The Extra crap Gay Brown Extravaganza: Sexy Request

Matches that occurred on our 2012 Extra Spectacular Hutton Brown Extravaganza...Again Pay Per View!
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The Extra crap Gay Brown Extravaganza: Sexy Request

Postby Novak84 » Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:17 am

OOC: Sorry hutton, the title is a character based rip. Nout personal.

The camera shows the halls of Madison Square Gardens, as the dust settles form the opener.

Kimi novak, Chris Novak's SISTER, walks down the halls, towards the dressing room of her BROTHER'S rival tonight, Drake Dysfunction. She knocks on the door. Drake opens it.

Kimi: Hey Drakey, How's you?

Drake is a little took back by the female Novak's come on.

Kimi: I was really impressed by you last week. But you know what would impress me again? If you put your number one contendership up against my brother again, tonight. And if you did, and did win. Maybe we could have a private celebration.

She slides her hand down Drake's chest while she waits for the man himself to speak.


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Re: The Extra crap Gay Brown Extravaganza: Sexy Request

Postby Dysfunctional » Wed Aug 22, 2012 7:48 pm

--Drake snatches her hand off his chest. Kimi is appalled and pulls her hand back to her side.--

Kimi: Ugh....somebody ought to teach you some manners!

Drake: And somebody ought to tell your brother that here in the XWA, there ARE no hand-outs. He wants a shot? He's gotta earn it just like I earned mine. He had a shot on Massacre and he fucking blew it, so now you expect me to put my #1 Contender's spot on the line tonight against a guy I left in the ring lying in a pool of his own blood?! You have got to be joking! I honestly thought you Brits had more class than that.

--I'm sorry. Did he just call British people classless? That's what it seems like. No matter, Kimi slaps Drake in the face for saying what he said.--

Kimi: Chris and I have WAY more class than you will ever have, and he'll prove it tonight when he defeats you and takes his rightful place as the #1 Contender to the Hardcore Championship!

--Drake's fuming after that slap to the face. Kimi's hand mark is seen on his cheek.--

Drake: You are a stupid bitch, you know that?! Your brother wants a chance to be the Hardcore Champ so bad?! He wants another shot at the Demolitionist?!

--He gets in her face.--

Drake: YOU'RE FUCKING ON! Tonight, Novak's career ends!!!!

Kimi: The hell it will! We'll show you! We'll show ALL of you!

--The Princess of Madness storms away, probably to her BROTHER'S locker room to tell her BROTHER that Drake has accepted the challenge. Drake turns his attention to the cameras viewing this.--

Drake: The fuck are YOU looking at?!

--He slams the door in their face--


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