Massacre #32: Matriarch

Round Two of our Lord of the Ring Summer Tournament, as we search for our 2018 winner!
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Massacre #32: Matriarch

Postby RufusMGS » Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:42 pm


After a short commercial break, we return to the ringside area as Massacre continues after the announcement of XWA newcomer Shade's suspension, effectively canceling his scheduled match against Joey Jobberton. The crowd, however, is still in shock due to what they witnessed earlier when Jerod Barnez revealed what he had done to the legendary Ace Acid.

"Welcome back to XWA Massacre, ladies and gentlemen! The Lord of the Ring summer tournament is about to continue, so make sure you stay tuned--"

Before Sanction is able to finish his sentence, he is interrupted as an instrumental rendition of "Sky is Tumbling" by Nujabes begins blasting out the arena's PA system, confusing the crowd as this is the first time they hear this song. It doesn't take long for the crowd and the announcers to understand who this theme represents as the titantron begins to display various different shots of the brand new Kagome Family Office in Edgeworth, Chicago, IL. What comes next, however, surprises everyone in attendance. After a few seconds into the theme, ten men in black suits begin to file out into the arena, every single one of them wielding a wooden katana. As the pieces begin to fall in place inside the fans' heads as to who these men are thanks to the report about Kaida's ties to the Yakuza in Dotenbori, Osaka, Japan, the ten gangsters begin to make their way down the ramp, separating into two groups of five as they do so, covering the left and right sides of the ramp. As if they've choreographed this, they all stop before turning around at the same time, facing each other as they sheathe their katanas before the music dies down.

"I... recognize some of these men. They were in the photo that was taken at the Kagome Family Office. What are they doing here?"

After a few seconds of silence, with all the fans in attendance on their feet, the silence is broken as "Turning Point" by Hidenori Shoji begins playing, prompting the crowd to boo the living hell out of Kaida before she even steps through the curtains. As "Turning Point"'s build up ends, Kaida Kagome, dressed in a black blazer, a red dress shirt, black skin-tight jeans and converse shoes, appears at the top of the stage, a wide smile on her face as she basks in the crowd's hatred for her. She begins to nonchalantly strut down the ramp, making her way to the ring. Before continuing, however, she stops as soon as she finds herself in the middle of the ten Yakuza who had come out before her. The smile on Kaida's face widens before the Kagome Family's lackeys deeply bow to their apparent leader, prompting her to let out a slightly audible, satisfied laugh.

"It looks like the rumors were true. Kaida Kagome is the leader of an organized crime family."

"As if I didn't hate her guts already. I encountered a few Yakuza members in the streets when I was in Japan. Thinkin' they're big shots, harassing everyone they see."

"That's not even close to the worst things they do, Layton."

As Kaida runs up the steel steps before entering the ring, the ten Yakuza split up again, five men facing the ramp and the other five patrolling the ringside area as if they're doing their best to make the fans in the front rows as uncomfortable as possible. The screen cuts to Kaida receiving a microphone from one of the ringside crew as her theme song dies down, giving way to the crowd's boos to become even more audible than they already were. The smiling Kaida stands in the middle of the ring as she holds the XWA-branded microphone in front of her red lips.

"Say hello... to my family."

The fans waste no time booing Kaida and her "family", uninterested in what she has to say.

"Keep it down, idiots. They're not here for you. They're here for me. Their leader. Because, that's right, all those supposed "articles" by supposed "journalists" you've been reading? About how the "big bad Kaida Kagome" is a leader of a Yakuza family? They're true. As for everything else you've read about what we've done back in Japan? Well. I'll get to all that in a second. But before I do, I have to address something that's been on my mind."

Kaida moves the mic away from her mouth as she gathers her thoughts, almost as if she's trying to find the best way to articulate herself.

"I, like many of you, happened to find myself watching Worlds Collide over the weekend. And what I mainly took away from that event is that I may have made a mistake coming here because those people down in Australia wiped the floor with this place."

The fans, once again, begin booing Kaida as loudly as possible, not taking kindly to her attitude regarding the company they're very passionate about.

"I mean, seriously? THAT was the best we had to offer? If I had known things would go down the way they did, I might've gone down there to personally toss 29 other weaklings over the top rope. Not to mention ensuring that whoever I faced would never step foot inside a wrestling ring ever again. But I guess I was too foolish to believe that this place housed any real competition seeing as how I've destroyed every single person foolish enough to step inside this ring with me."

The fans, as expected, break their silence by further booing Kaida.

"Buncha losers. And oh, hey, speaking of losers!"

Kaida turns her attention to Adam Fenric and Emery Layton sitting at the announcers' desk.

"It's Miss Brain Damage and Mr. Tapped-the-Fuck-Out. What's the matter? You two look like you've seen a ghost!"

Fenric and Layton, refusing to listen to the garbage Kaida is spewing, rip their headsets off before flying off their chairs. But before they are able to storm the ring, the five Yakuza who were patrolling the ringside area block their way as they pull their wooden katanas out. Kaida quickly yells something in Japanese, prompting the other five Yakuza to enter the ring before standing behind Kaida, ready to defend their leader.

"You guys happened to catch my opponent for the night's segment, right? You saw what he did to Ace Acid? That's nothing compared to what my men will do to you if you so much as take one more goddamned step. Those wooden swords may not be able to slice your heads clean off, but they can easily ensure that this tournament will continue with a one-man commentary booth. So sit your asses down if you know what's good for you idiots. Your time will come. Especially you, Layton. Now fuck off while I address the man who tossed you out of the Rumble like the piece of useless trash that you are."

"G-- guys, I think you should sit down..."

As Fenric and Layton fume in anger, they remain on their feet but do not move, assessing the situation to see if there's any way they'll be able to get to Kaida without the Yakuza stopping them. The fans in attendance begin to chant for The Worst of the Pavees, dying to see her and Adam Fenric destroy Kaida Kagome.

"Now. As for my opponent tonight. None other than the so called "Supreme" Jerod Barnez and his slave; Ace Acid. The only reason I'm not getting inside my car and driving off after the pathetic performances I saw at Worlds Collide is because I'm facing off against one of the very few people to actually come out with a win in Australia. I'm impressed. The destruction of Novak, the way you handled Michael Diablo. All those people you tossed out of the Rumble including ol' Emery here. Very impressive indeed. That is, up until the point you got tossed out as well. Boke."

Kaida turns to stare at Emery Layton and Adam Fenric once more, smiling at them as they stand in front of the announcers' table, ready to pounce as soon as they get the opportunity. Kaida turns back to the hard camera, licking her lips before bringing the microphone back up to her mouth.

"What doesn't impress me, however, is what you did earlier tonight. You seemed... really proud of what you had done to Ace Acid. Seriously...? That's the worst you can do? You expect that to intimidate me, Barnez? I've seen worse and I've DONE worse than that. This was the other reason for my decision to bring my brothers out here. As impressive as you have been, becoming the first ever two-time XWA Supreme Champion, you have never dealt with my kind before. I don't need to bore you with the details because I'm sure you already know what we've done to people who have crossed us. There's nothing you're capable of that I'm not. There's no detail you can divulge regarding the torture of Ace Acid that will make me flinch. You have nothing, and you are nothing. I'm the one holding all the cards here as I have been before ever coming to his company. So go ahead and try to scare me, Barnez. Nothing's gonna work."

Some of the fans in attendance begin to, surprisingly, cheer Kaida but they are quickly drowned out by the overwhelming boos.

"You didn't do any of that to Ace because you wanted to. They forced you to do that. Elite forced you to go into that mentality after what they did to your father. I never had to avenge anyone. I simply torture people and make them... "disappear"... because I love it. You, on the other hand, are a wounded puppy. And you have been wounded ever since Elite retired your dear old dad. But I'll give it to you. You made Rob pay. You made Tim pay. You made Ace your personal slave... but you've gotten it all out of your system by now. That hunger? That rage? That need to avenge your father? It's done. It's all over. And that's not good enough for me. I want the real Jerod. I don't give a shit about you underestimating me. But one thing you said earlier tonight, oh, what was it...? "What the fuck is Kaida Kagome gonna do"? Well... you'll get your answer soon. Because... Watashi no namae wa Kagome Kaida desu. Anata wa watashi no namae o osoreru darou!"

And with that, Kaida winks at the camera before bringing her mic down as she takes a deep breath, a few more fans applauding Kaida this time, the crowd's reception to the Gokudo becoming more mixed this time around. Suddenly, almost as if a light bulb went off in her head, Kaida brings the mic back up to her mouth.

"OH! One last thing. Can't believe I almost forgot. Barnez-san... when was the last time you heard anything from your father? You should really call him, you know. It's not nice to neglect your family."

After that... ominous statement, Kaida drops the microphone as it hisses upon hitting the mat. As Kaida turns to Emery and Adam, smiling at them once more, "Turning Point" by Hidenori Shoji begins playing. Kaida exits the ring, walking up the ramp. As the camera lingers on the angered Emery Layton, we head to a commercial break.

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