XWA On a Boat: Failures

Massacre/Supershow promo section! Grab the mic, take to the ring and drop the pipebomb on other XWA wrestlers here! Also the place for interview and backstage segments that are part of a show.
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XWA On a Boat: Failures

Postby GiggityGopher » Mon Nov 11, 2019 4:45 pm

”Glass Table Girls” by The Weeknd hits the PA System and the crowd comes alive with boos as Joey Miles steps onto the ramp. It’s clear how upset the audience is with him following his sudden and shocking betrayal of Kaida Kagome on the last Massacre, which may force Kagome’s retirement tonight as she’s still contractually obligated to put her career on the line against Troy Spencer, despite being in no shape to compete. Miles is dressed casually tonight, jeans and a Band Named Dave 'Keep It Corporate' t-shirt. He makes his way to the ring.

Mark Sanction: ”Look who it is. This man has some nerve showing his face tonight after that despicable attack on his own partner and best friend Kaida, last Massacre.”

Matt Steel: ”I’ll admit, even I was shocked when that went down. Not only because he attacked her, but because of how absolutely brutal it was.”

Mark Sanction: ”He left her unconscious in a pool of her own blood, something he bragged about on Twitter, because of course the jackass did. I just want to know why? Why would he do something like that? Kaida was the one person who really believed in him when no one else did and they’ve become such great, if not strange friends. Hell, they had just went to war with Jerod Barnez and Ace Acid and came up victorious! Now Kaida’s career is all but over because Troy isn’t letting her out of the contract-signed match they have for tonight, where she’ll be forced into retirement if she loses. I can’t believe this bullshit.”

Miles enters the ring and heads to the ropes furthest from the stage to ask for a microphone. A ring crew member hands him one and Miles’ music dies down, but, as he brings the microphone to his lips, he’s cut off before he can even begin speaking due to chants from the fans, letting him know how they feel; ‘Fuck-You-Joey’ clap-clap-clapclapclap. Joey smirks and waits for the chants to quiet down just enough to start speaking.

Joey Miles: "I'm not surprised—“

The chants get louder than they were when they started as the fans clearly try to drown out the former Tag Team Champion. Again, he waits for them to die down.

Joey Miles: "Are we done yet—“

And, once more, they get louder again. This time, Joey can’t help but laugh in response. He nods and then heads over to the nearest corner of the ring. He places his microphone on the canvas and then hoists himself up onto the top rope, where he just lies to relax while he waits for the fans to get it all out of their system. The chants continue and Miles simply fakes a yawn while he waits. Once they, yet again, quiet down, he hops back down to the canvas and picks his microphone back up.

Joey Miles: "Alright, that's enough of—“

The very second Miles begins speaking, the crowd gets louder again. This time, Joey just speaks even louder, to try to talk over them.

Joey Miles: "That's enough of that. I have some shit to say, whether you want to hear it or not."

The chants stop now, but the boos don’t.

Joey Miles: "At Massacre, I … Well, we all saw what I did. I won. I made Jerod Barnez submit, just like I made Angelica Vaughn submit to win the tag team titles for our team months back. And no, I’m not here to plug the fucking shirts, again. They’re sold out and I’m not making any new ones. That trash can of a team doesn’t deserve any more attention.”

Miles takes a moment to clear his throat before he continues.

Joey Miles: ”When Kaida and I first became a team, public opinion was very clear. Kaida Kagome is the threat, Joey Miles is the joke. It would be Kaida doing all the hard work, while Joey has some fun. Get some laughs out of the crowd. Joey Miles, comedy wrestler extraordinaire. And then we faced the blonde cunts. Kaida sat back and watched me face them both by myself because, in her eyes, I needed to prove myself. And I did. I won the tag titles. We didn’t, I did. And finally, after all of the hard work and dedication I put into making myself be the best that I can for years, FINALLY … I got some recognition. Kaida believed in me. The audience believed in me. Other talent backstage believed in me. I finally and truly earned the praise I had been so desperate for, for years.”

’180’ looks down and pauses for a moment as he takes in what he just said.

Joey Miles: ”And that’s when I realized …”

Miles looks back up at the audience.

Joey Miles: ”I don’t give a fuck about your recognition.”

As he expected, the fans don’t take too kindly to that and rain more boos down on him.

Joey Miles: ”I’ve been torturing myself for years over how I wasn’t being given the respect I deserve when, in reality, none of your respect matters. I don’t need anyone to verify how good I am, it can be seen plain as day when I wrestle. So, for all of the love and affection you’ve just decided I deserve now in my career, I say thanks and go fuck yourselves.”

While the fans continue to boo him, he shakes his head with a disgusted expression on his face. The expression says it all. Miles is disgusted that the fans have the audacity to think their opinion could or should matter to him.

Joey Miles: ”Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s next for Joey Miles, since his ‘partner’ is about to be officially retired from pro wrestling once Troy gets that automatic win tonight. Well, I sure as shit don’t plan to sit around waiting for an opportunity. Two thousand-twenty is right around the corner and that’s gonna be my year. But before then, I have someone I need to introduce you all to. Well … It’s more of a reintroduction.”

With that said, Miles motions towards the ramp way, where he had come from moments ago. The audience quiets down as they wonder who it’s going to be. Suddenly, the opening chords of Poppy’s “X” pierce the ears of everyone in attendance.

”Ooooooh, heavy.”

The songs loud opening quickly slows down and that’s when Mirage’s number one protégé Bloody Mary steps onto the ramp. The audience responds with a mixture of cheers and jeers. Outside of a brief moment where she was seen chatting with Joey on Massacre, Mary was last seen beating Danny Diamond to a bloody pulp.

Mark Sanction: ”We saw Mary leaving Miles’ locker room at Massacre, moments before Kaida showed up to talk strategy with him. I wonder what this is all about.”

Matt Steel: ”Nothing about Mary is stable. Not much about Miles is stable. Seems fitting to me.”

Mary makes her way down the ramp, giving off her usual vibes that leave some feeling uneasy. As she walks down the ramp, Joey asks for a second microphone and he’s given one. Once Mary enters the ring, he passes the second microphone along to her. Her music quiets down.

Joey Miles: ”We both know Mirage is gone for good. So, I think it’s time you tell them who you really are.”

Bloody Mary: ”I will miss the nickname. Though, to be fair, it hasn’t felt the same since I got rid of the red hair. That was a real stable of the whole ‘Bloody Mary’ thing. Regardless, I want everyone here to know that I did – and still do – believe in what Mirage stood for. And this will not change that. But I also believe in something else … my little brother.”

Mary turns and smiles at Joey. Murmurs are heard throughout the crowd due to what this implies, but they wait to hear it officially.

Bloody Mary: ”My real name is Alicia Miles. And, yes, I am Joseph’s sister.”

And there’s the surprised response from the fans.

Matt Steel: ”Excuse me, what?”

Mark Sanction: ”Bloody Mary is Joey’s sister?! What the hell?!”

The siblings wait for the audience to calm down before the woman now known to be Alicia continues speaking.

Alicia Miles: ”And I’ve sat back for far too long and watched as he’s been taking one long nosedive for years, all to please you people. When it got to the point where Joseph had to align himself with the likes of Kaida – again, an actual fucking Yakuza leader, why is she not in jail? – when it got to that point, I had to step in. I put my little brother on the path he should’ve been on this whole time and now that there’s no one who can deny him, he doesn’t care, because he shouldn’t. You aren’t worth the hatred that Joseph has felt for himself for all these years. Self-loathing is something he and I are well accustomed to and, quite frankly, I’m sick of it. From the moments we were born, we’ve been taught to hate ourselves. You all remember our brother Matthew, yes? Or Kallus as they called him on his way to fame in 2WWF. Of course you all remember him. He was the one that was supposed to be remembered. He was the talented sibling. He was the legend. I was the drunk. Joseph was the jester. Our father was proud of Matthew while Joseph and myself were the embarrassments; the family failures. Of course, wrestling has always been in our blood, no matter how much they denied that, but we had to sit back and watch from the sidelines because they taught us that we weren’t worth it. And yet, here we are, two thousand-nineteen. Guess who’s still fucking standing.”

Joey claps in the background with a satisfied grin plastered on his face.

Alicia Miles: ”Hate us all you want. You can even try to deny us, but it doesn’t matter. You don’t matter. I put the former Mirage down. Danny hasn’t been seen since then. Joseph gift-wrapped Kaida’s career to Troy Spencer. We are going to accomplish great things in this business and we’ll do it while each and every one of you hates it. I’m proud to be a failure to the Miles name because our father and brother were failures to ours.”

Alicia nonchalantly drops her microphone and looks at Joey to give his final statement.

Joey Miles: ”Fall in the ocean and drown, shitheads. It’s time for the Family Failures to succeed.”

The former Tag Team Champion winks and drops his microphone, albeit in a far less nonchalant way than Alicia. “Glass Table Girls” hits again as the two make their exit.

Mark Sanction: ”Well, the news on Joey’s sister sure as hell caught me off guard, but that attack on Kaida makes so much more sense now. I have a very bad feeling in my gut, knowing that woman is not only Joey’s sister, but she’s influencing his actions.”

Matt Steel: ”I have a great feeling about it. Joey finally doesn’t care what the fans think of him and it’s about damn time. He no longer has to worry about the public perception of him dragging him down. His sister should’ve talked some sense to him a long time ago.”

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