Massacre #58: Overlooked

A tournament begins to crown new XWA Tag Team Champions, the aftermath of XWA Lord of the Ring and a new XWA owner is revealed. Seeds are planted for XWA: On a Boat as the landscape changes forever.
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Massacre #58: Overlooked

Postby Abdel » Tue Sep 15, 2020 5:23 pm

The show returns from a commercial break after the end of the first tag match. The camera is zoomed in Machado, sat on a bench in what seems to be his locker room. He's sporting a black shirt that says "I change my handle" on the front, staring dead at the camera. The crowd cheers for "The Axe", as he appears fresh off an important victory against Jared Jerusalem at Lord of the Ring. He sighs, thinking about how he wants to say what's on his mind.

"Here, few month ago in On A Pole, I let go of Lance Fisher. He was minha amigo... Still is friend, I think. We don't speak since. He was friend, but he was distracting to Machado. He help me beat Jace Albright, I think Lance for this... But it is also regret. I never cheat to win anything, and never want cheat again."

Machado takes a minute to gather his thoughts, with the fans confused over the sudden mention of Machado's old manager.

"People like make fun of my Ingles. They think Machado funny. I hire Lance to be speaker, for me. When I let Lance go, I tell myself that I don't need speak. I prefer my wrestling speak. But after I tap Jared out in Lord of Rings, I feel I need talk. I look for word to... Describe? Describe how I feel. So my word of day is Overlooked."

The fans remain silent, listening intently to what Machado has to say.

"Machado is overlooked. I have only three defeats since join XWA, yet I am without title or title match at On a Boat. I lose to Frank, Razor, Mark. But every loss had reason. No loss was because Machado did wrong. I also beat people like Jace, Supremo Campeone Jace Albright, on first match. I beat AJ Morales, I beat Joey Miles, I beat Jared Jerusalem, I beat ANYBODY. Look at three defeats! Frank beat me, but Frank only loss also to me. You're no special. Everybody know how Mark beat me. I tap that bitch out! I win that match! Troy Spencer? Title you hold? Not your title. Machado title. Machado never lose that title. You're no special. I BEAT two people in Supremo Title match in On A Boat. But Machado STILL without match."

Machado goes silet for a second, licking his lips. He shuts his eyes momentarily, seemingly calming himself down, before speaking in a quieter tone.

"That bring me to Razor. Machado don't forget what you, and that bitch Maddox, did to me. That is why Machado challenge Razor. Both free in On A Boat, we can have rematch. No Lance Fisher. No Maddox Paine. Just Machado tap Razor out. Maybe when Machado beat Razor, people know Machado is the best wrestler in XWA. Machado been best wrestler in XWA since join XWA, and I prove it with anybody. Razor, fight me. No more speak. Just fight."

The scene slowly fades to black, leaving the fans cheering for the big challenge just made.

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