HH: Angelus vs. Trace Demon- Champion's Challenge!

Matches that occurred on our 2011 Hardcore Halloween Pay Per View!
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HH: Angelus vs. Trace Demon- Champion's Challenge!

Postby DJS » Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:43 pm


LIVE! From Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee!

Champion's Challenge - Cage Match!


Angelus (c) vs. Trace Demon

Citing a need to find a real threat to his reign in the XWA, the World Heavyweight Champion has offered an open challenge to anyone with the testicular fortitude and skill to face him in the ring, and the King of Demons has stepped up to accept that challenge! Its Monster versus Demon in what will likely be a knockdown, drag out fight to the finish! Oh, and did we mention that Commisioner Maxwell has decided it'll be a little more fun for everyone if its in a steel cage??

Deadline for matches is Friday, October 28th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on Sunday, October 30th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: HH: Angelus vs. Trace Demon- Champion's Challenge!

Postby Angelus » Sat Oct 29, 2011 1:21 am

-=As the two men stand face to face in the middle of the ring the entire arena is screaming with excitement. After Angelus’ challenge last week Trace Demon is the man that has stepped up to face him. The fact the match is inside a steel cage may have been left out of the initial match offer though, to Trace’s credit the man showed up and in fact looks quite eagar for the contest to begin=-

Sanction: Trace looks like he is chomping at the bit to get this contest underway, you have to think that a win here would catapault Trace right to the top of the list of World Championship Contenders.

Mad Dog: Top of the list? If Trace beats Angelus inside a steel cage the man deserve a medal! To win this match you not only have to put the beast down… You need to put him down long enough to climb over the cage and touch the floor!

Sanction: To say that he is facing an up hill battle is an understatement…

Mad Dog: Trace Demon looks confident going into the contest, Angelus, as usual looks like he is ready to tear someone’s head off.

-=Extending his hand out to Trace, Angelus allows a smile to fall over his face masking the perpetual hate and anger that usually shows. Trace doesn’t even attempt to shake his hand and instead just lowers his eyes to look at it, keeping his face turned towards Angelus=-

Trace: You gotta be kidding me?

-=As the fake smiling mask morphs into a mock look of hurt, Angelus can’t quite keep the amusement out of his eyes=-

Angelus: Ahhh, you don’t trust me?

-=It’s Trace’s turn to look amused=-

Trace: Not a chance…

Sanction: Notice that even though Trace’s eyes went to look at Angelus’ hand, he made sure to keep Angelus always in sight. For someone who is capable of over powering pretty much anyone on the roster, Angelus has never been above a sneak attack

Mad Dog: I’ve been on the end of a few of those… He’s like a rabid dog, he can be perfectly reasonable one moment and then a snarling maniac the next… I don’t envy being in that cage…

Angelus: Would you believe me if I told you to look behind you?

Trace: Would you believe me?

-=Rather than reply Angelus just smiles at Trace before feigning to turn around, rotating just a matter of inches before whipping back around and attempting to grab hold of Trace Demon. Reacting swiftly Trace hops backwards and clear of what in the end was a rather clumsy sneak attack. Seeking to get the match off on an attack foothold Trace launches a stinging kick into the leg of Angelus’s outside thigh=-

Sanction: That should have stung Angelus!

-=Sensing that the kick had little effect, Trace launches straight into another kick blasting Angelus in the thigh, again not even flinching Angelus roars into the face of Trace=-

Mad Dog: Those kicks are wicked… Trace almost dismantled Drake last week with those….

Sanction: Drake was barely in a state to defend himself!

Mad Dog: Are you still going on about that?!

-=Trace abandons the kicks and flings himself straight at Angelus who launches himself into the tackle, the pair meet and explode in a fury of blows, each man swinging a succession of fierce hard left and right, hammering every blow into his opponent with as much force as they can muster=-

Sanction: Look at them go!!

Mad Dog: Standing and trading blows with the monster is only going to end one way…

Sanction: The Demon is holding his own!

-=True enough Trace and Angelus are stood trading hard swinging punches, although each blow must be like a hammer either man refuses to show an effect. As the blows rain down Angelus reels back looking to deliver a haymaker when Trace darts in at the perfect time taking Angelus’ front leg and places his advancing leg behind Angelus’ standing leg, with a shove Trace manages to take the champ off of his feet and down to the floor=-

Mad Dog: That was pure technique! Trace really is a solid wrestler…

-=Trace lands on top of Angelus and land three hard punches to the face in a row, the stunned Angelus barely manages to lift his knees to drive Trace back and far enough away to gather himself to attempt to get to his feet. Trace is clearly against letting Angelus regain his verticle base as he charges in again striking Angelus with a vicious thigh kick again stunning him=-

Mad Dog: Very clever…

Sanction: Keeping the big man down, it’s definitely Trace’s best chance of winning this match

Mad Dog: That isn’t what I meant, to win the contest you have to climb over the top of the cage and touch the floor of the arena. If Angelus can’t stand… Angelus can’t climb!

Sanction: I hadn’t thought of that.

Mad Dog: That’s why I am out here. I’ve got a hell of a lot more experience than you and I’ll spot the things that you wont.

-=As Angelus tries to stand Trace blasts him again with another kick into the side of his leg. This time the Monster finds it too hard to keep it all bottled up and screams with anger as the stinging blow reverbaterates around the arena. As Trace steps in for the third of a trifecta of kicks Angelus explodes into life. From the crouching position he shoves his head through the legs of Trace and effortlessly gets to his feet holding Trace in position for The Blessing=-

Mad Dog: It could all be over here!!

-=As Angelus steps backwards to deliver the manouver Trace takes his chance and grabs hold of the referee using him as leverage to stop the finisher=-

Sanction: That’s not allowed!!

Mad Dog: Say’s who?! There’s no DQ’s in a cage!

-=Outside the ring Gillian Hart is going balistic, shaking the cage and screaming like a banshee=-

Gillian: Stop him!! That’s not allowed!

Sanction: For a manipulative…. Woman, Gillian seems upset about Trace playing slightly outside the laws of the contest.

-=As Angelus struggle to drive Trace into the middle of canvass, Trace Demon holds on to the referee for dear life, as he kicks and screams the referee tangled in this contest of wills attempts to free himself. Finally having had enough Angelus gives up with the Alabama Slam attempt and simply throws the unsuspecting opponent up into the air legs first so that he tumbles down directly on his head. Surprised at suddenly finding himself up side down and heading face first into the cavass The King of Demon’s can do little to protect himself other than try to cover his head=-

Mad Dog: That’s gotta hurt!

Sanction: Not as much as The Blessing would have! It was pretty smart counter by Trace.

Mad Dog: Smart…? I agree, not 100% legal though. You need to get your point of view aligned!

-=Angelus doesn’t waste a second, using the fact that Trace wears jeans and a shirt against as he grabs him from the floor by his collar and the waist band of his jeans and hoists him into the air before running across the ring and with all his might hurling Trace into the cage wall over the top rope. With a sickening crash of metal on bone Trace smashes into the fence, with the flexability of it a double attack as he springs back at a faster rate flipping in the air and coming down hard back first in the middle of the ring=-

Sanction: It’s rare that anyone would say this… but thank god the steel fence was there. We’ve seen Angelus hurl people over the top rope and send them flying so far they have crashed into the guard rail!!

Mad Dog: I wouldn’t say that just yet…

-=As Mad Dog is right, as Angelus marches across the ring and catches Trace Demon almost on the bounce and storms across the ring again before launching him over the top rope again and into the face almost face first. As Trace lands with a solid thud Angelus finally stops the onslaught and looks around the arena as the fans start to scream with excitement=-

Mad Dog: Just listen to the fans here. Angelus is far from a fan favourite… but just listen to the noise they are making. He’s entertaining and I everyone here just wants to be enteretained.

-=Looking down at Trace he begins to march over to him again=-

Gillian: Baby… BABY!! Climb out…

-=Almost in a daze Angelus pauses and looks over at his wife=-

Gillian: Climb over the top. You have to climb over the top…

-=As Angelus stares at her it’s as if he realises that he cannot just win the contest by bludgening his oppinent into surrender. Angelus turns away from Gillian and steps towards Trace to continue the attack when she begins to climb up the side of the cage=-

Gillian: You need to climb over the top if you want to keep the belt…

-=That seems to sink in and ring the correct bells as Angelus stops advancing on his downed opponent. Turning to the nearest corner Angelus begins to assend. Grasping both sides of the cage he climbs the ropes as steadily as a 300lbs man can. Standing on the top turnbuckle he looks back at Trace with almost a longing to continue the abuse even at cost of winning the match=-

Gillian: Climb over…

-=With a subtle prode Gillan coaxes Angelus into continuing his climb with a gentle reminder. Angelus brief daliance at the top of the ropes has allowed Trace to come around enough to get to his knees. Without eyes in the back of his head Angelus has no way of knowing this and continies his climbing right for the top of the cage and attemps to leave over the top=-

Sanction: This could all be over… Angelus is halfway out!

-=As Angelus get’s the first leg over the cage he sits on top looking over at the massive drop to the floor and the height that all 300lbs of him would have to fall pauses him for a second, this is all the time needed by Trace as he hurries across the ring and begins to assend the ropes at a break neck speed in a quest to save the contest for himself. As he grabs hold of Angelus’ feet the crowd cheer out in excitement=-

Sanction: Trace is hanging on to the contest literally…

Mad Dog: If he can’t get Angelus back over the top, it’s going to be all over!

-=As Trace uses the leg he is holding to climb higher he takes his free hand and clubs Angelus across the back, once, twice, this seems to be enough to get Angelus’ attention as he snarls as he snaps his head around to face Trace=-

Sanction: That got his attention!!

-=As Angelus swings wildly to push The King of Demon’s away he finds nothing but air as Trace ducks out of the way and shows surprising accuracy as he digs his foot isn’t the cage and leaps up locking in a front face lock on the off balanced monster=-

Sanction: Both men are in a precarious situation!

Mad Dog: It’s how careers get ended…

-=Struggling to get free from the hold Trace uses the fact that Angelus is off balance to drag him from the top of the fence so that only his legs are on it and with an amazing display of strength Trace is hold Angelus in the elevated DDT position (Imagine the Orton DDT with Trace stood on the top rope and Angelus’ feet on the cage) As trace hangs on to the cage with his free hand he quickly looks behind him and down to the floor behind him weighing up the cost to his own back vs the impact of Angelus’ skull=-

Sanction: He can’t be thinking….?

Mad Dog: Yes, yes he can!!

Sanction: That… is going to be…

Mad Dog: Amazing!! I am loving this violent Trace Demon!

-=With almost a silent prayer to himself Trace launches himself back off of the ropes dragging Angelus with him, as the pair fall to the floor silence almost takes over so that Angelus being impaled face first into the canvass sounds even louder than it would have. Trace lands so hard on his back that he actually bounces up from the floor before landing again on his back=-

Sanction: Fuck.

Mad Dog: Mark, you swore…

-=As the pair lay there panting heavily their chest almost heaving in sync, its easy to forget that these are really just men at the end of the day. That that fall although amazing television could end the lift of either competitor and they have done it all for the fans. Trace Demon is not in a good place after falling from the top rope and Angelus is even worse=-

Sanction: What a disgusting fall! I have never seen anything like that… Where did Trace get the idea for that?!

Mad Dog: That was… AMAZING!! It looks like Angelus is out for the count!

Sanction: He’s not moving… That was a DDT from the top of the cage!

Mad Dog: Trace is an innovator… Trace Demon has recently been showing the kind of form that made in a World Champion over at WFWF.

Sanction: Angelus hasn’t moved since the landing… If Trace can get himself up he may just be able to win this contest.

Mad Dog: Do you not think that Maxwell has swung this contest in Angelus favour by making making it so the winner has to touch the floor?

Sanction: What?! Angelus is clearly the less agile of the two!

Mad Dog: When was the last time you saw Angelus down for that long? If this was a normal match there is every chance that Trace could have got the pin by now!

-=As in on que Trace rolls up on to his side and assess the situation. Looking at Angelus laid out on his face in the middle of the ring Trace decides this might be a good time to attempt an escape. Crawling over to the side of the ring he uses the ropes to get to his feet=-

Mad Dog: Looks like Trace is going to make his escape!

-=As he climbs over the ropes and assends the steel cage he spots Gillian Hart moving around the side of the ring but chooses to ignore her as he continues his climb=-

Gillian: A! Get up!! A!!

-=As Gillian makes her way to stand in front of Trace she bangs and shakes on the cage as much as she can to attempt to wake the sleeping monster after the monsterous DDT he just received. Giving up on trying to wake Angelus, she turns her attention to distractingTrace as she starts to shake the cage as fast as she can=-

Sanction: That can’t be allowed!

Mad Dog: There’s no one there to stop her…

-=As Gillian shakes away on the cage it causes the King of Demons to pauses his assent. As the cage wobbles he has to dig his fingers deeper into the cage to stop himself from falling off. After adjusting for the extra motion he continues his climb=-

Sanction: She’s really doing her best to buy the champ some time to recover!

-=As Trace nears the top Gillian stops her assasult on the cage and switches her attempting back to the prone Angelus. Shouting at the top of her lungs she screams for her husband to get up=-

Gillian: Baby, get up!! He’s climbing out!

-=That finally seems to stir the slummering giant as he looks up from the floor and sees Trace half way up the cage, in a fit of rage Angelus explodes straight back up to his feet=-

Sanction: Angelus is up!

-=As he storms towards Trace he suddenly stumbles as his knees buckles and he falls to into a kneeling position=-

Mad Dog: And he’s down again… That really was a vicious fall! Face first from that high, I am surprised he was even able to get up again…

Sanction: Well, he’s not really up…!

-=As Angelus looks from his kneeling position he sees Trace reach up for the top of the cage and attempts to explode into life again charging towards the cage wall. As he nears the wall again his knees buckle again but this time he throws all of his consideral weight forward crashing into the side of the cage and causing it to rattle viciously=-

Sanction: Trace is hanging on!

-=Pushing him self off the ropes Angelus takes a couple of unsteady steps backwards but is already looking more composed compared to the first time he got up. As he throws himself forward again he manages to lift himself a bit off the floor. As he smashes into the ropes and the side of the cage it shakes even harder than before=-

Sanction: He’s still hanging on!! He is not letting Angelus rattle him off!

-=As Angelus backs up from the ropes again he looks almost back to his old self. Seeing Trace nearly at the top of the cage he sprints towards the fence putting all of his weight behind the challenge. As it turns out throwing all of his weight into the tacke was a bad idea, Trace leaping from the top of the cage manges to adjust himself enough to plant both of his feet straight into the jaw of Angelus with a double footed dropkick=-

Sanction: Ohhh… what a move!

Mad Dog: Trace saw that the third tackle may have just been enough to knock him down and decided to take evasive tactics

Sanction: Evasive?!

Mad Dog: Evasive.

Sanction: He damn near knocked his head off…

-=As Trace rolls to his stomach he looks over at Angelus as he himself tries to regain his composure, his heart beating to fast that his chest is physically seen to be heaving. Pushing his hair back from his face Trace regains his feet as he stands in the middle of the ring with his hands on his hips. Looking around the arena he contemplates making another break to get over the top of the cage but instead he turns to face Angelus who himself is laid flat out on his back=-

Sanction: Angelus has spent a surprising amount of his out on his back in this contest…

Mad Dog: Yet Trace has not been able to get the pin. I told you… Maxwell is definitely showing signs of favouritism to Angelus!

-=Getting up and charging across the ring Trace makes a frantic grab for Angelus’ ankle and before the behemoth can muster a counter he lifts the leg high into the air and cinches in ankle lock=-

Sanction: There’s no submissions in this contest!

Mad Dog: If he can’t walk, he can’t climb!

-=As if to enthasis the point Trace jerks Angelus’ ankle back at a twisted angle, contorting the joint at an obviously painful place. As Angelus screams out a smile can’t help but form on Trace’s face. The relentless aggression quite clearly evident in Trace, obviously showing in his demeanour=-

Sanction: If you remember back to their previous contest… Trace almost made Angelus tap out to this very move!

Mad Dog: It’s an incredibly painful move!

Sanction: Angelus did manage to escape though, he managed to finish Trace with The Curse… Choking him out in the middle of the ring.

Mad Dog: Well that won’t be able to finish the contest here!

-=As Trace battle with the ankle of Angelus he bounces up and down as he tweaks the joint into as many different angles as he can. Attempting to free himself Angelus flexes his leg pulling it towards himself and quickly extending it trying as hard as he can to free himself but the challenger hangs tightly on=-

Sanction: Trace is not letting go of this! He really is hanging on for dear life and cranking that as hard as he can! Look at his face!

-=Again it’s almost as if Trace can hear what is being said about him as he stomps up and down on the spot snapping the ankle left and right as Angelus yells out=-

Sanction: Look at the face of Gillian, she really isn’t enjoying this!

Mad Dog: When was the last time a women showed that emotion over over Mark?


Mad Dog: Exactly! Exactly…

Sanction: You really are an ass

-=Inside the ring Angelus uses his considerable weight advantage twisting on to his back and pulls both legs back to his chest and with all of his might he extends them back out attempting to kick Trace Demon off of him but he simply hangs on to the hold=-

Sanction: Trace really is not planning on letting go!

-=Angelus twists suddenly on the floor rolling quickly, like a pit bull Trace holds on and actually comes back up to his feet gripping tightly. As they come back up Angelus pulls his legs back in again and manage to off balance Trace enough that when he explodes back with both legs Trace actually goes flying back a few steps=-

Sanction: That is pure brute strength!

-=As Trace readies himself ,Angelus roars out with a blood curdling scream as he scrambles forwards and up to his feet. Roaring loudly as the animal instincts that allow a trapped animal to chew off his own leg to escape to kick in, ignoring all of his wounds Angelus explodes from the floor and tackles Trace around the waist lifting him from the floor and charges towards the cage wall=-

Sanction: Angelus is up and attacking Trac….

-=Mark Sanctions words are cut short as Angelus drives the carried Trace Demon into the cage wall so hard that not only does it shake but it gives way. The cage wall comes slamming down with a crash and the pair go flying out of the ring landing on the wall of the cage that is balancing on the announcers desk=-

Mad Dog: The cage wall is on our desk.

Sanction: I noticed that…

Mad Dog: Yes. It’s quite hard to miss…

-=As a fierce roar goes up around around the stunned arena both of the XWA superstars lay there as the chain link fence balances percariously=-

Sanction: Angelus just destoryed the side of the cage!

Mad Dog: With Trace Demon’s back! That had to hurt!!

-=As the participants lay there on top of each other heaving the arena is finally over the spectacle and are now cheering wildy for what they just witnessed=-

Sanction: Angelus is no friend of the fans but he definitely gives them moments they won’t forget!!

-=As Sanction finishes his words Angelus begins to crawl off of Trace and towards the cage of the hanging cage and towards the floor. Trace notices that the heavy mass on top of him is gone and begins to attempt his own crawl to safety=-

Mad Dog: It’s like a race of snails… whoever hits the floor first wins!

-=As the pair edge away from each other the fans begins to scream loudly as they cheer on their more appreciated member of the match. With neither man an actual fan favourite the fans are divided over who they hate more. As the stars inch along the atticipation is almost papable. As Angelus nears the edge of the cage he reaches out and grabs the end and uses his upper body strength to pull himself along=-

Sanction: Angelus is almost out of the cage!

Mad Dog: Trace is not far behind… Oh… wait!

-=As Trace nears the edge, Angelus greatest equaliser is there. Gillian Hart gets in the face of the broken Trace Demon and begins to push him back along the cage. Not only is Trace now fighting his own injuries he is always fighting against the strength of a woman who not only likes getting hit by Angelus but enjoys it enough to marry him=-

Mad Dog: Gillian Hart is stopping Trace Demon from crawling off of the cage!

-=On the other side Angelus is not having the same issue and using his massive upper torso he reaches ahead of himself and drags the remainder of himself off of the cage and down to the floor=-

*Ding Ding*

H: The winner of this match… by touching the floor… ANGEEEEEELLLUUUUUSSS!!!

-=As “My Own Summer” blasts out around the arena the camera cuts into Angelus rolling up from the floor using the cage and still favouring his injurged ankle. The camera pans across to the other side of the cage as Gillian relinqueshes her battle with Trace and starts to crawl under the cage towards her husband=-

Sanction: Has Trace been robbed here?!

Mad Dog: Possibly… But Angelus did smash him through the ropes… then smash down the wall of the cage!

Sanction: Yeah, that part is quite hard to miss considering the top of the cage is now balancing on our desks…

Mad Dog: That part is hard to ignore… the harder part is that Gillian Hart has yet again played a massive part in a Angelus’ contest.

Sanction: I agree… Tempest’s sister has been a prominatent factor in the XWA since her arrival… Whether as the sister of The Storm of the Centuary or the wife of The Monster… Gillian in my eyes has been Miss XWA… Has there ever been another women aside from Carmen who’s had such an impact here?!

-=The camera cuts back as the lady herself reaches Angelus against the side of the cage as he rights himself. As she puts her arm around his waist he looks over at the troubled Trace Demon on the floor on the other side of the cage who looks on at him with a vengence gleaming in his eyes=-

Sanction: Trace does not look happy!!

Mad Dog: Would you be?! Gillian stole it from him!

Sanction: Angelus drove him into the cage wall so hard that it came apart… that’s got to count or something…

-=As the camer cuts around the back of Angelus and Gillian, The XWA World Champion raises his hands in celebration as he glares over at Trace Demon=-

Sanction: So that’s concludes out championship fight… Angelus stays undefeated as he going into the contest against …

Mad Dog: The winner of the next contest!!
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Re: HH: Angelus vs. Trace Demon- Champion's Challenge!

Postby Angelus » Sat Oct 29, 2011 1:22 am

It's been a shocking week. It's 2am here. please allow me to do the formatting in the morning, Need sleep.

Update: Formatting was done this morning, I didn't add entrances as I didn't write them last night so I won't add them today. Forgive the spelling mistakes, my spellchecker is broken.
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Re: HH: Angelus vs. Trace Demon- Champion's Challenge!

Postby Trace » Sat Oct 29, 2011 1:35 am

MadDog: It’s now time for the Champions Challenge.

Mark Sanction: As many of you have seen that steel cage has been hanging above the ring all night, just waiting for this match.

MadDog: It promises to be a brutal match as the Demon battles the Monster with the opportunity for Trace Demon to make his name against the XWA World Champion.

Hana Ramierez: The following match is the champions challenge steel cage match! The only ways to win this match are via pinfall, submission or escaping the cage! Introducing first...

The opening chords of ‘Destabilise’ hit the speaks as the lights in the area turn off. Crimson spotlights begin shining down upon the arena and as the bass hits all of them combine on the rampway where Trace Demon walks out onto the stage, his face obscured by a hood. Trace walks out onto the ramp before holding out his arm, his fingers pointed like a gun at his opponent. His free hand grasps the hood as he simultaneously pulls the hood down and throws his hands up, mouthing “Boom” as a huge wall of flame shoots up from the stage as the lights turn back on.

Hana Ramierez: Hailing from Ontario, Canada, he stands in at 6’4 and weights 240lbs, he is the King of Demons... Trace... Demon!

Trace stands on the ramp, looking around at the crowd as they hurl abuse at one of their favourite new villains. He begins walking towards the ring, ignoring their shouts. He stops the foot of the ring but instead of his usual leap he walks round to the side and stops in front of a female audience member. A pretty women with red hair. He winks at her and blows her a kiss, confusing many including the fan. He turns around before leaping up onto the apron, entering the ring between the top and middle rope. Now inside the ring the King of Demons ascends the top rope. Pointing out at the fans Trace smirks before leaping off of the turnbuckles. He glances up the cage while he waits for the Champion.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon is coming off of a count out victory over his long time nemesis Drake Dysfunction. He accepted this challenge sure that it would be his way to solidify his name as a main event presence here in the XWA.

MadDog: Trace Demon is a very impressive competitor but even he is going to struggle in this match.

Mark Sanction: He does hold victories over both Rose and Hutton Brown and is looking to add the current XWA World Champion to that list but yes, this is going to be a difficult one.

Hana Ramierez: And his opponent...

The arena lights once again go out as the entire arena is plunged into complete darkness. The fans begin to boo and scream in excitement in equal measures as Angelus’ theme music begins.


As the song kicks into it’s lift a spot light beams down upon the stage as a second of the blackness begins to take shape, Angelus slowly entering onto the ramp from the dark as he slowly comes into the light taking form.

Mark Sanction: XWA’s resident monster, the XWA World Champion, Angelus ladies and gentlemen.

MadDog: This man won the XWA World Championship from none other than Hutton Brown. He’s a dominant figure and he’s looking for competiton.

Hana Ramierez: From London, England, weighing in at 325lbs, he is the XWA’s resident monster and is the XWA World Heavyweight Champion... please welcome... Angelus!

As the platform reaches it’s peak Angelus waits, not moving, instead soaking in the atmosphere of the occasion. As he steps off the plate a plethora of spotlights kick in weaving and roaming all over the stage and ramp way. Angelus slowly strolls down to the ring avoiding any interaction with any fan stupid enough to reach out to him. On reaching the ring Angelus climbs purposefully through the ropes and gets into the ring, standing in the middle he stares down Trace Demon who simply smirks.

Mark Sanction: Angelus has demanded competitors to step up to him and Trace Demon has stepped up here tonight.

MadDog: And Richard Maxwell figured it’d be more suiting inside the cage.

Both Trace Demon and Angelus look up as the cage is lowered down. It takes a few moments to reach the ring as it clicks in, the cage firmly locked down for this match. Referee Kirk Samson nods to outside referee Tommy Tickles and the bell is rung.


Mark Sanction: With the cage lowered and the bell rung this match is officially underway.

MadDog: This one is going to be ugly.

Trace Demon’s eyes dart around the ring at the cage, analysing the structure that he finds himself in for the first time. Angelus on the other hand seems perfectly at home in the steel structure. Yes, he’s a caged animal but Trace Demon is very literally caged in with him. Knowing full well that he can’t let Angelus get any momentum Trace moves first, leaping at Angelus with a forearm that connects with the jaw of the monstrous world champion. Angelus is knocked a step back from the sudden blow as Trace keeps up close and personal unloading with elbows...

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon really getting in the face of Angelus here. Maybe he can hold his own in this environment.

Another forearm connects and Trace is already lashing out with his forearm again. Angelus, barely rocked by the early blows, forces Trace back with a double handed shove that sends Trace flying across the ring.

MadDog: Well that lasted.

Trace, not lacking in the athleticism department, rolls through with ease and is immediately back up on his feet. He sprints forward before the slower Angelus can make a move and once again leaps forwards with a forearm, sending Angelus dangerously close to the steel. Another forearm connects but yet again Angelus forces him back with the double handed shove. For a second time Trace goes to ground but rolls through onto his feet. Only this time he doesn’t move forward and instead lets an enraged Angelus come to him. Charging forward Angelus looks to grab Trace but the King of Demons goes to ground with a low dropkick that connects with the right knee of the champion, dropping Angelus down.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon is giving it everything he has to try and finish this one early.

MadDog: Angelus has nearly a one hundred pound weight advantage over Trace Demon. He’s strong, he’s smart and he can crush you with ease. Trace knows that if he lets Angelus build momentum he is done.

With Angelus down on one knee Trace is on his feet immediately, sprinting past Angelus, hitting the ropes, and unloading with a boot to the back of the monsters head. Angelus takes the blow but doesn’t drop, a fact that Trace Demon is equally amazed and pissed off about. Sprinting past Angelus again Trace looks to connect with a boot to the front of Angelus’ head but as the boot gets close Angelus’ hands come up, grabbing Trace by the boot. Holding onto the boot Angelus rises onto his feet, Trace Demon trying desperately to pull away. Angelus shakes his head but isn’t ready for what is about to come. Figuring that he has no chance of forcing the break Trace leaps up, flipping backwards. His other boot rises and strikes Angelus clean in the jaw, forcing the release of the foot, and Trace Demon completes his back flip by landing on his feet.

Mark Sanction: An incredible counter by Trace Demon just when you thought that Angelus finally had him in his grip.

MadDog: People take Trace’s athleticism for granted but this kid can strike you from just about anywhere. Something which will come in useful inside the cage.

The blow sends Angelus stumbling backwards and Trace isn’t done. Leaping up again Trace sends both of his boots into the chest of Angelus with a beautiful dropkick. The move connects and Angelus is sent stumbling further back just inches away from the cage. Seeing the effectiveness of his tactic Trace leaps up again and connects with another dropkick to the chest that sends the XWA World Champion into the cage. The blows may not have been enough to drop him but it seems like Trace has Angelus exactly where he intended. Running off the ropes for some extra momentum Trace leaps up with a running crossbody looking to force Angelus into the steel.

Mark Sanction: And we’re seeing the cage come into play for the first time here.

MadDog: That cage can turn the simplest of moves into a match ender but if it backfires then it backfires hard.

As Trace is about to connect with the crossbody Angelus comes to life, grabbing him in mid air. The King of Demons struggles to break Angelus’ grip but this is a man who could probably crush him if he wanted. Angelus takes a stop forward and lifts Trace up overhead. He roars and throws him backwards in the direction of the cage but instead of hearing the collision of bone and steel that he was expecting Trace instead manages to get his hands out and grab onto the steel rungs, placing a foot on the ring ropes to steady himself. Angelus turns and Trace leaps backwards, grabbing him by the head and spinning him around somehow managing to drop Angelus to the canvas with his momentum in a sublime hurricane DDT.

Mark Sanction: This match has been all Trace Demon thus far. He seems to have found a way to keep the monstrous Angelus from getting any offence in what so ever.

MadDog: He’s smart. It’s one thing everybody knows – Trace Demon is a very smart man, especially when it comes to figuring out exactly how to beat the odds. He is more than capable of using that cage in ways that Angelus just can’t do because of his size and weight.

Mark Sanction: He is doing a very good job of restricting Angelus here. The World Champion just hasn’t had the chance to get in any real offence and when he did Trace Demon turned it around on him in the blink of an eye.

Trace Demon drops down onto the body of Angelus, looking to get the pinfall and end this early...



But he hasn’t done nearly enough as Angelus powers out of the pinfall, throwing Trace up and off of him. Trace lands on his hands and knees and immediately pushes himself up. Seeing Angelus pushing himself up into a sitting position Trace leaps at him and connects with a forearm. The King of Demons unleashes with rights and lefts to the downed Angelus before once again being thrown off and across the ring. Trace once again gets himself onto his feet and is on Angelus immediately, throwing punches mindlessly like a rabid dog. This time Angelus doesn’t push Trace off, knowing that with his speed he will be back immediately. Instead Angelus grabs both of Trace’s hands and then drives his skull into the King of Demon’s forehead. Trace drops backwards like a fly who has just been swatted.

MadDog: A head butt! Angelus just head butted Trace Demon!

Mark Sanction: Well what were you expecting? Angelus has been doing this for a while now; he knows how to stop people. It may not be pretty but is sure as hell is effective.

Trace is on his back, his head in his hands, as Angelus climbs onto his feet. Trace backs up so he is sitting close to the cage as he brings his hands down and finds Angelus staring down at him. Trace throws his hands up, pleading with Angelus to leave him alone but the monster simply grins. It’s this split second action that gives Trace the moment he needs as he brings a boot up into the lower abdomen of his monstrous opponent before grabbing the cage directly behind him and using it to pull himself up. With the cage still in his grips Trace pulls himself up again, bringing both boots up and aiming them at Angelus’ jaw. Angelus is ready however and grabs the boots. Now with both feet captured there is literally no escape from the King of Demons as he is yanked from the cage and tossed across the ring, getting some serious air before crashing to the mat with a thud.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon thought he’d gotten out of yet another bind there but Angelus was ready for it.

MadDog: And boy did that look like it hurt.

The tables have turned now as Trace Demon is the one trying desperately to get onto his feet before Angelus can reach him. He manages the first part but isn’t so lucky at escaping Angelus, the monster kicking him in the ribs before grabbing him around the throat. Angelus sneers at Trace before launching him across the ring, the King of Demons once again hitting the mat hard. Trace grabs his back in pain as he tries crawling away from Angelus. But there’s nowhere to go, a steel cage separating him from any chance at escape as Angelus is upon him, grabbing him by the hair and yanking him up onto his feet with one hand. Angelus drives a knee into the abdomen of the King of Demons before once again grabbing him by the throat, this time launching him into the steel behind him.

Mark Sanction: And Trace Demon is the first man to really feel the wrath of that steel.

MadDog: It’s a painful experience Mark, especially when you’re being thrown into it by someone with as much power as Angelus.

Trace collides with the steel in style, smashing into it back first then flopping forward, somehow landing on his feet and managing to keep upright, although in noticeable pain. Angelus doesn’t care, he’s just happy to finally have the opportunity to do some real damage after an undeniably frustrating opening to this match. Grabbing Trace by the shoulders he spins around, building up more momentum in the process, before once again launching him into the steel mesh of the cage. This time Trace hits it and falls face first into the apron. He grips his back which is burning after colliding with the cage twice in quick succession.

Mark Sanction: Angelus is unrelenting in his assault.

MadDog: He’s taken control and it isn’t looking good for Trace Demon. He’s got to do something quick if he even wants to survive this match in one piece.

He does do something but it isn’t anything that is going to help. As Angelus reaches for Trace the King of Demons manages to kick his hand away and quickly crawls across the ring. He ends up behind Referee Kirk Samson, holding onto his trousers as Angelus looks at him with a mix of pity and fury. Samson tries walking away but Trace keeps hold as Angelus approaches. Angelus screams at Samson to move and he tries to but Trace keeps his grip as he uses him as a shield in the corner of the cage. Angelus goes to grab Samson to move him by force but Trace suddenly pushes Kirk forward into Angelus. The monster is caught by surprise but pushes Samson aside and ends up the victim of a low blow courtesy of the King of Demons.

Mark Sanction: Kirk Samson found himself in the thick of the action there and... he just hit Angelus with a low blow!

MadDog: There are no rules inside that cage Mark, Trace Demon is just doing what he needs to.

As Angelus backs up in severe pain after finding his family jewels the victim of a vicious low blow Trace Demon gets to his feet, his back still in pain after meeting the steel moments ago. That pain seems to motivate Trace as he brings his boot up, driving it straight into the nether regions of the man mountain Angelus. The second low blow sends Angelus down to his knees as Trace screams that he isn’t afraid of the world champion. Moving behind the kneeling Angelus Trace grabs him around the throat from behind with one hand before raking the eye with the other. The move looks painful as it’s being carried out and just as painful after as Angelus’ hands come up to the eyes, doubling over as he blocks them from further damage.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon showing that ruthless streak that has gotten him so far in this business.

MadDog: When you think about it him and Angelus aren’t that different. They both don’t give a crap what the fans think of them and they’re perfectly willing to hurt their opponent.

With Angelus doubled over on his knees Trace Demon stands over him in a rear kneeling mount. He throws out a side elbow that hits the side of Angelus’ skull hard. A second elbow follows, this time to the opposite side of the skull. A third and a fourth connect before it becomes evident that Angelus has had enough. He suddenly rises up, Trace Demon grabbing him around the throat to stop himself from being knocked off balance. The additional weight doesn’t faze Angelus as he rises to his feet, Trace Demon hanging from his back with his arms wrapped around his throat. Attempting to turn this into a positive Trace wraps his legs around the waist with a body scissors and tightens his grip around the throat, locking in the chokehold.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon going for the chokehold. We spoke about this in the build up to this match – the size of Angelus means some of Trace Demon’s submission holds are going to be ineffective.

MadDog: Trace Demon’s submission game is one of, if not the, best in the business but I don’t even think he can make Angelus tap out.

Mark Sanction: But with a choke like this he could potentially make him pass out, an action that would give him the victory...

If he can it won’t be now as Angelus reaches back and gets a hold of Trace’s hair. With one swift powerful yank Trace’s grip is broken and he is flipped over the top of Angelus and crashes to the mat back first beneath the larger wrestler.

Mark Sanction: ...or not.

With Trace Demon at his massive feet Angelus brings a foot up and looks to simply crush Trace’s skull beneath it. Seeing the boot coming downwards Trace manages to roll out of the way a split second before the boot smashes into the mat where his head had been. He doesn’t get a moments respite though as Angelus grabs him as he attempts to make it to his feet. Angelus spins Trace around and grips both hands around his throat. Lifting Trace up everybody in the crowd know what’s coming as Angelus brings Trace down, slamming the King of Demons into the mat with the Baldo Bomb. His hands still wrapped around the throat Angelus goes for the cover.


Mark Sanction: The Baldo Bomb! This one could be over.


MadDog: Trace Demon hit the mat hard but I think he has enough to kick out here.


Mark Sanction: Trace Demon gets a shoulder up at the two count to keep this match going.

MadDog: But that Baldo Bomb is one of Angelus’ old signature moves, it takes a lot out of anybody he hits it on.

There’s no reaction on Angelus’ face as he pushes Trace Demon away, all business as usual. Trace is still showing some fight as he tries pushing himself up to his feet. Angelus sees this and grabs him by the back of the neck, yanking Trace to his feet. He pushes him forward, the momentum carrying Trace to the ropes just inches away from the cage. Angelus charges at Trace and brings his boot up, looking to crush the King of Demons’ skull again the cage but Trace sees it out of the corner of his eye and ducks under it. Angelus kicks nothing but the cage, Trace Demon coming out of nowhere with a chop block to the knee that drops the one footed Angelus to the mat.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon ducks under the boot... and takes Angelus to the mat with the chop block!

MadDog: A terrific counter that could get him right back in this match.

As a stunned Angelus gets onto his hands and knees Trace Demon drives a boot into the ribs that has the duel effect of sending Angelus sideways into the cage and no matter how much of a strength advantage he has steel still hurts. It’s apparent that Trace has found a new focus in this match as he steps on the right ankle of Angelus, using the ropes to propel himself up before dropping down with his knee right onto the ankle. There are no cries of pain, simply a cringe on Angelus’ face. He reaches out for his right ankle but isn’t quick enough to stop Trace propelling himself off of the ropes and dropping a second knee down onto the ankle.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon now turning his attention to the ankle of our World Champion.

MadDog: If Angelus can’t stand then he can’t climb. Which also means he can’t stop Trace climbing.

Again Trace places a foot on the ankle of his large opponent. As he uses the ropes to push himself up Angelus suddenly turns onto his side and uses his left leg to deliver a boot to the back of a descending Trace. With no way of blocking it Trace is caught in the back and flies forwards straight into the cage, his skull colliding with the steel. He falls backwards, landing partially on top of Angelus who pushes him off and uses the ropes to get to his feet. Trace Demon rolls onto his knees, his hands held against the spot where flesh met steel.

Mark Sanction: Angelus countering with pure brute force and Trace meets the steel once again because of it.

MadDog: He didn’t even get an opportunity to protect his face so that blow was sure to be painful.

Angelus knows that capitalising on the counter would likely lead to victory and that is exactly what he intends to do. Grabbing Trace by the hair he pulls Trace onto his feet before dropping him with a vicious right hand. Trace once again tries crawling away but Angelus is ready, grabbing him by the foot to thwart the escape attempt in this inescapable situation. With his leg captured Trace rolls onto his back and brings his free foot up attempting to deliver a kick to the arm which holds him. Instead all he succeeds in doing is freeing his own foot up for Angelus to grab hold of it with his other arm. Angelus grins as he now has both of Trace’s legs in his grip.

Mark Sanction: This one isn’t going to go well for Trace Demon:

MadDog: There’s no counter for this one.

Trace Demon doesn’t even get the opportunity to try for one as Angelus begins spinning around. The pure strength of the big man lifts Trace off the ground as he is spun around at a rapid pace. Trace is flailing wildly but there’s no chance to escape until Angelus decides, a situation which comes far sooner than Trace would like. Angelus releases his grip mid spin, Trace sent flying across the ring and crashing in a messy heap. Angelus grabs him, pushing him onto his back and going for the cover...




Mark Sanction: What a brutal spin from Angelus as Trace Demon hits the mat in a mess of body parts. Angelus goes for the cover... but Trace Demon gets the shoulder up!

MadDog: It looked like a very forced kick out though, that impact must have taken a fair amount out of him.

Angelus kneels over Trace Demon, his hands on his hips surprised over the kick out. He pushes himself up onto his feet and grabs Trace by the hair, slowly pulling him up. As he is pulled onto his feet and his face meets Angelus’ Trace decides on an impromptu form of defence, hurling a gob of spit into the eyes of the monstrous man standing over him!

Mark Sanction: Did he just... he just spat in Angelus’ eyes!

MadDog: Well that’s a death warrant signed.

Hitting smack dab in the eyes of Angelus the champion can’t help but release his hold and wipe it away in order to see. Trace, knowing full well that he needs to do something to keep his head from being ripped off, runs the ropes and connects with a low dropkick to the right ankle of Angelus, the same ankle that he had been working on earlier tonight. The accuracy of the blow is perfect and Angelus’ leg gives out beneath him, dropping him down to one knee. Trace doesn’t follow up, instead choosing to try and ascend the cage. He reaches the midpoint before Angelus is back up onto his feet. Trace glances up then down and, judging that the distance to climb is too much before Angelus would reach him, turns round and leaps. Angelus doesn’t see the sudden leap coming and doesn’t react in time before Trace lands on top of him with a huge crossbody that sends both men to the mat, Trace on top of Angelus for the pin...

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon is trying to escape but Angelus is up and... Trace Demon comes off of the cage with a massive crossbody!

MadDog: Pinfall!




The crossbody isn’t enough to get the three as Angelus pushes Trace up and off of him once again. Trace is on his feet immediately and like a shark tasting blood is immediately on the attack once again, driving a boot into the shoulder of the big man. A second kick follows, this one hitting straight into the jaw of the world champion whose head snaps back. Kirk Samson gets involved, warning the King of Demons about such dangerous behaviour but he is shoved out of the way for his trouble. Trace grabs Angelus and, while a struggle, manages to lift him up enough to push him onto the middle ropes, his head hanging on the rope facing the cage. Trace backs up, smirks and hits his boot against the mat before charging forwards.

Mark Sanction: Is he going for a kick against the cage?

MadDog: Not quite!

Halfway through his run Trace decides that winning this match is more important than injuring Angelus and uses Angelus’ back as a springboard, leaping up onto it and then up onto the cage. He begins climbing and is over halfway before Angelus reaches his feet and goes after him. On this occasion the size and reach of Angelus exceeds the speed of Trace Demon as Angelus manages to grab a leg of the King of Demons. Trace kicks out with his other leg trying to knock Angelus away but it’s not enough as Angelus yanks down, Trace dropping down and crotching himself on the ring ropes in the process, every man in the crowd letting out a collective groan.

Mark Sanction: Angelus stops Trace’s assent with that tug.

MadDog: He might have stopped him having any more kids as well.

Angelus climbs a bit higher so that his feet are precariously perched on the thin ring ropes and, with a venomous look on his face, returns the earlier favour and delivers a horrible looking boot to the skull of Trace Demon that sends him off the ring ropes and falling to the mat. Angelus looks up at the top of the cage and then down at Trace and, seemingly remembering being spat at, decides to drop back down to the mat. Angelus walks over to Trace, leans down and grabs him around the throat, pulling him up while not releasing his grip. Angelus snarls something at Trace before throwing him face first into the cage. Trace bounces off of it and straight back into the grip of Angelus who again sends him bouncing off of the cage wall. Trace drops to the mat but Angelus isn’t done. Grabbing Trace he lifts him up with brute strength above his head. Trace is motionless in the gorilla press position as Angelus throws him back first against the cage wall, Trace smashing into it then dropping behind the ropes to the very edge of the ring.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon is learning what happens when you mess with a monster of a man like Angelus.

MadDog: He’s been split open, he’s likely out cold and Angelus doesn’t look like he’s done yet.

As Angelus walks over to Trace a close camera shot shows a growing cut on the King of Demons’ forehead, the two repeated cage shots having split him open. As a thin streak of blood begins trickling down his forehead Angelus pulls Trace out from under the ropes, once again lifting him up onto his feet. Kirk Samson tries to stop it in order to have a look at the cut but Angelus simply glares at him which is more than enough to turn a mans blood cold. Samson backs away as Angelus shouts abuse at Trace before wrapping his hand around the smaller mans throat. He drags him to the centre of the ring and lifts him up looking for a slam but suddenly Trace comes to life. His legs shoot up and around the neck and outstretched arm of Angelus while his arms grab hold of Angelus’ arm. The sudden movement allows Trace to claw at the hand and break Angelus’ grip on his throat. Trace leans backwards, his weight forcing Angelus to drop down. Trace’s back hits the mat but he doesn’t release his hold while Angelus drops down to one knee from the building pressure on his neck. The sudden movement becomes a very recognisable move.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon is still conscious and he’s... he has the Triangle Choke locked in!

MadDog: We’ve seen him do this before, coming from nowhere to lock in that signature submission hold.

Angelus tries getting back onto his foot but a swift tightening of the legs cause more pressure to the windpipe forcing him to drop back down to conserve his energy. Trace screams at the referee to ask him if he quits but the obvious answer is no – a no that comes in the form of a roar.

Mark Sanction: Angelus is not just going to quit. If there is one breath of air left in his body he will keep fighting.

MadDog: But that’s the point of this hold. If it stays locked in there won’t be any breath. If Angelus can’t breathe then he will fall unconscious and Kirk Samson will have no choice but to call it.

That definitely seems to be Trace’s intention as he continues increasing the pressure on the throat with every passing moment. Angelus reaches up with his free hand to the legs and tries prying them away from his throat but the hold is far too tight for that. Trace has practiced this and it’s going to take more than breaking the leg scissors on the neck to break this move.

Mark Sanction: Angelus is definitely looking to escape this hold. He won’t be going down just like that.

The crowd aren’t entirely sure who to cheer for. They hate both of these men but right now the consensus seems to be that they’d prefer to see Angelus, a man who can win through his own brute force, come out on top against a cheating opportunist like Trace Demon. The crowd’s encouragement do little to help Angelus. If anything he couldn’t care less as he tries a second time to break the grip but to no avail.

MadDog: Angelus is trying is hardest but he needs to do more!

Angelus doesn’t go for the legs again. Instead taking a different approach. Leaning forward on his knee Angelus pushes Trace back slightly, the King of Demons’ shoulders touching the mat...




But Trace Demon has some experience of his own. Four years of it in fact. He ridges his back, pushing upwards so that his right shoulder lifts slightly off the mat. This is not only enough to break the count but also twists the legs slightly into a position that adds even more pressure on the neck. As more blood leaks from the cut on his forehead and onto the mat below Trace Demon shows no signs of releasing the hold.

Mark Sanction: Angelus attempted to break the hold with that pinfall but if anything he has just made it worse for himself.

Angelus has one last card up his sleeve – his pure unrivalled strength. He manages to lift his leg up so that he now has both feet on the mat. Next he places his free hand under the body of Trace Demon. Trace seems to see what’s coming but doesn’t panic, instead keeping the grip firmly tightened. Angelus lifts up with the arm, taking Trace up with it.

MadDog: This isn’t good for Trace Demon. A drop from that kind of height could break his back.

Mark Sanction: When Trace Demon first introduced this Triangle Choke the second opponent he tried it on was this man, Angelus. This is the very same way he broke it then, it could be how he breaks it now.

Angelus lifts Trace Demon up with a vertical lift, holding him as high as he can with the restrictions that the Triangle Choke create on the trapped shoulder. With his breath going he is unable to roar as he would likely want but he settles for dropping Trace full force onto the mat. The King of Demons back slams into the mat and a cry of pain escapes his lips but he doesn’t release the hold. He doesn’t even loosen it.

Mark Sanction: Somehow Trace Demon has kept the hold locked in, but surely it can’t last.

A fair amount of damage has already been inflicted on Trace’s back but he doesn’t look ready to relinquish the hold, not yet. Angelus lifts him up vertically a second time. The two seem to meet eyes for a split second before Angelus drops him down with such force that the cage itself shakes around them. Life seems to fade from Trace’s face for a second as he hits the mat but he immediately comes to and tightens the grip again despite the pain.

MadDog: He’s still holding on?

Mark Sanction: Another slam could damn well lead to a knock out right here.

As Angelus lifts Trace again the grip around the neck seems to loosen somewhat. This allows Angelus to lift Trace up even higher but it quickly becomes obvious that it wasn’t an accidental release as Trace unwraps his legs and uses his grip on Angelus’ arm to leap frog over the titan of the XWA. Trace somehow manages to land on his feet and as Angelus turns around he is met by a vicious superkick that nearly takes his head off. As Angelus drops backwards to the mat Trace drops face first, the preceding action having taken a lot out of both men.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon purposefully released the submission enough to get over the top of Angelus and unleashed that superkick. Now both men are down and we’re no closer to a victor.

MadDog: There can be no draws in this one. One of these men needs to get onto their feet.

Both men are on the mat and showing no signs of getting to their feet. A small pool of blood is settling on the mat by the head of Trace Demon as Kirk Samson checks both men for signs of life. He seems to consider throwing the match out but realises that if he did that he’d be stuck in a cage with a Demon and an Animal. Instead he stands between the two, waiting.

Mark Sanction: These two men have given so much already, how much can they really have left?

MadDog: I don’t... wait, Angelus is stirring.

And so he is. Angelus rolls over onto his front while at the same time Trace Demon seems to look up out of blurry eyes. He begins clawing his way over towards the nearby ring ropes while Angelus pushes himself up onto one knee. Trace reaches the ropes and begins to climb up via them. Angelus is onto his feet first and sees Trace with his back turned to him. Angelus immediately sees the opportunity to lock in one his favourite moves and he takes it. As Trace reaches his feet he is suddenly grabbed from behind, Angelus wrapping his arms around the arm and throat of Trace with his own signature submission – The Curse!

Mark Sanction: Angelus is going for The Curse!

MadDog: If he locks this one in it’s all over!

But Trace Demon reacts on instinct, grabbing the middle rope and using it to pull himself down, stopping the move from being fully cinched in. Angelus tries yanking backwards but Trace isn’t letting go of that rope as a tug of war develops between the two. It’s Angelus strength that wins that but Trace’s intelligence and ring awareness that takes the true victory. As Angelus yanks him up Trace leaps upwards and hits his boots to the cage, using the steel structure to push himself backwards. The sudden extra momentum drops Angelus backwards to the mat with The Curse still cinched in. Angelus hits back first while Trace drops on top of him, rolling legs over head so that he can’t simply be turned sideways while also pinning Angelus’ shoulders to the mat.




Mark Sanction: What a counter to The Curse as Trace Demon forces the release with the innovative pinfall.

MadDog: He’s kept himself in this one but how much longer can he realistically go?

With the forced release of The Curse Trace rolls back and quickly scrambles for his feet. Angelus too rolls over near the cage and pushes himself up but is met by a boot to the gut. Angelus doubles over and Trace hooks the arms, clearly intending to attempt the Demonstration of Hell, a move that would be near impossible on a man of Angelus’ size and weight. We don’t get a chance to find out as Angelus suddenly grips the legs of the King of Demons and lifts up. Trace loses his grip and finds himself in position for The Blessing.

Mark Sanction: Angelus counters the Demonstration of Hell setup and now has The Blessing ready to be hit. This could be all she wrote.

But it’s not. Trace Demon is far too close to the cage and as Angelus prepares to hit The Blessing he finds it blocked by Trace Demon holding on to the top ring rope. Trace pulls on the rope and manages to yank his legs away from Angelus’ grip, taking Angelus by surprise.

MadDog: Trace Demon once again escaping at the last second. I swear this guy has like a dozen lives.

Trace Demon lands on his feet and as Angelus turns around to grab him the King of Demons leaps up onto the middle rope, using it as a springboard to leap backwards with a roundhouse kick that collides with the side of the skull of the champ. Angelus stumbles backwards as Trace bounces off of the ring ropes and drives himself into the ribs of Angelus taking him to the mat with the Spear!

Mark Sanction: What athleticism from Trace Demon with that kick... and now he hits the Spear!

MadDog: But why isn’t he going for the pinfall?

Trace Demon doesn’t move for the pinfall. Instead he scrambles over to the edge of the cage and shouts something out. Suddenly the female fan that he blew a kiss at during his entrance stands up and leaps over the security barricade, confusing everybody... but Trace Demon.

Mark Sanction: What is this? Can’t Trace Demon do anything on his own?

The woman is holding a bag in which she quickly pulls bolt cutters. Trace glances back at Angelus to make sure that he is still grounded. He is but Kirk Samson isn’t and he’s no having any of this. As the women begins cutting through the steel mesh Samson demands that she leaves. Trace reaches his feet and grabs Samson by the collar, throwing him to the floor as the women cuts a small whole through the mesh. As security rush to grab her she gets enough time to push the bag through the hole before she is grabbed and dragged away kicking and screaming.

MadDog: Who the hell was that chick?

Mark Sanction: I have no idea but it can’t mean anything good.

During the commotion Angelus is now onto his hands and knees as Trace unzips the bag. He quickly slips something into the side of his tights before taking out what appears to be a water bottle. As Angelus reaches his feet Trace Demon drinks from the bottle, his back turned to his opponent. Angelus, having no idea what has just gone on, grabs Trace by the shoulder and spins him around only to receive a dose of some kind of red substance as Trace spits it into the eyes. Angelus stumbles backwards raking at his eyes, blinded by whatever Trace just spat at him.

Mark Sanction: Trace Demon just spat some kind of red mist into the eyes of Angelus!

MadDog: Angelus is working blind and... what has Trace Demon got there?!

Trace Demon proceeds to pull out the object that he had hidden in his tights moments ago – a thin railroad spike. The entire arena seems to go silent before exploding in boos as Kirk Samson tries to push Trace Demon back. Trace pushes him aside and seems to begin stalking the blinded Angelus.

Mark Sanction: He isn’t... he can’t...

He can. He does. As Angelus turns around Trace strikes him in the forehead, plunging the spike into his flesh. Angelus immediately drops to the mat with his hands held against his forehead, Trace Demon holding up the spike which is now dripping with blood from a gouge in Angelus’ skull.

MadDog: He just mutilated the world champion! What the hell is this?

Trace looks at the spike, thinking about another blow, but instead pockets it and turns to the cage as Kirk Samson drops next to Angelus who is writing in pain, blood dripping onto the mat from the gouge in his forehead. Trace Demon begins climbing the cage, not wanting to take the risk of a pinfall. Trace quickly manages to reach the top of the cage and perches there for a few seconds looking down at his handiwork as Samson throws the emergency sign up for medics. Trace begins climbing down the cage and as he gets three quarters of the way down simply drops. Both feet touch the ground but the commotion of Angelus in the ring stops Samson from calling for the bell. Trace grabs outside referee Tommy Tickles and screams for the bell, even threatening him with the spike. Tickles calls for the bell and we have a winner.


Mark Sanction: Well this is just disgusting. First that mist and then that... that spike. What the hell has Trace Demon done here tonight?

MadDog: I’m just hoping that Angelus is okay. That looks like a pretty bad cut.

Hana Ramierez: Ladies and gentlemen, you’re... your winner of the match, the King of Demons... Trace... Demon!

‘Destabilise’ hits the speakers as the cage is raised allowing for a medical team to enter the ring. Trace Demon walks around the ring, bathing in the abuse that he receives from the ringside fans. He raises the spike high which still has some of Angelus’ blood on. Trace reaches the bottom of the ramp and wipes the blood of the spike with his hand before ‘painting’ his chest with it.

Mark Sanction: I think he has finally lost it. Trace Demon has gone off the deep end.

MadDog: There were no rules though Mark, he didn’t technically do anything illegal.

As the medics try checking on Angelus he pushes them away and staggers onto his feet, blood covering his face. He stares intently at Trace on the ramp who grins sadistically, licking the end of the spike. Angelus moves to go after him but the blood loss means he reaches the ropes and nearly falls over. Trace begins laughing as he reaches the top of the ramp.

Mark Sanction: I don’t think I have ever seen anyone do something like this to Angelus.

MadDog: Trace Demon is either very brave or very stupid.

The shot fades to black with Trace Demon laughing maniacally, his chest glistening with Angelus’ blood while the big man himself stares furiously up the ramp at him, bloodied, battered, but not truly defeated.
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Re: HH: Angelus vs. Trace Demon- Champion's Challenge!

Postby Dan » Sat Oct 29, 2011 8:49 pm

Mmmk, here's my analysis of this match.

Angelus - I liked the action. A lot. I can see that it wasn't nearly as good as your title match, lengthwise, but it managed to get the reader through it and it was a very interesting ending to say the least. I like how Trace got a decent amount of offense but in the end Angelus pulled it out due to Gillian. Not your best, but far from your worst.

Trace - I almost felt like I HAD to vote for your after I read the first part of your match, but then I hit the one thing I really hate to see in a cage match...pin falls. That completely turned me off and I had to push through to read the rest.

Vote - Angelus
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Re: HH: Angelus vs. Trace Demon- Champion's Challenge!

Postby DarkSabre » Sun Oct 30, 2011 1:42 pm

Phone-voting, forgive the abrupt-ness.

My vote goes to Trace.

Unlike Dan, I didn't mind the pinfalls. And I found the ending interesting. It'd make for a damn good rematch in the future.
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Re: HH: Angelus vs. Trace Demon- Champion's Challenge!

Postby Legendary » Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:15 pm

Angelus, I like what you're doing but I honestly think you're making yourself look a little weak. I mean, I'm all for making the other guy look good but on the other hand but you are supposed to be "The Monster" Angelus and here you are needing a woman's help. It was a good match, just not enough of what I expect of you.

Trace, I like your work bro. But my issue with your match is the same as above; Angelus looks weak. I realize Trace is supposed to be balls to the wall and whatnot but Angelus was a punching bag for a good chunk of that match. Also, I just don't like the use of the phrase "and then" in matches; it just annoys me.

I vote Angelus. Trace did good and all but I think Angelus was a little truer to everyone's character in general and everyone played their parts more in his.

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Re: HH: Angelus vs. Trace Demon- Champion's Challenge!

Postby DJS » Sun Oct 30, 2011 4:26 pm

Trace- I agree with Dan about the pinfalls thing. I feel you really missed a beat doing that. I think you're one of the best writers in this fed, but I feel like you you really missed out on some tense moments, which could of had us all sat on the edge of our seats while reading it (yeah, I do that sometimes. What? I like to get involved! Don't judge me). Apart from that it was a solid match, though I do think Angelus needed to get a bit more offense in, what with him being world champion and all.

Angelus- I don't think using Gillian made you look weak at all. It made you look fallible, yes, it made Trace look like he had the edge, but not weak. As for the rest, I have to say I LOVED the finish. I thought that was a really clever way to do it with the collapsing cage/crawling to the floor sequence. Also, I like how we just went straight into the match with no entrances. This may have been due to time on your behalf but I think for a match like this where you wanna get straight into the action, it was effective.

My vote goes to Angelus.
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Re: HH: Angelus vs. Trace Demon- Champion's Challenge!

Postby Johawn » Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:59 pm

My vote's not going to make a difference here, so I'll just tell you guys how I feel here.

Angelus: I love your work, but I hate Gillian :stongue: I can't tell you why, because she's as well written as anyone, but I don't think you need her with Angelus. That said, I think the finish helped in keeping Trace strong in losing, and the whole thing was your usual top drawer work. Exciting, interesting, can't fault it.

Trace: I have to, once again, agree with Jack, that you are among the best writers we have. But I also have to agree that this was a bit of a missed opportunity for you, too. This is a big match for Trace, the character, and you should've had him struggle more before finally coming up and managing the huge win. On the other hand I was a big fan of Trace bursting out of the blocks and really taking it to Angelus from the start. That's how it should've gone, but I think Angelus should've given more throughout. And I prefer pinfalls in a cage match. Otherwise it's two guys trying to run away from each other. I think you're another guy who needs to hook up with an upper-tier guy and really make a lasting impression at the top of the card. Really solidify yourself at the top, because you're good enough.

So, my kop out answer here is that I can't decide, but thankfully it won't make a difference. If it comes to it and more votes come in I'll make a final decision.

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