XWA LOTR: The Fucking Tokyo Dome

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XWA LOTR: The Fucking Tokyo Dome

Postby Gopher » Thu Aug 26, 2021 5:30 am

The opening sound of tension builds in The Weeknd's "Starboy" as the crowd cheers for the arrival of the Supreme Champion, Joey Miles. The beat kicks in and Joey backs out from behind the curtain with his arms out-stretched. Despite his lack of a match planned for tonight's show, he's dressed in his in-ring attire, as well as the leather jacket he sports during entrances. Wrapped around his mid-section is the Supreme Championship, which is shown off nice and bright as the champion turns around. Walking up beside him is his sister Alicia Miles, still donning the burned Mirage mask and still mute from her injury suffered at the hands (or foot) of Danny Diamond back at Legends.

Mark Sanction: "Well hey, looks like we'll be hearing from the Supreme Champion! Joey was initially scheduled to defend his title tonight, for the first time, against David Michaels, but Michaels pulled out of the match for reasons unknown, so he was left without an opponent."

Kaida Kagome: "He was bound to show up, Mark. Joey loves this country, a fact that I take full responsibility for, and he wasn't gonna miss an opportunity to appear in the legendary Tokyo Dome. I'm just interested in hearing what he has to say."

Matt Steel: "That makes one of us—I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, don't chop me!"

With Matt frightfully moving his chair a couple inches away from Kaida's death stare, in hopes that she won't want to extend the energy to strike him, the Miles siblings make their way down the long ramp. There's a big smile on Joey's face, as he's clearly very happy to be in one of the best wrestling venues in the world. Eventually, they reach the bottom of the ramp and Joey leaps into the air. In the middle of the jump, Miles grabs the bottom rope and slides himself into the ring, before he quickly pushes back to his feet, unwraps the championship from his waist and hoists it into the air to receive a warm ovation from the fans. While Alicia gets into the ring far less dramatically, Joey takes in the environment and the fans and ... just ... everything. Alicia walks around him and motions for somebody at ringside to hand her a microphone. Once she gets once, she passes it along to her brother. "Starboy" fades out, Joey rests the Supreme Championship on his shoulder and he begins to speak.

Joey Miles: ”Tonight, I was supposed to face David Michaels for this.”

Miles notions toward the Supreme Championship on his shoulder.

Joey Miles: ”And honestly, yeah, I was looking forward to it. Whatever reasons David had for pulling out of the match, I’m sure were valid, but man ... I was disappointed to know that the match wasn’t gonna be happening. I mean, fuck, this is the Tokyo Dome. It’s been a dream of mine to get to perform here. And to be able to defend the biggest prize in XWA here? It would’ve been a night I would never forget. But, alas, here we are. No David Michaels. No Supreme Championship match.”

There are some quiet boos from the Japanese crowd, who respectfully show that they agree with Joey’s disappointment. Miles nods in response for a moment, but then a grin comes across the Supreme Champions face.

Joey Miles: ”Of course I’m gonna wrestle in the fucking Tokyo Dome.”

The quiet boos turn into louder, but still somewhat quiet, cheers.

Joey Miles: ”Christian Jameson isn’t the only one who can make an open challenge. We’re not doing an XWA show in the Tokyo Dome while I’m Supreme Champion without this title being defended. I don’t care who it is, I’m facing somebody tonight.”

The cheers get louder as Kaida can be seen in the background trying her best to mark out as quietly as possible to not interrupt Joey.

Joey Miles: ”The Lord of the Ring finals will headline, as they should. I don’t know what a Gods & Kings Match is, but I know Ace and Mark. That’ll be a proper way to end things and I look forward to facing whichever one of them I end up having to defend against; rest assured, I’m not losing this title tonight. Or any time soon, for that matter. I’ve worked far too hard to get to this point. But I’m gonna be a fighting champion, whether my original opponent bailed or not. So, the only question remains; who’s it gonna be? Supreme Championship opportunities don’t come this easy too often. If you want to make a name for yourself in XWA, now’s the time. Get a ref in this ring and let’s see who accepts.”

Joey tosses the microphone to the side as Mandy Baker runs down the ramp, quick to the call of reffing this match. At least, I assume that’s what she’s doing out here. It is an open challenge, though.

Mark Sanction: ”Well, this is a hell of a surprise! Joey’s gonna defend the Supreme Championship tonight, after all!”

Kaida Kagome: ”Fuck yes!”

Matt Steel: ”Great, just what we need, more of Joey stroking his own—NO PLEASE NOT AGA—“

As the sound of Matt’s chest being caved in can be heard through his headset, Joey takes his jacket off and tosses it out of the ring. He waits in the ring, Alicia by his side, to find out who it is he’ll be having his first Supreme Championship defense against. After a moment’s silence, a song not-yet-heard in XWA begins to play. Beginning with a gong, it goes into pulsating drums and then the beat kicks in fully for Brandon Fietcher’s “Shadow Ninja”. Joey appears confused, as he – along with everyone else, really – doesn’t recognize who this music belongs to. And then he appears. Born roughly 300 miles to the west of the Tokyo Dome, the crowd pops for the sight of Miles’ challenger; Takumi Sanu!

Kaida Kagome: ”Oh fuck ...”

Mark Sanction: ”Now THIS is interesting! Takumi Sanu is answering the call!”

The look on Joey’s face, in response to seeing Takumi, is hard to translate. It’s almost a fearful happiness. While Takumi is most known outside of Japan for his partnership with Dominik Diveraz, inside Japan, he’s well-respected and, even more-so, well-feared for his ruthless style in the ring. In fact, it was the mere mention of Takumi’s name three years ago that made Kaida decide to give Joey a chance in the first place. If her reaction is any indication, even she might be doubting that Joey leaves Japan with the Supreme Championship.

Mark Sanction: ”While Takumi is well-liked all over the world, not many outside of Japan have gotten to see just how brutal he really can be. Of course, this was bound to be a massive test for Joey for no matter who accepted, but I don’t think he could’ve anticipated this.”

Matt Steel: ”If Joey gets his knocked off by Takumi’s foot, I’ll take it.”

Matt braced for another attempt at Kaida trying to burst his heart beneath his chest, but she’s far too distracted at the moment to pay him any mind. If Joey’s expression is fearful happiness, Kaida’s is fearful mourning. There is likely nothing in the world she would be afraid to face, but no matter how much she believes in Joey, the idea of Takumi Sanu, in Japan, facing him for the Supreme Championship ... it’s not something she can picture ending well. Sanu is dressed differently than he’s usually seen in America. His typically-black tights are now loose-fitting orange trunks with black designs. Along with that, he has orange boots, black kneepads and black wrist tape. The expression on his face is also very different than what XWA audiences are used to. Instead of his usual respectfully happy demeanor, Takumi’s face wears a cold look of determination. He enters the ring and simply walks into a corner, where he does some stretching, while keeping his look directly on Joey. Hana Ramierez enters the ring and Joey heads to the opposing corner, where he looks at Takumi with caution.

Hana Ramierez: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the XWA Supreme Championship! Introducing first, the challenger; from Toyonaka, Osaka, Japan and weighing in tonight at ninety-five kilograms, he is ‘Raitoningu’, Takumi Sanu!”

Takumi doesn’t break from his warm-up stretches to pose, but the crowd cheers nonetheless.

Hana Ramierez: ”And his opponent, the defending champion; from Miami, Florida and weighing in tonight at two hundred and thirty-two pounds, he is the defending XWA Supreme Champion, ‘The Suplex Savant’, Joey Miles!”

Miles raises his championship at the call of his name. While there aren’t really any boos in his reception, the cheers aren’t quite as loud as they were for Takumi, letting Joey know early on that he’s not the favorite in this match. Hana exits the ring and Joey hands over the championship to Mandy, who holds it up and shows it off in every direction for the crowd to see before passing it along to somebody outside of the ring. Alicia pats her brother on the shoulder and then exits the ring as well, to take her place at ring-side. Mandy calls for the bell and the impromptu Supreme Championship match is underway!


Mark Sanction: ”Here we go!”

[Tbc in the match thread.]
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Re: XWA LOTR: The Fucking Tokyo Dome

Postby king acid » Thu Aug 26, 2021 5:48 am

I don't know who this Takumi fella is, but I'm intrigued to see your match. Sounds like it's gonna be pretty hard-hitting, strong style stuff, so I'm about it.

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