Face Your Demons: The End of the World?

Matches and segments that occurred on our 2018 Supershow- XWA: Face Your Demons!
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Face Your Demons: The End of the World?

Postby RazorXtreme » Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:49 am

The lively crowd of Los Angeles, California is in the midst of enjoying another excellent XWA supershow and there is definitely electricity in the air. Suddenly, the light in the arena goes pitch black and the screen flashes white with a bunch of messed up graphics repeatedly blaring into the eyes of the crowd and the people at home.

Matt Steel | "What the hell is this?"

The screen begins to flash even faster for a few seconds, until it abruptly stops and goes pitch black. It is then re-ignited with a flashing white before eerie text begins to appear on the screen.


The screen shuts off again immediately after that and remains off for what feels like a millennia. Then... an all too familiar theme hits the speakers, and the atmosphere completely changes.

As the first chords hit, a few nostalgic fans let out a loud cheer, but the overwhelming response from the Los Angeles crowd is one of negativity and boos. As the culprit behind all this is revealed to be... SMOKE XTREME!

Mark Sanction | "Oh... my god."


Mark Sanction | "That's Smoke Xtreme, the former COO of the now defunct rival to XWA... also named XWA!"

Matt Steel | "He is a legend of this business, I can't believe we are getting to witness the legendary Smoke Xtreme in person!"

The crowd fails to share in the enthusiasm of the commentators as they get over the initial hype of this wrestling legend and are now booing him massively. THIS is what all the hype was about? Evidently, yes, as a man steps foot out from behind the stage. A man who is about 6'0 tall and very thin. He wears a white coat with fur on the neck of it, going all the way down where the buttons should be. Otherwise, he wears a pair of black slacks and boots, and his long hair is neatly groomed along with his clean shaven face. He steps out onto the stage and dances around, hands to the side as the lyrics scream "I'LL BRING YOU TO YOUR KNEES."

Mark Sanction | "But what is he doing here? He hasn't been an active competitor in years, even before his company went under, he was just the stooge in charge! What is his purpose here?"

Matt Steel | "I don't know Mark, stop asking stupid questions, and just admire him and his glorious presence! We are not worthy!"

Mark Sanction | "Oh calm down Matt, he's not in charge of THIS company remember?"

The man known as Smoke Xtreme struts down the ramp with a giant chuckle on his face, not in line with the reaction he is receiving from this hostile crowd. He storms up the steel steps and follows suit into the ring. He does a few spins to take in the crowd noise before his music dies and reveals that at this point, it's mostly just boos.

Smoke Xtreme | "My goodness... now I remembered why I moved out of this shithole of a city and to the wonderful East Coast of New York!"

The crowd reacts exactly as you would expect it to considering the mention of a rival state.

Smoke Xtreme | "Relaaaaaax. Come on L.A., aren't you glad to see me? It's been such a long time!"

L.A. is most certainly not glad to see him.

Smoke Xtreme | "What? Are you guys just mad that you waited this long for some super epic reveal and it was just little old me? Can't you guys just be happy I'm back?"

This statement prompts a bit of a more positive response from the crowd, but they still are mostly unhappy.

Smoke Xtreme | "Fine fine. You win. You guys know I'm not much of a competitor anymore... but you also know that since uuuhhhh... my company. Went under. That I haven't been doing too much. Life gets boring ya' know. So I decided to come back... and do what I do best!"

The camera pans in on Smoke's face and zooms a bit, as he looks directly into it.

Smoke Xtreme | "And that is... be a manager!"

A few members of the audience are in shock at this announcement


Mark Sanction| "No way. He's full of it! I don't believe him for one second."

Smoke Xtreme | "Now now... pipe down. Unfortunately, I don't mean THAT kind of manager. Ya see, I may or may not have lied about why I'm here... Sure I was never the best in the world in the ring or anything. But luckily... I happen to know someone who is. And they just so happened to need a manager."

A bit of the crowd begins to surprisingly cheer, but are their cheers misplaced? Is he lying?

Smoke Xtreme | "So help me introduce to you all... the man who will bring about the end of the world as you know it. My brother, the BEST OF ALL TIME... RAZOR XTREME!"

This time the crowd ABSOLUTELY ERUPTS at the mere sound of the name. The roof absolutely blows off for the legendary hometown hero who they are still quite fond of. The response is absolutely insane as almost every single fan is on their feet and roaring. The camera pans to fans staring at their friends in disbelief, as they definitely did not expect this.

Matt Steel | "OH MY GOD! NO FREAKIN' WAY!"

Mark Sanction | "This place is absolutely electric right now. What is going on here?"

The room is so loud that commentary can barely be heard, as just about every single one of the 22,000 in the Banc of California Stadium are trying their best to lose their voice. A shroud of smoke covers the entrance as steam pours out of the vents on stage. As it begins to clear out, a tall man who looks to be about 6'4 stands, wearing his iconic gray coat that is cut up in just the right way, but still menacing. He has long golden hair with streaks of brown and a very light five o' clock shadow that somehow looks both messy and very well groomed. He wears a black t-shirt with big white letters saying "BEST OF ALL TIME" under his coat, and a pair of black tights with golden-wave designs flowing down the sides of his legs. He stares downwards before raising both hands in his famous 'rock on' (\m/) pose as fireworks of varying colors begin to blow up behind him. But the most interesting piece... is around his waist. It's a big golden title that has "XWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP" in big beautiful letters engraved on it. He can't help but crack a smile at the insane reaction that he is getting, something he never expected.

Matt Steel | "This might be the greatest day of my life."

Mark Sanction | "What is he even doing here? And what is that title around his waist?"

Razor Xtreme marches down the ramp. The legendary competitor basks in his own glory as his theme song blares throughout the speakers. What a revelation indeed. He marches up the steel stairs as his coat almost touches the floor. He then steps foot into the ring and him and his brother share a quick 'high-five man-hug'. His music dies out, but before he can even speak, he is greeted by an insanely loud, unanimous chant of "HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT" which goes on around the arena for a bit before eventually becoming a "WELCOME BACK. WELCOME BACK!" chant. Eventually, Razor decides to speak up.

Razor Xtreme | "See, I'm a bit confused. When I got here, I almost thought I had accidentally driven to the wrong place."

There is a slight pause before he continues.

Razor Xtreme | "Cause I heard that this place was the place to be, this was the place where all the competition was... but as I looked around backstage, I couldn't help but notice that I didn't see any!"

This statement draws a few boos from the fans that were unanimously on his side a few seconds ago.

Razor Xtreme | "But I remembered that I'm in LOS ANGELES, MY HOMETOWN, and there is no way I got the wrong place, I know this city like the back of my hand!"

He receives a loud cheer for the cheap pop of reminding them where he's from.

Razor Xtreme | "So I wonder. This is the place I've heard so much about huh? The place TO BE. The place where the best of the best compete, the cream of the crop! ... but as I made my way out here, I looked around and realized that I was correct. There is only ONE best of the best, and that is me. Everybody in that locker room backstage is NOTHING to me."

The crowd begins to turn on him even further, as he now gets a much more negative response.

Razor Xtreme | "For nearly FIVE long years I have been out of the spotlight, but don't mistake this, I was not in rest. I was busting my ass every day, training to stay at the top of my game. If anyone thinks I have any rust, they're mistaken. I'm better than I have ever been before and that is a HIGH standard to beat."

More of the crowd begins to cheer, as they somewhat accept the cockiness.

Razor Xtreme | "This title around my waist... represents something that once was. I held this title, the XWA World Heavyweight Championship - no, not this one of course - longer than ANYONE before me ever did. Countless greats came and went, and none of them were able to do what I did. So when the CEO of my old company took some gambles and bankrupted a mega business worth almost a billion dollars and left us out, I could only be convinced of one thing... that the company shut down with the best of all time as it's face!"

Razor stares down for a moment.

Razor Xtreme | "But now, it's a new era in history. This title once meant that I was at the top, that I was the best in the world. Anyone who held the title was, at the time, the best. But that's not what it means anymore. Now it's only a relic of the past. But I am still the best in the world."

He makes the last statement with a bit of grit in his teeth, prompting a positive response from his hometown crowd.

Razor Xtreme | "The only way to prove that now... is to go for the new title that means that you're the best. Since this relic will no longer do, I will hang it back up at my home... and leave a nice empty spot on my waist for some new gold. The NEW title that means that you're the best in the world. The SUPREME XWA CHAMPIONSHIP."

The crowd roars in response to his declaration.

Razor Xtreme | "And make no mistake about it. I WILL have that title in my hands, it's just a matter of when. So if I have to earn it - which I really shouldn't have to - so be it. I will claw my way to the top by any means necessary, and I WILL be at the top of the food chain once again. I WILL have that title around my waist, and I WILL remind you all who the QUEEN is around here."

Razor drops the mic and looks over at his brother. 'Revelation' by American Pearl begins to play again as he exits the ring with his sibling, who has had a chuckle on his face for the past few minutes. Both of them march up the ring as the crowd gives one last cheer for their hometown legend.


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