XWA Massacre #24 Post-Match: Who Are You?

A familiar face finally comes back to the XWA to challenge the World Television Champion, but is it Carmen Cambridge that Smith Jones defends the title against?
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XWA Massacre #24 Post-Match: Who Are You?

Postby Smith Jones » Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:27 am

Fade up on a shot of Smith Jones standing in the middle of the ring after the live crowd has left. The lights are quite low in the now mostly darkened arena. In the dim light, we are able to see that Jones is dressed in a dark coloured suit and tie. He has the XWA World Television Championship draped over his left shoulder. He is alone in the ring; alone in the arena bowl, save for the cameraman. The ring ropes are still draped in yellow police tape that reads Truth Line Do Not Cross on it. Jones’ uber confidence drips from his smarmy half smirk. His icy blue eyes are locked on the camera lens as he takes a deep breath and he speaks.

Someone recently asked me if I’m afraid of the dark...

Jones chuckles a deep bellow that echoes throughout the rafters of the empty arena. He stops laughing and listens to he own echo laugh back at him. His smile fades at the sound of his own villainous voice.

I am the dark. I’m not the hero I convinced so many of you, including myself, that I could be during 2017. I spent the whole year proving that I was nearly unstoppable. Michael Swift couldn’t stop me in my very first match back in the XWA last January. Michael Swift himself a former Lord of the Ring, a now former Supreme XWA Champion in his own right… he couldn’t stop me. And that was my first match match after being out of the ring for months! Laurel Anne… wait, am I allowed to mention her name anymore? Anyway, she worked me to a draw… but she couldn’t stop me. The Lynx, despite being XWA Hardcore Champion at the time we battled… he couldn’t stop me. The Doom Clown… XWA Hall of Famer… The Jester… he couldn’t stop me in one on one competition… twice. The legendary classic professional wrestler, Rose, with his wealth of ring knowledge, with his bottomless well of real ring experience, his technique, his savvy… he couldn’t stop me.

With each name he mentions, Smith’s smile grows a bit larger. His eyes get a little brighter.

OOKAMI… Drat, am I allowed to mention her name either? No, woman. No Chi… Lots of people expected me to fail in my Round Two Lord of the Ring match against the now M.I.A. OOKAMI no Chi, but just like I’ve done my whole career in the face of all doubt, I proved everyone wrong! And when I went face to face with the wolven warrior… she couldn’t stop me… Rey Del Presagio couldn’t stop me. Judas Touch couldn’t stop me. Ethan Giles...

Jones’ smile is now as big and broad as can be. He thinks back to the moment he decided to stop playing anti-hero and just go back to being Smith Jones and he is immersed in a warm wave of euphoria.

Ethan Giles couldn’t stop me from caving his head in and putting him through the announce table. Minka Carter couldn’t stop me from calling on my Ministry of Truth and breaking her spirit, crushing her very soul the night I won this sweet silver strap at XWA Legends! In all of 2017, ONLY ONE MAN was able to defeat me in singles competition...

Smith lets out a long, loud growl until his voice gives way to a fit of coughing and hacking. His heartbeat quickens and his breathing becomes heavy. He closes his eyes and tries to calm himself down.

Diamond Jack Sabbath… And thanks to the combined efforts of Team XWA at Legends and the failure of DJS’ team to work together as a unit… DJS… is gone.

From the dark edges of the camera shot come both members of the Ministry of Truth. Goldstein and O’Brien, dressed in full riot gear complete with helmets, batons, and lexan shields, sidle up and flank the TV Champ as his thoughts move nearer to the present.

Perhaps… Ahem… Perhaps I’m living too far in the past. Because it’s 2018 now and the landscape in the XWA has vastly changed. Now, there are people like one half of the XWA Tag Team Champions Jake Rogers with all of his bravado and… bird calling… he stepped up to challenge the incredible Smith Jones and… he couldn’t stop me. And there’s the everyman superhero with the red and blue shades, 3D Corby Lewis… he couldn’t stop me. And I just finished going toe-to-toe with the Coolest Man on the Internet Johnny Coolbreeze and… well… you’ll never guess the outcome.

Smitty pats the faceplate of the XWA TV Title resting on his left shoulder. Jones takes a few steps towards the camera and a grave pall falls over his visage. He is deadly serious in this moment.

So… who are YOU to think that YOU will be the one to stop Smith Jones? Are you Erik Holland? Are you AJ Morales? Are you Corby Lewis? Are you Johnny Coolbreeze? Are you Austin Carter? Because I'm Smith Jones! I’m here! I’m still here! I’m right here standing in the middle of the XWA BattleZone issuing a challenge to the entire wrestling world from here to the moon, the stars, and far into the outer reaches of the wrestling universe… COME STOP ME! Because while some people out there don’t think it’s about winning or losing, I’ve been here putting in work, lacing up, showing up, making history one step at a time while my opponents come at me over and over with bold confidence before we fight and fearful silence afterward. Who are you? Are you the one to stop Smith Jones? Are you the next to take true ownership of the BattleZone the way I have? If so… prove it. And if you already know you don’t have what it takes to stand up and really be incredible, do the safe thing and hide on the other side of the TV screen. If you already know you’re not good enough to beat me, save yourself the pain and suffering of fighting me...

Fade to black.

...and just watch me.


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