MTL: On the edge

Matches that occurred on our 2013 March To Legends Pay Per View!
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MTL: On the edge

Postby Novak84 » Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:07 am

Kimi walks back into the dressing room. She looks at pain.

Pain: You done with your bussiness?

Kimi: Yeah, I'm officially a XWA Diva. Where's Chris?

Pain: He's getting ready.

Kimi: Ready for what? His match is ages away.

Chris: For this.

Novak bursts out of the showers and into the corridor.

Chris: I got bored in there, decided to go have some fun.

Novak walks out into the arena and towards the fans. He climbs over the barrier and stands in with the fans.

Chris: Hello. Now i'm gonna ask you guys some questions, like where are you putting your hand madam?

A female fan in the crowd has her hand in a naughty place on the manchester madman.

Novak: Not that i'm complaining. ok, on with show. Tonight, who is gonna be champion by the end of the show.

one fan grabs the mic saying Trace, another says Drake. a few fans start a heated discussion.

Novak: That's right, no one cares. Next question, will Rentz still have a job by the time legends rolls around?

Quite a few fans say yes, while others say no.

Novak: Again, no one cares.

The fans cheer, knowing where this is going.

Novak: You see, all that matters tonight is that me and Rose are gonna kill the cult.

The fans start a cult killers chant.

Novak: Then, all that matters is that I go to Legends, kick Blake to the hell and back. And become.....

Novak stands on a chair.

Novak: .......THE NEW XWA HARDCORE CHAMPION. Then the Novak's stand together with the Hardcore and Diva belts. Your champions. Rentz you can say whatever you want on twiter, but i will be hardcore champion before you, and you will be jobless and hopeless.

The crowd start a KING OF FUCK ALL chant.

Novak: Now Blake, i like you. But come legends, your just another idiot in my way of claiming my title. I'm sorry, but i'm gonna do to you what me and rose are gonna do to the cunts of tomorrow, KILL KILL KILL. The shadows are twats, The hot shots are mongs, and the cunts are dead. and if you don't like that i got 6 words for you. IT'S NOT SAD...........

The fans finish it off with a .........TO BE MAD.

Novak smiles and walks up the ramp. As the fans sound out with KILL THE CULT, KILL THE CULT, KILL THE CULT.


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