XWA Lord of The Ring: Family Ties

Matches and segments that occurred on our 2018 Supershow- XWA Lord of the Ring: The Final!
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XWA Lord of The Ring: Family Ties

Postby Koro Sensei » Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:30 am

Open scene.

We open to the landscape of a park, Hudson River Park in Manhattan to be exact. In the background, couples can be seen flying kites and kids enjoying time with their parents. Further in the background on the crisp blue water of the park are boats sailing through the summer breeze. As speculation of why the scene is being broadcasted during the show begins to grow, from off screen walks Sean Young as an "earlier today" decal appears in the bottom right. The "Entity of Entities" drops to a seated position on the surrounding stretch of grass. Slowly the cameraman approaches the part-time superstar who looks up to him with an almost dazed look.

Sean Young:
I, uh, wanted to do this before my match later tonight. I wanted to do this here at...Hudson River Park for a specific reason, but we'll get to that later...

Tonight for the first time in 2 years I'll be lacing up my size 13's, something that I for sure didn't think I'd ever do again. At Madison Square Garden I face someone who's taking this place by the balls and pulling with absolutely no remorse whatsoever. Someone who's been on a rampage through the roster. Someone that looks to cement themselves as a legend in such a short time.

This person has such a strong hold on the structure that is XWA that you'd think I was referring to Jerod Barnez, but in reality,... I'm referring to Kaida Kagome...the Matriarch of the Kagome family. She's taken it to everyone who's stood across the ring from her. She's antagonized half of this very roster, and she's only been here for the duration of a Lil Pump song.

With that being said and my absence following the announcement of this match, I've been asked am I afraid of Kaida. See...There's something that needs to be known about Sean Young and this match with Kaida.

I asked for this.

When I made my return and told the world I was coming back for my retirement tour, I made it clear I fight who I want to fight. Scared of Kaida? No no no. I welcomed this. I made this reality. I could've taken any other route in this tour, but I wanted Kaida first.

Why did I want Kaida? Because if I can't stand the test of Kagome, I don't need to be back here. I could've done that against Mark Storey or AJ Morales or ANYONE, but I didn't. I could've taken any other path, but I DIDN'T. There's this urge....that's washed over me that needs to be fixed. A fixation that needs to be corrected. Something that NEEDS to be done.

However, wherever there's Kaida Kagome...there's her family. Quite like the people behind me.

Sean turns to the families feet away from and waves. He turns back to the cameraman who zooms closer in on the perplexing daze face of Sean.

Family. Its a concept I know more than anyone. Look back at my time in 2WWF, you'll remember my blood runs blue. As blue as the sky above me. You'll remember that I am an affiliated member of the Rollin 90's Neighborhood Crips an associated family to the fallen Harlem Rollin 30's. For a black kid born in the 80's, that family... meant the most to me and the concept of family has run with me since.

oWn was my family. Elite was my family. Shit, I have started my own family of next-generation superstars, so if Kaida wants to bring her family to this fight...best believe I'll be bringing mine. She brings a piece of her being and her aura to Lords of the Ring...and I'll bring a piece of mine.

A slow unnerving smile begins to grow from the dazed expression plastered on the face of the "Angelic Diablo". Pulling away from the face of the subject the cameraman reveals the families in the park have been replaced with a flock of people wearing black hoods hiding their faces.

We've watched allies and lost souls fall to the Kaida empire, but a soul that's unbreakable won't fall. A soul that has been bound to a body that has no quit. This soul is ready... for war... with an empire. Our... soul. We've been to war before, may not have always come out on top but a piece of our opponent has come with us every time.

Kaida we chose you to cure this itch. We've spent two years sitting at home complacent with the mundane programmed schedule that we lived. Not feeding the desire that washed over us and now we're starving. The best thing about tonight is...you're going to feed us. Tonight when we go to war, that insatiable need will be remedied. Give us everything that you have. Bring the fight to us and stop pretending you don't see what you're up against.

We told you on twitter, you see what we want you to see. You see "truth", you see "white", you see "syn", you see a family of the elite form, you see us.

Nothing here is what it seems. There's no fear here. We do not fear you. We bring fear. We will show the Kagome family fear. Someone's not leaving Lord of The Ring the same tonight. We'll see you soon Madison Square Garden. We'll see you soon Kaida. Emery, you're welcome for the easy win.

Sean pulls his hood over his head before falling backward into the grass. The scene fades with anticipation growing for the match up between the Kagome empire and the almost unstable returning Entity of Entities.

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