elevates himself onto the middle rope. When The Prince of Perfection turns, Shaw dives off, flying over Maxi with a sunset flip. He pulls him down and the nimble Floridian rolls through to his feet, unaware of the set-up as Taylor rocks back and snags him around the neck off the kip-up to a rana; flinging Maxi throat first into the middle rope.

Maxi’s throat hits the cable and he immediately rolls out of the ring to regain his composure. Shaw circles Amethyst as he starts to rise, hanging back in the corner. Once the champ turns to him, Taylor lunges in with a side kick to the gut. Shaw turns back to the corner and hops on the middle rope, springing back and catching The Master of Shadows with a diving cutter off the middle rope. Amethyst’s neck and face take the brunt of the impact; Shaw again rolling away to create distance while Ame rolls to the ropes to pull himself up. The Genesis champion stumbles back as Taylor charges in at him; timing it so he’s dropkicking him back into the turnbuckles as he turns around.

Amethyst hits the turnbuckles with authority and bounces off; giving Shaw a perfect set up for the Shawshank elbow drop. Just as he rolls under the ropes, Maxi pulls his partner out of the ring to safety. Shaw rolls back into the ring, Maxi and Amethyst regrouping and coming up with a strategy with their backs to the ring. Taylor looks over at Creed, who is now up and alert. He gets his attention as he throws himself into the ropes, The Killer slapping his partner on the back as he bounces off. Shaw charges towards his opposition, jumping up and kicking his legs over the ropes as he turns and flips; landing on Maxi and Amethyst with the Tiger Sault.

Creed enters the ring, patiently waiting to finish the match. Taylor grabs the legal man, Amethyst in this case, and rolls him into the ring while he focuses on keeping Maxi at bay with a front facelock on the floor. While Amethyst haplessly wanders over to Creed’s boot to the midsection, Maxi fights back against Shaw. Creed pulls the champ into a standing headscissors and Milan drop toe holds Taylor into the ring steps. Creed lifts Amethyst up, lacing his arm through his legs with a cradle and sits out with the Abysmal Plunge! He covers!



Maxi breaks it up with an ax handle to the back!

Milan keeps the pressure on Creed, stomping away on him while Amethyst lays on the canvas out cold. Marty Brooks intervenes, sending Milan back to his corner but not before Maxi can drag Amethyst into their corner by his wrist. Once he steps back through the ropes, he tags himself in as a formality before returning to his post of kicking Creed while he’s down.

Maxi pulls Creed up and backs him into the corner before mounting the middle turnbuckle, standing over Creed as he measures closed fists to the unprotected jaw of The Abysmal Monster. The ref counts along.






Creed comes back from the dead, as horror villains tend to do, and hooks Milan behind the knees. He walks him out of the corner, coming to the center of the ring before dropping him taint-first onto his knee. Maxi stumbles back, holding his nether-regions as Creed runs past him to the ropes. Milan thinks fast and does a drop down as The Killer comes in. He pops up as Creed rebounds and hits him with Showing Off, backflipping off the dropkick to the chin.

Creed lays prone in the center of the ring as Maxi walks over to the corner. He steps through the ropes and climbs up top, standing tall before diving off with the diving elbow he calls From Paris to Milan. He aims his elbow right at the black heart of Creed, driving it in and staying on for the cover.



...Kick out!

Maxi looks at Marty Brooks utterly incensed. Taylor has moved back to his corner, shaking off the toe hold takedown into the ring steps as he rallies behind his partner. Maxi sees him and gestures towards the belt, informing Shaw that he’s “next” and not Taylor. Taylor responds, drawing the ire of Milan who gets up and walks over to Shaw before shoving his face. Marty blocks Shaw from entering the ring, providing ample distraction as he returns to Creed and just like one of his horror movie monsters, wraps his hands around Creed’s throat; choking the life out of him like a banker near climax.

Milan lets go before Marty returns his attention to the action and Maxi pulls Creed up. He ducks down, hooking The Gatekeeper’s leg as he lifts him into the fireman’s carry. Maxi looks right at Shaw with Creed in position for the MAXImum Ride. But just as he’s about to throw him forward, Creed slips out the back. He grabs Maxi by his tights and hair, swinging him around before tossing him towards Taylor’s side of the ring. Maxi stumbles forward, nearly slipping through the ropes had it not been for Shaw slingshotting up in the air and coming back down with a guillotine rocker dropper.

Maxi’s throat bounces off the middle rope for the second time in the match but this time he stands upright. He stumbles back, haphazardly turning into Creed who scoops him up and plants him with a spinning spinebuster. He floats into the cover.



Amethyst breaks the count!

Marty sends Ame back into his corner as Creed pulls Maxi up again. Taylor shouts to his partner, begging for the tag but Creed ignores him. He sets up for the Abysmal Plunge, straddling Maxi’s neck. Just as he’s about to lift, Shaw steps on the middle rope, reaching way into the ring and tagging himself in.

Creed looks completely bemused as Shaw enters the ring, Taylor running past him and kicking Maxi in the side whilst he was still doubled over. Creed isn’t having it though, turning Shaw around to cuss him out for the blind tag. Shaw argues back, unaware of Maxi’s recovery. He turns Shaw around and immediately lifts him across his shoulders; tossing him forward and nailing him with the knee off the MAXImum Ride. Shaw collapses and Maxi goes for the pin while Creed just watches. Allowing it to happen.




The winners of the match, Amethyst and Maxi Milan.

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