Massacre #61: Family Reunion

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Massacre #61: Family Reunion

Postby Gopher » Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:55 pm

Returning from a brief commercial advertising XWA’s leave from the BattleZone in 2021, we come back to see the ring set up with a table, two chairs and one Dean Richardson, microphone in hand.

Dean Richardson: ”Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to XWA Massacre. I’m out here right now to stand by and officiate the following contract signing for a match at Legends. This has been brewing far longer than I’ve been here, but I’ve witnessed, first hand, just the level of intensity there is between these two individuals and how badly they want to get their hands on one another. Well, the time is almost here. At Legends Twenty-One, it will, indeed, be Kaida Kagome versus Joey Miles.”

The fans pop big-time as the match is officially announced.

Dean Richardson: ”Now, Kaida is our current Omega Champion, and I can’t exactly have a newly established title go undefended at Legends, so that will be on the line and, as such, that gives the challenger – Joey – final say in what stipulation the match will be. So, without further ado, let’s welcome the challenger for that match; come on out, Joey Miles!”

”Glass Table Girls” hits and out he comes, accompanied by his sister, Alicia. Joey is dressed well for the experience, in a light grey suit with a red tie. Alicia is dressed unsurprisingly less formal, with her usual brand of gothic clothing. Of course, this comes with a new accessory she debuted last Massacre; the burned mask of Mirage. Alicia hasn’t spoken since her match with Danny Diamond at XWA On a Boat, where she was forced to cough up blood after a devastating Sudden Death Superkick caused damage to her windpipe. Her throat is still covered in bandaging, though she may not need to say much when her mask does all the talking for her.

Mark Sanction: ”Here he comes, Matt, and he’s bringing his sister with him.”

Matt Steel: ”God, that mask is weird as hell, man.”

Mark Sanction: ”It’s certainly … unnerving. But right now, this isn’t about Alicia. It’s about Joey and Kaida and a match a whole year in the making.”

The two make their way to the ring, accompanied by a mixed reception from the fans; while certainly leaning towards boos, some can’t help but cheer after Joey’s recent beat-down of Troy Spencer and Alicia’s mind games with Danny Diamond. Upon reaching the ring, Alicia enters first and Joey follows in after her. While Joey hugs Dean, his long-time friend and former commentary partner, Alicia keeps her distance. Joey’s music quiets down, as do the fans. A ringside crew worker gives Joey a microphone.

Dean Richardson: ”Welcome, Joey. You may take a seat, if you wish.”

Dean motions towards one of the chairs, but Joey declines.

Joey Miles: ”I’ll stand for now.”

Dean shrugs and nods.

Dean Richardson: ”Alright, however you’re more comfortable. So, we’ll get Kaida out here in just a moment, but you’ll notice on this contract here, there’s an empty line for the stipulation. As the challenger of the Omega Championship, you’ll get to fill that in. Do you wish to do that now or once Kaida joins us?”

Joey Miles: ”I’ll wait.”

Dean Richardson: ”Okay. Well, Joey, is there anything you want to say before I call Kaida out?”

Joey takes a moment to think it over and then nods. Dean nods back and steps into a corner of the ring, to give Joey the attention. Meanwhile, Alicia is leaning back against the ropes on the other side of the ring. Joey takes a deep breath as he tries to find the words; something he doesn’t usually have trouble with. Finally, he begins speaking.

Joey Miles: ”’You said this was supposed to be your year, right?’ Yeah, I did. Because it was. But my year didn’t start in January, it started on September 28th. That was the night I stopped being Joey Miles, the former commentator, and I became Joey Miles, the wrestler. We were cheered, yeah. People were warming up to me. All it took was six fucking years; six fucking years of pouring my all into proving I’m worth a damn. Despite how much I hated myself, after how my family treated me for years and the stigma that surrounded me for my whole career, I still tried. I tried with everything I had. I went to England, I did my training, I graduated. I wrestled all over the world. I improved on my ability day in and day out. Yet, when it finally stopped being ‘Oh, the commentator is trying to wrestle? How pathetic’, it became ‘Look at that, he’s actually not terrible!’”

Joey shakes his head, with a look of disgust on his face.

Joey Miles: ”I didn’t put all of that work into reinventing myself and making myself worth a damn to hear that condescending bullshit. Yeah, people knew I was good, but they still didn’t respect me. I was Kaida’s side kick, who she helped make into something passable. All of the shit I went through before I met Kaida? It was nothing. I didn’t spend all that time training and improving and putting in more work than everyone else around me. No, I was still the joke back then because I didn’t earn anything more. It wasn’t until the Yakuza crime boss saint came in and blessed me with her favor that I was suddenly anything. According to everyone who was all-of-a-sudden on board with cheering me, I owe everything I am to Kaida. So how do I overcome that? How do I make everyone realize that I’m more than what she made me? By doing exactly what I did on September 28th, 2019.”

The boos begin to seep in, as Joey rationalizes his attack on Kaida. The boos don’t do much to affect him, however. It’s clear his focus isn’t on the fans anymore.

Joey Miles: ”I don’t hate you, Kaida. I don’t. In fact, I … I really … I appreciate what you’ve done for me. But what you’ve done isn’t make me. You didn’t create Joey Miles, the wrestler. You just helped him gain confidence in himself. And I will be forever grateful for that. But I did what I did because I had to. I had to show everyone what I’m capable of and that I didn’t need you to teach me how. The only person responsible for Joey Miles, the wrestler is Joey Miles, the wrestler. And you … You were supposed to stay down.”

Joey closes his eyes momentarily, as he takes a moment to recompose himself. He opens them up and continues speaking immediately.

Joey Miles: ”I can’t have a conscience. There’s no room for that in this business. I have to do whatever I have to do and I can’t second guess myself or worry about how it’ll make me feel. I just need to … do. And you, of all people, should know that. You should have stayed down, Kaida. But you didn’t. You chose to be selfish. Instead of showing that you truly care for me and letting me shine on my own, you demanded revenge for doing the same damn thing you would’ve done in my position. I could’ve been at the top right now, not Frank Lawson, not Caleb Spires; me! I should be main eventing the biggest show of the year, but instead I’m facing somebody who should’ve stayed dead, all because you put your own selfish need for revenge over your best friend, your BROTHER’S chance at being recognized as the best! I needed to do it, Kaida, you know that! You know what I would’ve been if I just continued to sit by and let you take credit for MY career! You acted like you finally cared for somebody more than yourself, but you didn’t. If you did, you would’ve stayed – the fuck – down!”

Now breathing heavier, Miles takes another moment to compose himself. He looks over at Dean and notices the concerned look in his eyes. He then turns to Alicia and sees the mask of Mirage staring back. Joey looks down and shakes his head. He sighs.

Joey Miles: ”Now you’re back. You’ve ruined what should’ve been my year, but that’s not even the worst part of it. I will never succeed with you here. Your obsessive, selfish need for revenge will keep you on me and I’ll forever be known for my association with you, not for my own skills and merits. The only way I can shine how I truly deserve is if you’re gone. I tried to be gentle. It may not feel like it, Kaida, but what I did on September 28th was me being gentle. I wanted to make sure you never stepped back into the ring, but I didn’t want to end you. I needed you out of my way and I needed to send a message. This time? … I can’t risk letting you get back up. I need to remove any shreds of a conscience I may have left, because this time, I need to make sure you will never come after me again, and you’ve made it very clear that there’s only one way that will happen. I have to end you. I didn’t want this. I still don’t. But I need it. If you ever truly cared about me, nee-chan, you will come out here, grab this contract, tear it in half and then never speak to me again. But if you sign this … I’ll do what I have to do. And I will never forgive you for making me do that.”

Joey sets his microphone down on the table and immediately turns toward Alicia. She comforts him with a hug, while Dean tries to maintain his professionalism and clears his throat.

Dean Richardson: ”Right, well, I guess that leads us to this, now … Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Kaida Kagome!”

The lights in the arena go out as ”Receive You ~Hannya~” by Vincent Moretto, an unfamiliar tune to the crowd, begins to blast through the PA system. All eyes are drawn to the titantron as Kaida Kagome's new snazzy entrance video is displayed on the giant screen while the ramp begins to light up as a shadowy figure walks through the curtains. The Matriarch's titantron is a message in of itself as footage of her taking punishment plays out, but as the theme song slowly builds up, images of a bloodthirsty Kaida fill the titantron before, finally, at around 42 seconds in, the footage changes to highlights of Kaida doing what she does best. As the theme song kicks into high gear, the darkness in the arena is quickly overtaken by the lights as an explosion of fireworks go off behind the XWA Omega Champion. Dressed casually once more in a leather vest covering a black crop tank top, rocking blue jeans and brown boots, an Apple Watch covering her left wrist and the XWA Omega title around her waist, The Matriarch begins her slow walk down the ramp as her eyes stay locked on Joey Miles. The crowd's intense cheering is deafening, but for the first time since her return, Kaida does not acknowledge it. Her face tells a different story tonight. A story of pain, sadness and anger. No doubt shocked by Joey's words before her arrival, Kaida's eyes remain locked on target as she begins to walk up the steel steps in the corner before finally entering the ring. Here he is... Joey Miles. After a year of waiting, the man she once considered her brother is a mere few feet away from her across a table with a contract placed in the middle. Kaida stops as her new theme song continues to blare in the background while she engages in a heated stare down between herself and Joey Miles. If you hadn't seen Alicia Miles earlier, you could swear she wasn't there if all you had to go on was Kaida Kagome. Despite standing directly next to her brother, Alicia's presence continues to be ignored by Kaida as all she can see is Joey Miles. Finally, Kaida's theme song slowly dies down to give way to the electric atmosphere in the BattleZone. After a few moments of silence, it's finally broken by Dean Richardson after handing Kaida a microphone.

Dean Richardson: ”So... we've heard what Mr. Miles had to say to you, and it's only fair that I ask you the same thing: is there anything you'd like to say to your challenger before we find out what the stipulation to your match will be?”

Kaida removes the XWA Omega Championship off her waist before placing it on the table, revealing the white bandages covering her stomach as a result of Junichi Sasaki's attack on the previous Massacre. She begins to raise the microphone up to her lips.

Kaida Kagome: ”427 Days. It's been four hundred and twenty seven days since you stabbed me in the back, Joey. For almost a full year as I stayed out of the all-seeing eye of the public, starting with my hospital discharge, all I kept asking myself was... why? Why did you do it? What did I do? Once I finally came to, I went back and watched you on the show I was supposed to defend my career on so I could continue being your partner. I watched you come out and claim that you had "some shit to say", and then you went on to say that you were seen as a joke and that I was the threat. You said I forced you to beat Angelica Vaughn and Sarah Lacklan "by yourself" because, apparently, in my eyes, you needed to prove to yourself to me... God, I was hoping you were bullshitting these people when you said that. The only thing that fueled me to dump that responsibility on you was my desire to watch you shut every single one of your critics the - fuck - up. It angered me every time I saw some idiot on social media claiming you were a joke, that you were nothing more than a glorified commentator who'd laced up his boots so he could make people laugh and make others in the ring look better than him. It made me feel sick to my goddamn stomach to see people say that about the man who'd given me the fight of my life when I got here. "Seen as a joke", yeah? You might've been right about that, but that shit didn't last when the bell rang and we won the XWA Tag Team titles in our first match as partners.”

As Kaida takes a moment to catch her breath, the fans in attendance applaud her speech, agreeing with every single word that's come out of the XWA Omega Champion's mouth thus far. Joey looks away from his former partner for a moment, but Alicia, under her mask, is clearly staring directly at Kaida the entire time. As Kaida begins speaking again, Joey’s eyes are pulled toward her.

Kaida Kagome: ”But now? Now that I'm here and now that every single obstacle that's kept us apart for a year is gone, now that we stand here with a contract set for Legends between us... you still hang on to what you said last year. You tell me that I didn't create "the wrestler" Joey Miles as if I didn't already know that, as if these people don't already know that, as if YOU didn't already FUCKING know that. And despite that, despite the fact that everyone's known that since Day One, they've overlooked you for the warrior you've always been, you claim that they didn't, that I didn't and that you didn't know that, and that's somehow your justification for what you did??? You claim that you don't have a conscience and that there's no room for that in "this business"? Motherfucker, there was no room for a conscience in every single facet of my fucking life before I met you, but having one regardless is what changed my life when we became partners, you goddamn son of a bitch!”

Kaida's hands finally begin shaking as her veins are on the verge of popping out, the fans exploding with applause and cheers as she lowers the microphone, her eyes watering as they continue to shoot daggers at Joey Miles. This time, Joey doesn’t look away. His eyes stay deadlocked at the eyes staring back at him. After taking another moment to calm herself down, she brings the mic back up to her mouth.

Kaida Kagome: ”You claim that this was supposed to be your year? You're nothing more than a shell of the man who kicked ass and took names by my side, because as much as you don't want to admit that you know, and you've known this deep down inside since you did what you did to me, you left your soul and dignity in the ring next to my bloodied body on September 28th, 2019. The reason I've refused to stay down, refused to stay dead is the same reason I watched you take on the world when we became champions. You want me to tear up this contract to prove that I care?”

Kaida transfers the microphone to her left hand as she grabs a pen with her right. She continues to stare at Joey Miles for a few seconds before finally breaking away for the first time since coming out to the ring as her eyes are now on the contract. Before long, she clicks in the pen before signing the contract as the fans explode once more with cheers. She places the pen on the contract before raising the mic back up.

Kaida Kagome: ”I'll sign this contract to prove that I care.”

Joey looks down at the contract and the pen laying atop it. He stares at it for a moment, seemingly deep in thought. He then looks back up at Kaida and sees her continuous, rarely-blinking stare that hasn’t stopped since she got here. He raises his microphone up to his lips.

Joey Miles: ”Singles match.”

Dean, looking on from behind Kaida, looks confused, as the crowd seems, as well. Did Joey just choose a regular singles match as the stipulation for this war?

Joey Miles: ”Submission match.”

The fans continue to be confused, although some cheer for the idea of a submission match. But is it a singles match or a submission match that Joey’s choosing?

Joey Miles: ”Street fight.”

This one elicits a big pop from the crowd, but Dean still seems confused.

Dean Richardson: ”Uhh … I’m sorry, Joey, but what are you doing? You’re supposed to pick one stipulation.”

Joey Miles: ”Three falls. Singles match. Submission match. If it’s tied, street fight. I don’t want anything shrouding the outcome. When I beat you, I beat you. A shell? I beat Hanako Takeuchi. I beat Razor Xtreme. I beat Caleb Spires. Fuck my soul and my dignity, I’m BETTER than the man who stood by your side last year. But now, I don’t need you to patronize me. The only person whose opinion matters to me as much as my own is by my side.”

Joey turns to his sister, although her masked gaze doesn’t avert from Kaida. He looks back at his former tag team partner.

Joey Miles: ”She’s my sister. She’s my real family, something you’ve proven you aren’t by signing that contract. She believes in me and I believe in her. Know that.”

Joey sets down his microphone on the table and grabs the pen. He first writes in the stipulation for the Legends match where marked – Three Stages of Hell – and then he signs his name. While fans lightly booed his words, they cheer again as the contract becomes finalized. Kaida’s clenched left fist begins shaking as she raises the microphone with her right hand, opting to let loose after failing to get through to the man she’s called her brother time and time again.

Kaida Kagome: “Three Stages of Hell. So be it. I accept.”

Another loud pop ensues as Kaida lowers the microphone for a moment, her eyes never leaving Joey’s.

Kaida Kagome: “Funny you should mention your “real family”, because I never finished what I was saying earlier. You see, when I was recovering and asking myself “why”, it was probably a month into my training to return before I realized I was asking the wrong question. It isn’t “why”. It’s “who”.”

Kaida unclenches her left hand before pointing her index finger directly at the masked Alicia Miles. The fans are noticeably quiet as Kaida continues to stare at her former partner while keeping her finger pointed at his sister, not once diverting her eyes towards Alicia.

Kaida Kagome: “I got to thinkin’... everything was fine, wasn’t it? We were on top of the world. We completed each other. I was like a sister to you and you were my brother in more ways than one. That was until I came to fetch you before our last match as a team and saw that little bitch coming out of our locker room. You brushed it off, but not even an hour later, you left me for dead. What did she say to you that made you see the world the way you did after you addressed everyone next to her? The way you see the world right now? That kind of thing just doesn’t happen overnight. I realized… that kind of poison? It takes days. Weeks. Months. Years. And who else but Bloody Mary could’ve poisoned you and had you believe in the bullshit that comes out of your fucking mouth nowadays.”

The fans begin to applaud Kaida once more, the cheers sending chills down Joey Miles’ spine in the process as his former partner’s finger continues to be aimed at Alicia.

Kaida Kagome: “If I wanted revenge, Joey…? You wouldn’t be here right now. You saw what happened to Troy Spencer. You saw what happened to Junichi Sasaki, a man who’s been by my side since I walked into the life that defined who I was up until you did what you did to me. If I wanted you dead, I wouldn’t be here right now, and you sure as shit wouldn’t be signing any contracts. The only reason… the only reason I’m doing this…”

Kagome stops, seemingly struggling to get the words out of her mouth as her eyes begin to water. Her face slowly turns red as her hand shakes.

Kaida Kagome: “The only… reason I’m doing this… is because I want my brother back."

As the microphone slowly begins to fall from Kaida’s mouth, gently being pulled down as her hand drops, Joey’s expression changes in the most gradual of ways. The anger seen on his face before seems to melt away little by little, while being replaced with something upsetting in a different kind of way; maybe a sadness. Kaida places the microphone on the table, as if inviting Joey to give a response, and he grabs it. The former Television Champion pulls the microphone to his lips, but nothing comes out. He stands there, almost as if frozen in time, unable to respond. His eyes stay locked onto hers and the pain extends both ways. Finally, his mouth begins to open.

Joey Miles: ”Kaida—“

Without warning, Joey is cut off as his sister leaps onto the table in front of them and jumps off of it, sending a knee strike firmly into the cheek of Kaida Kagome and knocking her to the ground! The fans erupt in boos, as Alicia turns and kicks the table out of the way, and then returns her attention back to Kaida, but she doesn’t continue the attack just yet. A look of shock covers Joey’s face, as even he didn’t expect that sudden attack; or maybe, he didn’t want it. Alicia motions for Joey to help her attack Kaida, but he hesitates. He doesn’t move, even though Kaida is right there, on the mat, vulnerable. Kaida gets up to a knee and, for the first time since she came out to the ring tonight, she finally looks at Alicia. Anger engulfs the Omega Champion as she shouts out, ”Bukkorosu, bakayarou! [I’m gonna kill you, you fucking bitch!]” She jumps back to her feet and lunges at Alicia, but she’s stopped dead in her tracks by a Superkick that drills Kagome in the side of her neck, as Joey finally intervenes! Kaida is sent back to the canvas as the crowd’s jeers get deeper. At this point, Dean tries to step in, but the chaos has already begun and it won’t stop now. Joey, without even giving it a moment’s thought, nails his long-time friend and new boss in the jaw with a second Superkick, dropping him immediately!

Mark Sanction: ”Oh Christ, the assault is on! And Joey just dropped our new owner!”

Matt Steel: ”Guarantee he’s gonna be punished for that one, but I don’t think he cares right now, Mark.”

The Miles siblings attack Kaida, as they jump on her with stomps. Joey’s stomps go anywhere and everywhere he can land them, while Alicia is more methodical in her attack, as she plants her foot repeatedly in the exact same spot; the bandaged stomach where Junichi had sliced her with a knife. Eventually, Joey starts barking orders, as whatever was forcing him to hesitate earlier has seemingly been completely wiped away by Kaida’s attempt to go after his sister. ”Get her up!” Alicia does as she’s told and pulls Kaida back to her feet, though not without a struggle. The Omega Champion kicks as much as she can, trying to land a blow to Joey or swing her leg around enough to get Alicia, but the Miles sister drills her in the side of the head with repeated forearm shots to make her dizzy. Once Alicia’s got Kaida up, she restrains her from behind by hooking her arms ala Tiger Suplex. Joey grabs Kaida by the face, but this helps her regain some clearness while angering her further and she quickly bites him in between the index finger and thumb! Joey screams in pain while Kaida digs her teeth into his skin, garnering a pop from the crowd, but a headbutt to the back of Kaida’s head, courtesy of Alicia, brings her back to a groggy state. Joey turns for a moment and shakes his hand to try to alleviate some of the pain.

Matt Steel: ”Did she just fucking bite him?!”

Mark Sanction: ”She’s doing what she has to do to survive right now, Matt! They attacked her!”

Now further angered by the bite, Joey turns back to Kaida and drills her in the mid-section, right in the bandaged stomach, with a stiff knee strike. Kaida winces, as she’s forced to let out a pained yelp. Joey follows this up with another knee strike and then one more, hitting the same spot both times. He then grabs Kaida again, but this time by the neck, instead of the face. ”You could’ve walked away, Kaida. You didn’t have to do this. You forced my hand. You forced my—look at me!” he shouts, as Kaida had begun to fade, in part due to the blood loss from re-opening her knife wounds – something made evident by the dark red color her bandages are soaked in now – and Joey somewhat choking her. He lets go of her neck just long enough to slap her across the face to regain her attention, before latching onto her neck again. ”I didn’t want this, Kaida! You made me do it!” Ever defiant, Kaida continues to try to fight back, as she lands a quick, yet effective, knee strike to Joey’s groin! After that, she tries to pull herself free from Alicia’s grasp, as Joey briefly grunts and kneels over a little, but he pushes through the pain quickly and responds with a closed-fist punch that nails Kaida on the cheek. He then grabs ‘Gokudo’ by a fistful of her hair with his left hand and begins bashing in her face over and over with his right hand! The boos continue to build throughout the arena as the fight is being driven straight out of Kaida.

Mark Sanction: ”Stop this, Goddamnit! It’s enough!”

Matt Steel: ”Forget Three Stages of Hell, Kaida might not even make it to the first one!”

The lightning-quick strikes land perfect every time. Most people have probably given up on counting just how many times Joey hit her, but he eventually stops. He turns and takes a moment to recompose himself, as Kaida’s head slumps forward, now with blood beginning to drain from her forehead. Alicia keeps her held up, however, and eventually Joey turns back to his former tag team partner. He slaps her again to get her attention; a slap that could knock a normal person out, yet is simply used to wake Kaida back up here. He grabs her by the chin and pulls her face up to look into her eyes. ”This isn’t about who is my sister, it’s about who was. Alicia has nothing to do with this. I did what I did in September, not her. And I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do in December. This is all about me and you. And soon, it’ll be all about me.” Joey lets go of Kaida’s face and takes a few steps back. He nods to Alicia. His sister lets go of Kaida and then pushes her forward, right into Joey, who catches her in his arms. He holds her there for just a moment, allowing Alicia time to push forward and leap; the former Bloody Mary nails Kaida in the back of the head with her signature Bicycle Knee Strike, Ikneebriated! Instead of letting Kaida drop, however, Joey then spins her around and he hoists her up onto his shoulders ala an Argentine Backbreaker. He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and soaks in the boos. Then, Joey pushes Kaida’s off of him from her upper body and he swings his knee with all the force he can upwards into the back of her dropping head; I.B.D.

Mark Sanction: ”And there’s that absolutely devastating Reverse Go To Sleep Joey’s been putting people away with this year! God, it never gets easier to watch!”

Matt Steel: ”Watch? How about hear, Mark. You can hear that one no matter where you are in the arena! If you ask me, Kaida made a big-time mistake trying to come after Joey.”

Mark Sanction: ”I believe Kaida when she said her reasoning for why she’s doing this, but … Hell, man, I don’t think she’s going to get through to Joey. And if she doesn’t? I can only imagine the war that’ll happen at Legends.”

Joey and Alicia take a moment to look at the downed and bloodied Kaida. Alicia turns her attention briefly to Dean, who’s still down, although no longer unconscious, but Joey’s focus stays pointed directly at Kaida. “Glass Table Girls” hits as the two begin to leave the scene a mess; Dean down, Kaida down and bloodied and the contract on the canvas, next to the turned over table. The next time we’ll see Joey and Kaida will be in Manchester on Christmas Eve, where this all comes to an end, one way or another.
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Re: Massacre #61: Family Reunion

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Fuck, this story is so good.

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