XWA Genesis: Amethyst vs. James O'Sullivan

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Genesis developmental show!
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XWA Genesis: Amethyst vs. James O'Sullivan

Postby Trace » Wed Oct 30, 2013 5:50 pm


XWA Genesis is taped in front of a live studio audience at the Genesis Studios in Chicago, Illinois

Anything Goes!
Amethyst vs. James O’Sullivan

Word Limit: 4000

Deadline for matches is Wednesday October 30th at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.
Mentor's Voting will start at this time and conclude on Saturday, November 2nd at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Genesis: Amethyst vs. James O'Sullivan

Postby Amethyst » Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:07 pm

Match not ready, need to finish commentary. I will post by Saturday at the latest. I am sorry.

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Re: XWA Genesis: Amethyst vs. James O'Sullivan

Postby Amethyst » Thu Oct 31, 2013 6:09 pm

The camera opens on the sea of humanity that has packed Genesis studios in Chicago, Illinois. As the camera operators pan across the roaring fans, the voice of Joey Miles echoes through the speakers.

Joey Miles: Welcome back to Genesis! We've had a huge night tonight.

The unfamiliar voice of Dan Bennett can be heard replacing the English accented voice of Diamond Jack Sabbath.

Dan Bennett: “Boy, I tell you it's been action packed tonight.”

The camera cuts to Dan and Joey sitting at the announcers table. Dan seems comfortable filling the shoes of Sabbath.

Joey Miles: “For those of you just joining this broadcast, you'll notice that I'm being joined by Dan Bennett. Dan, how are you enjoying your first night on Genesis?”

Dan Bennett: “I have to say, it's refreshing just watching the action and not being apart of it.”

Joey Miles: “So, what do you think of the young talent we've got here?”

Dan Bennett: “There's a lot of potential in the locker room.”

Before Dan can elaborate “In Reverse” by Passenger begins to play as James O'Sullivan comes out to the ramp. James smiles looking at the crowd with a massive grin on the youngsters face.

Joey Miles: “Well Dan, here comes James O'Sullivan.”

James takes off running down the ramp slapping the hands of the fans along the route.

Laura Stark: “Making his way to the ring, weighing in at one hundred and forty pounds. From Wicklow, Scotland... The Wicklow Wonderkid... James O'Sullivan!”

James climbs the ring post and leaps into the ring. James walks to the middle of the ring and drops to one knee before throwing his head back and spreading his arms wide.

Dan Bennett: Let’s hope he can prove it against the champion.”

The crowd erupts as smoke fills the entrance. From behind the curtain emerges four ninja walking in two columns, the ninja are dressed in black outfits similar to the ones that were worn last week.

Joey Miles: “You know if he manages to knock off the champion Amethyst, it will be a huge feather in his cap.”

The front two ninja step sideways spreading out on the stage as from underneath it rises Amethyst and Sapphire, both through the smoke that has blanketed the stage. Amethyst is dressed as usual in his long coat and hood, his wife on the other hand is dressed in a deep blue single outfit with black thigh high boots and gloves that come up half way to her biceps.

Dan Bennett: “After that devastating loss to Creed last week, the ninja will have to step up his game to prove he deserves to be the champ.”

Sapphire smiles as she stands in front of her husband and throws back his hood, she then moves around behind Amethyst and takes off his coat revealing the Genesis Championship secure affixed to his waist.

Joey Miles: “And there it is, the Genesis Championship.”

Sapphire folds up the coat and hands it to the nearest ninja, who bows as he accepts the folded coat. Amethyst looks around the arena and then at his opponent within the ring. Amethyst takes off the belt and hands it to his wife.

Dan Bennett: “It's a good looking belt.”

Sapphire leans up and kisses her husband on the cheek before stepping away with the belt.

Laura Stark: Making his way to the ring, from Osaka, Japan. He is the current Genesis Champion. The Master of Shadows: Amethyst!"

Amethyst waists no more time as he runs full speed down the ramp, leaps over the top rope rolling into the center of the ring. Sapphire dismisses the four ninja and as they walk back through the curtain. The kunoichi throws the belt over he own shoulder before she walks down the ramp, ignoring the whistles and cat-calls of the fans.

Dan Bennett: “Now that's impressive! What a leap by the ninja!”

As Sapphire makes her way to ring-side Amethyst starts to warm up by shaking out his arms. James walks over and starts what appears to be trash talk pointing to both the ninja and the championship that is draped over the shoulder of Amethyst's wife Sapphire. Amethyst simply shakes his head and holds out his hand for the kid from Wicklow to shake.

Joey Miles: “It looks like James wants that belt.”

Dan Bennett: “Amethyst with a show of sportsmanship here.”

James is skeptical at first, but after the insisting of Amethyst James simply slaps it away. Amethyst shrugs and the two begin to circle each other as the bell rings.

Joey Miles: “Knowing what Amethyst can do in the ring, I wouldn't shake his hand either, it might be a trap.”




Dan Bennett: “The one thing I've learned from watching a ninja like Amethyst in action is that everything is a trap.”

Amethyst is the first to strike locking James in a collar and elbow tie up, the two men start to push each other around the ring each trying to get the advantage of the other. Even though O'Sullivan is taller Amethyst's legs are more developed and the shorter ninja is able to push James around the ring and into the ropes.

Joey Miles: “Amethyst with the advantage now, it's a good thing it's an Anything Goes match.”

Tickles watches carefully as James shifts his larger frame to throw the ninja into the corner. James smiles as he realizes just where he's got the Genesis champion. James looks down at the champ before he delivers a sickening chop to the chest of the ninja.

Dan Bennett: “I've been on the receiving end of thous chops in my day and they hurt, although I'm usually shirtless.”

The few fans that are behind the newcomer from Scotland can be heard resonating a loud “Wooo” with each chop.

Joey Miles: “How the fuck does that make a difference?”

Dan Bennett: “Let me slap you shirtless and you'll see.”

After the third “chop” Amethyst ducks and in the same motion pushes James into the corner the fans firmly on the champs side rise to their feet as Amethyst starts driving left and right hands into the face of James O'Sullivan.

Joey Miles: “Fuck you, Bennett.”

Now Tickles has seen enough, the ref intervenes by pushing the ninja away from the corner.

Dan Bennett: “Tickles throwing his weight around, although I don't see the point in this kind of match.”

O'Sullivan doesn't get much time to breath however as Amethyst rushes the Scotsman, leaping into the corner and driving a knee deep into the chin of James O'Sullivan. Amethyst looks down at the smiling figure that is his wife and nods to her before Amethyst leaps down allowing James to slump in the corner.

Joey Miles: “Mother Fucker that had to hurt!”

Sapphire clapped for her husband before she knelt down and lifted the ring apron. James slowly starts to stir as Sapphire reaches under the ring and emerges with two Kendo sticks. The crowd roars as Sapphire slides both wooden swords into the ring at her husband.

Joey Miles: “Oh, shit! Sapphire has some weapons!”

As Amethyst picks up the two swords James O'Sullivan rises out of the corner. His jaw drops as he sees what Amethyst is holding. James' face shifts from shock to confusion as Amethyst tosses the second Kendo stick on the ground at the feet of his opponent.

Joey Miles: “Now why would Amethyst give his opponent a weapon?”

Dan Bennett: “Showing a sense of fair play?”

James cautiously reaches down and picks up the wooden sword, holding it as though it was a live snake. Amethyst speaks to James pointing at the weapons and then at the fans.

Amethyst: “Come on, let's give the fans a real show!”

The fans become unruly as James nods in agreement. The fans roar as James rushes Amethyst, Kendo stick high in the air. Amethyst readies himself as the world slows, James' steps echo as the crowd seems to fade away and it's just Amethyst and James O'Sullivan. James swings the Kendo stick wildly, Amethyst ducks the blow and strikes with precision honed by years of training. Amethyst drives his weapon deep into James' stomach, spins and nails the Scotsman in the back with the wooden sword. The world returns to normal speed as James drops his Kendo stick and falls to his knees clutching his stomach in pain. Both the announcers and crowd are stunned by both the fierceness and speed at which Amethyst attacked. The announcers regain their voice quickly as does the crowd.

Dan Bennett: “What the hell!?”

Joey Miles: “Holy Shit! I've never seen anyone move that damn fast.”

The ninja stands and throws his Kendo stick out of the ring before turning to face his opponent. Amethyst makes his way over to the fallen O'Sullivan as Tickles rushes to the two men ready for whatever happens. Amethyst drops down and pushes James from his side to his back, hooks the leg and attempts a pinfall.

Dan Bennett: “Here's the first pin attempt of the match.”


James kicks out at one and a half. Amethyst quickly locks James in a reverse chin lock in an attempt to squeeze the air out of the Scotsman.

Joey Miles: “Amethyst slowing things down with a submission hold.”

Dan Bennett: “This is smart by the ninja.”

James struggles, twisting first one way and then the other attempting to free himself of the grip applied by the ninja warrior. The fans that are loyal to the Scotsman cheer wildly as thous loyal to the champion follow the lead of the kunoichi; Sapphire and begin to root for Amethyst.

Joey Miles: “Why is that Dan?”

Dan Bennett: “Well you see; Amethyst is not spending the energy keeping up with the high-flying moves of James O'Sullivan, so he's grounding the Scotsman.”

James begins to turn a deep purple and spit flies from his lips with each breath, but the Scotsman refuses to submit. In the struggle O'Sullivan manages to get himself and Amethyst to the bottom ropes. O'Sullivan, in moment of instinct reaches for the bottom rope and clings to it for dear life.

Joey Miles: “That is smart. James is at the ropes.”

Dan Bennett: “That's not going to do much in this kind of match. He'll have to figure something else out.”

The referee can only look on as the life is squeezed out of the Scotsman. James finally realizes that grabbing the ropes doesn't do anything to help him break the hold, so he uses his long legs to push Amethyst onto his back into a pinning situation.

Dan Bennett: “That should do it.”

Tickles drops to his knees and checks Amethyst's shoulder making sure they are down. Amethyst, relying on his years of in-ring competition rolls his shoulders so that at least one of them is off the mat. Amethyst then wraps his legs around the waist of James to ensure the hold will be effective. James reaches down and grabs at Amethyst's foot in attempt to break the hold.

Joey Miles: “Amethyst is on this guy like a bulldog on a pork chop.”

Amethyst winces as James twists the foot of the ninja, and after a few moments of twisting the foot, Amethyst releases the hold. James quickly rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. Amethyst, meanwhile stays in the ring looking at his opponent with a grin on his face, clearly this kid is impressing him.

Dan Bennett: “What?”

Joey Miles: “Never mind, it looks like Amethyst is impressed by his opponent.”

After a few moments Amethyst rises to his feet as O'Sullivan slips back into the ring and attempts to speed things up by charging the ninja launching a series of rights and lefts at the purple champion. Amethyst uses his superior ninja skills to doge and block the blows answering with several shots of his own.

Dan Bennett: “He's impressing a lot a people in this match.”

The ninja master drives James back into the ropes and grabs the Scotsman whipping him across the ring. As the Wicklow wonder kids bounces off the ropes he strikes catching the ninja off his guard with a high-flying cross body.

Joey Miles: “What a cross body by O'Sullivan!”

James presses his advantage by scaling the ring post to the 'high rent district' and poses for the crowd.

Dan Bennett: “James climbing to the top rope, he should be careful.”

Joey Miles: “Why's that?”

James takes too much time posing and Amethyst makes him pay for his mistake the ninja is quick to his feet and even quicker to the ropes grabbing the Scotsman and driving him to the mat with a devastating DDT.

Dan Bennett: “That's why.”

James lays pron on the mat as Amethyst rolls over the fallen man.



James kicks out at two and a half. Amethyst cusses himself for not hooking the leg. As the Wicklow wonder kid starts to stir Amethyst eyes the ring post and a sick thought crosses the ninja's mind.

Dan Bennett: “Amethyst should have hooked the leg. That mistake could cost him.”

Amethyst helps James to his feet only to lock the dazed O'Sullivan in a three-quarters face lock, and using his opponent as a brace, Amethyst scales the turnbuckle flipping himself over his opponent driving O'Sullivan face first into the mat.

Joey Miles: “What the fuck was that!?”

Dan Bennett: “I believe he calls that move 'The ninja cutter.' It looks like it hurts.”

Amethyst smiles as he grabs the legs of his opponent and holds them up. Amethyst then leaps in the air driving O'Sullivan's legs apart further injuring the Scotsman.

Joey Miles: “So does that!”

Dan Bennett: “Amethyst to the top rope himself.”

The ninja rolls backwards and looks at the far turnbuckle. Amethyst is quick to scale the steel post. Amethyst crouches and waits as James starts to stir. The fans of the Wicklow wonder kid scream for him not to rise, but it's too late. Amethyst launches himself off the top turnbuckle towards the dazed O'Sullivan knocking him back to the mat with a thunderous clothesline.

Joey Miles: “Falling Shadows!” What a clothesline by Amethyst!”

James lays dazed on the mat as Amethyst quickly drops down and, holding the far leg this time pins his opponent. Tickles is quick to his post and begins to count.

Dan Bennett: “Amethyst is showing his experience here.”


James manages to drape his foot on the bottom rope at one and a half effectively stopping the count. Amethyst is visibly upset as his wife Sapphire calls him out of the ring.

Joey Miles: “James seems to showing some experience of his own.”

Dan Bennett: “That was mostly instinct.”

The ninja master rolls out of the ring and speaks to his wife as James begins to stir. As Sapphire helps her husband regain his calm James starts to sit up holding the back of his head while shaking off the ringing that echoes with in.

Dan Bennett: “That's why it's good to have a manager. Sometimes you need someone to keep you calm and focused.”

Amethyst turns to see his opponent sitting upright and slowly regaining himself. The ninja wastes little time, sliding into the ring and crouching low to strike when the moment is right.

Joey Miles: “Amethyst looks ready to kill!”

James turns to see Amethyst laying in wait and quickly slides out of the ring, his face full of fear as the champion's eyes bore into the soul of the Scotsman. Amethyst smiles as he stands up, walks over to the ring ropes and holds them open for James to re-enter the ring.

Dan Bennett: “Smart move by O'Sullivan.”

Joey Miles: “It looks like Amethyst wants him back in the ring?”

James is taken aback by this gesture and shakes his head in refusal of the ninja's kind act and instead walks over to the ring steps and ascends them re-entering the ring that way. Amethyst shrugs and steps away from the ropes.

Dan Bennett: “James is playing this one smart, ninjas are not very trustworthy.”

The two men glare at each other and it seems as though James isn't paying much attention to Amethyst, from the look in his eyes James has spotted the Kendo stick that he dropped earlier in the match.

Dan Bennett: “James has spotted the weapon from earlier.”

Joey Miles: “Do you think he's going to go for it?”

Dan Bennett: “Not if Amethyst get's to it first.”

Amethyst sees the weapon as well and makes a step towards the weapon with a smile on his face. James puts on the speed, rushing towards the weapon. Amethyst smiles and bends down with his hand out to his wife. As James reaches the weapon Sapphire hands Amethyst another Kendo stick.

Joey Miles: “It looks like Amethyst doesn't need to reach the Kendo stick first.”

Dan Bennett: “Yet another reason it's good to have someone ringside.”

The two men rise at the same time both holding Kendo sticks. James, realizing what happened the last time the two men fought with these weapons, drops his over the ring ropes and motions Amethyst to do the same.

Dan Bennett: “I guess James want's a fair match.”

Joey Miles: “In an 'Anything Goes' match?”

Amethyst gazes at the weapon as his hand grips it tightly, however his sense of fair play wins out and he tosses the weapon over the side. The two men march towards each other meeting in the center of the ring in a collar and elbow tie up.

Dan Bennett: “That's the definition of 'Anything Goes'.”

James uses his longer legs to push Amethyst, but the ninja will not quit and pushes back. James, the taller of the two gains enough leverage to get Amethyst into a side headlock. The Wicklow wonder kid pushes Amethyst into the ropes, as the ninja bounces off of them and returns to the Scotsman James leaps over Amethyst allowing him to pass though and bounce off the back ropes.

Dan Bennett: “Amethyst off the ropes. O'Sullivan seems to be in control at the moment.”

James catches Amethyst with an elbow knocking him down. James sees his advantage and rushes to the ropes, when he bounces off of the them, James nails the ninja with a low drop kick.

Joey Miles: “It seems like it, don't it.”

As Amethyst lays on the mat James gets to his feet and quickly scales the ring post. James has learned from his mistake and doesn't pose for the crowd, he simply leaps off the top rope crashing down on the ninja with a splash and hooking the fallen champion's leg. Tickles goes for the count.

Dan Bennett: “Another pin attempt. How many has it been now?”

Joey Miles: “Fuck if I know. I've lost count.”


Amethyst kicks out at one and a half. James waist little time and rushes the ropes bouncing off of them and rolling across Amethyst's prone body. James then leaps to the ropes, the Scotsman looks back quickly to gauge where Amethyst is before leaping off the ropes in a back-flip. Amethyst is waiting and quickly gets his knees up.

Joey Miles: “Mother Fucker!”

Dan Bennett: “Ouch! That had to hurt!”

The crowd groans in unison as James arches his back in pain and falls to the mat screaming in agony. As Tickles checks on the fallen Scotsman Amethyst gets to his feet and from the look on the ninja's face, he's had enough of James O'Sullivan.

Joey Miles: “Amethyst looks pissed.”

As James slowly gets to his feet Amethyst crouches in a corner and waits to strike. Tickles helps James to his feet and asks if the Scotsman can go on with the match. James nods gingerly as Tickles moves out of the way and James turns to face his opponent.

Dan Bennett: “Referee Tickles checking one James to see if he can continue.”

Amethyst strikes without warning, nailing James with a superkick that drops the Scotsman like a puppet whose strings have been cut.

Joey Miles: “Fuck Me! What a kick!”

Dan Bennett: “Amethyst has gained a lot of skill since he started XWA, I'll give him that.”

Amethyst smiles as he walks over to the pron O'Sullivan's body. Amethyst is smart this time and positions himself between James and the ropes so that the Scotsman can't put his foot on them. It's academic at this point as Tickles counts the pinfall.

Dan Bennett: “It's over. O'Sullivan is out cold.”





Laura Stark: “Here is your winner... Amethyst!”

The crowd leaps to their feet applauding the efforts of both men. Amethyst, winded and tired gets to his feet as James stirs and Sapphire walks over to the timekeepers area to retrieve her husband's championship title.

Joey Miles: “Another win for the ninja!”

Dan Bennett: “He proved tonight why he's the champion.”

As James sits up Amethyst kneels down to check on the Scotsman, helping him to his feet. The crowd cheers as Amethyst holds out his hand to James O'Sullivan.

Dan Bennett: “Amethyst showing some class here.”

O'Sullivan looks confused as he looks to the crowd, which is cheering wildly for the two men. James shows his face-like attitude and accepts the hand of friendship from the ninja. As the two men shake hands Sapphire slides into the ring to hand her husband his title.

Joey Miles: “I think I'm going to puke.”

James, however takes the belt from her, gazes at it longingly before presenting it to Amethyst. The ninja accepts his belt before returning the gesture of respect by bowing to James O'Sullivan as Joey Miles makes reaching noises from the announcers table.

Dan Bennett: “Well as my college throws up his lunch we are going to get ready for tonight’s main event. Hurry back folks.”

The camera fades out on James O'Sullivan and Amethyst standing in the ring.

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