Massacre #48: The Conversation

It's the Lord of the Ring quarterfinals! Austin Carter looks to defend the World Television Championship for the first time, Dave O'Connor and Hanako Takeuchi try to make the most of their second chances, and so much more!
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Massacre #48: The Conversation

Postby GiggityGopher » Mon Jul 08, 2019 2:23 pm

The scene opens in a backstage corridor of the XWA BattleZone, where former Supreme Champion Danny Diamond is seen talking - possibly arguing - with his Lord of the Ring representative, Bloody Mary. The camera man makes sure to keep his distance as the audience listens in on this.

Danny Diamond: “What aren’t you getting about this?”

Bloody Mary: “All of it.”

Diamond pinches the ridge of his nose and sighs as he clearly has trouble trying to get his point across to the tattoo-covered woman.

Danny Diamond: “You are representing me, Danny Diamond. What you did to Joey was impressive, but it’s Joey Jobberton. He isn’t exactly at the top of the food chain.”

Bloody Mary: “So I shouldn’t have left him in a pool of his own blood?”

Danny Diamond: “No, that’s not it. The point is what you did to him doesn’t erase your loss to Ryoko. As disturbing as it was to watch, nobody is going to talk about what you did to a loser. The focus is still going to be on how you lost your debut.”

Bloody Mary: “And why does that matter?”

Danny Diamond: “Because I don’t lose, Alicia!”

This comment from Danny garners a chuckle from Mary, who seems genuinely amused by it.

Bloody Mary: “Except in Indiana, right?”

Danny's eyebrows furrow as 'The Drunken Queen's' comment, referencing his submission loss to Albion Gale for the Supreme Championship at XWA 500, hits a nerve. He lunges forward and grabs Mary by her throat before he slams her against the wall. Although it's very clear that Mary is having a bit of trouble breathing, her face doesn't show the tiniest bit of intimidation. Diamond brings his head closer to hers, getting eye-to-eye.

Danny Diamond: “I don’t care who you are. I will not be disrespected. Do you understand me?”

Bloody Mary: “I understand ‘you tapped out’ chants.”

Becoming further aggravated, Danny applies more pressure to his grip on Mary's throat and the black-haired woman begins to lightly gasp for air, but her composure remains disturbingly calm. Speaking isn't very easy at the moment, but she manages to get what she needs to say out, quietly.

Bloody Mary: “I can’t fight for you if I can’t breathe.”

Danny, staring directly into Mary's eyes, holds her for a few more seconds, but then he finally lets go. Mary takes in a big gasp of air and rubs her neck as her face begins to turn to a normal color from the red it was becoming.

Danny Diamond: “If I wanted, I could take you out right now and Bella would give me your spot in this tournament. You need to realize just how easily I can do this without you.”

Bloody Mary: “Then why don’t you?”

The former Supreme Champion glares at his protégé and almost seems like he's going to lunge at her again, but he manages to maintain just enough of his composure to not do that.

Danny Diamond: “Listen—“

Bloody Mary: “I’ll win the fucking tournament. Worry about not losing to Albion again when I do.”

Mary turns and walks off, no longer amused, leaving an upset Danny behind. Diamond clenches his fist and almost throws a punch at the wall, but he stops himself with a light growl under his breath. He takes a few seconds to calm himself down, taking in some deep breaths to help, and then the Englishman walks off in the opposite direction Mary went.

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