March To Legends - Not today.

Matches that occurred on our 2013 March To Legends Pay Per View!
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March To Legends - Not today.

Postby Angelus » Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:04 pm




-=As the camera pans into the scene there is a thunderous crashing sound=-


Angelus: Again!


-=The camera pans on to Chris and Angelus stood facing each other just in time to see Angelus throw down a set of Muay Thai pads as Chris steps back from delivering a kick=-

Angelus: Ropes!!

-=Chris breaks into a sprint revealing that the pair are actually in a gym with various pieces of training equipment scattered around them. As Chris skids to a halt he reaches down and grabs two long ropes from the floor. Battle ropes are usually tied to a wall, but Chris has something better than that. Angelus grabs the ropes from the floor and between the pair of them they begin to work them up and down in fierce swings=-

Angelus: Faster!!

-=With an extra burst of energy Chris increasing the theme of the beating ropes. Suddenly Angelus yanks one of them back but Chris merely steps into and continues the rhythm=-

Angelus: Good! Pull ups!

-=The pair drop the ropes and sprint over to the near by set up bars=-

Angelus: Go!

-=The pair jump up together and begins to seamlessly bang out pulls ups continuously. On ascendance Chris pulls himself up higher and pushes himself above the bar with what is called a muscle up=-

Chris: Keep up old man!

-=The XWA’s monster, debatably the most fierce man to step into the XWA’s ring finds it hard not to let a tone of fondness creep into his voice=-

Angelus: Show off.

-=As the pair drop down Angelus spears Chris around the mid section wrapping his arms around him and dragging him down to the floor. As they land in a cluster of arms and legs Chris manages to use the momentum to roll on top of Angelus. Using the same momentum Angelus uses it to stand the pair up on their feet. Chris quickly swings behind Angelus and locks in a version of the Tazzmission=-

Chris: Give…?

-=Angelus whips himself forward and Chris is flipped over the top, rather than ending up a heap he releases the move and lands on his feet facing his uncle=-

Chris: I will get you one day…

-=Angelus lets out a small sigh=-

Angelus: Very possibly, but not today little boy.

-=As the two stand there staring at each other, it’s clear there is an obvious bond that only family can have=-

Angelus: Let’s go get cleaned up… We’ve got to get you some new sparring partners.

-=As the two men turn to walk out of the gym the camera swings around to view the gym over the shoulder of the duo, a number of unconscious men are strewn across the gymnasium floor=-
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