Massacre #31: The History Lesson

The 2018 Lord of the Ring Summer Tournament kicks off, as Jake Rogers defends his World Television Championship!
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Massacre #31: The History Lesson

Postby GiggityGopher » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:03 am

"Let's have ourselves a history lesson."

The scene opens to a backstage corridor in the XWA BattleZone. Standing in the center of the frame is none other than the first ever two-time Supreme Champion of XWA, Jerod Barnez. Not quite dressed for his match later in the night yet, Barnez stands there sporting black sneakers, dark blue jeans and a Wash This Garden With Blood shirt beneath a leather jacket. There's a cold look in his face, one that's come to be expected of him, especially in recent times.

Jerod Barnez: "May first, two thousand sixteen. Jerod Barnez versus Kahlan versus Chris Knight, XWA Once Upon a Time. I was coming off the heels of a victory in my return to the company and, just like that, I was entered into a triple threat match with the winner receiving a shot at then-champion Razer's Supreme title. I Gored Chris Knight straight in half and pinned him to secure my shot at the gold.

Moving forward to June fourth, two thousand sixteen, at XWA On a Pole. My title shot was determined to be a Street Fight. Going into that match, I didn't really have too many people betting on me. I was just the new guy living off his legendary father's glory and Razer ... Razer was the ultimate beast. What happened? He drove me head-first into the padless floor. He broke my nose with a lead pipe. He fought me with everything he had. And, despite that, I pinned him in the center of the ring; one, two, three. I proved everyone wrong and became the new Supreme Champion of the XWA. Every critic was silenced, every skepticism was erased.

We make our way to August thirteenth, two thousand sixteen. It was the finale of that year's Lord of the Rings and I was defending my championship against Rob Chapman. And as we all saw, I was robbed - no pun intended. After fighting a legitimate battle, both of us putting everything out there, Rob took the coward's way out. He attacked me with four other men and brought a knee with a pad full of steel to my face to take my championship away from me. We all know how the story went after that. My father, simply trying to look out for his son, was beaten and buried, forced into an early retirement. I suffered from some of the worst months in my life thanks to Rob and his gang. And then ... then came Legends.

December twelfth, two thousand sixteen. The rematch everyone had been waiting for. Rob Chapman, Jerod Barnez, Supreme Championship on the line. This match may forever go down as my all-time greatest. Rob did everything he could to take me down. He hit me with numerous Crown Kicks, taken from one of XWA's all-time greatest, and even a Headshot, but it wasn't enough to stop me. In the end, I had to fight the fight of my life, but without a group behind me, without steel in my kneepads, I defeated Rob Chapman and became the first ever two-time Supreme Champion. I remember it so vividly, lying there on the canvas. I couldn't hear the roaring crowd or my music. It was just silence for me, as I looked up at the lights, knowing I proved myself to be the best this company has. And that sentiment was furthered a few weeks later.

January twenty-fourth, two thousand seventeen, XWA Massacre; 'New Year's Resolutions'. The annual Piledriver Awards were given out. I was unable to make it to the show to accept, but I was watching many miles away as it was announced - 2016 wrestler of the year, Jerod Barnez. As of that point, holding the Supreme Championship for a record setting second time, being claimed the best wrestler of the year, I was at my ultimate height. I was the best and everyone knew it. And that continued as I beat challenger after challenger. But then, something happened. Something happened ... and it pissed me off.

March twenty-sixth, two thousand seventeen, Creature From the XWA. After I took out The Tarmogoyf, like only I can, I decided to give a speech to my fans, when that was cut short by an interruption from a man who, quite frankly, I didn't even know. Grandeza, was it? Of course, his interruption was just to distract me from his cousin, Lx-Tim, who attacked me from behind. As all of you know, Tim was a part of Rob's stooges the previous year and I had beaten his ass already. I guess he wasn't ready to forget about that. I was attacked from behind and beaten down. Of course, I didn't go down without a fight, but in the end, I ended up severely concussed after suffering numerous chair shots to the head, a Rob Chapman-callback Headshot and even Tim's deadly Footnote. Tim thought he was simply going to be awarded my championship for taking me out. I had other plans.

That brings us to April twenty-ninth, two thousand seventeen. Just as Tim's ready to steal my championship, I show up and demand what's only fair; that he has to fight me for it. And so, he did. We faced off in a Street Fight, despite my concussion. I don't give a fuck what you have to say about me as a person, you can never deny that I was a fighting champion. By the end, my concussion, blood loss and another Footnote was too much for even me to handle. Tim took my title and I'm man enough to admit it.

Since then, I've been away, barring a few sporadic appearances here and there. I needed time to get myself back to what I know I can be; back to the man who beat Rob Chapman at Legends, the wrestler of the year, the two-time Supreme Champion. I had my own demons I needed to fight and now, today, I stand before you all ... ready."

A look of determination comes across Barnez's face as he stares directly into the camera. He slowly edges closer to it as he speaks.

Jerod Barnez: "I'm ready to fight again. I'm ready to be the man--the beast I used to be. I'm ready to become the Lord of the Ring. And most importantly ..."

Jerod stops moving, but his stare continues to pierce into the camera, as cold as it is determined. He stands there silently for a moment, letting the thoughts gather in his head as he thinks about so many different things; the tournament, his return, the Supreme Championship and so much more. All of these things come back to one main point, though - one main goal. And he tells it to the world.

Jerod Barnez: "I'm ready to take Lx-Tim the fuck out."

With that, the faintest of grins comes across Jerod's face, almost as if he was trying to hide the enjoyment he got from saying that sentence; from thinking about it becoming a reality. Yet, with that ever-so-slight grin, the sadistic pleasure he gets from those words peaks out, just a bit. Lx-Tim has put Jerod through hell. He's the primary reason Jerod's father was forced into retirement. He took Jerod's Championship and, with it, his reputation and his livelihood. It was finally time for Tim to pay for what he's done. Lx-Tim and Jerod Barnez, chapter three - the tiebreaker, the rubber match, the finale ... it's right there, on the other side of the Lord of the Ring tournament. Jerod just needs to cross that bridge. But he's got to get through twenty-three others to reach it. Whether he's truly ready to do that or not remains a mystery, but one thing is for certain. Jerod Barnez is not done with Lx-Tim.

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