March To Legends: Crash Barley vs. Axle Aomori- SUBMISSION!

Matches that occurred on our 2013 March To Legends Pay Per View!
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March To Legends: Crash Barley vs. Axle Aomori- SUBMISSION!

Postby DJS » Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:06 am


LIVE! From the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan! (20,666 Capacity)

Submission Match!


Crash Barley vs. Axle Aomori

Crash Barley debuted last week in a successful effort against Drake Dysfunction, which ironically enough, Drake has been given a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Crash then went on to issue a challenge to the entire company via, stating he could defeat anyone that dared step up to the plate. Apparently, there was someone that decided they had the goods to compete against Crash: Axel Aomori. Axel, coming off of a close loss to Blake Jones, has accepted the challenge and will go toe to toe with Crash. Let's hope for Axel's sake, he's tuned up on his grappling skills...

Deadline for matches is Sunday, March 17th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on Friday, March 22nd at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: March To Legends: Crash Barley vs. Axle Aomori- SUBMISSI

Postby Axle Aomori » Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:12 am

MadDog: Wow, what a night we’ve had so far tonight, plus coming up we get to a submission only match between two superstars well trained in submission styles, gonna be a great match.

Sanction: I’m pretty sure it will me MadDog, I can’t wait…well lets go to Hana for the start of this match.

Hana Ramirez: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Submission Match.

The words “Take this shit back” blare through the Speaker System as “Raise Hell” by Hed PE now starts playing through the speaker system. Smoke rises as the lights dim, Crash walks into the smoke and crosses his arms.

Hana: Introducing first, from Bronx, New York weighing in at two hundered and thirty five pounds and standing at five foot eleven inches tall, Raisin Hell….Craaaaash Baaaaaarley!!

Crash uncrosses his arms and begins to walk down towards the ring ignoring all of the fans. He reaches the ring and walks towards the steps, climbs up onto the apron then pulls himself into the ring.

Sanction: Well there is Crash, looking emotionless as he normally does, but lets see if he can compare to Axle.

MadDog: Of course he’s emotionless, what do you want him to be all chippy? That isn’t who he is.

“Vilify” by Device blares the speaker system as the lights go out and smoke starts to rise, as soon as the first drum beat hits Blue and Red Pyro goes off along with the lights turning back on and flashing blue and red. You see Axle standing in the smoke, with a smirk on his face. He has his normal attire on as he heads down towards the ramp, he continues with the same smirk on his face, as he gets to the middle of the ramp he stops.

Hana: Weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds, standing at five feet eleven inches tall from Lafayette, Indiana….Double A….Axlleee Aoomoorriii.

MadDog: See Axle is just as focused, I see this being quite a match here and Axle could even win this one.

Santion: I agree with you there Dog, This is going to be one hell of a match and we’ll be able to see just what Axle can do with his submissions as well as Crash.

Axle lowers his head, as you can see him mouthing the words to Vilify, he raises his head back up with a smirk again on his face as he begins to walk down towards the ring again he gets to the end of it and makes a sharp left which takes him to the steps; he walks up them and to the middle of the apron where he climbs into the ring through the top and middle rope. He eyes Crash who is already in the ring then he leans up against the ropes as he takes his shirt off.

MadDog: Come on ref let’s get this thing going!!!!

Sanction: He will Dog don’t worry.

The ref walks into the middle of the ring looking at both competitors ans as Hana walks out of the ring, the ref walks towards the ropes and signals for the bell.


The two men go straight for each other as they meet the middle of the ring Axle sends a sharp quick boot to the gut of Crash which causes him to double over, Axle then proceeds to send shots to the back of Crash causing him to fall to one knee, as he falls to one knee, Axle backs up then sends a quick, hard kick to the side of Crash’s head which in turn makes him fall to the mat as his body goes limp, Axle immediately reaches down to pick up the limp Crash as Axle gets him up to his feet he starts sending knife edge chops to the chest of Crash backing him up, Axle eventually gets Crash into the corner, as Crash gets backed into the corner, Axle sends a hard punch to the jaw of Crash then proceeds to climb up onto the ropes as he is above Crash then sends punches to the head of Crash as the crowd counts out.







Before Axle can get to seven, Crash pushes Axle off which causes Axle to stumble back then fall down as he flips backward on the mat then to his feet, as he gets back to his feet he is met by a running lariat by Crash which causes Axle to immediately fall to the mat then reach for the back of his head.

MadDog: Crash just turned the tables, he might have knocked Axle out right there!

Sanction: Calm down there Dog, I don’t think it’s gonna end now, but that was one hell of an exchange.

MadDog: I agree with the exchange part.

Axle is still down as Crash begins to raise his arms as if he’s trying to show his dominance, Crash walks over to a stunned Axle who is still on the ground, Crash reaches Axle as he brings him up to his feet, he starts to send punches to the head of Axle which backs Axle up into the ropes, Crash Irish whips Axle to the opposite ropes as Axle rebounds he is met by another hard running lariat by Crash, Axle falls hard to the mat again then rolls to his stomach reaching for the back of his head, Crash walks back over towards Axle to pick him up, as he reaches Axle he begins to pick him up, as he gets him up, Crash goes for another series of punches on the worn out Axle, but as Crash sends a punch aimed at Axle, Axle moves quickly to the right of Crash, as Crash turns to face Axle, Axle sends a quick boot to the gut then gets Crash in a quick front face lock which Axle immediately goes into for a quick Spike DDT, as both men hit the mat, both men stay down as Axle tries to catch his breath as he also tries to recover from the lariats he received earlier in the match.

Sanction: What an exciting match so far Dog, that was an awesome DDT by Axle.

MadDog: This will be a good match, you can already tell.

As Axle begins to stir he gets to one knee as Crash is still on the mat but is starting to stir a bit, Axle gets to both feet then makes his way over to Crash who is still on the mat, Axle reaches down to grab Crash then brings him to one knee, as Crash kneels there on one knee Axle steps back then super kicks him which causes Crash’s head to snap back then fall to the mat, Axle sees that Crash is in perfect position right by the turnbuckle, Axle gives out a smirk as he points to the turnbuckle, he makes his way over to it then climbs up it, as he looks out facing the crowd he gives another smirk, as he jumps off then flips backwards while hitting Crash with a perfectly executed moonsault. As he does Axle holds his gut from the impact while Crash has now rolled under the ring also holding his gut from the impact. Axle slowly gets to one knee, he sees Crash is laying on the apron as Axle sees this he runs towards the opposite ropes as he gets nearer to Crash, Axle jumps feet first as he then hits Crash with a baseball slide sending both men out of the ring, Axle barely lands on his feet while you hear a huge thud from Crash’s two hundred thirty five pound frame hitting the hard mats. Axle walks away from Crash trying to gather his breath as the ref begins the ten count, the ref gets to five before Axle walks back over to Crash who has recovered some, Axle picks Crash up then rolls him into the ring as Axle follows, Crash slowly starts to get up as Axle gets up, Axle makes it to his feet followed by Crash who stumbles a bit, but he sees Axle is about to send a hard right, as Crash sees this he blocks the punch Axle sends then kicks Axle into the stomach which Doubles Axle over, he gets Axle in a front face lock, he holds Axle there for a few seconds then lifts him up to a vertical position while holding him there for a few seconds before he sticks one foot out then drops back hitting Axle with a hard vertical suplex, Axle immediately grabs at his back as he arches up, he rolls over onto his stomach as Crash hops up laughing a little before he heads over to Axles legs, Crash picks up Axles legs which he uses to flip him over, Crash spreads Axles legs apart as he steps through them, he crosses Axles legs in an attempt to go for a sharpshooter, but before Crash can turn Axle over, Axle forces himself out of the hold which knocks Crash ag,inst the ropes.

Sanction: What a reversal by Axle to stay alive in this match

MadDog: Oh whatever, that was textbook easy.

Crash bounces against the ropes a bit before he stands up as he heads over to Axle who is still down, Axle starts to get up as Crash gets to him, Crash sticks Axles head in between Crash’s legs, before Crash can do anything, Axle puts his hands on the front of Crash’s legs, he pushes up on them as he uses his own legs to push up, sending Crash over Axles back into a back body drop, Crash’s back hits the mat hard as you can hear a loud thud, Axle holds his lower back before heading over toward Crash, Axle gets to Crash who is still down holding his back, Axle leans down grabs Crash’s head which he uses to pick Crash up, Axle sends kinfedge chops into the chest of Crash which causes Crash to back up, he ends up leaning against the ropes as Axle irish whips Crash towards the opposite ropes, Crash reverses it which sends Axle to the ropes, Axle rebounds then heads back over to Crash who is bent over Axle slides down to his knees as he sends a hard right punch to the chin of Crash which causes Crash to stumble back some, Axle hops up to his feet as Crash gains his balance he is met with a hard dropsault to his sternum which causes him to hit the mat hard, Axle hops up as fast as he can as he sees Crash is still laying on the mat in the middle of the ring, Axle heads towards the ropes as rebounds off of them which he then proceeds by doing a somersault on the mat, hops up then does a flip landing on his back onto Crash with a Rolling Thunder causing Crash to grab his stomach area.

Sanction: What a Rolling Thunder by Axle!

MadDog: That was a very well executed maneuver, Axle is definitely taking charge here.

Sanction: Let's see how he can follow that up.

Axle hops up after the Rolling Thunder with a smirk on his face, he then proceeds to walk over towards the feet of Crash, as he gets there, Axle grabs both legs then starts trying to flip him over, Crash keeps fighting his hardest but eventually Axle gets Crash over to his stomach into a high angle boston crab. Axle keeps pulling back on Crash’s legs as hard as he possibly can as you can hear the pain in Crash’s voice as the ref walks over to him to ask him if he wants to give up. Crash raises his left hand as if he is going to tap but refuses to, Axle keeps putting more and more pressure onto Crash’s back, but Crash uses all the strength he can muster up to crawl over to the ropes to cause a break, the ref starts to count, as he gets to four Axle releases and smirks as he looks at the ref who is trying to back Axle up, as he gets Axle to back up, Axle runs back towards his adversary, as he gets there he sends a couple stomps into the lower back of Crash, Crash ends up rolling out of the ring onto the ring floor, Axle sees this as his perfect opportunity to show his true daredevil skills, he runs towards the ropes as he can see Crash is starting to get up some, Axle rebounds off the ropes as gets near the ropes that Crash is standing just outside of, Axle jumps as he flips going for a high risk move but Crash dives out of the way causing Axle to hit the floor hard.

MadDog: Well I think that may have proven to Axle that he needs to stop his high risk stuff.

Sanction: It’s his style he’s gonna crash and burn dog.

MadDog: Yeah yeah well it’s stupid.

Crash starts to lean up against the ring post as he is trying to recover some of his energy as the ref begins his count, Axle is still seemingly knocked out on the floor as he is not moving, Crash begins to make his way over towards Axle as Crash gets there he picks up Axle by the hair as the ref is at a count of five, Crash rolls Axle into the ring as Crash follows, he drags Axle near the turnbuckle as Crash climbs up it, he jumps off of it which he hits a elbow drop onto Axles chest.

Sanction: WOAH, I don’t think Crash really does that, he’s pulling out everything tonight.

MadDog: Well sometimes you have to try things you don’t normally do.

Axle rolls over onto his stomach after being hit by that as Crash sees this as his perfect time to go for the finish, he gets on top of Axles back as he locks in the rear naked choke which he calls the Crash-Mission, Crash locks it in as tight as he can as Axle tries to pull on Crash’s arms, Axle keeps trying as hard as he cans, but he begins to fade as Crash keeps locking it in as hard as he can, Axle goes limp as the ref walks over to him then raises his arm, it falls the first time then the ref grabs it a second time as it falls for the second time, he reaches for it a third time tries to drop it but Axle keeps it up as he begins to fight out of it, Axle uses as much strength as he can as he gets to his feet then drops back to send Crash into the mat which forces the break of the hold.

Sanction: Now that was a nice one there dog.

MadDog: Finally something I can absolutely agree with you on, that was good.

Axle rolls onto his stomach exhausted from the match and having to break out of the hold, Crash is also on the mat but begins to stir some as he crawls over to the ropes, he grabs the middle one which he uses to help get him up to his feet, Axle has gotten ofer to the ropes as well which he gets up to one knee. Crash heads over to Axle but is met with a hard super kick as Axle falls back onto the mat at the same time Crash does, as both men are down the ref begins the count as both men are not moving.





Axle begins to get up as he gets to one knee the ref breaks the count as Axle gets to his feet, Crash is moving some but can’t get up to his feet yet, Axle walks over towards Crash, he begins to pick Crash’s limp body up as he then puts Crash into a front face lock, exhausted from everything he stalls a bit, he drops back as he hits Crash with a hard DDT, Crash rolls over onto his back holding his head from the DDT, Axle rolls over as he gets to the ropes, propping himself up to get to his feet, he sees Crash is still on his back not moving as Axle heads over to the turnbuckle, he climbs up it, as he gets all the way up it he looks back at the crowd, raises both hands up as he gives a smirk out to the crowd as he jumps backwards into a moonsault, he hit’s a perfectly executed moonsault onto Crash, Crash grabs his stomach from the pressure of the moonsault, Axle rolls away from Crash as both men are down on the mat again.

MadDog: Nice flurry of offense by Axle, he might be close to ending this one right here.

Sanction: I gotta agree Dog, this one could be really close to the end, Axle is really taking control.

Both men get up at the same time as they are stumbling a bit, Axle walks towards Crash as Crash runs towards Axle, Crash hits Axle with a hard lariat, Axle hits the mat hard, Crash gets pumped up from that as you can see he wants to end this soon, he walks over to Axle as he picks him up, he puts Axle into a front facelock with a smirk on his face, as he begins to raise him up Axle flips out of it, as Axle lands on his feet he walks backwards as he waits for Crash to turn around, Crash slowly turns around with a surprised look on his face, Axle puts his left foot into the gut of Crash which he uses for leverage as he sends his right foot to the back of Crash hitting a perfect Step-Up Enziguri, Crash collapses to the mat as Axle falls to the mat as well, he sees Crash is knocked out, he gets up as fast as he can which as he does, he sees Crash is on his stomach which is perfect for what he wants to do, he lifts Crash up into a sitting position as Axle leans Crash back then Axle puts his legs around Crashes neck, Axle then puts his arm through his own leg which locks in the Death Star which Axle calls the Axle Lock.


MadDog: That’s what he calls the Axle Lock, no one else has seen anything like it.

Sanction: Well I think Axle can easily win it here.

Axle strengthens the hold by pulling tighter on the hold, you can see Crash is fading as he is trying to fight out of the hold, Axle keeps pulling on his own leg which keeps strengthening the hold more, he eventually gets the hold in as tight as he can as Crash has faded all of the way. The ref walks over to Crash, he picks Crash’s arm up as it drops the first time, he picks it up the second time as it drops, he picks it up the third time but Crash stops it from dropping, Axle refuses to let Crash get out of the hold though as Axle keeps pulling tighter on his leg to make the hold as tight as possible, Crash has to eventually tap out due to the hold choking him.

MadDog: What a match, that hold is an amazing hold, I can see Axle winning many matches with that.

Sanction: I can see it too, I don’t know that anyone will ever have an answer for that Dog, we may see the next really devastating hold here in the XWA with that.

Hana: Here is your winner Double A Axle Aooomoorriiiii

Sanction: We still have plenty of more exciting matches to come folks I can’t wait.
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Re: March To Legends: Crash Barley vs. Axle Aomori- SUBMISSI

Postby lcopley98 » Sun Mar 17, 2013 7:02 pm

I have been celebrating my engagement to my fiancé this weekend. My post will be up no later than Tuesday afternoon.
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Re: March To Legends: Crash Barley vs. Axle Aomori- SUBMISSI

Postby Blake Jones » Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:56 pm

Congrats on the victory, Axle!

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