XWA Fool's Gold: Anarchy and Cleopatra (Diamond Jack Sabbath)

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XWA Fool's Gold: Anarchy and Cleopatra (Diamond Jack Sabbath)

Postby DJS » Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:49 pm

We're greeted in this next segment to the opening of "No More Heroes" by the Stranglers and a very loud cheer. Its actually the first time we've heard such a reaction to this song in the XWA, and most definitely down to the nationality of who it's associated with. And not even a few seconds later, the man himself emerges from the curtain. Diamond Jack Sabbath, in his hometown, marches down the ramp.

And there he is ladies and gentlemen, the man who will face off with Laurel Anne Hardy later tonight in what's set to be one of the biggest matches of the year.

And these people are loving him right now! Listen to this ovation!

In the ring, Hana Ramierez stands by, where she pipes up with-

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Destroyer of Eras, now residing in Houston, Texas...DIAMOND JACK SABBATH!

And as soon as that sentence hits the airwaves, the cheering turns to boos. Jack is completely unfazed, as he continues to make his way towards the ring.

Oh. Well that was short-lived.

He's proud to be a US citizen now! I don't see the problem with it. Of all the reasons to dislike Sabbath, the fact he's embraced our values isn't one of them.

You've forgotten where you are, haven't you?

Stepping into the ring, the music dies down, making the boos even more prominent. Cue "you sold out" and "we want Laurel" chants. Jack, now having sourced a microphone from a man at ringside he's just verbally abused, scratches his brow with a grin.

Good news, ladies and gentlemen. Like King Arthur, the best thing to come out of this country has returned in your hour of need!

They don't agree. They boo.

And bloody hell, do you guys need someone to do that or what? The state you lot have left this country in since I was last here. Is there any wonder I decided to have myself introduced as residing in Houston, Texas? One thing I will say, though- bloody good we came to this stadium rather than another one. I mean they're both equally terrible but at least coming to this one keeps out Chris Novak, and that pleases me greatly.

Continued, sustained booing. Eventually a few people in the front row get themselves a little idea. And then, it begins. All it takes is one person, then a group, until ever so slowly it turns into a few sections of the crowd.

"AMY TAY-LOR!" *clap* *clap* *clap clap clap* "AMY TAY-LOR!" *clap* *clap* *clap clap clap*

Jack lowers his mic for a few seconds, just to listen. As he does, the chant gets louder and louder.

Oh God.

These fans chanting for Amy Taylor, the estranged wife of Diamond Jack Sabbath, who currently manages several competitors across the XWA.

You'd expect the Survivors member to look unhappy about this. You'd expect him to lose his mind. But instead he stands by, his lip curled. Waiting. Listening. After a few moments he raises his hand.

Yeah yeah, alright, you think you're clever cos you can chant my wife's name while I'm in the ring, good for you. I'm sure she'll be listening. Just don't chant her name too loud, you'll just give her a headache.

He pauses, as he lowers his voice.

...But not as bad as the one I gave her.

And off goes the chant, in comes more booing. Jack mimes hitting a Crown Kick and then holds the back of his head, a melodramatic look of 'pain' on his face, quickly replaced with a gleeful look.

Oh come on.

Right, enough about her and enough about you lot, it's time to talk about Diamond Jack Sabbath, and the very fact that in just a few short hours, you will have the answer to the question 'who IS the Beating Heart of the XWA?'. I mean it's a bloody stupid question, but for some reason people think it's up for debate. I come out here every once and a while and I say things like 'this is the House that Jack built' and it drives everyone mad, but no one ever disputes it. Except one. Except for Laurel Anne Hardy.

Cheers for the Final Boss of the XWA follow. Jack lets them seep out before he continues to speak.

And I'll be totally honest, it while I'm thinking about it today, I sort of see why she'd think that. I mean it's complete bollocks, but I understand the bollocks. She took out Jericho Shaw after a long winning streak, she became champion and kicked off a new era. And me? I took out Angelus after a long winning streak, I became champion and kicked off a new era. Two little peas in a pod. It could go either way! Well, if it was a different year. See Laurel talked earlier about what the version of her from 2015 or 16 would or wouldn't be able to do. Well, as far as I'm concerned, if we're gonna play that game, the Laurel Anne Hardy of any year can't even touch the Diamond Jack Sabbath of Right Now, and tonight, I will prove that. I'm going to reduce Laurel Anne Hardy to an even more useless collection of limbs than she already is. I'm not just going to break you, Laurel...win or lose, I'm taking a piece of you with me tonight. You will never forget Fool's Gold.

He stops. Allowing the moment to progress as the boos rain in.

Sabbath sounds confident.

But as much as I'd love to keep talking about how I'm going to kick Laurel Anne Hardy into a million, glittery, little pieces I've got something else to talk about. Someone else. See, ever since October of last year, the Survivors have seen a lot of changes. Under the leadership of the Maestro of Madness, Trace Demon, we have thrived. And while you may think we would be deterred by the fact we are not part of the Lord of the Ring, we have much greater plans. The Survivors are expanding, ladies and gentlemen. In order to survive, you have to expand, because expansion keeps the enemies on their toes. It keeps the bad guys down. And most importantly...

He stops dramatically, blinking slowly, knowing what the response will be to his next utterance...

...It keeps out the DEMONS.

Oh no.


Oh God no...

Jack points to the entrance way.

May I introduce the Mistress of the Snake Strike, the Most Powerful Woman in the business, the CLEOPATRA of the XWA and, the NEWEST MEMBER of the Survivors...

Oh my GOD!

I knew it! I knew it all along!


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Re: XWA Fool's Gold: Anarchy and Cleopatra (Diamond Jack Sabbath)

Postby Minka Carter » Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:18 am

The hook of “Getting Away with Murder" by Papa Roach blares over the venue’s soundwaves. Minka Carter appears on the stage to a strong, negative reaction from the opposing crowds. She takes in some of the cold reception she's getting, smirking and laughing for a bit before making her way down to the ring feeling confident and determined while ignoring the fans on her way to the ring. She grabs her own microphone and DJS is having a bit of a chuckle to himself seeing Minka wear a black short sleeved shirt with the word “DEMONS” written on it beneath a red line drawn across the word. Minka shakes Diamond Jack’s hand before she smirks and begins to speak.

Matt Steel: We are about to find out everything that there is to know about this.

Minka: At the start of this year, I arrived in XWA a relative unknown. It’s not like any of you, even you Independent scene geeks, knew who the hell I was. I came in, gullible as pie. I won my first match and my dreams were coming true. Then, I got injured and I had to make my way back. My dream was already slipping away from me and as I covered before, nobody really reached out to me. There was a handful of people that did, don’t get me wrong on that. But did Emery Layton reach out? Did Austin Carter reach out? Did AJ Morales reach out? What about any of the respected veterans on the roster? Smith Jones? Michael Swift? Any of them? NO!!! But there was one group of people on this roster that DID reach out to me…


What could they have possibly wanted with me? Poor, vanilla Minka Carter, hmmm? Well, they wanted to… enlighten me! Before, I thought they were the enemy. I thought that they hated people like me. I thought it was the SURVIVORS that were the demons and when I was enlightened, I realized that I was wrong. The Survivors… they are not the demons. The RESISTANCE is the DEMON! The Survivors are trying to SAVE this wretched land from people like Emery! And yet, you simpletons chastise us all and claim that we’re trying to ruin this company but all you people are… those of you here… and those of you watching at home… are pieces of the CONSPIRACY to bring down this company by SUPPORTING people like AJ Morales…. DEMON…. Austin Carter…. DEMON…. Emery Layton…. DEMON!


And do you all know what is going to happen to these DEMONS and you DEMON WORSHIPPERS? You are all going to be exorcised… every… last… one of you…. And you will all grovel at my feet, begging me to forgive you four sins. Don’t blame the Survivors for this moment. Look in the mirror. You should all be blaming YOURSELVES! If just ONE person from the list of people I mentioned even showed ANY care in the world while I was gone, maybe things are different. And yet… AJ… Emery…. Austin… they didn’t care because they are the selfish monsters that use this company to build a bigger name for themselves! I came here to live a dream, not to be thrown into the fire by people like the Lynx and be an afterthought when I get injured. THE DEMONS CREATED THIS!!!!! Why should I fight for the demons?

I foresee a future of pain and suffering for all of you! I see a future where you’re all at my feet ready to kiss them after I used them to kick you right between the crotch during my destructive, meandering torture of you! I have foreseen a vision of the DEMONS being skinned alive while being tied to the proverbial cross, surrounded by vultures ready to pick at whatever is left of their flesh and bone! Those that dare to resist… you will be poisoned…. Mutilated…. HUMBLED…

And no survivor will be left standing… aside from yours truly and my brethren. You all were wishing this would never happen, but now your worst nightmare has come true!


DEATH to the resistance!




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