XWA Massacre #54: Moral Support

On the go-home show to XWA On a Pole, Caleb Spires challenges Joey Miles for the World Television Championship, Sean Young has a violent confrontation with Alicia Miles and more.
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XWA Massacre #54: Moral Support

Postby TJtheShizz » Tue May 19, 2020 5:12 pm

Massacre returns from its first commercial break (following the opening segment, that totally happened, there was definitely an opening segment) to what seems like it should have been a quick pre-match interview before the opening contest. Laura Stark stands off to the side of the shot, microphone in hand, seemingly trying to get an interview started, but it seems she had very recently been interrupted by a bit of a disagreement involving the intended subject of her interview.

Frank: "No! What? Why?"

Tyler: "Look, I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did last time, I just want to be at ringside again. I'm not gonna talk or anything."

Frank Lawson looks like he's about to go make his entrance at any time. His cousin Tyler Lawson, apparently visiting backstage one more time before his flight back to Pittsburgh, has evidently joined Frank here as he heads toward the Gorilla position, to the surprise of the "Zero Wolf". Their debate goes on pretty quickly as they both rush to explain their positions.

Frank: "No, no, you don't need to come out with me this time, it's okay. I appreciate it but I want to win this match by myself."

Tyler: "I know you can win the match by yourself but your opponent's got a second again. You can't say I didn't help out last time when that Fisher guy interfered."

Frank scoffs.

Frank: "You think Albion's gonna interfere? Do you even watch the show?"

Tyler: "I mean worst case scenario I'm just moral support, what's wrong with that?"

Frank: "You can be moral support right here! I mean-"

Laura: "Uhh, I'm here with Frank Lawson...is now a bad time?"

Both Lawsons turn to look at her awkwardly, seemingly not having noticed her before. Frank pauses for a second before responding.

Frank: "Uh...one sec."

He turns back to Tyler.

Frank: "Tyler, look, Caleb's right there."

The camera pans to show Caleb Spires in the background, having walked over from wherever he was after hearing the commotion. As Tyler turns to look, The Elite One awkwardly raises his hand and waves, realizing the attention has temporarily shifted to him. Tyler gives him a sheepish nod as the camera quickly shifts back to focus on the Lawsons.

Frank: "You can watch the match with him, reminisce about 2010 like you did the whole rest of the show last time. C'mon man."

Tyler turns back around to face Frank.

Tyler: "But, I mean..."

Frank: "Please dude. I'm...I'm trying to make a name for myself here, and if I'm gonna do that I have to do it without...uh...without any help, y'know?"

There's a pregnant pause, as Tyler takes a second to think about what he's just heard. He takes a disappointed sigh as he comes to an understanding.

Tyler: "...all right fair enough. I understand that. I had a whole lot of matches have way too much interference, so I get it.

Frank: "So please..."

Tyler: "All right, if you really want me to stay back here I'll stay back here, just...good luck man."

With a slightly defeated look on his face, the older Lawson extends a hand. Frank takes it and they bring it in for a quick bro-hug.

Frank: "Thank you. Now then..."

Frank turns to Laura, who quickly perks up and extends the microphone toward him. Knowing the previous conversation has taken up a lot of the time she had planned for the interview, she starts to regather her thoughts and throws a generic question at him.

Laura: "Frank, uh...thoughts before your match tonight?"

Frank grabs the microphone. He doesn't rip it out of her hand but makes it clear he wants to hold it, so Stark releases to let him take it for himself. Lawson pulls the mic to his mouth and begins to cut a promo.

Frank: "All right, last time on Massacre I took my first step toward greatness. And tonight when I beat Shimuzu I'm gonna prove that that first win was no fluke. One day I will be the "be all, end all" of the XWA, and that day will be soon. At XWA On A Pole...watch this space."

Frank hands Laura the microphone back and walks off toward Gorilla. Stark opens her mouth to ask another question, presumably about what that exchange was all about, but can't get anything out before he's just gone. She timidly hangs her head in defeat, while Caleb can be seen in the background walking up next to Tyler. The camera zooms in a little to focus more on the two of them as Tyler glances over to see his old ally next to him.

Tyler: "You think he's just anxious?"

Caleb ponders for a second as the two both gaze off down the hallway.

Caleb: "Might be. It may just be he's relied on you so long training him so he wants to be independent and do his own thing now."

Tyler: "Maybe..."

He pauses for a moment as he somberly looks off down the hall.

Tyler: "I just want to help him though..."

With that, the segment starts to come to an end. Spires and Lawson are left standing in the hallway as we cut back to the ring. The opening vocals of Seiji Shimuzu's entrance theme "Storm" begin to play, signaling that it's time for our opening match...
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Re: XWA Massacre #54: Moral Support

Postby Abdel dude. » Mon Jun 01, 2020 1:16 am

This was really good. I really enjoyed the dialogue, very well-written and it made me feel how each character was saying what they were saying. Adding Caleb was also a very nice touch. Good stuff

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