XWA Massacre #43: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Albion Gale defends against fellow champion Joey Miles, two new tag teams come together, and arch-rivals Danny Diamond and Sean Young speak their piece before their clash for Supremacy.
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XWA Massacre #43: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Postby GiggityGopher » Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:56 am

"Turning Point" by Hidenori Shoji hits the PA System as the audience responds with a mixture of cheers and jeers. The XWA Tag Team Champions, Kaida Kagome and Joey Miles, pop out from behind the curtains with their championships draped over their shoulders.

Mark Sanction: ”They’re not scheduled to compete tonight, but it looks like we’ll be hearing from ‘Fighting Gold’, the unorthodox duo that defeated Angelica Vaughn and Sarah Lacklan back in January to become the Tag Team Champions after Storied History had to vacate the titles.”

Tempest: ”They were supposed to face off against Shade and Samael at XWA’s China Anniversary, but there were visa issues all around, apparently.”

Mark Sanction: ”A shame, really. I’ve never been the biggest fan of either of these two, but with what Shade and Samael pulled back on Massacre, I was really hoping to see them get theirs.”

Tempest: ”You might’ve ended up seeing more of what they did to Kaida and Joey on Massacre, to be honest.”

The duo make their way down to the ring; Kaida with a stern expression and Joey with a smile, naturally, as he faces Albion Gale later tonight for the Television Championship.

Mark Sanction: ”I’m sure we’ll be finding out their thoughts on missing the big China Anniversary, as well as Joey’s title shot later tonight and something we just found out a little bit ago; A.J. Morales is going to be teaming up with Minka Carter! Those two could definitely pose a threat to Fighting Gold’s reign, if they can get on the same page.”

Tempest: ”Big if, there. Hell, big oof, even. They nearly killed each other at Legends. Granted, Minka is obviously in a much better place than she was then, but still. You are right, though, IF they can co-exist, they could be a very effective duo.”

Once Fighting Gold are in the ring, they both ask for microphones from the ring-side area, each getting their own. As the music dies down, and so do the fans, Kaida is the first to speak. The Matriarch of the Kagome Family brings her microphone up to her lips as her eyes jump from one side of the crowd to the other.

Kaida Kagome: "Huh. Wow. Not gonna lie - I missed this."

Whatever boos were there are quickly drowned out by the overwhelming cheers from the crowd. Much like Kaida, the fans are clearly happy to finally be back in the BattleZone after the two-month hiatus.

Kaida Kagome: "See, the thing is, I don't know if it's because I missed being in this ring or if I missed having my eardrums blown up thanks to just how goddamn loud you people are, or... if I've been anxious to pick up where we left off due to the fact that the last time we were here, celebrating our title victory, we ended up getting ambushed by Tweedlefuck and Tweedleshitfuck. And even after we were supposed to get our hands on those two dipshits in China, our China Anniversary match just... didn't happen."

The fans in attendance, sharing in Kaida's disappointment, begin to boo.

Kaida Kagome: "Contrary to what the XWA would have you believe about our visas getting declined: they weren't. Miles-kun and I got on a plane and we made that 20 hour trip to Shanghai. Sadly, turned out ol' Shade and Samael were nowhere to be found. Which was upsetting since I had several ideas floating around in my head involving their asses and the fireworks they had lying around for the Hardcore Invitational."

Miles laughs in the background, knowing exactly what the plans were, as the fans cheer, intrigued by that.

Kaida Kagome:"I dunno if that was part of their plan since I know Shade's pretty hung up on his ‘ME VS. THE EVIL WRESTLING COMPANY’ shtick, and maybe his goal from the very beginning was to waste everybody's time. But hey, no point in dwelling since he and his dipshit, inbred half-brother or whatever the fuck he is just... disappeared off the face of the Earth. Buuuut, should they ever get any ideas about showing their faces around here again, they better be prepared to look over their shoulders with every passing second because we will not stop until we end their miserable careers."

With that threat thrown out, Kaida lets her arm rest as it’s now Joey’s time to speak.

Joey Miles: ”I know what you’re all thinking and the answer is yes … New Fanning Sisters shirts are in stock!”

The fans cheer – with some laughs thrown in – at Joey’s mention of the shirts created to mock the two women who he and Kaida beat to become champs, both of whom have seemed to quietly distance themselves from XWA after the loss.

Joey Miles: ”Now, the sales of my outrageously popular shirt aren’t the only success I’ve had lately. Obviously, Kaida and I stand before you with these shiny titles – titles that we could end up defending against A.J. Morales and … Minka Carter?”

More cheers are heard for one of XWA’s most beloved wrestlers, A.J., and the now-Demon-free Minka.

Joey Miles: ”Alright, Bella, you’ve got my interest. A.J.’s an annoying doucher, but he’s slowly growing on me. Minka is bae, though, demon or no demon. Out of respect for her, should that match end up happening, A.J. will be the one taking the Boobplex.”

Once again, the crowd laughs, enjoying the more lighthearted nature of Joey’s joke, compared to his far less lighthearted jokes in the past.

Joey Miles: ”Of course, outside of what will be known as XWA’s greatest tag title reign ever, I have an opportunity tonight; an opportunity I’ve been waiting for, for a long time. Tonight, I face Albion Gale for the Television Championship.”

Big pops are heard for Albion, even including a brief chant for her name. One of XWA’s fastest rising stars in recent memory, she’s clearly gaining more and more popularity as time goes on.

Joey Miles: ”Yeah, yeah that’s about right. Last time we met, I Boobplexed her, she did some weird pumphandle balls thing to me, hurt like fuck, good times. In the end, she beat me, but she earned that win. It didn’t piss me off any less, but she did earn it. I’ve said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again, I do respect Albion. Once she cashes in Lord – or Lady – of the Ring, I hope she wins the Supreme Championship. Especially if my fuckstick mentor still has the title by then. But this opportunity tonight? That Television Championship? I want it. I want it more than anything I’ve ever fought for in my entire career. And yes, I was in No Man’s Land. I fought for the Supreme Championship. But that was before I met Kaida.”

Joey turns and motions towards his partner, who nods back at him.

Joey Miles: ”That was before she helped me realize my true potential and bring out more motivation than I ever had because now I know – I don’t just believe, I KNOW – I belong in this industry.”

The fans cheer again, putting a smirk on Miles’ face. Not a smirk full of arrogance or conceit, but a smirk with genuine pride behind it.

Joey Miles: ”This match is very important and, regardless of my respect for Albion, I refuse to end the night without that title joining this one.”

He pats the Tag Team title draped over his shoulder.

Joey Miles: ”I’ve been waiting to get back into the ring while XWA was away and I couldn’t think of a better way to return to it. Tonight is gonna be fuckin—“


The audience gets very loud, very quick with a mixed – albiet boo heavy – reaction to the interruption. The Southpaw Remix of “Beast” plays throughout the arena.

Mark Sanction: ”Oh, no! Jerod Barnez is here!”

Tempest: ”No clue what he wants, but it’s never a good thing. In fact, the last time he interrupted Joey, Miles was forced out of the Lord of the Ring due to a concussion.”

As Jerod steps out onto the stage, Joey looks on, unsure of what to think. Kaida, meanwhile, grins, remembering her battle in that very same Lord of the Ring tournament Tempest spoke of. Jerod stops on the stage and his music is cut, but Kaida quickly brings her microphone to her mouth before he can speak.

Kaida Kagome: "Sugoi! Speaking of dipshits who've disappeared off the face of the Earth! Where ya been, shithead? I think I owe you an asskicking after the last time we met!"

The audience pops, loving the sound of that idea. Meanwhile, Jerod chuckles lightly, clearly not seeing Kaida as a threat, despite her taking him to the limit.

Jerod Barnez: ”Heh, cute. I take it you didn’t handle your first loss very well, did you? But what else could you expect from a criminal overlord. You all remember that, right? You’re all still well aware that she runs a Yakuza family while you’re cheering for her, yes? Okay, just making sure.”

He laughs again, as Kaida and Joey look on from the ring.

Jerod Barnez: ”Regardless, where I’ve been is none of your concern. What matters is where I am right now. Shade and his brother – half brother? Are they related? I don’t even remember anymore – they did something that I don’t like. They attacked you, challenged you and then … nothing. No capitalizing on the moment. No pushing their agenda further. They just beat you two down and then disappeared. See, when I kicked the shit out of your overrated commentator of a partner last year, there was a reason. I wanted to take his spot in the Lord of the Ring, which I then did. I followed it up by beating the ever-loving fuck out of Chris Novak, kicking YOUR ass and then beating Cosmo Cooper to shit. I heard he’s still salty about that loss, too. I ended up losing in the finals, granted, and it pissed me off. I’m not known for being the calmest guy. What I’m known for is kicking people’s asses. I took some time off after that loss, got some shit in order and I come back to see this? Two people whose asses I kicked last year are now holding gold? Meanwhile, the punk that disappeared after I challenged him a while back is running around with the Supreme Championship and Matt Steel Lite is now getting a TV title shot.”

Joey Miles: ”Woah, Matt Steel Li—“

Jerod Barnez: ”You don’t talk yet, Miles, unless you want another concussion.”

Joey, offended perhaps a bit more than he should’ve been by that Matt Steel bit (though, let’s be honest, he’s probably justified in being offended), almost speaks again before Kaida stops him, wanting to let the situation continue to play out before they do anything rash.

Jerod Barnez: ”Neither of you deserve what you have and, personally, I’m a little offended to see it. So that’s why I’m here right now. I’m here to tell you that I talked to Bella Quinn. As much as I hate that bitch, dating all the way back to when I kicked Razer’s ass for my first Supreme title win, she knows what people want to see. So at XWA on a Pole, you two got a title defense … against me.”

The audience cheers for the idea of the match, although Kaida and Joey seem a bit confused, given that the tag titles don’t tend to be defended in handicap matches.

Mark Sanction: ”Jerod Barnez is facing Fighting Gold for the titles?!”

Tempest: ”But, what, by himself? He can’t do that, can he? Does he have a partner? He’s not the most liked guy here.”

Mark Sanction: ”To be fair, neither was Joey.”

Jerod Barnez: ”Personally, I would’ve been fine with beating your asses myself, but it turns out I’m required to have a partner if I challenge for those titles. So, I snapped my finger and a partner came running.”

Jerod lifts his hand up and snaps his finger, calling out his partner. No music plays. The only sound that comes with this man are the audiences cheers and jeers; heavy as they come. Walking up next to Jerod is Ace Acid.

Mark Sanction: ”Ace Acid! Considered among the all-time greats, Ace is Jerod’s partner!”

Tempest: ”It makes sense. As we saw last year, Jerod did … something to Ace. This man may be a legend of this industry, but he’s not that same man anymore. I fear he’s even more dangerous, though.”

While Joey’s eyes widen at the sight of Ace, looking even more ragged and torn down than he did when Jerod brought him back last year, Kaida seems unfazed. There’s not much that can intimidate her, if anything, and that’s proven by her lack of a reaction to Ace right now.

Jerod Barnez: ”You guys remember Ace, right? Of course you do. 2WWF Hall of Famer. WWA Hall of Famer. RIW legend. And, as you all know by now, Jerod Barnez’s pet. But don’t worry, while I’ve taught this old dog some new tricks, he still remembers every one he had before. We’ll be seeing you soon.”

Jerod grins and drops his microphone as “Beast” hits the PA System again. He motions for Ace to follow as he turns around, but Acid’s eyes dart around the loud arena and then shoot straight towards Kaida, piercing her with his ice cold stare. The tiniest bit of un-ease can be seen in Kaida’s expression. It’s hardly anything and most couldn’t even notice it, but it’s there. Kaida may not fear anything, but there’s something – just a little something – going on in her head as she looks at Ace. He finally turns and follows Jerod to the back as Kaida turns to Joey. The camera gets a shot of the two looking at one another, not needing to say anything as they both know there’s about to be a war.

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