Massacre #51: Stuck in Phase Two

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Massacre #51: Stuck in Phase Two

Postby PhoenixRoost » Sun Sep 22, 2019 4:00 am

The scene opens on XWA Bella Quinn entering her office. Normally these shots have owners dramatically leaving their office, but in this case, things are different.

For one thing, the reason she has to return to her office is that she has no facilities set up here with which to speak to the arena from her desk. For two, she has none of these things because the show is taking place not in the usual building housing the XWA Battlezone, but the Xtreme Cruiselines ship, meaning she had to go to the bridge to access the PA.

Quinn: Ah'm surprised yoo're still haur. Thooght fur sure yoo'd tear it ay haur lookin' fur heem.

For three, she is checking to see if her XWA Supreme Champion is doing as she is told.

Albion Gale is sitting in Bella’s cabin, furnished to be a functioning office in the field (or on the sea, as the case may be). She is dressed in short khaki shorts with a drawstring and what I can only describe as a maroon-colored velvet off the shoulder tube top, where the frilly sleeve bits and the chest-wrapping bit shouldn't be able to connect but somehow do.

It'd be real eye-catching if it weren't for how Gale's long blonde hair is currently three times the size it usually is on account of how she has clearly been clutching at it and yanking on it and disheveling it, at least for the last few minutes and possibly for the full duration of the show so far. Her hands are currently clenched at her sides, her Supreme Title sitting folded up next to her. As Bella addressed her, Gale’s gaze shot up from the floor and to the Owner, her eyes full of fury but her usual blue instead of the augmented fuschia from Gold Rush.

Gale: Don’t think I hadn’t thought of that.

Seiji is sitting in a chair near but sort of across from Gale, wearing a red polo and board shorts. The Dawnbringers clearly came onto the boat prepared to take the cruise element of the next few shows seriously, but obviously other things are having to come first. His expression is one of concern, and while there is a bit of anger in his eyes--after all, he has suffered at the hands of the O’Connors as well--he is more composed.

Shimuzu: I reminded her what you said, and she stayed.

Gale responds in a sing-song voice usually reserved for petulant children imitating annoying teachers.

Gale: ~I can’t be a hero if I don’t play by the rules.~

Shimuzu: For the record, I don’t exactly agree--

Gale shoots her gaze over to Seiji now, fury on full blast, but rather than speak, she makes a noise that can only be described as an elongated, guttural squeak. It is too high pitched to be a growl, but too emphatic and too long to be a normal squeak, and too controlled to be a squeal.

Or, to put it in less words: she angry

Quinn: Ye don’t hae tae agree wi' me, ye jist hae ta dae it....unless ye want me tae strip ye ay yer title an' pit ye oan th' sam boat as th' O'Connors.

Gale grits her teeth. Obviously she doesn’t want that. After a moment of Bella looking at her significantly, occasionally bobbing her head as though waiting to hear the response, Gale unclenches her jaw enough to speak. In every word is enough pent up anger to sink the cruiseship she is on.

Gale: I. Will. Let. It. Go.

Quinn: Guid. Ah knew Ah coods coont oan ye.

Bella has been standing in the doorway all this time, looking pointedly at her champion, but at this incredibly strained sign of concession, Bella nods, relaxes a bit, and goes around her desk to sit down, facing the Dawnbringers.

Quinn: Ah knew yoo're still gonna frit ower th' O'Connors, but they're it ay th' picture. Ye hae new challengers tae coopon, an' thes month's top ten list has sit up a doozie.

Gale and Seiji blink for a moment. It takes a second for them to process “coopon,” but they eventually process the context clues that she said they have new things to focus on. Despite this confusion, Gale is still visibly fuming. Bella notices, but ignores this, continuing.

Quinn: Ah know yoo're still upsit, but yoo're gonnae hae tae actually gie ower it, coz yer next challenger is A.J., and he’ll punish ye if yoo're nae focused. He's bin a part ay cruise highlights fur years, but this time he's up fer a shot at Supremacy.

Albion takes a deep breath and nods.

Gale: Right. The O’Connors are out of the picture, it’s time for the XWA to move on from them. I’m going to go out there for the Supershow, have an excellent match with the XWA Superman, and no one has to go into the sea this year.

Bella laughs, then leans back in her chair.

Quinn: Weel...focus oan whit ye can control, lass. But noo 'at th' scum's bin skimmed, Ah think yoo're safe tae lae an' wander aroond. Jack got banged up, but he'll be alrecht.

Albion swallows hard, then stands up. Seiji follows suit. He seems to be watching Gale pretty closely.

Shimuzu: You gonna’ be alright?

Gale: Yes. Eventually.

Seiji glances at the now reclining Bella briefly before his eyes flit back to Albion.

Shimuzu: Better than I can ask for. Let’s go and enjoy a cruise.

Seiji turns around to leave the room first, clearly trying to set an example for Albion, but the champ’s face is still sour as she crosses the threshold and the scene cuts away.

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