Interview with Bella Quinn!

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Interview with Bella Quinn!

Postby Razer » Tue Dec 22, 2015 3:47 pm

An Interview with Bella Quinn.
-Pike Matton (Beyond The Squared Circle Podcast)

"Hello folks, and welcome to Beyond The Squared Circle, your number one source for interviews, big news, gossip and reviews regarding the universe of wrestling. I'm your host Pike Matton, and today we're taking a look at XWA Battle Zone's official relaunch which lands in January 2016 and we have a very special guest for you who is happy to share their time and thoughts with us..."

Pike was your typical Z-List internet celebrity. He thought he was a superstar red carpet interviewer and to be fair, he had a silver tongue. He knew what questions to ask, how to deliver them in the right tone of voice to get answers and he knew just how to get to the underlying issues with minimal fuss. He looked the part of a top interviewer, he sounded the part, but alas, his chance at fame had long passed him.

"As you all know, back in September, there were some controversies surrounding XWA Battle Zone, most notably the network administrators and the board who were commonly referred to as 'the three headed dragon' which resulted in a scheduled live show to be railroaded hours before during the final set up for it. As expected, the internet went into overdrive, rumours of financial difficulties, failure to secure a new broadcasting deal or to even negotiate with a network who would offer them similar to the current deal they were on flew about, as did talk about the board not being happy that their cash cow, Jericho Shaw had lost the title to Laurel Ann Hardy, an 'outsider' who came into XWA and made a massive impact"

Pike rustled his papers as he took a breath before leaning into his microphone again and speaking once more.

"Whatever the reason was, the federation simply folded with an almost gloating message from the board saying they won, they got what they wanted and were done with XWA... However that was not the end of it... Whilst Shaw may have retired and Laurel was defending the Supreme XWA Championship in other companies, showing that she was the best champion XWA ever had, another set of the key players in XWA were also active... And one of them is here with me now.... So without further ado, let me introduce you to this week's guest. She is the brains and the beauty behind the beast, the ever present encouragement and over watch for the assault in the ring, the harsh word and even harsher striking Glaswegian girl who can out wrestle most men who stand before here... The one... The only.... Bella Quinn!!!"

Pike hits play on his laptop and "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)" by The Deftones kicks in. If this was in a live arena, the booing would be hitting a peak right about now, but given how it is in a studio, there's no crowd noises. Just the sound of Pike tapping along to the drums on his side of the table and Bella attaching her mic properly. After clicking a few things, the music fades out and the ever recognisable Glaswegian voice comes on the air.

Bella: "Thank ye fer 'avin me on t'show Pike!"

Pike: "Anytime Miss Quinn"

Bella: "Please, call me Bella, I may be a lass, but ye dinnae need that formality pish!"

Pike laughs.

Pike: "Alright then Bella... As I said, it's an honour to have you on the show tonight and I'm glad you're happy to be here too. I'm sure everyone listening is dying to know what you've been up to since you were last seen on XWA?"

Bella: "Well, afta they yanked tae plug on it, me 'n Raz went back tae PRW fer the show where Raz wae defendin 'is Undisputed title 'gainst Alex LeBlanc in possibly the toughest match he's had yet... And then nuffin... Jis the odd few contractual obligated shows wit' nae real substance tae em in terms ov'a challenge!"

Pike: "So would you suggest that Razer has been 'training' then for when he actually gets someone who may be a challenge?"

Bella: "Aye... Since he got tae status of Lord aff tae Ring, he's been itchin' tae cash it in and settle shit wit' Hardy once un fer all in a one on one match... Ye know, nae bullshit, nay pissin aboot, jis tae two 'o em fightin it oot fer tae title"

Pike: "So, with the Battle Zone returning, what do you have planned? We all know Razer is gunning for the Supreme Championship, but you, having stepped into the ring twice now to compete... Do you feel the urge to join in full time and actively participate?"

Bella smirks.

Bella: "Nae lad... I jis occasionally wan' a rammie wit' somewan... A dae enough fightin in PRW, XWA is where a can learn more about outside o' tae ring... Like try tae git a clearer picture af how a can make sure I'm aware o' everythin around me n all that"

Pike: "Now, understandably, you and Razer made quite a stir when you first arrived in XWA, and funnily enough, your first match was against Laurel, the same woman who now holds the Supreme Championship.... There seems to be a lot of things, some massive, some subtle, but clearly there is a link between yourself, Razer and Laurel..."

Bella sighs.

Bella: "Aye... Unfortunately fer me... The lass decided tae stick around after we dashed 'er hopes o winnin' tae Lord af tae Rings tournament by making her first match in XWA a loss... But since then, she'd gone on tae bigger things... Gettin' a title before us, pinning Jericho Shaw before us... "

Pike: "I might be treading on thin ice here... But I sense a jealousy of sorts towards the Trans-continental nationality Supreme Champion..."

Bella takes a composed deep breath. It's one of those moments where Pike's life literally flashed before his eyes.

Bella: "It's nae jealousy... Jis a case of a feckin' hate the wench an a wish she'd feck aff already... She thinks she's summat special because she cannae feel as much pain as some o' us... That she's emotionally disconnected which makes her feel superior tae us in any way... She's jis one big ego which has had plenty o' years fer those who blindly follow 'er tae prop her up an ne'er let that swollen head deflate..."

Pike smirks... He knows he has a scoop of sorts here so he gestures for Bella to continue.

Bella: "It's like ye look at 'er... She's nuthin' special aye... Jis an alright lookin' lass wit' a hint o' asian about her which seems tae make the lads 'n girls go weak at tae knees and in some, causes more wet floor signs than the book aisles when fitty shades came oot!"

Pike bursts out laughing at the rather vulgar analogy but nods approvingly. If there's one thing Bella can do, it's spin a story with some engaging language.

Bella: "It's like she has nae need tae go on tour wit' the supreme championship, but she has done because she needs the attention... The fans will ne'er see it, but she's all about herself... Pretentious wank about how naewan understands 'er art or some pish she wis sayin few months back... Lass, Tae only art in wresslin' is tae art o' kickin seven shades o' shite outtae whoever is in tae ring wit' ne... Nae need fer all this pretentious, vinyl worship, penny farthing riding, oddly groomed facial hair and 1950's fashion sense... Ye can get tae feck wit' ye wrestlin' hipsterism... It's nae the place fer it in XWA... XWA is tae place where ye come tae show everyone wit ye can dae without tae usual constraints on ye... By all means, get inventive, get flashy, dazzle tae crowd... But suck your fuckin' ego up an stop thinkin' ye better than us all because nae fecker 'understands' ye style, art or whitever tae feck ye call it..."

Pike: "And I take it that is a similar feeling for Razer towards Laurel?"

Bella: "Nae... Raz jis wants that title o'er's cus thats whit he does... He lives tae fight and Laurel's his next fight... Wit' him its jis business... Though he's still pissed aff aboot that whole stealing the win from under his nose.... An tae whole rivalry... Ye know.. English 'n Welsh... Raz might think a lot more than he lets on... He might be more deliberate in his words and actions than me who jis rides the current tae wherever it washes me ashore... But it jis boils down tae Razer wants tae fight and if he can find a reason tae fight... He will fight... After all, nae fecker has pinned him or made him tap oot since 2008 in one on one action... His only singles loss came because the ref called time on his match like..."

Pike: "True, the One Man Army has had an impressive run in what some may call his career's renaissance, but the burning question... What happens when he does legit lose?"

Bella: "Ye'd have tae ask him... He ne'er gives much away when it comes tae his career...."

Pike: "Alright... That'll do for now... We'll take a quick break and be back with the second half of this interview..."

-Five Minute Intermission-

Pike: "Welcome back folks! This is 'The Beyond The Squared Circle' Podcast, I'm Pike Matton and I'm here with PRW and XWA's very own... Bella Quinn... Now before we left off with some words about the upcoming supreme championship match.. But recently, you, Razer and Laurel found yourselves as unlikely allies...."

Bella cringed.

Bella: "Aye... When we found oot about Laurel goin round, defendin' tae XWA Supreme Championship an' givin' anywan a free pass at it jis because she had the belt and were tae chickenshit tae get her agent or call us an schedule a match fer it on neutral ground, we heard she wis facin some guy in this place who might have stood a half chance at beatin' her... So we went along as insurance, tae make sure that didnae 'appen... Afta all, Raz an Laurel need tae end things between 'em... Laurel thinks Raz cannae beat 'er cleanly an I think she's jis a stuck up koont like... So We went along, came oot, made our presence known.... And then all feckin' ell broke loose!!"

Pike: "Aye... Something about ANOTHER star with PRW ties showing up in relation to XWA... Alice Harris, the current NAW Legacy Champion and current bane of PRW's male population...."

Bella: "Aye... Alice... She's a messed up lass... Way more messed up than Laurel... But unlike Laurel who is jis a psychopath fer the sake of bein' one cus it's edgy an goes wit' her 'art'... Alice is legit fecked in tae head... Poor lass shown up one day, bright, bubbly, optimistic... Then she wae put through tae wrestlin' meat grinder... Chewed up and spat out a completely damaged mess o'er former self!"

Pike: "But she's no threat to you or Razer in PRW... Neither of you are connected to NAW... Why pick XWA to involve herself with you?"

Bella shrugs.

Bella: "If ye remember... Alice went straight fer Laurel.. Her posse went after us cus we went down tae run the fecker's aff... Alice has nae issue wit' me or Raz yet... But if she dis an she wants tae throw down wit' us, am more than happy tae step intae the ring wit' her un teach her a few things... Whether it be in PRW or here in XWA... Hell, I might even get Nahiro Koga take make a few calls un get me a guest run in NAW... Alice may have some skill an' a well oiled unit tae back 'er up but she stands nae chance against the experience o' meself, Raz un that Welsh egocentric bitch!"

Pike: "So with XWA Lives coming soon, that all important title match looming on the horizon, Diamond Jack back in the ring with a list of people to kick and Alice Harris seemingly preparing for a war against XWA... It all looks like 2016 is going to be a fantastic year... My final question for you Bella is this... What happens if Razer cannot beat Laurel?"

Bella: "Neither o' us have entertained that thought Pike... We're confident that my man can pick up tae victory 'un it's that simple... Nay feckin' about, nay bullshit... We've beaten laurel before, no one has beaten Raz in XWA and we intend tae keep it that way... Wit' me in his corner... Raz is feckin' unstoppable. Ye can be someone who enjoys taking pain... Raz enjoys dealing it... Ye can be someone who talks pish on the mic, Raz is happy to make ye eat that steaming pile o' verbal shite ye just laid all over the ring... Whitever ye game, approach, plan or style is... Raz has sumthin tae counter it... "

Pike: "Ok... So hypothetically speaking, you guys fail to secure the supreme championship... What would you do in that situation?"

Bella: "Hypothetically eh? Simple - we'd see where it went wrong, we'd see whit we coulda done better, then we regroup... Retrain, come back nastier and angrier than ever... Failure is temporary, ye can get o'er that shite feelin' by jis kickin seven shades o' shite outtae the next poor sap tae go face tae face wit' ye in the ring... Raz will never lose momentum, he'll jis keep building it up, nuthin' can slow him down... There's a reason he's known as tae one man army Pike... He can dae it all and pack a feckin punch whilst daein so... England has tae SAS, America has SEAL un Delta Force, Russia has tae Spetznas and Israel has Mossad... PRW and XWA have Razer... He's jis as deadly as them and when ye need summat daein , he will sort it oot"

Pike: "An interesting comparison there Bella.... Anyway, we're at the end of this talk now... It was a pleasure to have you on the show. Thanks for sharing the words you had for us and I look forward to seeing you down at Ringside once again when this whole party kicks off once again!"

Bella: "Nae worries Pike... I'm always happy tae talk tae someone who understands where 'am comin' from!"

Pike: "So there we have it folks... Bella Quinn, the brains behind the brawn of Razer with a message to everyone who thinks they can screw with the One Man Army... Stay tuned to Beyond The Squared Circle for more news, the real, unbiased, calling it how we see it!"
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