Massacre #50: A Lesson Learned

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Massacre #50: A Lesson Learned

Postby GiggityGopher » Thu Aug 15, 2019 1:39 am

"He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the paaain of bein' a maaan."

"Bat Country" hits as the former Supreme Champion Danny Diamond makes his way onto the stage, accompanied by Bloody Mary. While Mary doesn't have much of an expression on her face, Diamond does; and it's not a happy one.

Mark Sanction: "This should be interesting. We haven't heard from Danny since Mary lost her quarter-finals match-up in the Lord of the Ring tournament to Mark Storm. He doesn't seem too happy, although I can't really tell what Mary's thinking, but that's nothing new."

Tempest: "She promised him Lord of the Ring and she failed. I'm not surprised he's pissed. Granted, he could've tried to win the damn tournament himself."

Mark Sanction: "Regardless, it seems he'll be addressing the audience tonight and we'll get to see exactly what's next for Danny; and maybe Mary, as well. Technically, he does still have a rematch clause."

The two make their way down the ramp as the audience jeers, although some throw in jests at Diamond over Mary's failure to get him Lord of the Ring. He ignores this, however. It's clear Danny is in no mood tonight and he's focused on only one thing. He gets in the ring and Mary follows after him. Without taking any time for his usual theatrics, Danny demands a microphone from ringside and is given one. His music fades, though the boos don't go so quickly. Once the arena is quiet enough, he speaks.

Danny Diamond: "I've been thinking on how I want to go about this. First, I lose my championship to Albion Gale and then this ..."

Danny looks at Mary.

Danny Diamond: "This ... figure from my past, shows up. She tells me to relax and says she'll represent me in the two thousand and nineteen Lord of the Ring. She'll make sure I get what I deserve. And then she got eliminated in the quarter-finals."

Danny steps closer towards Mary as she looks up at him. Her expression is always hard to read and no one can truly know what exactly she's thinking right now, but it's clear Danny is upset.

Danny Diamond: "You've done nothing but waste my time and soil my name. I should've just demanded I get my rightful rematch against Albion and been done with it, which is exactly what I'm going to do now. But, first, everyone watching this needs to be taught a lesson about what happens when you toy with Danny Diamond."

He drops the microphone and immediately latches onto Mary's throat. The Englishman pushes her into a corner as the audience boos, watching him stop just short of completely blocking the air to her throat with a stern, but not entirely enforced choke.

Mark Sanction: "Come on, Danny, stop this!"

Danny is choking Mary, yet, as Mary clearly has some issues trying to breath right now, her expression stays the same. She just stares up at Danny, emotionless. This is when the Englishman decides to add to the pressure. Now her face slowly starts to become as red as her name and with that change of color comes a change of expression. Mary's lack of emotion turns to ... a smile.

Tempest: "Annnnnd she's smiling. Are we even allowed to air this?"

Mark Sanction: "I don't quite think this is ... what you think, Tempest ... Not yet, at least."

Danny's initial response to this smile is confusion, but that quickly turns to discomfort. Shortly after, he's no longer choking Mary. Not by choice, but because the black-haired woman lunged her arms forward and gouged at the Englishman's eyes! The fans pop for this, surprised to see the previously obedient Mary fighting back against her leader.

Mark Sanction: "Mary went for the eyes!"

Tempest: "You sure this isn't what I was thinking of?"

Danny takes a few steps back as he wipes at his eyes. He, unintentionally, gives Mary just enough space to run forward and bounce into him with her signature Ikneebriated; a Bicycle Knee Strike that catches Danny flush on the jaw and drops him!

Mark Sanction: "Ikneebriated!"

Danny scrambles back to his feet quickly, albeit stumbling as he does so. Before he even has a chance to defend himself, Mary strikes again; a second Ikneebriated! This time, he's much slower to get back up, but he's still not about to stay down. This was his time, he knew. He was the important one, not her. So, back to his feet he got, and back to the canvas he was put with a third Ikneebriated.

Tempest: "Jesus, she isn't relenting."

Danny doesn't even have a chance to try standing up this time, as Mary immediately begins stomping down - over and over - on the back of his head, pounding his face into the canvas time and time again. The fans continue to cheer for this absolute destruction of one of XWA's most hated men, but the cheers mean nothing to Mary. All that's important to her, right now, in this moment, is leaking Danny Diamond's face onto the ring. Eventually, she ceases her stomps, only to push Danny onto his back. Mary sits down on the Englishman and pounds away at his face with alternating elbow strikes, each one hitting Diamond's face with enough force to knock out an ordinary man.

Mark Sanction: "No one's coming to Danny's rescue; no officials, no staff, not even any other wrestlers. I'm not sure there's a damn soul who respects Danny as a person in the back and they all think he's getting what he deserves."

Tempest: "I'm not gonna argue with them.

It isn't long before the blood begins to fly from Danny's skin as the elbows are rained down upon him, each one striking him with speed and ferocity. Over and over and over again, until Mary no longer wants to use her elbows and decides to just use her own head. Hair flies, tangled with blood, as the Mirage follower headbutts the Englishman with continued aggression until he's not the only one leaking.

Mark Sanction: "Al--alright, maybe now it's, uhh ... Jesus ..."

Mary is seeing red. Perhaps figuratively, but more-so literally. All she can see is her black hair and red in a whirl of violence. The cheering crowd are nothing more than a fly on the wall, entirely ignored by the woman as she gives Danny - and perhaps even herself - a concussion. Finally, the violence comes to a halt with a loud, screeching shriek from Mary's mouth, yelling out to the ceiling for all to hear. The audience is silenced by this ear-piercing shout and Mary simply sits there, on top of an unconscious Danny, letting his and her blood fall from her face. She doesn't move for a moment, simply taking a moment to let it all sink in. Finally, Mary calmly steps off of Danny and walks over to the microphone that he had dropped earlier. She bends down and picks it up. After dusting off the microphone - but not wiping any of the blood from her face and eyes - she speaks, pointing her words at the only person here who can't hear them; the unconscious one in the center of the ring.

Bloody Mary: "Mirage will perhaps be the only person in the world who ever truly understood me. You ... you are not Mirage. Not anymore. You don't care about our message, our rule. All we want is to set the world free to burn itself down in violent glory. All you want ... is a piece of gold. Go claim your rematch, if you ever do wake up. I have chaos that needs freeing."

Mary drops the microphone next to Danny, causing it to land in a puddle of mixed blood. As much as the audience loved witnessing the overly brutal massacre Danny just endured, they still can't help but be left unsettled by this scene. With no music playing, Mary makes her exit, leaving Diamond behind.

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