Massacre: Chris Novak vs. Danger Liam- HARDCORE TITLE!

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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Massacre: Chris Novak vs. Danger Liam- HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby DJS » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:45 pm


LIVE! From the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington (17,459 Capacity)

The Main Event:

XWA Hardcore Championship:
Chris Novak vs. Danger Liam


At XWA's "Doomsday" event, Danger Liam shocked the world and revealed he was Gain Dermal all along after capturing the Hardcore championship.

Two Massacres and one scathing promo after that which got everyone talking, Chris Novak invokes his rematch clause against Danger Liam and challenges on this, Hardkore Halloween, for the championship he feels is still rightfully his.

Deadline for matches is 4th November 2013 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 8th November 2013 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: Massacre: Chris Novak vs. Danger Liam- HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby Danger Liam » Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:47 pm

The crowd has had one hell of a night of action laid on for them tonight but the Halloween extravaganza has one more big match to come. Let’s leave it to the Caerphilly Crippler to set the scene.

Rose: ‘Hardcore’ Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a good old fashion Hardcore title match, and this one has been weeks in the making. Ever since Doomsday when Gain Dermal revealed himself to be none other than Danger Liam, stealing the Hardcore Championship from Novak in the process, this one has been brewing to a fever pitch. Two shows back Novak took back his Hardcore title all be it not in a match and then last week he challenged Liam to something called an ‘Animal’s Rules’ match.

Mark Sanction: This is what I wanted to ask you about Rose? Novak made mention to something like this match can only end when you put your opponent through at table from the top of a Ladder, so how exactly does that work?

Rose: Well I had a word with Novak before we went on the air tonight and apparently there are a few ways this can end. The obvious one is you and your opponent climbs the ladder and you throw them from the top through a table, but apparently in the brief history of this match there have been a few other deciding moves. You can lay your opponent out on the table and then leap from the ladder, you can push the ladder over with your opponent on it and send them crashing through the ladder and the craziest one to me was that you can apparently both fall through the table and it then becomes the ref’s decision as to who was the aggressor.

Mark Sanction: Sounds like this is going to be a battle then so let’s not waist anymore time.

While the two have been talking Hana Ramierez has made here way into the ring ready to get this match underway.

Hana Ramierez: Ladies and Gents the following is an ‘ANIMALS RULES’ match for the XWA Hardcore Championship. Introducing first …

The XWA-Tron flickers into life displaying the numbers 68-99-08-20, they slowly fade out as the words ‘Always keep the faith’ fade in. Short Change Hero by the Heavy’s fills the PA system and as the sound of the rain drops ring out Kimi Novak makes here way out onto the stage flanked by J. Pain.

Kimi Novak: Ladies and Gents please welcome my brother … and the RIGHTFULL XWA HARDOCRE CHAMPION! CHRIS NOVAAAAKKK!!!

Kimi and Pain leave the XWA crowd in a fit of excitement as a spotlight pans around the arena searching for the Madman. The cameras finally pick up Novak in his garish Man Utd shirt and holding Liam’s Hardcore title high about his head as he makes his way through the hordes in the arena and all the way down to ringside. Novak straps the title around his wait and then leaps over the barricade and rushes to shake hands with Rose before sliding into the ring he stands tall dead centre of the ring and salutes before ripping off his shirt and throwing up an X/S salute, with which J.Pain nods back to the ring and then usheres Kimi out of the arena with him.

Mark Sanction: What’s that about Rose?

Rose: I’m not sure, maybe Novak want’s to prove he can handle this on his own … or maybe he just doesn’t want them in harms way with everything that’s going to be taking place in this match.

Mark Sanction: I guess that makes plenty of sense.

Novak’s music dies off and that means it’s time for the champion.

Hana Ramierez: And his opponent …

The opening crashing bars of ‘A Box Full Of Sharp Object’s’ ring out over the XWA audience and just as the lyrics kick in the Human Rubik’s Cubes makes his way out onto the top of the stage. He walks out with a purpose because he knows how important this match is but as Novak rips the title from around his wait and hoists it into the air the Purple Wonder stalls and stares at him. It’s obvious that the Madman is doing all he can to get under the skin of the Hardcore Champion and it may be working as Liam charges to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope before getting in Novak’s face. The two men exchange heated words as Hana finishes up.

Hana Ramierez: Hailing from Coseley, England, he stands six feet and two inches tall and weights in at two-hundred and twenty-six pounds he is the XWA Hardcore Champion, ‘The Human Rubik’s Cube’ DANGER LIAAAMMM!!!

The second Hana’s introducing is over Liam shoves Novak away and the two men take a moment standing in opposite corners before the bell sounds.
Tickles brings both men into the middle of the ring and reads them the riot act as suddenly a cocky smirk falls onto Liam’s face. Novak is undeterred by the Purple Wonders bravado though and as Tickles steps back the two men begin to circle then crash into a collar and elbow tie up dead in the middle of the ring.

Rose: Looks like we’re kicking this off with some good old fashion ‘rassalin.

Both men really push and shove looking to get the upper hand but on this occasion it is Novak who get’s the upper hand as he manages to slam Liam to the canvas and then hit the ropes. The Dangerous One pops back up only to get knocked on his arse from a flying shoulder tackle. Novak slides in next to him and hooks his head twisting and turning trying to damn near pop the Purple Menace’s head clean off. Cubes pushes himself to his feet and manages to get Novak to the ropes then shoots Novak across the ring again only to get knocked on his arse with a shoulder block.

Mark Sanction: Novak is starting this one very smart, conserving energy and making Liam do all the work.

Rose: These are the kinds of things me and Pain try to drum into him, so it’s good to see they are finally taking effect.

Chris grabs himself a handful of hair and rags Liam back to his feet and straight back into a headlock. Cubes shoots him across the ring a second time but this has the exact same effect as Novak hits him with another strong shoulder block. It’s early in this match but Liam looks a little rocked, Novak hits the ropes and him and Liam go through the up and over back and forth rigmarole before Cubes puts and end to it with a stiff right hand to the jaw of the Madman. Novak staggers to the corner holding his jaw for a second as Liam takes this opportunity to scream at his challenger.

Danger Liam: Come on you son of a bitch!

The second the words pass his lips the Dangerous One is hit with a huge tackle and he quickly finds himself coving up as Novak unleashes a series of right and lefts. Liam manages to slip free but Chris refuses to let up as he tosses him into the ropes once again but Novak’s frustration stops him from seeing Liam get the upper hand with a huge boot to the face on the rebound. Cubes jumps on the opportunity as he grabs him by the neck and twists him into the canvas with a neckbreaker.

Rose: Novak let his frustrations get on top of him there, he’s gonna have to watch that as this match carries on or he’ll find himself getting thrown around this ring.

Mark Sanction: For all we don’t like about what Liam’s done over the last few months you can’t take away his accomplishments here in the XWA, like you say Rose Novak will need to stay on point if he wants that title back.

Having finally manages to put Novak down for a second Liam slithers out of the ring and takes a look around and the ladders and tables that litter the ringside area. He doesn’t grab one however as he lifts the ring skirt and pulls out a steel chair. Chris slides from the ring just in time to catch the point of the steel in his gut. He rests against the ring post clutching the pain as Liam takes a huge swing but he only manages to crash steel onto steel as Novak dives out of the way.

Rose: That’s more like it Chris!

Chris grabs the Dangerous One by his tights and tosses him back into the ring. He is quick to follow him in and then toss Cubes at full force into the corner, as Liam stumbles out of the corner he is met at full force by Novak who leaps into him with the Insana-Knee. Trying to stay in the fight Liam is straight back to his feet and again he staggers into the corner. Novak charges him again but this time the Dangerous One side steps the impact and sends Novak should first into the ring post. Quickly Liam drags Novak back from the corner then turns and hooks him before throwing him over head with his Ego Dent Vertical Exploder.

Mark Sanction: So Rose how smart is this strategy of not going for the tables or the ladders at this stage?

Rose: No man in their right mind would just dive out and grab a ladder or a table you need to get to a point where there is no real risk to yourself when you try to smash your opponent through the wood.

Cubes slides from the ring again with the same desires as earlier in the match, he grabs the chair from earlier and slides it into the ring before grabbing a second from under the ring and climbing back in with it in hand. Novak starts to push himself to his feet as the Dangerous One takes his time setting both chair up touching each other, just as Chris plants his feet Liam drags him to the chairs and hooks him in a front face lock before trying to hoist him up. At the last moment Novak hooks his foot around Liam’s leg, the Dangerous One tries again but Novak this time manages to turn him around he snaps his hips and lifts Liam into the air but the sheer weight advantage the Human Rubik’s Cube has makes it easy to shit position and drill Novak spine first through the chairs with a reverse DDT.

Mark Sanction: That was a sickening impact, considering how fat some of the people who sit on those chairs are you know that must have had some force behind it.

Liam gets to his feet and climbs back out of the ring, he grabs a table and slides it into the ring before doing the same with a ladder.

Rose: Here we go!

Cubes sets the table up before drilling Novak with a few more right and lefts to keep him downed for a second. Liam takes his time in setting up the ladder exactly where he wants it before dragging Chris to his feet and spreading him out across the table. The Purple Wonder climbs the rungs of the ladder but it looks like Novak isn’t down just yet he gets to his feet and pushes the ladder aside but like a cat Liam lands on his feet and leaps at the Madman with a huge clothesline.

Mark Sanction: I guess that harks back to what you were saying earlier Rose looks like Liam went to the finish a little early.

Rose: True but he kept his wits about him there by landing on his feet. That’s a way of keeping on top of Novak.

Chris starts to pull himself back up with the help of the ropes and as he is Liam reaches down and forces Novak’s throat into the rope. With the Madman prone Cubes climbs back from the ring and grabs hold of another ladder, he props it against the side of the ring and the top of Novak’s skull before jumping into the audience. He measures his surroundings for a moment before leaping onto the barricade and then jumping forward dropkicking the ladder into the skull of the Madman.

Mark Sanction: It’s been a while since we’ve seen these innovative moves from the ‘Dangerous’ One.

Novak writhes around the ring as Liam slides back in, he lifts the ladder back up but doesn’t look to climb it, instead he folds it back up and stands in wait as Novak slowly gets to his feet in the corner. Liam charges in but Novak dives out of the way in time for the ladder to crash into ringpost. Liam staggers out from the corner and Novak unloads with huge swinging overhand rights. He gets three solid hits before bouncing Liam into the corner and then hip tossing the Purple Wonder onto the ladder that is now prone in the corner of the ring.

Rose: Who needs innovation when you can just hit ‘em nice and hard.

Liam flops onto his chest as the crowd erupts with ‘NOVAK’ chant.

Rose: This’ll fire him up, this crowd are Novak’s motivation.

Novak pushes himself to his knees and then takes a quick look around the ring seeing two tables set up at the bottom of the ramp, a light bulb goes off in Novak’s head as he scrambles to set up the ladder by the ropes and then drags Liam over to it. It takes some work but he manages to drag Liam up a few rungs of the ladder but before he can capitalize the Dangerous One drops from the ladder onto the ring apron and quickly the two men begin trading rights and lefts.

Mark Sanction: Liam is teetering over those tables.

Liam grips on the top rope with all his might as Novak unloads with more and more stiff shots before he hits the ropes looking to hit Liam with a hard shot but at the last moment the Dangerous One throws out another punch that manages to stop Novak’s charge. With the Madman rocked the Purple Menace makes his way to the corner and starts to climb to the top tope only to be caught by Novak and left crashing his groin into the turnbuckle. Quickly Novak slides out of the ring and grabs hold of a table, he scrambles to get it set up before grabbing the ladder that was not to long ago bounced off his head, he sets it up next to Liam before quickly rushing up it.

Rose: This might be it! Novak looks set here to reclaim his title.

Novak wraps Liam in a front facelock and tries to lift him from the turnbuckle but the Dangerous One refuses to release the top rope. Novak plants four stiff shots into the head of his long time rival before trying again but he still can’t power Liam from the ropes. As he lets go once more Liam manages to get the upper hand and with a firm grip on Novak’s neck he dives back into the ring hitting a huge bulldog on the Madman.

Mark Sanction: What a sicken fall …

Rose: At least it wasn’t through a table though mark.

The two men are slow to their feet using each other as props but Novak does try to shoot Liam into the corner only to get turned around and scooped up before getting driven through the table still in the ring with a sweeping powerslam.


Mark Sanction: I’m sure Liam knows all to well, but as you said earlier it’s all a matter of doing damage.

Novak rolls out of the ring as Tickles clears up the broken wood from the middle of the ring, Liam pulls himself to his feet looking around to see what to do next he spots Novak half to his feet and charges at the corner of the ring running up the ladder that is still prone in that corner before leaping from the ring and taking out the Madman.

Rose: Christ, he took a huge risk there, he’s lucky Novak wasn’t able to get out of the way.

Liam tosses Novak into the ring then looks around and grabs another chair, he slides in and looms over Novak with the chair high in the air. Chris rolls to his knees but gets put right back in place with a stiff shot across the spine. Liam crashes the chair on Novak a second time then starts to drag the Madman to the ladder, he lays him down face first on the steel before hoisting the chair into the air one more time.

Mark Sanction: This is cruel and unusual punishment; Liam is looking to seriously maim Novak here.

As Liam lowers the chair Novak manages to sweep his legs from under him, both men quicken to their feet but on this occasion Novak is quickest and before Liam has a clue what is happening Chris grabs him by the back of the neck and plants his knees in his jaw before dropping him with the Extreme Hairdryer. Novak turns his attention to the ladder and drags it into the middle of the ring then opens it before dragging Liam in between its two side. Chris manically crashes the steel into his back over and over as Liam writes in pain before stepping over the ladder and hooking Liam in the Straight Jacket.

Mark Sanction: What a idea, Novak has Liam wrapped in that Straight Jacket while he is locked between the two sides of that ladder this must be absolutely ripping at Liam’s back and ribs.

As Novak finally breaks his grip Liam drags himself out of the ladder and slowly tries to pull himself to his feet using the ropes. Chris takes this time to set up a table in the ring then grabs hold of the ladder and stands in wait for the Human Rubik’s Cube who is still on his way up. Cubes finally turns around but would wish he didn’t as his face is met with the end of the ladder from a charging Madman. With Liam seemingly motionless in the middle of the ring Novak hoist the ladder high over his head before stepping back and letting gravity do his dirty work as the ladder falls crashing into the face neck and chest of the Purple Menace.

Rose: Novak just ‘dotted the eyes’ of the Hardcore champion so to speak.

Mark Sanction: And the look on his face tells the story of just home much Novak want’s this.

The cameras zoomed in on Novak show just who right Sanction is as Novak picks the ladder back up and starts to set it up in reach of the table. Just as he gets it stable he notices that Liam is back to his feet and so puts him back down with the City Killer Backstabber before throwing up his arms into the air to a huge pop from the audience, Novak goes to run at the ropes but notices the ladder out of the corner of his eye and then has a light bulb moment as he leaps onto the ladder and then backflips onto Liam hitting a modified Lionsault.

Rose: HOLLY SHIT! What an insane move …

Liam rolls out of the ring as Novak turns his attention to putting the ladder back in place he then rolls out of the ring himself and grabs hold of another table before sliding it into the ring and setting it up. As he gets is in place though the Dangerous One slides back into the ring with a steel chair in hand and even though the XWA audience scream to get Novak’s attention he turns into a sickening baseball like swing from the Purple Menace.

Mark Sanction: These two have absolutely no care about each other’s well being …

Rose: I think that’s what makes it such a good rivalry though Mark, when you don’t care about hurting someone you can have the best matches.

Liam peals Novak from the canvas and lays him across both of the tables that are now set up in the ring. He plants him with a few rights and lefts to keep him down then climbs up the ladder next to Novak. Not very smart though he doesn’t think to look back and by the time he is half way up the ladder he soon finds himself flying over the top rope and out to the arena floor narrowly missing a table on his way down.

Rose: Novak was so close to victory there, Liam missed that table by the skin of his teeth.

The camera shows the audience jumping and screaming and then quickly cut to Liam who is writing around the arena floor in pain. Novak rolls out of the ring and has a bit of time to himself to hunt under the ring before pulling out a huge ladder easily twice as tall as himself. Chris slides the ladder into the ring then climbs in and moves the ladder that is already set up to as side. Novak climbs the ladder and stands screaming at Liam.

Chris Novak: Come on LIAM! Here I am come and end this!

Rose: Novak has the upper hand here as Liam must be smarting from that fall be he shouldn’t get over zealous.

Liam pulls himself to his feet with the help of the ring skirt then reaches through the ropes and knocks over the ladder that Novak just up in the corner. The ladder falls to rest against the Ladder Novak is stood on Liam slides into the ring and starts to climb up with to meet the Madman. With both men now high atop the ladder they begin to trade rights and lefts and keep switching their grips trying to throw the other onto the two prone tables. Neither man manages to get the upper hand though until Novak plants a right hand that sends Liam rolling back down the slanted ladder he is stood on.

Chris Novak: Shouting to the audience. This is your Hardcore Champion? He’s pathet …

Novak doesn’t manage to finish his sentence as Liam storms back up his slide of the ladder and leaps planting his shin into the side of the Madman’s skull with a heavily modified DanJa Vu! Again the crowd leap to their feet this time in a stunned silence as they watch their hero topple to the canvas.

Rose: Novak needs this crowd behind him the silence won’t help.

Mark Sanction: It’ll help Liam though he knows he’s got Novak where he wants him for a moment.

The Purple Wonder rolls out of the ring and grabs a third table to bring into the ring and sets this one up on the opposite side of the ladders. He picks up the sloped ladder and tosses it from the ring before turning his attentions to Novak ready to draw this match to an end. Liam rags Novak to his feet with a hand full of hair and then lifts him in an atomic drop position to try and put him half way up the ladder. He tucks Novak’s legs between the runs of the ladder then starts to climb up the ladder above him Liam looks down at Novak who is now trying to get himself free, keeping a keen eye Liam measures the Madman before flipping through the air looking to hit his Possimpible backflip tree of woe but Novak manages to fall limp and avoid the impact like Neo in the Matrix leaving the Dangerous One to slam into the canvas neck and back first.

Rose: In a deadly serious tone Liam might have just paralyzed himself with that impact … this match might be going to far.

Mark Sanction: Isn’t this just what was expected when this match got booked.

Rose: I’m not really sure anyone thought it would go to this extreme.

Liam rolls out of the ring and Novak finally manages to untangle his legs from the struts of the ladder then follows his rival out to the arena floor. The wannabe Hardcore Champion grabs a chair and looks on but Liam isn’t pulling himself up.

Rose: Just get it over with Chris, get him in the ring and end it!

Mark Sanction: He isn’t thinking about this in terms of a match anymore Rose I think he’s been blinded by the revenge he wants to enact on Liam.

Rose: Believe me Mark the best way for Novak to get revenge over Liam here is to beat him in the middle of that ring.

Chris screams for Liam to get up but only lefts the Hardcore Champion gets to his knees before planting the cold steel of the chair between his shoulder blades. Novak tosses the chair into the audience (that’ll be a health and safety hazard) before grabbing Liam by the neck and pushing him into the ring.

Mark Sanction: Here we go …

With all his might Novak drags Liam to the middle of the ring then lays the hardcore champion out prone on the table. With this match really taking its toll on him Novak starts to climb the ladder, he gets to the top and then lets out a scream of “IT’S PARTY TIME” To honor the innovator of this match but he’s given Liam too much time as the Hardcore champion rolls of the table. Running solely on instinct Liam crawls around to the other side of the ladder and starts to climb. Novak takes a second to wait and as Cubes hits the top of the ladder then with their last bits of energy the two start trading right hands. It’s a slow process as each man hits a shot and then waits to see if his opponent falls through the table behind him.


The crowd are on tender hooks watching as this match literally hangs in the balance. The moment seems to linger for an age each time Liam and Novak hang back with only their finger tips keeping them in the match but as the anticipation reaches its peak both men let go of the ladder so as to throw synchronized right hands that send both men falling from the ladder.
Rose: OH MY GOD!!!

Mark Sanction: What happened?

The camera crash cuts to a wide shot as we are looing to see what just happened and as it sets in we see Novak lying in the broken shards of two tables. The cameras quickly move to find that Liam is lying next to an overturned table that is completely intact and as Tickles surveys the scene he finally understands exactly what has happened and calls for the bell.
Rose: NO!!!

Tickles holds up Liam’s motionless arm as EMT’s rush to ringside to check on both men.

Hana Ramierez: Ladies and Gents, here is YOUR winner and STILL XWA HARDCORE CHAMPION!!!!

’A Box Full Of Sharp Objects’ plays but the only person in the ring who would even half look like a winner is Tickles seeing as he is the only one able to move of his own accord. The EMT’s move the broken wood aside to help Novak out of the ring and too his feet while Liam finally gets to his hands and knees before sliding out to the arena floor. Novak refuses a stretcher and instead is slumped over two of the EMT’s Liam is finally handed his title and starts to make his way up the ramp but half way stops and looks back at Novak who the EMT’s have got as far as the bottom of the ramp. Cubes drops the title and starts to make a B-Line for Novak.

Rose: OH COME ON! Liam there is no need for this the match is over leave it alone!

Liam pushes a few EMT’s aside before getting right in Novak’s face, Chris is helpless and left to just watch as Liam steps back and then offers out his hand.

Mark Sanction: Wow!

Novak looks at Liam’s hand as if Elvis Presley has just materialized in front of him on top of a liquorish flavored unicorn that shit’s McChicken nuggets but Liam’s offer is 100% percent genuine. Chris forces himself to his feet and makes the EMT’s let him stand of his own accord before reaching out and shaking the hand of his long time rival. Liam holds Novak’s hand high in the air and points to the Madman with a sign of respect as XWA Massacre fades to black for the evening.
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Re: Massacre: Chris Novak vs. Danger Liam- HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby DJS » Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:29 am

Winner and STILL Hardcore Champion: Danger Liam

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