From the Shadows.....

Massacre/Supershow promo section! Grab the mic, take to the ring and drop the pipebomb on other XWA wrestlers here! Also the place for interview and backstage segments that are part of a show.
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From the Shadows.....

Postby Amethyst » Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:08 pm

A video package swims into view on the XWA Legends titan-tron:

A deep red glow illuminates the ancient, roughly carved stone wall as everything outside its warm glow seems to be engulfed in the suffocating darkness of a long hallway. Hollow footsteps cut through the silence as a distant shadow emerges in the red lights of each torch and seemingly melts back into the shadows as the figure walks closer. As the shadowy figure passes the torch-light we get a brief glimpse of a figure wearing a long hooded black cloak. The figure melts back into the shadows as easily as a chameleon shifting colors to blend into its environment the only evidence of the figures passing is the echoing of footsteps on the cobblestone. The torch-lights suddenly extinguish as the shadows seem to consume everything in sight. Without warning a match is struck the light from this feeble source illuminates a pair of gloved hands. Slowly these hands light a small purple wax candle set on golden candle stands, as the light spreads the same figure can be seen walking around the tarp lighting three more candles, the candles seem to cast their feeble light on a large object draped in a dust covered canvas tarp. The figure approaches what appears to be the front of this object, it pauses for a moment as a hand emerges from under the cloak grasping the canvas tarp, as if in slow-motion the tarp is ripped off and reveals a large oriental dragon statue made of what appears to be Amethyst stone. As the light glints off the Amethyst dragon the figure reaches out to its right and extinguishes one of the candles. Slowly the figure moves around the statue snuffing out each candle as he reaches them. Upon reaching the last candle the figure bends so that his hooded face is just behind the dim light source, the figure now just barely illuminated lifts his hooded cloak revealing the masked face of Murasaki Shinobu, the man known as Amethyst. The ninja’s eyes glint with glee as he speaks reaching out to snuff out the last candle between his finger and thumb. Plunging the room in darkness leaving only a set of purple glowing eyes.

"Watashi wa mada ikite imasu. Modotte kimashita."
"I'm am still alive. I have returned."


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