Massacre #38 - The End of the World

A MEGA match for the XWA World Television Championship on the penultimate episode of Massacre for 2018!
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Massacre #38 - The End of the World

Postby RazorXtreme » Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:29 am

(*I asked permission before posting this here, if it's still in the wrong section, feel free to move it to the rightful area*)

The Chicago crowd is halfway through another amazing episode of XWA Massacre. They have just bared witness to a match that no doubt had tons of action, intensity, and artistic shows of emotion. As a result of this, they are riled up and waiting for the next segment to begin. However, what happens next catches them all off guard.


The lights suddenly go dark all around the 1,500 capacity crowd, and before they have time to absorb it, the titantron shuts off as well. The lights all around the stage, the ceiling lights, any form of brightness is turned to dark. The arena becomes pitch black, as the crowd begins to grow uncomfortable at the thought of losing their loved ones in the dark arena, or having their items stolen in the commotion. Several seconds pass as the crowd gives out a big "WOW" in unison, out of pure shock. Several seconds pass, and before mob mentality kicks in and the fans start trampling over each other, the titantron screen begins to fizzle in and out with a bit of static. The screen turns on, but the image isn't much better than when it was off, as it is a pitch black room with a very vague outline of a man that is barely discernible. He begins to speak, in a distorted voice that is completely unrecognizable.

"You know who I am. You know what I bring. I will give you two weeks. Two weeks to say goodbye to everyone and everything you love. Enjoy it while it lasts, because I'm coming. All of you will have to face me at the rightfully named supershow, Face Your Demons, and like a demon I will seep into your skulls and take control of your minds, I will make you face the man who will take his place back on the throne, and I will take everything away. Say good bye, and enjoy your final hour of solace.

The camera recording the eerie scene is suddenly knocked over by the dark figure and it hits the floor, instantly cutting the feed. Instead, several big, eerie red letters appear on the screen:

OCTOBER 21ST, 2018"

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