XWA Genesis: Triple Threat Heavyweight Championship Match

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Genesis developmental show!
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XWA Genesis: Triple Threat Heavyweight Championship Match

Postby Trace » Thu Sep 26, 2013 5:19 pm


XWA Genesis is taped in front of a live studio audience at the Genesis Studios in Chicago, Illinois

XWA Genesis Heavyweight Championship Match!
Anything Goes!

Brett Sands [c] vs. Amethyst vs. Creed
Word Limit: 6000 Words

Deadline for matches is Wednesday October 2nd at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.
Mentor's Voting will start at this time and conclude on Saturday, October 5th at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Genesis: Triple Threat Heavyweight Championship Matc

Postby Amethyst » Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:54 pm

The camera opens on the now familiar forms of Diamond Jack Sabbath and Joey Miles, Jack has a smile firmly attached to his British face and Joey is, as usual, wearing a scowl. Jack is the first to speak in this segment.

DJS: “What a night! I gotta say this has been our best show yet.”

Joey Miles: “Who gives a fuck about the other guys on this roster, the only person worth talking about is the champion, my buddy, Brett Sands.”

Sabbath simply rolls his eyes before he speaks again.

DJS: “Well let's look back at the champ's path to the title.”

The camera fades out and then fades in on the smiling face of Genesis' owner Oscar Kennedy. The words “Three Weeks Ago” appear in front of him as he speaks.

Oscar Kennedy: “We are starting the “Fast Track Tournament!”

The crowd nearly blows the roof off the arena. Oscar calls for calm again.

Oscar Kennedy: “Here's how it works. There are eight superstars on the current WGW roster.”

Oscar points to the large tron above the entrance ramp, the screen flickers and the faces of Kid Ant, Amethyst, Dynamite Dean Devlin, Creed, André Éttiene, Geno Munroe, Lenoix, Tristan Young, and Brett Sands fill the scene. The camera cuts back to Oscar Kennedy, who smiles as he points to the tron above the entrance.

Oscar Kennedy: “Good looking bunch of guys, huh!? Of these eight men only one will win the Fast Track Tournament and become the first ever WGW champion.”

The camera cuts back to Joey Miles and Diamond Jack Sabbath. Joey has an ear to ear grin on his face.

Joey Miles: “We all know what happened; my buddy, Brett Sands won the whole thing just like he said he would.”

The camera fades to a clip of Brett Sands winning the Heavyweight title. A smile is on his face as he is awarded the championship for the very first time.

The camera cuts back to Sabbath and Miles, Sabbath speaks before the 'fan boy' Mile can get a word in.

DJS: “Yeah, he won and the very next week we was bragging about it. That lead to a battle of word between him and the 'Master of Shadows': Amethyst.”

The camera opens upon the smiling face of the Genesis champion Brett Sands standing in the ring holding both his championship and a microphone. The words “Two Weeks Ago” flash across the screen as they fade the Genesis champion puts the microphone to his lips and speaks.

Brett Sands: “Well, I love to brag, so I'm going to fucking brag right now. I told Oscar Kennedy and everybody else that I would be crowned the first ever Genesis champion and looky here... ”

Brett looks over at his right shoulder and pretends to shine it before looking back out at the crowd with a shit eating grin before the camera cuts to another shot of the champ still running his mouth.

Brett Sands: “So, who will be my next contender?”

The scene shifts purple as Amethyst can be standing on the entrance stage holding a microphone of his own. The ninja smiles and speaks.

Amethyst: “I'll challenge you.”

The camera cuts back to Brett standing in the ring. The champion smiles as he speaks.

Brett Sands: “It's a yes, IF....you publicly announce that I am the best wrestler you have ever stepped in the ring with. I am the better man. I am the shit and you fucking know it.”

The camera view slows as Brett speaks again his words distorted by special effects.

Brett Sands: “Tell ya what, Amethyst. I'll give you a shot at the title and you keep your side of the bet if you can beat the first person that comes out here in a number one contender's match at the next show.”

The scene shifts to crimson red as Creed walks out to accept the number one contender's match. The whole scene fades to black while the camera focuses on the sick smile that is plastered across Creed's face. The camera cuts back to Sabbath and Miles. The former XWA champion speaks before his partner Joey Miles can say anything.

Joey Miles: “The monster Creed stepped up also, Jack.”

DJS: “I know and the very next week we all saw Amethyst and Creed go at it, in what was my opinion, the best match of Amethyst's career.”

Joey Miles: “I hate to admit it, but I gotta agree with you there Jack. Both men pulled out all the stops.”

The camera fades out and shifts to the match between Amethyst and Creed for the number one contender's match. The scene slows down as Amethyst rolls away and crouches down waiting for Creed to turn. As Creed turns Amethyst rushes the monster and launches into a three hundred and sixty degree spinning kick that drops Creed in his tracks and knocking him onto his back with a hollow thud as the ref counts the pinfall. The camera fades out from the flashback and returns to DJS and Joey Miles before any of them can say another word an eerie guitar intro being played throughout the venue as the lights shift to a crimson red.

Laura Stark: “The following is scheduled for one fall and is for the Genesis Heavyweight Championship.”

DJS: “Here comes Creed.”

Joey Miles: “According to the rumors floating around the back, Creed was so impressive against Brett Sands last week he was put into this match, by the higher ups.”

DJS: “Well he's earned it mate, his last two matches have proved that he is worthy to be in the title hunt.”

Intermixed with this guitar intro is the ever-so familiar lines of "Freddy Krueger's lullaby", Three little girls in white dresses are playing jump-rope while their words echo throughout the arena.

"1, 2, Freddy's coming for you."
"3, 4, better lock the door."

DJS: “I gotta tell ya mate, this entrance gives me the goose pimples something fierce.”

The entrance way starts to fill with thick smoke as shadowy figures can be seen moving through, cloaked in the fog.

Joey Miles: “I know what you mean.”

"5, 6, grab your crucifix."

The massive form of a monstrous man can be seen within the smoke as the 'shadow men' are seen moving behind him.

"7, 8, better stay up late."
"9, 10, never sleep again..."

DJS: “You have admit though, the truly great entrances give you goose bumps.”

As that last line echoes through the arena, the song 'No Way' by Korn breaks into its full on introduction that includes the drums, backing guitar and bass, a beat that the fans can definitely get into.

Joey Miles: “You got that right.”

The entrance way is filled with thick smoke bathed in crimson by the lights as the plumes of smoke fall away they reveal the Monster of the XWA; Creed. The fan's reaction is mixed as Creed surveys the crowd for tonight main event.

Laura Stark: “Making his way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds... CREED!”

Creed slowly makes his way down the ramp ignoring the boos and even the cheers from the fans destruction on his mind.

DJS: “Creed seems extra focused on tonight match.”

Joey Miles: “He has to be, this is a redemption match for Creed. He failed to beat Amethyst last week losing his shot at the title. Now he gets a second chance.”

Intro Amethyst: As Creed climbs into the ring as the house lights, once crimson red now shift to a deep purple and the opening guitar riffs of “Fight Till I Fall” by Digital Summer plays as the crowd erupts just like the purple smoke from the entrance.

DJS: “And here's Amethyst!”

From underneath the stage emerges the ninja Amethyst, rising from the floor as if he's rising out of the smoke. Amethyst is wearing a long coat with a hood that is draped over the ninja's head covering half his face. Amethyst stands within the smoke for a few moments before he throws off the hood and then the coat.

Joey Miles: “What is it with these guys and smoke entrances?”

The crowd roars as Amethyst marches down the ramp, his eyes burning with determination. As the camera shifts to a view that is from the other side of the ring Amethyst breaks into a run, using a spring board Amethyst jumps sailing over the top rope and landing with a roll.

DJS: “It's all about presentation, mate.”

Laura Stark: "The next opponent, from Osaka, Japan. He is the 'Master of Shadows'... Amethyst!"

DJS: “That never gets old.”

The ninja pops up with his hands in the air as the crowd roars as Amethyst turns to face Creed while the two wait for the final member of this little party.

Joey Miles: “And now we only have to await our Champion.”

DJS: “If he's got the stones to show up.”

As if to answer Sabbath "Last Resort" by Papa Roach blares all throughout the arena and the boos automatically starting up. Brett Sands comes out from backstage, the Genesis title around his waist.

DJS: The fans clearly don’t like this guy.

Joey Miles: “Who gives a fuck.”

He smirks as he stands at the top of the ramp and raises his title, looking at it like it is the most precious thing in the world. Brett continues to hold the title up in the air as he walks down the ramp, completely ignoring the fans and just staring at the title.

DJS: “They way he keeps looking at that title, you’d think he was saying goodbye to it.”

Joey Miles: “No fucking way. He walked in the champ and he’ll walk out that way.”

Once he reaches the steps, Brett mocks the fans by sticking out his title towards them, showing them that he is the champion.

Laura Stark: "Now entering the ring, weighing in at two hundred and sixty seven pounds. He is the current Genesis Heavyweight Champion.. Brett Sands!”

When he enters the ring, Brett drapes the title over the ropes; fake shines it, and smirks as he points to himself and gives himself the rightful title. "I am the champ!"

DJS: “No lack of confidence by the champ tonight.”




The bell rings as the three men, Amethyst, Brett Sands, and Creed stare at each other.

Joey Miles: “And here we go, the first true test of our Champion, Brett Sands.”

After a few moments Sands is the first to move, the brash and prideful champion turns tail and slides out of the ring the crowd rains down boos as Sands makes his way up the ramp towards the entrance.

DJS: “Ha! I knew he didn't have the stones to fight.”

The other two men, Creed and Amethyst stand stunned by the cowardice of the champion Sands. Creed looks at Amethyst before he too slides out of the ring and makes his way towards the champ.

Joey Miles: “I.. I'm sure he's just leading them into a trap or something.”

DJS: “Yeah, right. I don't think the champ will get far, not with Creed hot on his tail.”

Joey Miles: “Why isn't Amethyst going after them?”

Amethyst simply looks at the ref and leans up against one of the ring posts with his arms crossed and a smile on his face. The crowd is confused by the lax nature of the ninja warrior, but their confusion is dissolved quickly when Sands reaches the top of the ramp and four ninja warriors dressed in black outfits appear.

DJS: “I think that's why.”

Two drop from the tron area landing in a similar manner to a certain armored superhero. Two more appear through the crowd on either side of the entrance stage. Creed stops in his tracks midway up the ramp and smiles as from the curtain emerges Amethyst's wife Bǎolán Shinobu, also known as Sapphire.

Joey Miles: “Oh my! Oh, no!”

DJS: “Oh, baby! To quote a famous wrestling commentator; 'Business has just picked up!'”

The Kunoichi, or female ninja smiles as a fith and rather large ninja emerges from the curtain behind her holding two Brokken swords with two more strapped to his back. Sands begins to back you slowly with fear in his eyes as the fifth ninja hands one of these wooden swords to Sapphire.

Joey Miles: “What the Hell! One, Two.. Fuck me! There are six of them, counting the bitch in blue!”

DJS: “I wouldn't call her that mate.”

Sand's backpedaling is quickly halted as he bumps into the massive form of Creed. The crowd roars as the smile on Creeds face expands as does the wicked thoughts that cross the monsters mind. Sands, now between six ninja and a monster glance desperately around for a way out. Sabbath can barely contain his glee at the plight of the champion.

DJS: “Oh, man. Sands looks like a rat caught in a trap.”

His thoughts are quickly interrupted as Creed lunges at Sands with the intent of hurting the champ etched all over the monsters face. Sands ducks out of Creeds way and makes a be-line for the ring as four of the black ninja have worked their way down the sides of the ramp to cut off any hope of escape.

DJS: “You know, I don't think they are here to interfere so much as to keep the match clean.”

Creed slowly looks to either side of him as the black ninja ignore the monster and focus of keeping the champion in the arena. Sands slides into the ring as Amethyst stands still with his arms crossed and a smile on his face.

Joey Miles: “I hope that fucking ninja is pleased with himself. This is an outrage!”

Sands starts yelling at the purple ninja and then points at the five black ninja that have now surrounded the ring. Creed watches from the bottom of the ramp as Sapphire walks calmly past him glaring at Sands. Amethyst simply shrugs his shoulders as Sands looks around at the shit storm he has stepped into.

DJS: “This is bloody brilliant! Amethyst knew he couldn't compete physically with the two larger men, so he out thought them and turn this anything goes match into a lumberjack match.”

Creed, not wanting to miss the opportunity that was given to him by being in this match pushes his way past the two ninja at the front of the ring and climbs back into it. With nowhere to go and nowhere to hide, the champion attacks, lashing out at the architect of the trap in which he is not ensnared; Amethyst.

Joey Miles: “Go champ, attack Amethyst kick that ninja's ass!”

Sands throws a hard right hand at the ninja, who simply ducks the attack and nails Sands in the leg with a stiff kick. Creed takes advantage of the distraction by dropping the champ with a hard clothesline.

DJS: “Ouch! What a clothesline by Creed!”

Joey Miles: “Brett can shake that off no problem.”

Creed then turns on his ally locking Amethyst in a collar and elbow tie-up. Creed, the stronger of the two forces Amethyst into a headlock as Creed wrenches in the grip he has on Amethyst's head Sands has rolled as far away from the two challengers to his title.

Joey Miles: “So much for friendship.”

DJS: “Hay mate, when in a title match anything goes.”

Joey Miles: “Many fucking Amethyst should be disqualified!”

Brett's momentum is stopped when he sees that the ninja lumberjacks aren't going to let him out of the ring at all. Joey Miles can hardly contain himself as he screams for Amethyst to be disqualified. Creed meanwhile has pushed Amethyst against the ropes and flattens the purple ninja with a massive clothesline.

DJS: “Can someone get me a tranquilizer shot for my broadcast partner. He's lost it!”

Joey Miles: “Fuck you Jack!”

Sands takes his chance and rushes Creed, dropkicking the monster into the ring post. Brett glances over at the fallen Amethyst before he grabs Creed's legs and rolls him up for a pin.

DJS: “Sands with a pin on the monster.”

Creed kicks out before the ref has a chance to drop for the count. Brett takes the chance and covers Amethyst.

Joey Miles: “Count faster ref!”

DJS: “Sands now trying to pin Amethyst and wrap this one up quickly.”

Creed stomps the head of the champ before any count can even be thought of. Creed reaches down to grab the champ, who takes advantage of the “anything goes” rule by a deliberate low blow to the neither regions of the monster Creed.

DJS: “No way, that's a blatant low blow!”

Joey Miles: “Hahahaha! Like you said; 'anything goes'!”

The ref can only admonish the champ for his actions as Creed drops to his knees, his eyes crossing in pain. Sands turns his attention back to Amethyst who is sitting up watching the proceedings. Brett waits as Amethyst gets to his feet; the champ has been watching his challenger’s past matches and knows he will lock a submission in at a moment’s notice.

DJS: “I think Sands is not going to get too close to Amethyst.”

Joey Miles: “Smart move by the champ. He knows Amethyst can lock in a submission at anytime.”

Amethyst gets to his feet as the ref is checking on Creed and doesn't notice the two other competitors in this match as they begin to trade right hands with closed fists. Creed gets to his feet still smarting from the low blow.

DJS: “It's weird to see Brett using strategy like that.”

Amethyst nails Sands with a strong right hand that spins the champion right into the awaiting fist of Creed, who floors Sands with a strong right hand of his own. Amethyst takes advantage of Creed being occupied with Sands to strike at the larger opponent, kicking Creed in the upper thigh as Sands rolls out of the way.

DJS: “What a set of right hands by Amethyst and Creed.”

Joey Miles: “Get out of the way Brett!”

Creed and Amethyst trade right hands as Sands rolls out of the ring and into the awaiting arms of the ninja lumberjacks. As the ref, Marty Brooks attempts to break up Creed and Amethyst the ninja lumberjacks swarm Brett Sands.

Joey Miles: “Will you look at this? I knew Amethyst was up to something! It’s just like you see in old kung fu movies.”

DJS: “Will you stop that stereotype bull shit!”

The back ninja begin kicking at the champion before Sapphire, Amethyst's wife rushes to the quarrel breaking it up and ordering the ninja to get Sands back into the ring. Meanwhile, referee Brooks has successfully broken up Creed and Amethyst and is admonishing the ninja for his use of lumberjacks.

Joey Miles: “Well if the shoe fits!”

DJS: “So, your saying that all ninja travel in packs.”

Sands rolls into the ring and right into the awaiting arms of Creed. The monster picks up the champion and drops him with a hard body slam.

Joey Miles: “Just like all British people drink gallons of tea. ”

Creed goes for a blatant choke before Amethyst rushes to the two and nails Creed in the head with a low dropkick, rolling the monster out of the ring. Before the ninja lumberjacks can swarm the massive Creed, Sapphire is there to stop them from causing any damage.

DJS: “I enjoy a cup of PG Tips, but I don't drink it by the gallon. Can we get back to the match? Sapphire is actually stopping these guys from doing any damage.”

Joey Miles: “Yeah, to Creed. She let them beat the hell out of Brett.”

The camera shifts back to the ring showing that Amethyst has Brett Sands in a pulling armbar. Sands screams in pain as Creed rolls into the ring to break up the hold, thereby saving his chance at the title.

DJS: “Speaking of Brett, he's in a bad way now.”

Joey Miles: “What!? Thank God Creed broke that up!”

Amethyst and Creed exchange words before they exchange right hands again, this time Amethyst is quicker and takes advantage kicking at Creed's legs several times before dropping the larger man with a jumping kick to the back of the head.

DJS: “What a kick to the head by Amethyst!”

Joey Miles: “I didn't know he could jump that high!”

Creed falls as Sands grabs Amethyst rolling him up. The champ manages a one count before Amethyst gets his shoulder up.

Joey Miles: “Pin him Brett!”


DJS: “Kick out at one!”

Creed shakes off the kick by Amethyst as Sands and Amethyst get to their feet, Sands looks from Amethyst, then to Creed, and back to Amethyst as if to decide who to attack first if at all. After a mind numbing few moments of inaction it's Creed who strikes first grabbing Sands from behind and holding him while yelling at Amethyst to attack.

Joey Miles: “What the hell!? Let him go Creed!”

The ninja nods as Sands struggles against his captor. Amethyst however, runs backwards against the rops attempting to gain momentum, utilizing this momentum the ninja rushes towards the two men and leaps in a drop kick attempt. Sands breaks free from Creed's hold at the very last second. Amethyst nails Creed with the drop kick instead of Sands.

DJS: “Oh my God! Amethyst missed! He hit Creed instead of Brett Sands.”

The monster slumps backwards against the ring post as Amethyst quickly gets to his feet and is felled by a powerful clothesline from the champ. Sands rises with a smug look on his face as he surveys the fallen challengers to his title.

Joey Miles: “What a clothesline by the Champion!”

Sands laughs as he drops down to pin Amethyst.


Joey Miles: “It's over Brett's won!”


The ref reaches a two count before Creed falls forward still unconscious from the drop kick and head butts Sands before the momentum rolls the monster out of the ring.

DJS: “Did you see that!”

Joey Miles: “What dumb fucking luck!”

Amethyst and Sands both stir, Sands holding his head. Creed seems to be out cold on the ring floor as one of the lumberjack ninja check on him nodding to Sapphire that he still lives.

DJS: “Well it looks like Creed's still alive.”

Joey Miles: “Who gives a fuck.”

Amethsyt rolls to the far side of the ring away from Sands as one of the lumberjack ninja slips Amethyst a Brokken.

Joey Miles: “Amethyst has a weapon!”

DJS: “It's anything goes, mate!”

Miles screams at Sands to get up as Creed starts to stir.

Joey Miles: “Get up Brett!”

DJS: “Creed's back in the ring.”

Sands rises to his feet despite the screams of Miles as Creed slides into the ring shaking off the damage to his already throbbing head. Creed is unseen by Sands as he looks across the ring at Amethyst holding the wooden weapon. Sands makes two steps to the middle of the ring before he starts to mock Amethyst, while Creed crouches down waiting for the right moment to strike.

DJS: “You should never mock a man who is holding a weapon.”

Amethyst charges Sands just as Creed does, the ninja holding the weapons swings it high, Sands ducks out of the way and the wooden sword splinters against the head of Creed knocking the monster flat on his back and the crowd fall silent.

DJS: “Did you see that!?”

Joey Miles: “That's the second time Amethyst has missed Brett Sands and hit Creed.”

Amethyst spins around as does Sands both of them looking at the fallen monster. Sands seems enraged as the knowlage of what the sword could have done to him dawns on his face. Amethyst simply drops the broken peice of wood.

Joey Miles: “If that had hit the champ it would have hurt!”

Sands seems to have lost it as he screams at the ninja and charges, Amethyst holds his ground and strikes nailing the champion with a super kick that echoes throughout the silent arena as the crowd is unsure of what they have just seen.

DJS: “What a Shadow Kick by Amethyst!”

Joey Miles: “NO!!”

With Creed and Sands both lying motionless on the mat Amethyst has his pick of opponents to pin. A smiles crosses the face of the ninja as he drops down and pins the champion Sands.




The fans echo the count of the ref and roar as Amethyst is declared the champion.




The lumberjack, whose sole purpose was to keep the opponents in the ring and intruders out now rush the ring pulling the fallen Sands and Creed out of the new champs ring.

Joey Miles: “What the fuck! That's bullshit!”

Marty Brooks exits the ring to retrieve the championship belt, but is stopped by Sapphire and the large ninja. The Kunoichi rips the belt from Brooks and hands it to the large ninja, who rolls into the ring while Amethyst is busy posing for the cheering crowd.

DJS: “Well, it was a hard fought match. Amethyst was just better this time around.”

Joey Miles: “Why the fuck does she have the belt?”

The large ninja kneels in front of Amethyst and holds the belt out to him as though it were a sword.

Laura Stark: "Here is your winner and new Genesis Champion... Amethyst!"

Sapphire rolls into the ring as Amethyst takes his hard fought, well earned championship title and holds it over his head to the roaring fans.

Joey Miles: “That's just sick!”

DJS: “He earned this win. Congratulations to our new Champion! Good night folks!”

The camera fades out on Amethyst holding the title high in the air for the crowd to see.

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Re: XWA Genesis: Triple Threat Heavyweight Championship Matc

Postby MoonlitOwl » Fri Oct 04, 2013 4:56 pm

You know, if I were a teensy little ninjaman, I wouldn't want to create a lumberjack that forces me to remain in the ring with two much larger, much meaner, and extremely opportunistic guys. I would want to be able to move around, to dart in and out of the ring, wear these dudes out and use trickery to my advantage. Since, after all, I would be a ninja.

Anyway, good shit man. I want to see Amethyst vs. Johnny Cage over the right to use the Shadow Kick, but I'm sure Amethyst would whoop that fucker hard.

I will vote for your match, since that's basically kind of the only option here. But, good job on the win all the same.
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Re: XWA Genesis: Triple Threat Heavyweight Championship Matc

Postby Rob » Sun Oct 06, 2013 5:45 pm

Congrats. I sort of forgot about this part of the site. Will try and vote more here.


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