Massacre #50 - Did you see that?

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Massacre #50 - Did you see that?

Postby Rob Chapman » Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:17 pm

Surprisingly, following the advert for XWA's upcoming SuperShow, Gold Rush, the camera doesn't go back to the ring, but instead, to the backstage area. In the lightly decorated arena corridor, Jace Albright, blown up and sweating, sticks out like a sore thumb next to the less-persperating Laura Stark, with her business casual attire and calm demeanor.

Jace Albright
"Did you see that? Did you SEE that?!"

Jace paces back and forth slightly, using a hand to push some sweat-soaked hair out of his face, turning his back to Stark for a brief moment before turning to face her again, still breathing heavily, still ramped up on an emotional high after winning his comeback match in decisive fashion.

Jace Albright
"Did you see that?"

That last repetition is slightly more casual and excited. A brief flicker of the Jace of old. He quickly straightens himself up.

Laura Stark
"Yes, I think everybody saw that. Congratulations on your successful return to the XWA! What can we expect from Jace Albright after tonight?"

Jace Albright
"Hoo, man. Nice! You could not have picked a better question to start out with, Laura."

Jace combs both hands through his hair before taking a deep breath in and collecting himself, for the moment, before lifting his head and staring straight into the camera. He seems to have flipped that intensity switch again, and while his body is calm, his tone is not.

Jace Albright
"See, before I took some time away, it seemed like the only person asking what was next for me was ME. I was constantly told that I was impressing the right people, and touted as a future champion by commentators, journalists, match analysts, and even some of the other talent in the company."

Jace pauses to close one hand into a fist, and raise it to his forehead in a gesture of frustration. He lets it drop as he turns his attention to Laura and her microphone.

Jace Albright
"I've been coined the 'One to Watch', Laura, since our little Piledriver Awards ceremony back at the beginning of the year. The fans gave me that name by voting for me, and for that, I will be forever grateful. But after that... who the fuck was actually watching? I can't figure it out."

With the frustration beginning to build, anger flashes across his face, and his delivery gets more intense. Embittered, yet, impassioned.

Jace Albright
"Nobody, apparently. Not Bella Quinn, at least. Well, no more. I'm done waiting for opportunities to be handed to me like that Legends match was. You wanna look past me? I'm just gonna have to find a way to take up the entire room.".

Jace turns his eyes back towards the camera again, running a hand into his bangs and pushing them back.

Jace Albright
"Back when I was first training to be a wrestler at the C4 Academy, Rob Chapman used to teach us to 'Be humble or be quiet', to quote the rapper Propaganda. But what did staying humble actually get me? Power rankings? A contendership match? A shot at the Supreme title? NOPE. Not even a shot at the goddamn T.V. title! There was that one time XWA booked me against Aries Armadist, but as soon as word got around that I, a technical wrestler, was completely baffled by being put into a Hardcore Championship match with absolutely nothing happening between myself and the Champion, they took that away from me too. And maybe that was a mistake."

Jace closes his eyes for a moment and exhales a short, irritated breath through his nose and mouth. He turns his attention to his interviewer, again, who at this point, has decided to simply hold out the microphone and let Albright spin his yarn.

Jace Albright
"On the other hand, what did provocation get me? It got me the attention of Mark Storey, Sean Young, Danny Diamond, Joey Miles, and Kaida Kagome. Four out of five of them are legends of this business, and the fifth is blazing a trail to get to that status. They might not all have liked what I had to say, but they listened. Yet... Bella Quinn chose not to. XWA chose not to."

Jace's expression contorts into a flat, cynical half-smirk as he turns his eyes toward the camera and begins rubbing his hands together.

Jace Albright
"Apparently, beating the current Supreme Champion just days before she became the Supreme Champion isn't even worthy of being mentioned as part of the title picture. And after months and months of being overlooked, I'll admit it. When the opportunity came, I dropped the ball."

Just as quickly, the New Yorker has gone from being frustrated, to jaded, and now slightly defeated. His tone weakening.

Jace Albright
"I dropped the ball from fucking outer space, because I was so out of my mind over the fact that that beating some of the absolute best this business has to offer afforded me nothing. I took my eyes off of the journey to focus on the destination, and Kaelan Laughlin, being the consummate professional that she is, took me out of the tournament."

Hanging his head low, the "One to Watch" takes a moment to recollect his composure before looking up. The determination back and on full display.

Jace Albright
"That loss was my breaking point, Laura. To some, only one loss after six or seven months is something to be shaken off. But I couldn't roll with it. I was so thrown by what I'd put myself through mentally while waiting for my number to be called that I couldn't deal with the idea of starting all again from scratch just yet. I felt sick. So I took some time off. I dissociated. Refocused. Adapted. Found myself a new trainer. I did all that, and now I'm back. To Jasin Smith, I'm sorry that they booked you against me tonight, but I'm not sorry for what I did, because it had to be someone. To Smith Jones, again, I say thank you for the great advice. What's wrong with this industry wasn't my flair, though, Mr. Jones. It was my attitude. Now, a whole lot of people are going to find out the hard way that what's really wrong with this industry was treating me like an afterthought because I didn't fit their mold."

With the intensity sufficiently built up, Jace seeks verbal release. The answer to the question she asked in the first place. What are "Shining" Jace Albright's intentions, now that he's returned to the XWA?

Jace Albright
"So, Laura, here we are. To answer your question, I'm done waiting. I'm skipping asking, and going STRAIGHT to telling! I, Jace Albright, am staking my claim to the XWA Supreme Championship. I've beaten Albion. I've beaten A.J. I've beaten Miles, and I'm going to beat everyone they put in front of me, until there's no one else left in line if I have to. Give me Austin Carter. Give me Dave O'Connor. Give me Hanako Takeuchi. Miles, Kaida, A.J, Minka, Mary, Seiji, Remi, Diamond, fuuuuckiiiing Vespertine! I don't care! Give me anyone, and I'll give them the fight of their goddamn life. Get it? Got it? Good."

After coming the closest he's come to full-on shouting... just like that, the switch flips back. Jace's mouth hooks into a confident smile. He reaches out to pat his favourite interviewer on the shoulder as he flashes his pearly whites.

Jace Albright
"Great interview. Thanks!"

With that, Jace turns on his heel and exits stage left. We cut to ringside for the Main Event.
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