Massacre #46: One More Time

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Massacre #46: One More Time

Postby The Oakster » Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:06 pm

XWA Massacre returns from a commercial break as we cut over to Laura Stark, standing solely in the middle of the ring as she begins to make an announcement in front of the rabid fans in attendance.

Laura: Thank you. It's been fever pitch now at the XWA as the annual Lord of the Ring tournament starts with the first round next week. Now as we saw at the end of the XWA 500, "The Drunken Queen" herself Bloody Mary took the time to announce her entry into the tournament. We have also announced on our Twitter feed that the international star "The Black Rose" Hanako Takeuchi will be looking to make some heads roll in the first round. But tonight, we also have the pleasure to announce one more participant to the Lord of the Ring tournament, one that has quite the history to tell ...

As much as she tries to compose herself, Laura starts to smile as she drops her hand down. She already knows what's coming ahead. Her glee is suddenly veiled as the lights go pitch black.
The bell tolls and is immediately followed by the opening riffs of "Detroit Rock City" by KISS playing over the PA system. Whilst the darkness is slowly replaced in the arena with crimson red lighting, all subtlety is thrown out of the window when large flames blast out at each long note of the entrance song's intro, obstructing the stage more and more as the song goes on.

Tempest: I don't know what's going on but I'm loving the music already ...

As soon as Paul Stanley's vocals commence, the flames cool down to reveal the shadow of a giant of a man, his back facing towards the crowd. The man pulls his right fist in the air as some of the fans begin to go into a frenzy, others less so, nonetheless looking at curiosity over who this may be. The lights are restored to normality as he turns around and reveals himself, a somewhat middle-aged man, clearly ragged over time with a bushy beard and unkempt hair. Dressed casually in jeans and a leather jacket, the man makes his way down towards the ring.

Mark Sanction: Is that ... the Oakster?
Tempest: It is, Mark, it is! I remember the big guy from years ago, this is a bit of a blast from the past!
Mark Sanction: Tell me about it, he was a mainstay in the Pojo Wrestling Alliance back in the day going as far as winning their World Championship and being inducted into their Hall of Fame.
Tempest: If I recall, didn't he make a comeback to the ring last year as well?
Mark Sanction: He did indeed, he was in last year's hot opener at the Summerfest with PRW. But I guess he's now wanting a piece of the action here in the XWA!

Walking down the ramp, the man known as the Oakster looks at some nearby fans holding their hands out. Smacking a few of them down the aisle, Oak makes his way up towards the steel steps before seeing a dad and hold his 4-year-old son up on his shoulders. Oakster steps towards the two and ruffles the youngster's hair before walking up the steel steps. His sheer embracement of the Battlezone crowd helps to bring more into his favour as the pops start to get louder. Stepping across the apron towards the corner, he climbs the second rope and smirking at the audience, he swings his fist in the air to some more cheers. Oakster climbs down and steps himself into the ring. Approaching Massacre's resident interviewer, he shakes Laura's hand as she hands her mic over to him and leaves him to make his own welcome to this next chapter in his already lengthy career. The cheering continues as the giant pushes the mic towards his smiling face, ready to silence them as he tries to talk.

Oakster: Ey up, Battlezone, how are ya!

The silence didn't last long as the blatant obligatory cheap pop sounds off. The older fans that are familiar starts to chant Oak's name. As much as the Oakster wants to relish the moment, his instead wastes no time to continue talking.

Oakster: For those who know who I am and what I represent, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this moment humbling. And for those who don't, well let me tell you who I am. Oakster's the name and yeah, as you can tell by the accent, I'm a Brit through and through. Got my start there and I'll never change a moment of it. With that said, it's been almost twenty years since I first laid foot in a ring in this country and it was at that moment, I started not only to take the pro wrestling scene by storm nationally but globally. Those mad-arse brawls ... kicking ass left, right and centre, chucking the almighty hell out of anybody in my sight led me to headline pay-per-views in New York, Philly, hell, Toronto and Tokyo even! Eating, drinking and sleeping wrestling every night, I eventually got the returns from my investment by becoming World Champion four times. I got other titles and accomplishments too along the way and for each and every one of them, I still personally like thank the fans as it weren't for guys like you accepting a guy like me, I don't think I could get any further ...

The Battlezone show their gratitude as squeeze another cheer again after Oak's brief pause. Oak wants to continue but couldn't help but stop to grin at the support he is gaining. Pacing around for a few seconds, he continues to talk but as he does, the look on his face takes a more serious turn.

Oakster: No seriously, just when it looked like things were going up for me as I rose in the ranks, injuries started to happen, again and again, increasingly more often. The promotions started to lose interest in me as the years went by as I was in their words "past my prime". But you guys were still behind me all the way, shoving that criticism back into their faces and screaming out "You've still got it! You've still got it!". I helped me to think that maybe, just maybe, I might just have enough to relive the dream and have another run in the ring again. So, one more time, my hats off to you guys.

The fans make yet another cheer as they begin to emulate his recent years again with "You've still got it!" chants. Oakster drops his head down and shakes it in disbelief as he chuckles.

Oakster: So anyway, what prompts me down this neck of the woods? Well, as I said, my career in the U.S. has been running for almost twenty years and it had me thinking, where should I head to next? Then I saw on TV the one place that is literally going twenty years strong with fantastic action from these athletes. And then I hear that at this time of the year there's a little thing held in this fine establishment that showcases even more talent, guests from all over the globe. And you know what? I've got only one thing to say about this ... the XWA ... the Battlezone ... this Lord of the Ring tournament? You bet your arse I'm in!

The fans make a frenzy at this announcement.

Oakster: Now I've had a look at the competition that have put their names on the list, names I'd like to call this new generation of talent and let me tell you, in my opinion, they've taken the industry to new insane levels never reached before. All of them I'd say an absolute honour to square off in the ring with hopefully over the next few weeks. And beside those scribbles is the name of this burly old Brit twice their age. It's natural because of that of course to drag out the naysayers that like to tell the world "this guy has no chance", "this guy should hang his boots and call it a day". All I can say about that is this, you want to call me the underdog? Fine by me! It will only make my day when those who have undermined me, those who have shut the door in my face before are caught off guard when I win this tournament for those who still believe me. And all they can do is sit there in the back and ask "where did this guy come from?"

At that moment, the Oakster turns his focus towards the cameraman standing in the ring. His face drops any sign of emotion as he blankly stares straight towards the camera lens. Not even moving his line of sight, he holds the mic up towards his mouth as he closes his promo out in a subtle manner.

Oakster: Well mate, I've always been around, twenty years strong ... you've just simply forgotten both who I am and what I'm capable of.

The stern look at Oak's face is interrupted by "Detroit Rock City" hits again. Not keen on giving his detractors any more attention, he smirks and turns his sight back to the fans at attendance as he points towards them to applause.

Mark Sanction: And with that, the Oakster has added himself to growing list of competitors vying to be the next Lord of the Ring and the fans seem to behind him on this. But Tempest, realistically do you think he has a chance?
Tempest: Don't get me wrong, I've got to give this guy props for even trying to give this a shot. But whilst it'll be a crime to ignore his past accomplishments, it's still distant history in comparison to the others in the tournament. I'm trying my hardness not to be one of those "naysayers" he's calling out, Mark, but all I'll say is that he will have an uphill battle ahead of him.
Mark Sanction: Well Oak's battle begins next week, but will he bring out the old warrior in him or will it end in a skirmish? Find out next week when the first round takes place.

The giant makes his way to the corner and climbs himself up onto the second rope. The positivity in the arena hits its climax as the Oakster swings his fist into the air to salute the fans. The camera phones start to flash as the scene fades to black before the next segment begins.

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