Massacre #30: Beach Break - Listen

A landmark, Super-sized episode of XWA Massacre comes live from Miami Beach, Florida!
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Massacre #30: Beach Break - Listen

Postby Dan » Sun May 13, 2018 3:28 pm

After the first match, we cut to backstage, where Laura Stark is standing by. She gets a lovely little pop.

Laura Stark
Hey XWA, Laura Stark here, and I’m joined by a Hall of Famer who, unabashedly, is taking on the XWA for what he claims is mistreatment. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Dan Bennett!

The camera pans back and reveals a smiling Dan Bennett staring into the camera. Almost instanteously, the cheers Stark had drawn turn to boos. This man has become reviled very quickly. He turns to Laura Stark and leans in a little.

Dan Bennett
Hello, Laura. I’d say it’s a pleasure, but it’s really not.

Laura Stark looks offended.

Laura Stark
Excuse me? It’s not like I wanted to be interviewing you either!

Dan Bennett
Oh, it’s not you, sweetheart. It’s this place...

He puts his nose in the air, then sniffs a few times and turns back to the camera, his face contorted as if he smelled something rotten.

Dan Bennett’s disgusting. So much wasted talent on free television. See, that's why I don't wrestle on Massacre, I'm a big match kinda guy and this place, as well as these awful fans stuck in a shithole like Chicago, are both well beneath someone of my stature.

He shakes his head solemnly. Y’know, because he’s definitely being serious right now.
Whether he was being serious or not, the fans are seriously booing this man to oblivion.

Dan Bennett
I imagine my opinions on this horrible and ignominious venue can’t be why I was asked to appear for this interview, is it?

Laura Stark
No, in fact it’s not. Dan, at XWA No Man’s Land, your actions were what some would describe as brutal, over the top, even overkill. When you saw that Rupert-

Dan puts his hand up, waving dismissively, a look of disbelief on his face.

Dan Bennett
Laura, Laura, Laura, were you not listening to my words? Did you choose to ignore what I was saying in place of watching me do exactly what I had warned I would do? Rupert Von Hammerstrap was just a casualty of war, and he is only the first of many to come.

Dan straightens up, pausing for a moment to let that subtle threat sink in.

Dan Bennett
Consider that beatdown he received a message, a message that transcended the words I spoke. It had to be transcendant, because as evident by your complete and total ignorance to the words I spoke, nobody was listening. You only prove to the XWA audience seated here and to the rest of the world just exactly how much the XWA as a company really cares about Dan Bennett, but let me tell you something, Stark. When they overlooked and disregarded me, when they left me out of that No Man’s Land match, yeah, I was hurt. I was hurt because as disloyal this company has been to me over the years, as many times as they’ve fucked me over, I’ve always came back here. This has always been my home.

And what has this place done for me? Yeah, the paychecks are nice, but this is the same company, Laura, that fired me immediately following my match with a KNOWN COKE-HEAD in Danger Liam and one where the drug itself was blown into my face. I’ve been stripped of titles, been largely ignored, been put in dangerous matches against insane psychopaths like Jack Hazard, Ciaren Donegan, Rose when he was still Lewis T. Fairfax, and that’s all the stuff that happened in the past, long before I came back this year. Since I’ve been back, the XWA has literally brought in two superstars off the street to challenge for the XWA title. Off the street, Laura! Not someone that's been here for a long time, not a stalwart of the XWA scene, two brand spanking new people! What kind of bullshit is that?!

He feigns a incredulous look as he says "Off the street", then snarls a little as he glares at Laura Stark and continues on.

Dan Bennett
Back to the point, though. Now, I understand, a lot of my issues with the XWA and its leadership roles are old hat to some people. And others will say I’m just bitching and need to grow a pair and get over it. I would agree with that sentiment, except for the fact that I went away for almost two whole fucking years and even though the Survivors are gone now, and even though Bella Quinn is supposed to be a pretty fair boss, it’s clear that the old ways of treating the best wrestler in the company are still happening, and that is nothing short of insulting. Please, XWA Brass, please don’t misunderstand my words. At No Man’s Land, if you bothered to listen to what I said, I mentioned that all your heroes will be destroyed, and I wasn’t lying to you. I wouldn’t. I will murder anyone and anything you put across from me in the ring until I am holding that Supreme XWA Title.

Which leads me to my next point. I suppose this is as good a time as any to let you know I’m signing up for the Lord of the Ring tournament.

That draws a mixed reaction. As much of a dickbag as he is being, he’s still money. Laura just stands there, stunned at the revelation.

Laura Stark
That...that's quite the announcement, Dan. But you've been so anti-establishment, so why are you-

Dan Bennett
Why, you ask, am I joining the Lord of the Ring tournament?

The answer is quite simple, if you think about it.

The leadership in the XWA can continue to insult my intelligence and deny me shots at the title as they see fit when they are making the matches, but with that ring on my finger... With that ring, they can’t deny me. With that ring, I make the rules. With that ring...I control my own destiny. I say when the match happens. I say when I challenge for the title. And there’s not a damn thing you, Laura, or anyone else can do to stop me. Maybe then...maybe then the XWA will wake up and see that Dan motherfucking Bennett isn’t to be trifled with.

Or maybe, just maybe, by then it will be too late...

He gives one last very serious, very deadly look at Laura, then to the camera, and then turns and walks off as a speechless Laura watches him go, then we cut back to the ring.

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