HardKore Halloween: Miss XWA Costume Contest!

Matches that occurred on our 2011 Hardcore Halloween Pay Per View!
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HardKore Halloween: Miss XWA Costume Contest!

Postby Richard J Maxwell » Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:22 pm

~ As the previous match ends, there's only a slight pause before the Xtremetron flares to life with a video package showcasing a wide array of XWA Angels, in various stages of undress and both in and out of action in the ring. ~

~ There's a final flickering between headshots of the full Angel's roster before it eventually settles on the possibly surprising entrant: Hanna Rameriez! While not actually a female combatant in the XWA, she has been the ring announcer for almost two years and has participated in numerious skits and House Show events.~


Hanna: I chose Wonder Woman for this competition because she's the ultimate embodiment of what a woman should be. Her people, the Amazons, were once downtrodden and abused by men, but she stands out as a shining beacon for truth and justice and just plain kicking ass. *giggle* And have you seen this outfit? C'mon, its Hott, right? *giggles again*

~The segment closes with a cut to Rameriez's stats, figure dimensions (34C-26-28), and finally, to a shot of the Miss XWA logo. ~

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