Massacre #50: A Challenge, Planned & Unplanned

XWA celebrates 50 episodes with a trip to Vancouver and a title-for-title Hell In A Cell deathmatch! Hanako Takeuchi and Dave O'Connor will go to war for the right to be World Television and Hardcore Champion at the same time--who'll pull it off, and will they be just as hospital-bound as the loser? Plus Jace Albright's return to action, Albion Gale and The Phoenix form a new tag team, and more!
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Massacre #50: A Challenge, Planned & Unplanned

Postby Rufus » Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:10 am

Shortly after we fade back into the ringside area, Fighting Gold by Coda begins to blast through the arena's PA system, and before long, the former XWA Tag Team Champions walk through the curtains and stop shortly before heading down the ramp, looking out at the crowd in the arena. Thanks to the unorthodox duo's willingness to embrace the crowd reactions they were getting, the reception is much more positive than both Kaida and Joey ever expected. Couple it with their absence from XWA TV since dropping the titles to The Demon Slayers, the fans' loud cheers begin to make sense. With grins on Joey and Kaida's faces, they begin to walk down the ramp with a very noticeable extra "oomph" in their steps, filled with adrenaline.

”It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen these two in the ring. After an explosive start to their year where they ended up winning the XWA Tag Team Championships on their debut as a team, visa issues, opponents no-showing led to them holding onto their titles for a while, but I’d say we all wanted to see more matches from them. It’ll be interesting to see what they’ve got in store for us.

After entering the ring, receiving their microphones and the music beginning to die down, Kaida steps up to the edge of the ring, draping her left arm over the top ropes and bringing the mic up to her mouth with her right hand. The crowd goes quiet, waiting in anticipation of what the Gokudo has to say. With a grin on her face, Kaida speaks for the first time in months on XWA TV.

" missed us, didn’t you?"

The crowd pops in reaction, despite a few boos scattered throughout the arena from a few people who aren’t convinced by Fighting Gold’s more “positive” attitude in recents months since capturing the titles.

"Yeeeaaah, that’s what I fuckin’ thought."

The crowd goes quiet once more, unsure of what to make of Kaida’s tone. As the Matriarch steps back and stands right beside her partner and now close friend, she brings the mic back up as the fans in attendance brace themselves for Kaida to shit on them, as she usually tends to do.

"I seem to be having some sort of... deja vu moment here because, hey... so have I."

The fans breathe a sigh of relief almost as Kaida seems to be in a good mood. She turns to face Joey, who seems to agree with her sentiments, taking in the fans’ positive reaction as much as his partner is.

"Now now, we didn’t exactly come back here to get all sentimental and shit. There’s a time and place for everything, and the place we’re in requires me to say some shit. And it’s been a long time coming, ‘far as I’m concerned. Miss Carter, Miss Demons. Your partner, Mr., uh, Morales. Or more accurately, Mr. Layton? You have some shit that belongs to us. Now, did you earn the right to keep our titles warm for us? Sure you did. But that’s all you’re doing in the end. You’re keepin’ ‘em warm. That’s it."

The fans in attendance react, but not as positively as they were earlier, taking exception to the remarks Kaida’s directing towards the current XWA Tag Team Champions.

”But, but but, with that being said... we’re not demanding a match. We know we’re getting one sooner or later, given the competition. And besides, we’ve missed out on a few things that’ve happened in our absence. So we’ve got a lot to catch up on. A lotta boobs to plex, a lotta arms to break, a lotta faces to smash, and most importantly, a lotta FANNING SISTERS T-SHIRTS TO SELL, NEW STOCK, BABY!!!”


The fans do their best to hold back, but most of them end up cracking up at Miles’ complete inability to let some things go.

"So in short: we’ve got an announcement to make. Next Massacre, we’re laying down the challenge. An open challenge to anyone in the back who thinks they’re more deserving than us to get a shot at the titles. So whoever you are, we’re waiting for you. Shade and your big boy brother, Barnez and his sex slave, or hey, AJ and Minka. We’ll welcome every single one of the douchebags in the back to come at us. Because don’t let our absence trick you into thinking that we don’t still own this place and that nobody else does it better than Joey Miles and Kaida Kagome.”

”Welp, there you have it. Guess Fighting Gold’s officially returning on Massacre 51. They should just hope they don’t regret this.”

As Kaida drapes her arm around Joey’s shoulders, it appears that Fighting Gold have said their piece and are preparing to leave. It’s at this moment that the lights in the arena dim, a few seconds passing with complete silence. Suddenly, Burning Inside by Ministry begins to play as the lights remain dimmed. As the song slowly builds up, a pair of red and white lights begin to flicker, and as the song kicks into high gear, a spotlight appears at the top of the ramp. A cameraman rushes up the ramp, and through the shadows, a tall, muscular figure walks into the spotlight. It takes the crowd a few moments to recognize him, but Kaida and Joey instantly realized who this is. As the close up of the man’s face appears on the titantron, the fans in attendance pop huge. After years and years of inactivity, Troy Spencer appears on XWA TV for the first time in his career.

”This... isn’t a face I expected to see today. Wow. Ladies & Gents, if you don’t know who this man is, his name is Troy Spencer. He hasn’t been seen in a wrestling ring since 2012, and despite rumors swirling every now and then regarding him signing with a new company, he never did. A man with several title reigns to his name in the “other”, now-defunct Xtreme Wrestling Association, Spencer made his mark on the wrestling world before disappearing. But... why is he here, on our 50th episode of Massacre at that? Why’s he confronting Kaida and Joey? Has he signed with us???”

As “Burning Inside” continues to play, the lights come back on in the arena. A bearded, gruff looking Troy Spencer stands at the top of the ramp, wearing a black tank top, silver necklace, blue skinny jeans and brown biker boots. A grin forms on his face as he brings a microphone up to his mouth, his theme song beginning to die down.

”You look like you’ve seen a GHOST, KAGOME-SAMA!!!”

Troy’s gruff voice echoes throughout the arena as the crowd goes silent. The screen cuts to a shot of Kagome’s face, and all the joy and cockiness on her face has disappeared, replaced with a very serious expression, her eyes transfixed on Spencer.

”Look at you. Having fun with, OF ALL. FUCKING. PEOPLE. JOEY GODDAMNED MILES. What’s up, little guy??? Found yourself a mama to take care of you??? Pathetic.”

Miles immediately goes to exit the ring, slamming his microphone down on the mat, but with all of the quickness she can muster, Kaida grabs Joey by his arm, pulling him back towards her as hard as she can. Joey begins to argue with his partner, but Kaida mutters a few words to Joey, causing him to calm down a little. Another angle of the scene in the ring shows a near-concerned look on Kaida’s face, something we’ve never seen from her before.

”What’re you gonna do? What’re you gonna do, Joey? The ring announcer’s pissed, y’all. Look out guys, he’s gonna grab his headset and angrily say things to take away from my accomplishments in this business.”

We cut back to Kaida still holding onto Joey, repeating “ignore him” to Miles, over and over again. The crowd begins to boo Spencer at this point, not taking very kindly to his attitude.

”The gall to boo me. Lemme give you pieces of shit a history lesson. You see that bitch in that ring? Who do you think pushed her towards coming here and ‘rasslin’? It was me. You guys remember that list she was carrying around, crossing names off of it? Who gave her those names? Ask yourself. Why would some random thug from Japan want to go after former members of ELITE? I gave her those names. And a looooooot of those douchebags from 2WWF, another failed company from my past, were involved in that group. I never cared for them. Chips on their shoulders, garbage humans all around. So, in my absence from the business, I found myself in Japan a few years ago. Now if anyone here knows about my past, which, you know, you should if you know anything about anything, you’ll know my nickname was the “Vigilante”. Except, it wasn’t just a nickname. I can’t and never have stood the scum that exist in this world, in wrestling and out. So, here I am in Japan, finding out about this underground fighting circuit. I find out a leader of a Yakuza family fights there. So alright, I find a way to enter myself in their tournament. I fuck up every single one of them. The finals happen. It’s me and the aforementioned Yakuza leader. While I prep for the fight, a short, try-hardy looking woman walks up to me with a bunch of goons behind her. I think you know who I’m talking about, right?”

Kaida, having heard enough, decides it’s her turn to speak.

"What the fuck do you want, Spencer?"

”Bitch, if you don’t keep that mouth shut when I’m telling my story, you’ll regret it harder than you’ll already be regretting things in a few weeks.”

The crowd sit in silence as Troy continues to “paint the picture” for everyone.

”Backwoods trash. Anyways, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted: short tiny woman shows up with goons. It’s her. Miss Kagome. She introduces herself as the leader of the Kagome family. Naturally, I just about burst into laughter because “huh???” but hey whaddya know, she actually is the leader of a family. So I think eh, I’ll just put her out of her misery real quick and head out. But that’s when she surprised me. She can fight! Landed some good shots. Pushed me to my limits for a bit, if you can believe it. But I beat you, didn’t I, Kaida? And you had to uphold your end of our deal. Because when I met her prior to our fight, I decided to vet her. Turned out she knew about the XWA, she knew about the places I’ve been. She knew me. And I was that little push she needed to finally leave Japan and test herself against the people here. And with me considering a return for years now, I gave her a list of some of the most pathetic, garbage, overrated people I have ever seen in a ring. I asked to her to have fun with every single one of them. And for a while, she did good. Crossed Miles off the list. Crossed Chapman off the list. And then she got sidetracked. She started to forget about what I asked her to do. Because deep down, she didn’t think I beat her. So why would she take orders from me? Well. I was stupid. Because I know that if you want anything done right, you gotta do it yourself. So that’s why...”

Troy reaches back and pulls out a rolled up piece of paper. He unrolls it and holds up for the cameraman to zoom in.

”Yours truly... is officially a member of the XWA roster.”

As the fans stare at the XWA contract in Troy’s hand, they cannot help but react, a loud combination of cheers and boos. The screen cuts to both members of Fighting Gold looking extremely angry. With fire in her eyes, Kaida continues to listen, keeping her mic down.

”Had myself a meeting with Bella Quinn. Signed me up as fast as she could and accepted my demand. She just wanted me to confirm things with you. All I wanted was one thing. One match. One stipulation. And if you don’t chicken out, it’s happening. So lemme ask you, Kagome-sama. XWA On a Boat. Me and you. I’m putting a situation I created by pushing you towards signing with this company behind me. And when I’m done, I’m picking up where you left off. You. And me. On a Boat. And if—”

"You’re on, you piece of shit."

The fans in attendance explode with cheers, as Kaida said what was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Troy, meanwhile, is giggling to himself.

”Oh man. Just as bloodthirsty as you’ve ever been, eh? Well. I have it in writing that all you needed to do was accept. And since you did, you’ll probably regret not letting me finish. Because if... nah, when I win and toss your ass off the ship... your career ends.”

A very audible “ooh” is heard from the fans at ringside. A few gasp. Kaida, on the other hand, feels the fire coursing through her body. Breathing heavily, her eyes light up, having wanted to shut Spencer up for a long time.

”I was a big reason why your dumb ass is even in this company. You’re just a bloodthirsty, pathetic criminal. You tell yourself that you’re a rebellious, Robin Hood figure and feign ignorance in your home country. But things are different here. And while you’ve enjoyed going out, drinking with your little buddy, lil’ Joey there, you’ve left me in the dust. I told you you’d regret it and you didn’t listen. So I feel it is my responsibility to make sure you’re never seen here again. So enjoy these last few weeks in the XWA, Kagome. Enjoy having a partner, Miles. Enjoy your open challenge. Oh, and before I leave, Minka and AJ? If you’re watching this, I’d suggest you avoid facing these two on the next Massacre. You wouldn’t wanna potentially lose your titles and have them vacated because one of the champions had to retire shortly after.”

With his piece said, Troy tosses the microphone off the stage and grins at Kaida, winking at her. He begins to walk backwards, while keeping his locked onto Kaida and Joey. But before he turns to leave...

”Nah, hold up. You’ve been a thorn in my side for far too long, Spencer. You’re a sad has-been who’s holding onto one-sided grudges and asking others to do your dirty work. And I’ll just correct you on one thing. You’re not the reason I’m here. You never were. The list I took from you? I just wanted to face the best and toughest people I could find here. And they didn’t disappoint. The rush I felt when I stepped into the ring with them? Ten times the rush I felt when I went easy on your ass. You never faced me when I was 100%. Our fight didn’t end with either of us on our back. But this time it will. Because on top of my career being on the line, I’ll make it even sweeter. Quinn, I know you’re watching this. On a Boat? Make it a Last *Woman* Standing match. Because I’ll be the one on my feet by the end of the fight, and you’ll realize that you wasted your money signing this piece of shit."

With all of her might, Kaida slams the microphone down on the mat as it emits a static hiss. The camera zooms into Kaida’s face, and she looks as serious as she’s ever looked. With Troy chuckling to himself, he walks backwards, keeping his eyes on Kagome before finally leaving. As Joey begins to speak to Kaida, the screen fades to black.

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