XWA Genesis: Amethyst vs. Creed

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Genesis developmental show!
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XWA Genesis: Amethyst vs. Creed

Postby Trace » Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:30 pm


XWA Genesis is taped in front of a live studio audience at the Genesis Studios in Chicago, Illinois

The Main Event!
A New Champion, An Old Challenger!

Amethyst vs. Creed
Word Limit: 4500 Words

Deadline for matches is Wednesday October 16th at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.
Mentor's Voting will start at this time and conclude on Saturday, October 19th at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Genesis: Amethyst vs. Creed

Postby Amethyst » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:54 pm

The crowd is just as wild as ever, filled to capacity with the devout members of the XWA universe. The local fans rubbing shoulders with thous who have traveled a great distance to see the up and coming young talent of the XWA Genesis roster. The camera pans around the crowd as the smooth British voice of future hall of fame member Diamond Jack Sabbath pours out of the speakers.

DJS: “Welcome to another showing of Genesis! We've had a great time tonight, although I can't say the same for my broadcast colleague Joey Miles.”

The camera shifts and the faces of Diamond Jack Sabbath and Joey Miles swim into view. Indeed Mr. Miles looks sullen and subdued, in this the first taping of Genesis in the post Brett Sands era. Joey clears his throat, trying to fight back tears before he address the Genesis fans.

Joey Miles: “T-Tonight we've had some great matches.”

Sabbath interrupts Joey before the man can break down completely.

DJS: “You'll have to forgive Joey folks, he's still depressed about Brett Sands loosing the title last week to Amethyst.”

Joey rubs the bridge of his nose showing the weariness he's feeling.

Joey Miles: “I'll been on the phone all fucking week trying to talk Brett out of leaving Genesis, but he's dead set on it.”

Sabbath places a hand on Joey's shoulder showing concern for his broadcast partner.

DJS: “Sometimes you have to let things go mate. I told you this yesterday, if Sands wants to leave then let him.”

Joey shakes off the hand and glares at the camera, clearly his words are for Brett's ears alone.

Joey Miles: “If that fucking coward wants to be a chicken shit, then I say let him. Fuck Brett Sands!”

Sabbath is taken aback by the harsh words of the man next to him, a man not one week ago was singing the praises of the former champion. Sabbath shakes his head before he speaks again.

DJS: “Well the main even tonight it a rematch of sorts from two weeks ago. ”

Joey seems to have regained his composure as he speaks a little more clearly.

Joey Miles: “You got that right Jack, two weeks ago Amethyst, our current champion and the monster known as Creed.”

The trip down memory lane is cut short as an eerie guitar intro being played throughout the venue as the lights shift to a crimson red. Intermixed with this guitar intro is the ever-so familiar lines of "Freddy Krueger's lullaby", Three little girls in white dresses are playing jump-rope while their words echo throughout the arena.

"1, 2, Freddy's coming for you."
"3, 4, better lock the door."

The entrance way starts to fill with thick smoke as shadowy figures can be seen moving through, cloaked in the fog.

"5, 6, grab your crucifix."

[b]The massive form of a monstrous man can be seen within the smoke as the 'shadow men' are seen moving behind him.

"7, 8, better stay up late."
"9, 10, never sleep again..."

As that last line echoes through the arena, the song 'No Way' by Korn breaks into it's full on introduction that includes the drums, backing guitar and bass, a beat that the fans can definitely get into. The entrance way is filled with thick smoke bathed in crimson by the lights as the plumes of smoke fall away they reveal the Monster of the XWA; Creed.

Laura Stark: “Making his way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds... CREED!”

DJS: “Here comes Creed.”

Creed slowly makes his way down the ramp ignoring the boos and even the cheers from the fans destruction on his mind.

Joey Miles: “Man, I gotta tell you he looks pissed after last week.”

As Creed slowly makes his way into the ring through the ring steps the lights turn from crimson red to a deep purple as Fight Til I Fall by Digital Summer begins to rip throughout the arena.

DJS: “Here comes the champ!”

The crowd erupts as more smoke fills the entrance. From behind the curtain emerges four ninja walking in two columns, the ninja are dressed in black outfits similar to the ones that were worn last week.

Joey Miles: “Great! More fucking ninjas.”

The front two ninja step sideways spreading out on the stage as from underneath it rises Amethyst and Sapphire, both through the smoke that has blanketed the stage. Amethyst is dressed as usual in his long coat and hood, his wife on the other hand is dressed in a deep blue single outfit with black thigh high boots and gloves that come up half way to her biceps.

Joey Miles: “Oh baby! I take back what I said about ninjas! That bitch is hot!”

DJS: “That is Amethyst's wife mate.”

Joey Miles: “I don't give a fuck.”

Sapphire smiles as she stands in front of her husband and throws back his hood, she then moves around behind Amethyst and takes off his coat revealing the Genesis Championship secure affixed to his waist.

DJS: “There it is, the Genesis Championship!”

Sapphire folds up the coat and hands it to the nearest ninja, who bows as he accepts the folded coat. Amethyst looks around the arena and then at his opponent within the ring. Amethyst takes off the belt and hands it to his wife. Sapphire leans up and kisses her husband on the cheek before stepping away with the belt.

Laura Stark: Making his way to the ring, from Osaka, Japan. He is the current Genesis Champion. The Master of Shadows: Amethyst!"

Amethyst waists no more time as he runs full speed down the ramp and leaps over the top rope rolling into the center of the ring. Sapphire dismisses the four ninja and as they walk back through the curtain, the kunoichi throws the belt over he own shoulder before she walks down the ramp, ignoring the whistles and cat-calls of the drunken fans.

Joey Miles: “What the fuck is she doing with the belt?”

Sapphire makes her way to the ring as the bell rings.

DJS: “Probably holding it for Amethyst.”




Creed glare at the champion his mind racing with thoughts of payback for the humiliation he endured last week. Amethyst smiles at his friend, but his smile quickly fades when he notices the look on Creed's face.

DJS: “Creed looks pissed. Doesn't he, mate?”

Joey Miles: “Can't say as I blame him, the last two times him and Amethyst have met the ninja has won.”

Amethyst extends a hand of friendship. Creed, still pissed at Amethyst for hitting him with a Brokken slaps the ninja's hand away. Amethyst simply shrugs and gets into a fighting stance waiting for Creed to attack.

DJS: “Amethyst with a friendly gesture here.”

Joey Miles: “And Creed slaps the hand away, he want's no part of Amethyst's friendship.”

The monster wastes little time, lunging at the ninja and catching him in a collar and elbow tie-up. Creed uses his greater strength to push Amethyst into one of the four corners within the ring. The referee; Marty Brooks is at Creed's side as the monster starts to choke Amethyst.

Joey Miles: “Creed with a blatant choke here.”

Brooks begins to admonish the monster in an attempt to get him to break the hold. Brooks starts to count as Sapphire screams at Creed to let her husband go.

DJS: “Referee Brooks with the count.”





Creed let's go at four and a half, stretching the limits of referee Brooks patience as Brooks begins to get onto Creed about the blatant choke.

Joey Miles: “Creed using the full count here.”

DJS: “Smart on Creed's part. He's trying to wear Amethyst down.”

Amethyst sinks down coughing and trying to get his breath. Creed, ignoring the words of Brooks, pushes the ref aside and charges the fallen ninja. Amethyst quickly rolls out of the way, Creed stops himself from crashing into the ring post by grabbing the ropes on either side of the ring post. Amethyst gets to his feet and turns at the same time Creed turns to face the ninja.

DJS: “Referee Brooks throwing his weight around.”

Joey Miles: “Who gives a fuck about the ref!”

Creed, having learned from his last two encounters with Amethyst doesn’t charge at the smaller man. Creed knows that Amethyst is waiting to counter almost any move that the massive Creed can launch. Amethyst smiles and watches the monster when it dawns on him that Creed is waiting for Amethyst to make a move.

DJS: “Both men taking their time now.”

Joey Miles: “What the fuck! This is a wrestling match, not a staring contest.”

The audience begins to get restless as Amethyst and Creed start to circle each other each man knows what the other is capable of, so caution is called for as mistakes will not be forgiven, nor will they go unexploited.

DJS: “The fans aren't happy with these two men right now.”

Joey Miles: “These drunk fucks just want to see some action.”

Creed snaps forward quickly in an attempt to shake Amethyst's resolve, the ninja however doesn't flinch. Amethyst takes offense to the childish maneuver and throws a spinning kick at Creed. The monster pulls back narrowly dodging the kick that was aimed for his head.

DJS: “These two men are clearly feeling each other out.”

Joey Miles: “Was that kick aimed at Creed's head?”

DJS: “It looks like it.”

The monster is visibly upset as he charges the champion, Amethyst dodges a clothesline attempt and as Creed spins around to face Amethyst, the monster is caught in the chest with a mule like kick from Amethyst knocking the wind out of the monster.

DJS: “What a kick by Amethyst.”

Creed's rage bubbles near the surface as he clenches his fists. Amethyst smiles and winks at Creed before the ninja goes on the offensive, launching a series of punches and kicks at the larger athlete. Creed quickly backs up, moving away from the attacking ninja. Amethyst's attack is short lived as Creed fights back, catching the ninja with a stiff right hand knocking Amethyst back.

Joey Miles: “What a right hand by the monster!”

As Amethyst shakes off the blow, Brooks again gets onto the massive Creed about the use of the right hand on the ninja. Creed, having enough of the ref's words pushes Marty Brooks to the mat in a rage and rushes Amethyst.

DJS: “And Brooks goes down, I'm surprised that the ref isn't calling for the bell.”

Joey Miles: “Brooks shouldn't have been in the fucking way.”

Amethyst is ready and flips Creed onto the mat with an arm drag, using the monster's own momentum against him. Amethyst locks an armbar on the larger Creed as the bell is called for by Brooks. Amethyst releases the hold on Creed as he spins around to look down at Brooks wondering why the ref called the bell.

DJS: “I spoke too soon.”

Joey Miles: “Why did Brooks call for the bell?”

The fans rain down boos upon Mr. Brooks as Amethyst helps the ref to his feet. Creed is visibly upset as he begins to advance on Brooks. From the motions of the ref it's clear what happened; Creed placed his hands on the ref in clear violation of the rules and therefore was disqualified from the match.

DJS: “Creed pushed the ref. It clearly states in the rules that no athlete shall ever place his hands on a ref.”

Joey Miles: “So Creed just fucked himself?”

Creed begins to yell at the ref demanding the match restart as Amethyst pushes the monster back stopping him from attacking referee Brooks and being suspended from competing.

DJS: “That's right. Boy, Creed doesn't look happy.”

Joey Miles: “I'd be pissed also.”

Brooks exits the ring and has a word with the time keeper and announcer to give them his judgment. After a few moment Laura Stark's voice is heard over the speakers.

Laura Stark: “Here is your winner by Disqualification, Amethyst!”

DJS: “Like I said, Creed was disqualified for placing his hands on the ref.”

Creed's anger, which has been bubbling near the surface the whole of the match, now boils over. The massive Creed lashes out at the only person in the ring. Amethyst goes down hard thanks in no small part to a clothesline by Creed and the monster begins to rain down blow after blow upon the fallen ninja.

Joey Miles: “What the fuck?!? Creed's snapped!”

DJS: “We need security out here now!”

Security as well as Sapphire rushes into the ring in an attempt to get the monster off of the champion Amethyst. Creed throws a punch knocking Sapphire to the floor.

Joey Miles: “Creed just punched Sapphire! He's fucking lost it!”

Security manages to get Creed separated from Amethyst and as they are checking on both Sapphire and Amethyst, the kunoichi gets to her feet brushing off the assistance of the security guards. Sapphire is visibly pissed as she walks over to the thrashing Creed. Without warning Sapphire rears back and kicks Creed directly in the neither regions and the entire male audience groans loudly as Creed falls to he knees.

DJS: “OUCH! Oh, God that had to hurt!”

Joey Miles: “Motherfucker! I felt that one!”

Sapphire's not done yet and now it is Creed's turn to be saved from Sapphire. The crowd laughs loudly as the small female is held back by several large members of the security force.

DJS: “See mate, maybe you should call her a bitch anymore?”

Joey Miles: “I'll remember that.”

Amethyst finally gets to his feet and yells at Creed, demanding to know why he was attacked. Creed responds over the sea of guard with a motion with his fingers that would be common place coming from a very famous bald-headed wrestler.

DJS: “That was uncalled for!”

Amethyst, insulted by the gesture, launches himself at Creed. The crowd roars as the two men start brawling, openly throwing punches at each other.

Joey Miles: “Son of a bitch! Now Amethyst is attacking Creed!”

More security members rush the ring in an attempt to break up the two former friends. The camera fades out as the two men continue to yell and cuss at each other over the sea of people keeping them apart.

DJS: “Wow! What a night!”

Joey Miles: “Good night folks!”

DJS: “See you next week."

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Re: XWA Genesis: Amethyst vs. Creed

Postby Amethyst » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:56 pm

Even if my opponent doesn't post, I'd still like some feedback on how to make my writing better.

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Re: XWA Genesis: Amethyst vs. Creed

Postby Dysfunctional » Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:53 am

*It's now time for the XWA Genesis Main Event of the evening, with two partners in crime battling it out one on one. The new Genesis Champion in Amethyst is set to face the monster Creed in a match bound to be full of epic proportions. With this being the final Genesis show featuring DJS on commentary indefinitely, we're going to make sure this main event is over the top as possible.*

"Well, ladies and gents, welcome back to Genesis. It's 'bout that time to get the main event out of the way."

Joey Miles
"If you need me, I'll be taking a nap. I would pack up my shit and leave, but it's my job to watch two guys I don't particularly like go at it."

"I'll miss your sense of humor least of all, Joey."

*Moments pass and Genesis Studios goes pitch black as the Freddy Krueger nursery rhyme commences to sound out of the PA System.*

1, 2, Freddy's coming for you

3, 4, better lock your door

5, 6, grab your crucifix

7, 8, better stay up late

9, 10, never sleep again..

*Following the nursery rhyme comes the opening tunes to "No Way" by Korn as Genesis Studios enters Creed's lighting effect of crimson red. As soon as the beat drops, Creed walks out onto the stage, the monster looking for a chance to make up for his lost on the LAST Genesis.*

Laura Stark
"This match is set for one-fall. Introducing first from the depths of hell. Ladies and gentlemen, THIS. IS. CREED!!!!"

"It was exactly one show ago that this man was one of three men battling for the Genesis Championship, a championship now in the hands of "The Master of Shadows" Amethyst."

Joey Miles
"And I have it on good authority that that title change was ranked on the top 100 'Worst title changes that should have never happened in the history of this sport'!"

*Whether Joey Miles thinks that Brett Sands losing the title is a farce, Creed makes his way down the ramp and rolls under the ring ropes into the ring. He's a man who probably shares the same opinion as the one-sided, totally-biased commentator formerly of 2WWF when it comes to AMETHYST winning the belt.*

"Now I'm sure Creed here would have liked to win the belt on the last show, but that didn't exactly happen. As a result, whether you like it or not, Joey, Amethyst is your new Genesis Champion. Your sore-loser of a now-FORMER champion in Brett Sands quit last week because of it."

Joey Miles
"He was CHEATED! He kept screaming it over and over because it was absolute fact. I'm not going to get anymore into it than I should, but the man had a legitimate reason to quit a company that allows a travesty like last week to occur!"

"'Just goes to show how unpredictable the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance and, therefore, Genesis Wrestling can be."

*As Creed stands in the middle of the ring, spreading his arms out in the sacrificial-lamb pose, screaming to the heavens with a chilling shriek, his music is replaced by that of "Fight til I fall" by Digital Summer. The crowd show their approval for the man coming out as purple smoke shrouds the entrance of the new champion. Amethyst soon makes his appearance as he uses his signature rising-platform entrance to rise through the purple-colored smoke. Sporting his long coat with the hood that partially hides his face from the fans of the windy city, he proudly has his newly-won championship resting on his shoulder, on display for all to take a gander at. Throwing off the hood and cloak, he commences with his descent down the ramp, the fans showing their approval for the new Genesis Champion as he can't help but smile at the ovation being given to him.*

Laura Stark
"And his opponent from Osaka, Japan weighing in at 145 pounds. He is the NEW Genesis Champion of the World!! 'The Master of Shadows' AMETHYST!!!!"

Joey Miles
"That smug sonofabitch! Look at that smug look on his face, Jack. He cheated last week, and is proud of it. THIS is your new Genesis Champion? THIS is the guy who talks about honor and integrity and all that other nin-shit-zu (obvious play on the word "ninjitsu") crap that he spits out, and he cheats last week?"

"1. I thought you weren't going to talk about this anymore and 2. There are NO DQ'S in Triple Threat matches."

Joey Miles
"'Still bullshit!"

*Amethyst breaks into a run, using a spring board in front of the ring to propel himself over the top rope and landing with a roll (Sin Cara can't touch this). The ninja pops up with his hands in the air as the crowd roars as Amethyst turns to face his opponent....who boots him in the face as he's about to get up.*

"Whoa!! What the hell was THAT?"

Joey Miles
"Even I'M surprised at that! Amethyst ATE that boot!"

*Creed stands there, looking at the ninja scrambling to his feet following that unexpected attack. You can see that Amethyst is in shock.*

Amethyst (inaudibly)

"What the hell was that for?!"

*But Creed pays no mind to his words, for as soon as Amethyst makes it to a standing base, he gets bum-rushed into the corner. With no where to go, Creed begins driving some stiff knees into the gut of the champion, Amethyst "oomfing" at every hit he takes. Referee Marty Brooks tries to separate the two, and is surprisingly successful as he backs Creed away from the corner and from Amethyst. Hopefully Amethyst is thankful for this breather awarded to him by Marty. Brooks sees that he now has both men secure and signals for the bell to be rung.*


*Immediately after the third chime from the bell, Creed charges out of the corner he was backed into by Marty Brooks, looking to continue his assault only to get a surprise from the ninja, who has also come out of the corner with quick pace, lifting the leg up and catching the oncoming Creed with a bicycle kick. This kick sends Creed immediately down, back smacking the mat and all. Amethyst drops down over Creed for a quick cover.*


*Creed gets the shoulder up, managing to sit up. However, we shan't deny the quickness of the new Genesis Champion. The very-agile ninja makes it to his feet in a jiff, running to-and-from the ropes before sending both his legs flying into the chest of the 230-pounder while he's knelt down. This dropkick to the knelt-down Creed sends Creed rolling out of the ring. Sure, he's standing, but still feels the affects of just getting dropkicked the fuck out of the ring.*

"The champion is undeterred on his offense like he was in that triple threat."

*DJS looks to his broadcast partner with a shit-eating grin you'd see on a certain meme to see if he got the reference. Surprisingly, Joey doesn't take it like a total bitch.*

Joey Miles
"You must have been watching another match on your monitor, because that triple threat was STILL a fallacy."

*Meanwhile, the fight still goes on as Amethyst exits the ring, looking to deal with his opponent, who is wandering away from his opponent. This could turn into a cat-and-mouse game and it looks to be that way, until Amethyst goes running after Creed while the monster's back is turned. Out of nowhere, Creed spins around, clocking the oncoming champion with his variation of a Roaring Elbow, fans in that section "roaring" at what they have just witnessed.*

"These Chicago fans, as riotous as ever." says the local Brit with a positive attitude, which is the least we can say for his heel broadcast partner.

*Amethyst is knocked to the side after that elbow clocks him in the side of the head, having nothing to hold him up but the security barrier that's partially separating the fans and the superstars from the action, and I DO say "partially" because the fans can easily touch Amethyst, for he's in arm's reach. Creed grabs the ninja by the head and starts walking him over to the front of the announcer's desk as the referee goes 4 out of 10 in the ring-out count. Creed must not waste anymore time here as he does what needs to be done. Positioning Amethysts head over the desk, he brings it up. Before he could bring it down across the desk, Amethyst managed to stop this by placing his hands on the desk in order to prevent Creed from ramming his face into it. This momentary obstruction causes Creed to try to try again, bring the head up and then attempting to bring it back down onto the desk; same thing happens. Amethyst elbows the ribs of the monster as he hears the ref bellowing "7!".*

"These guys better get back in the ring if they don't want to get counted out."

*Three solid elbows to the ribs does the trick as Creed releases his hold on Amethyst, allowing Amethyst to dart back into the ring. Creed darts after him under the ropes and into the ring, the same route that Amethyst took. However, Amethyst is waiting for the monster. After Creed darts in and gets to his feet, Amethyst LEAVES his feet, twisting around in the air in 180-degree fashion, connecting with the Buzzsaw Shadow Strike on the centerpiece of the monster's mask aka where his forehead is!*

"There's the Buzzsaw Shadow Strike from Amethyst! He hits it!"

Joey Miles
"'Hit it to perfection, now let's hope that this will get the job done so this poor excuse for a main event can end already!"

*Following the kick that sends Creed crumbling down back-first onto the mat, the Master of Shadows covers Creed for the second time in this match-up. Marty Brooks gets into position as Amethyst shields the arm of Creed, preventing any rope breaks here.*



*Amethyst forgot to shield the leg. The referee halts his count, assuring Amethyst that it was only two. Amethyst then takes a gander at the foot resting on the bottom rope. The ninja facepalms himself, realizing the mistake he had made. One has to wonder had Creed not been near the ropes for a rope break, that the Genesis Champion would walk out with the win. For now, the match still goes on much to Joey Miles displeasure.*

Joey Miles

*Creed's showing signs of life here, moving his hands up in front of his face to either shield himself from the blinding light that serves as a bad combination to the major headache he has...or he's just so delirious and is trying to catch the pretty lights in the palm of his hand. Regardless of my assumptions, he's still moving, which is a good sign considering the Buzzsaw Shadow Strike is kick in Amethyst's arsenal besides the Shadow Kick that could potentially end a match. Creed rolls onto an all-fours position, not knowing what is to come next. Now on both knees, Amethyst stands ready to do some more offense. With his fists curled up and positioned in front of his face, we see the stance that Amethyst is in and can assume that he's ready to unleash something fierce. Creed pretty much can't do anything about what is about to occur as Amethyst lifts his leg up off the canvas. With one swing of the leg, he connects with a vicious kick to the chest of Creed. Creed tilts back, but still remains in the same position, unmoved. Amethyst lets out a yell before repeating the same process, swinging the leg and connecting with the kick again. Creed is still unmoved, however, he screams out "COME ON!", daring Amethyst to kick him again. Amethyst does do, and the monster shakes it off, using this burning pain in his chest to will himself to keep going, or in some cases, "hulk up".*

"Creed seems to be getting fueled by this. 'Sounds strange, but he is."

Joey Miles
"Doesn't he know how to block?"

*Amethyst kicks Creed again, and Creed raises one foot on the mat, now kneeling down on ONE knee, apart from the TWO knees he was kneeling down on before. Amethyst begins building up the fury of his kicks, starting to build up speed and repetition. Before we know it, he's kicking him over and over again in rapid succession (Daniel Bryan can't touch this). Creed is simply "eating" the kicks, taking it to the heart almost-literally, but not deterring. One final kick looks to be the one to do Creed in as Amethyst aims for the head this time. With one big battle cry, he swings the leg for the Buzzsaw-style kick and misses as Creed ducks the kick and hops up to his feet. Before Amethyst can react, Creed lunges at him and drops him with a clothesline. Amethyst recovers from the clothesline, getting up immediately afterwards only to be knocked down by the SECOND clothesline. He gets up again and there goes the third...then the fourth....fifth...sixth...after the sixth, Amethyst gets pulled up to his feet and Irish whipped into the ring ropes. Coming off the ropes is Amethyst now, he manages to pick up speed as he ducks what could have been a decapitating clothesline from Creed. Coming off the ropes on the other end, Creed meets him with a back elbow, the point of his elbow connecting with the forehead. Amethyst crumbles down to his knees, his legs wobbling like spaghetti after the impact made to his forehead.*

*The monster gives a hearty laugh directed at the dazed look on Amethyst's face. The monster grabs the ninja by the head and slowly raises him to a footed base before pie-facing him back down onto the mat.*

"What is Creed's deal?"

Joey Miles
"What? It's a match, innit?"

"Yes, but pie-facing? Really? That's disrespectful."

Joey Miles
"But chair shots are perfectly justified, right? God bless those saints who do that. God bless 'em." he states in a sarcastic tone.

*Creed walks over to Amethyst who is dragging himself into the corner. Once Creed gets close enough, Amethyst shoots the legs into the abdomen of the Abysmal Monster. Creed doubles over, backing away to the center of the ring. Amethyst pulls himself up to his feet and waits for the opportune time to strike. The monster regains his composure, charging at Amethyst in the corner. Amethyst lifts his leg up and boots the monster in the face, sending the monster staggering back. Amethyst then lifts himself up on the top turnbuckle before leaping off and connecting with the Sagari Kage.*

"And Amethyst drops him with The Falling Shadows. This could do it!"

*Amethyst covers Creed, hoping that this will put him away.*




*Creed gets the shoulder up at the last-split second, the fans going "Ohhh" at this occurrence. Still, Amethyst remains confident that he can get the job done as he travels to the corner, setting up for his end-time finisher. The same finisher that ended Brett Sands reign as Genesis Champion on the last episode of Genesis. Amethyst sees Creed trying to get to his feet. The Master of Shadows begins stalking his prey. Unbeknownst of the fact that Amethyst is setting up for his Shadow Kick, Creed turns around to possibly face the music as Amethyst starts forward. Lifting up the leg is Amethyst to connect with his move.*

"This could do it here!!!"

*Suddenly, this red, liquid substance spews out of the mouth of the Freddy Krueger of the XWA. This liquid goes all over the face of Amethyst as he reacts in the following way: waving his arms around like a maniac who can't see shit. And it's true, he cannot see a thing at this point as this red mist just got spat in his face, a trick from Creed that we haven't really seen until now.*

Joey Miles
"Wha--What the hell did he just do?! That looks like fucking BLOOD! He spat blood in his FACE!"

"Dear god, he can't see a thing."

*Creed watches on as the Genesis Champion has his hand out in front of him, trying to feel for something to grab. All of a sudden, the Abysmal Monster doubles him over with a kick to the gut and places Amethyst underneath him, in-between his thighs. Creed smiles as the crimson-stained teeth is shown to those in attendance as he joyfully pulls Amethyst's lower body off the mat so that Amethyst is upside down. Creed then cradles his hands together and drops Amethyst on his head, spiking him with the cradle piledriver he calls the Abysmal Plunge.*

"ABYSMAL PLUNGE by Creed!!! Good god, that's nasty!"

*Amethyst soon finds himself on his back with Creed hooking the leg for the cover. Marty goes for the count.*





*"No Way" by Korn is the music of the victor tonight. Creed stands up, getting his hand raised by the official Marty Brooks.*

Laura Stark
"Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match: CREED!!!"

"Was that ever a shocking ending to a match?!"

Joey Miles
"Personally, I'm glad it's over, but DAMN! What the fuck did I just see? Blood spat in the face of Amethyst!!"

"This man is crazy, as I'll get out. Still, he has sent a message to the XWA locker room and to the champion."

*Creed looks down at the Genesis Champion who now has a crimson-stained face to show for his loss tonight to a man who was and is hungry for the title, no matter WHO he has to go through to get it.*

"Well, that's all the time we have for this edition of Genesis Wrestling. Good night, ladies and gentlemen, and have a blessed evening."

*With that, the screen fades to black, showing the Genesis Studios Production logo with the copyright info on the bottom following the date 2013.*
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Re: XWA Genesis: Amethyst vs. Creed

Postby Trace » Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:32 pm

+ Psychologically you played well enough on the history between the two and didn't just leave the history with the announcers, you took it to the ring as well.
- That ending was so sudden and just so... well, bad. It felt rushed like you started the match, realized you had no time and just tacked on the quickest ending you could think of.
- You made Creed look really weak here, he got absolutely nothing out of this momentum wise.
- I didn't find the opening Brett Sands commentary bit anywhere near as funny as I think you did when you came up with it.

+ You did a good job of making both men look strong without compromising their roles.
+ Some of the better description I've seen from you Drake, certainly not perfect as I've described below but a very good showing none the less.
- On occasion your description tends to drone and carry on, which you definitely can't get away with in a match with an enforced word limit. You can't afford to waste a single sentence if you can manage that, make every single one count.
- Remember that you're writing a match that would entertain the fans, not just the reader. That six clothesline business would not keep the fans attention at all.
- Red mist in the XWA? Dude, I call copyright.

So there's not a lot to explain regarding my decision other than the fact that Amethyst, your match felt really rushed and poorly thought out while Drake clearly had a plan to keep some pace and flow in his match and it worked for the most part. Yes there were some problems, the ending didn't have the build I would have liked, but the description, the pacing and the conclusion were all superior. Amethyst, I'd recommend you consider how your ending's are going to come across to a reader in future instead of looking for the simplest or quickest way to cut a match short. A main event, that's meant to be competitive, should not be shorter than the pre or post match scenes.

Vote: Creed
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Re: XWA Genesis: Amethyst vs. Creed

Postby MoonlitOwl » Sat Oct 19, 2013 6:03 pm

Well, this one is tough, because I feel that the champ should definitely look strong, and should mostly destroy motherfuckers after winning his title. Which meant that admittedly, I originally came into this feeling that I was going to vote for Amethyst by that simple virtue.

But, Amethyst, you asked how to improve your writing. I don't think I'm great at explaining anything ever at all, and I doubt I'm so good that I can tell champs how to be better champs, but here goes:

This match didn't feel exciting. I don't know how, I don't know how to explain it, but it feels like you understate everything. It would be like if Charlie Brown was commentating a match while in the midst of alcoholic-fueled depression. And, you're a good writer. I can tell you are. You understand the heel/face dynamic, you get the challenges a 145 guy would face against a much bigger, and much more vicious opponent while also managing to make him look strong at the same time. But technical skill cannot match emotion. The brain is not the heart.

You use Bruce Lee as your picbase. One of the things that made Bruce Lee great wasn't how fast he could kick, or how good he was at martial arts, it was how shrewd and intelligent he was, combined with his drive to succeed in his chosen profession. He was smart, and he had heart. If I may, I'd love to bring up some quotes of his:
"Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system."
"Don't think, feel....it is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory!"

Holy shit, now I want to watch Enter the Dragon. Where was I? Oh yeah. I liked both of your matches, and Amethyst, I can see why you're the Genesis Champion. But you could do a lot more than you're currently doing.

Creed, I thought pie-facing as a sex act at first, and I agree with Demon Boy up there about the clothesline thing, I also wonder how weak those clotheslines were if a 145 pound man just kept getting up after them.

Also, I wonder if XWA has to pay royalties to WB every time Creed is called Freddy Krueger. Or every time that nursery rhyme is used for his entrance.

Vote: Creed, even though I wanted to vote Amethyst for this one.

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